Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Having the perfect pair of football cleats will dramatically improve your performance on the field and help you enjoy your game time.  Ideally, your cleats will perfectly match your foot, have the right studs for the surface you are playing on, and be the right style for your position on the field.

Unfortunately, if you have wide feet it can be a little more difficult to find a pair of cleats that are the right size for your feet.  That’s because most cleats are designed for people with narrow feet.

This article will help you out by offering advice on choosing the right pair of cleats then identifying the 5 best football cleats for wide feet.  Enjoy!

The Importance of Having the Perfect Cleats

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t settle for cleats that don’t quite fit right:

You will do better in a pair of cleats designed for wide feet

If you wear cleats that are too tight, it can interfere with your ability to move quickly across the field.  You will have less stability, which may lead to more falls and performance problems.  Finally, the amount of power you can drive through your legs may be affected if you are wearing poorly fitted cleats.

You will be more comfortable with cleats designed for wide feet

If you are currently wearing cleats that are a little too narrow for your feet, you probably have sore feet within 20 minutes of putting them on.  When you are in constant pain, you won’t really be enjoying your time on the field or performing your best!  You may even develop blisters and cuts on your feet if the cleats are too narrow for your feet.

You will have less risk of injury if you wear cleats designed for wide feet

The right pair of cleats will provide with a stable platform.  You will be able to drive off the line more easily, stay on your feet longer and be able to change direction easily.  If your shoes are a little too narrow, you will increase your risk of twisting an ankle and falling.  It can be quite dangerous to run onto the field with poorly fitted cleats!

Tips for Buying Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Ask your coach and team mates for advice

Think about the upper material

Consider the purpose of the shoe

Consider the studs on the shoe

Consider the sole plate

5 of the Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Here are 5 pairs of cleats that are perfect for athletes with wide feet.  They are very comfortable, well-made, and will make your time on the field much more enjoyable.

New Balance MF897 Mid Cut Football/Turf Shoe

New Balance Men's T4040v4 Turf Baseball Shoe
  • Revlite midsole
  • No-sew material application
  • Removable insert

New Balance is widely regarded as one of the best brands for players with wide feet.  Most of their cleats have additional space around the forefoot, which makes them quite comfortable for players with wide feet.

The New Balance 897 football cleat is an affordable shoe with a mid-cut design.  They are perfect for players who are new to the game because they are well made and cheap.  They come with a light weight and breathable synthetic/mesh upper.  The molded studs are made from TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) providing excellent traction on dry fields.  This pair of cleats uses a moisture-wicking LIGHTNING DRY™ collar to keep your feet dry.

Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

Under Armour make some excellent pairs of cleats that are perfect for players with wide feet.  The UA Highlight MC Football Cleats are one of their most popular models.  This cleat comes with a synthetic upper that uses the UA ClutchFit® system to provide additional support for your foot.  They use a 3D molded MPZ® tongue and Molded 4D Foam® footbed to protect your feet and provide additional comfort.

The outsole has molded rubber studs, which are perfect for dry grass or artificial turf.  They are a very lightweight pair of cleats that can be used by players in many different positions.    These cleats are a great choice for any keen football player who wants a lightweight pair of cleats at an affordable price.

Adidas Men’s NastyQuick Mid Football Cleats

adidas Performance Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe
  • techfit upper is engineered for natural, flexible support and a seamless, sock-like fit; QUICKFRAME TPU upper for...
  • Upgraded DuPont Kevlar-reinforced plate is the optimum blend of light weight, strength and traction; Kevlar, registered...
  • Customizable lacing support system helps create an optimal fit to support quick moves; IRONSKIN toe cap provides...

Adidas cleats usually have more width compared to cleats from other manufacturers. The adidas Men’s NastyQuick Mid Football Cleats are one of the best options for players who want a quality shoe without spending too much.

These cleats are very lightweight and designed for players who want to focus speed and maneuverability.  The QUICKFOAM upper is made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials.  They come with the techfit™ tongue system, which is designed to protect your feet during cuts.  These cleats have a synthetic overlay on both the toe and heel, to protect your feet during tackles.  The molded studs are designed in a unique pattern with 12 points of contact on the forefoot and large bladed studs on the heel.

adidas Men’s SM Freak High Wide 4E Football Cleats

adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat
  • Split-suede leather upper
  • Synthetic lining for comfort
  • Die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort

This is another great pair of cleats from adidas.  They are extremely comfortable, thanks to the synthetic upper with IRONSKIN collar molding and anatomically molded EVA insole.  This upper is also quite durable and offers excellent protection for your feet.  Despite being a high-cut cleat, they are quite lightweight.  These cleats are great choice for players of any skill level!

Nike Men's Lunarbeast Pro TD WIDE Football Cleat

Nike designed this pair of cleats from the ground up to suit players with wide feet.  It uses a fabric and synthetic upper with the NIKESKIN crosshatch design.  The hook and loop strap helps to secure your forefoot in the shoe, improving your stability.

These cleats have a low profile forefoot that makes changing direction while on the move easy.  They also include a seven stud detachable TPU spike plate, delivering excellent traction.  This pair of shoes is a great choice for a mobile linebacker.

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