Funny Yankee Swap Gifts

Are you looking for a hilarious and annoying Yankee Swap gift?  You have come to the right place!  This guide will highlight some of the best “worst” Yankee Swap gifts available.  These funny yankee swap gifts are so ridiculous that they are guaranteed to simultaneously delight and annoy the recipient!

What is a Yankee Swap?

A Yankee Gift Swap is a type of gift exchange where participants give funny, useless, or strange presents to each other.  It is a very fun way to give presents to your friends or loved ones and is guaranteed to generate plenty of laughs.  Yankee Swaps have become very popular in the last few years within the United States, and there are now thousands of items perfect for Yankee Swaps.

Many families have started doing Yankee Swaps at Christmas because it is much more fun than giving each other traditional Christmas presents.  Most Yankee Swap gifts are cheap, which makes having a Yankee Swap a great idea for large families on a budget.

The traditional rules for a Yankee Swap gifts are as follows:

  1. Each participant supplies one wrapped gift that is placed in a central location (under the Christmas tree for example)
  2. Participants are randomly assigned a number, which indicates their gift-choosing order.  You can draw numbers from a hat.
  3. The  person who picked number 1 goes first.  They choose a random present that is not their own and unwraps it.
  4. On subsequent turns, participants have the option of unwrapping a gift or “stealing” a gift from another participant.  If a participant’s gift is stolen, they can unwrap another present or steal a gift from someone else.  Gifts can only be stolen three times.
  5. The game is over when everyone has had one turn

Playful rivalries develop as participants steal the tackiest gifts from each other.  Don’t be afraid of tweaking the rules if you have a better way of performing a Yankee Swap — it’s all about having fun!

What is a Yankee Swap?

Certain types of items make great Yankee Swap gifts.  They usually have one or more of the following attributes:

  • They are very tacky
    Tacky items like decorative Christmas jumpers, t-shirts with unicorns, bright pink underwear, or lampshades shaped like body parts are all great choices.  If you would be embarrassed to use the item, it would make a great Yankee Swap gift!
  • They are bizarre
    Items that are weird can also be great Yankee Swap gifts.  A can of unicorn meat, an automated pet petter, a lunchbox labeled “human organs” and so on.
  • They are gross
    Anything that makes you cringe can work well as a Yankee Swap gift.  Consider fake poo in a box, chocolate covered bacon, a farting coin bank or a toilet bowl coffee mug.
  • They are sexy
    Items that feature nudity or sexual themes can also be great presents for a Yankee Swap.  Consider a cooking apron with fake breasts, a perverted garden gnome doing a poo, or salt and pepper shakers that show two cute pigs fornicating!  Any item that is embarrassing to use makes a great choice — just remember to constantly ask the recipient where the gift is every time you visit their home!
  • They are useful while being unusual
    Yankee Swap gifts don’t have to be useless!  You can find some weird items that are useful around the home.  If the recipient starts using the item regularly, they will generate laughs all through the year.  A karate lettuce chopper or novelty coffee cup can get plenty of use and might become one of their favorite items!

Some of the Best Yankee Swap Gifts!

The following gifts are perfect for a Yankee Swap.  They are sure to delight, amuse and/or annoy their recipient!

The Original Toilet Mug

the-original-toilet-mugThis is a classic Yankee Swap gift that is both disgusting and incredibly funny.  It is a toilet bowl-shaped coffee mug that is quite disgusting to drink from — the perfect gift for someone with a potty mouth!  It is a high-quality ceramic mug made by BigMouth Inc.  It holds 12 ounces of your favorite sewerage-colored beverage.

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

fifty-shades-of-chickenThis hilarious book is a parody of the popular 50 Shades of Grey series.  It focusses on the erotic side of preparing, cooking and devouring chicken!  You will learn how to tie up your chicken, caress her skin, gently prepare her for the oven and finally reach a climax after 60 minutes at 350 degrees.  It is the perfect Yankee Swap gift and sure to draw a few laughs from the group.

Squatting Garden Gnome

squatting-garden-gnomeThis constipated garden gnome is the perfect Yankee Swap gift for anyone who is proud of their garden.  At 1-foot tall and wearing a bright yellow jumper, this gnome will be hard to miss in the garden.  The look of concentration on his face makes it apparent that he is really working hard to squeeze out some fertilizer!

Emergency Meal Transport

emergency-meal-transportThis item is simultaneously funny, strange, and useful!  It is an insulated tote branded with the words “Human Organ For Transplant”.  It is perfect for keeping your beer or lunch cold while drawing the attention of onlookers.  They will be wondering why you are carrying a human organ around and concerned when you start eating from it!  This product features a foam-insulated water-proof lining and mesh interior pocket — perfect for carrying your lunch or snacks.

Gama-Go Karate Lettuce Chopper

gama-go-karate-lettuce-chopperThis is a fun-to-use item that is perfect for a Yankee Swap.  It is a dishwasher safe plastic lettuce chopper in the shape of a hand.  Don’t just settle for cutting your lettuce with a knife, give it the chop!

How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill

how-to-traumatize-your-childrenThis is a great Yankee Swap gift that will every parent will want!  It is an instructional tome on how to screw up your kids that features helpful illustrations and checklists.  It also includes the latest buzzwords used by bad parents and the recent trends in “traumatic parenting.”  Perfect for parents looking for bad advice!

Hand Shaped Hand Soap

hand-shaped-hand-soapDo you ever get lonely in the shower and wish someone was there to lend you a hand?  This hand shaped bar of soap is the perfect solution!  It’s guaranteed to get some laughs at your Yankee Swap with some funny sexual connotations for the gift recipient.

The Obsessive Compulsive Cutting Board

the-obsessive-compulsive-cutting-boardDo you have friends or relatives who are perfectionists?  Grab this obsessive-compulsive chopping board to help them on their quest for perfection!  It is a bamboo chopping board with various guide lines and grids imprinted on it.   A great Yankee Swap gift that the perfectionists in your group will want.

The Stick Family Was Delicious Window Decal

the-stick-family-was-deliciousMost people fall into one of two camps — either they are happy to put decals of stick figures on their car that represent their family members, or they hate people that do that.  If you hate the people with stick figure decals, grab this decal.  It features a T-Rex gobbling up a stick family for dinner.  Guaranteed to generate a few laughs.

Gin & Titonic — Titanic Ice Tray

titanic-ice-trayThis is a great gift for people with a morbid sense of humor!  It is a food-safe synthetic ice cube tray in the shape of four Titanic ocean liners and four ice bergs.  You can recreate the famous sinking of this huge ship in a glass of gin or bourbon!

Bacon Band Aids

bacon-band-aidsIs there anything bacon can’t do?  This is the perfect Yankee Swap gift — ridiculous and useless!  This product consists of a tin container branded with “Bacon Bandages” graphics.  The tin contains fifteen bacon bandages and a bonus trinket.

Ice Cream Door Stop

ice-cream-door-stopThis is a great novelty item that also works well as a Yankee Swap gift.  It is a sturdy plastic door stop that looks like an ice cream dropped onto the floor.  It will definitely cause the visitors to your home to do a double take!  it will take them a minute to realize that the ice cream is fake.

Bag of Unicorn Farts

bag-of-unicorn-fartsDid we mention that the best Yankee Swap gifts need to be ridiculous?  Gifts don’t get much stupider than this bag of unicorn farts!  It is a colorful package containing a small bag of cotton candy.  Expect it to be a popular item with the group because everyone will be curious about the flavor of unicorn farts!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Yankee Swap gifts.  These ridiculous items are funny as holland guaranteed to make your gift giving a fun filled event.

There you have it, 13 funny yankee swap gift gifts. Make sure you check out our great list of gift ideas for men.