Knock knock jokes

Knock Knock Jokes For Every Occasion

Knock knock jokes. A classic form of comedy that has withstood the test of time. Knock knock jokes can be witty, silly, groan-inducing, or even weirdly romantic. While you might not see some of the top comedians on Netflix telling knock knock jokes you may find having some of these in your back pocket for a quick laugh is always a good strategy to break the ice.

Funny knock knock jokes

Best of all, with knock knock jokes, there’s not much to memorize. The jokes follow a simple structure where only the last two lines ever change. Once you can tell one knock knock joke, then you can tell them all!

Ready to learn a few jokes?

Let’s dive in!

Romantic Knock Knock Jokes

You probably never dreamed of telling a romantic knock knock joke, did you? While these jokes aren’t going to make your crush suddenly fall in love with you they might get them to crack a smile, and everyone knows a smile is a fast lane to someone’s heart. You may have to say some of these out loud before they make sense.

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The kiss:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Al who?”

“Open this door and Al give you a kiss.”


“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Olive who?”

“Olive you.”


“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Disguise who?”

“Disguise your new boyfriend.”

The Eye Rolling Knock Knock Jokes

Okay, so maybe you don’t have any use for romantic knock knock jokes. There are still plenty of jokes for you to tell. The best knock knock jokes are the silly ones that make the other person laugh, roll their eyes, and shake their head.

Ready to learn some funny knock knock jokes that will undoubtedly earn some laughs and sarcastic eye rolls?

The one about the cow:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Cows go.”

“Cows go who?”

“No, silly. Cows go ‘moo.’”

The one about the owl:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Owls say.”

“Owls say who?”

“Yes they do.”

Another cow joke:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Interrupting cow.”



The sad one:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Boo who?”

“Don’t cry. It’s only a joke.”

Candice comes to visit:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Candice who?”

“Candice door open or not?”

The Unique Jokes You Haven’t Heard

The thing with knock knock jokes is that there are a lot that get reused over and over again. Chances are someone has heard some of the jokes above.

If you really want to blow their socks off with a knock knock joke then try one of these more unique ones below. You will get a laugh and introduce someone to a classic new knock knock joke that they can tell their friends.

Moving on:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Billy who?”

“Billy began to cry as he realized his ex-wife had truly moved on and forgotten about him.”

Don’t waste my time:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Doorbell repairman.”

“Doorbell repairman who?”

“Listen, I’m busy. Do you want your doorbell fixed or not?”

Hip-hop jokes:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Daisy who?”

“Daisy me rolling, they hating…”

You can then sing “Riding Dirty” by Chamillionaire as long as you feel comfortable.

Grammar is important:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“To who?”

“To whom…”

The more you can condescendingly emphasize this punchline, the better.

Change Up the Format

Knock knock jokes usually follow a typical format, but there are some that deviate from the usual style. These jokes are great for catching people off guard and putting a unique twist on the typical knock knock joke.

You will keep people on their toes with these jokes.

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Flip the script:

“I have a great knock knock joke but you have to start.”

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

This is the part where they stare at you until they realize what you have done.

Two in one:

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”


“To get to the village idiot’s house. Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“The chicken.”

Finish your own jokes:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Control freak. Okay, now you say, ‘control freak who?’”

Fruit salad:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Banana who?”

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Banana who?”

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Banana who?”

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Orange who?”

“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

Try Creating Your Own

If you enjoyed those jokes then try sitting down and writing some of your knock knock jokes. The style is simple to emulate and, who knows, you could create the next classic knock knock joke that gets told for years to come.

How to serve in tennis

How to Serve in Tennis: Instruction for a Better Serve

Tennis is a beautiful sport. It helps you to stay active, have fun, and enjoy the great outdoors.

With that said, however, it is far from being a natural sport. Tennis is a very competitive, challenging sport to master, especially for those who are just starting out.

You might think that the only way to truly learn the game is to hire a professional coach or instructor. And, while this indeed can be helpful, it is also expensive and far from being your only option.

Thanks to the internet, you can now watch videos to learn things like how to serve in tennis or how to improve your swing. Whatever you want to learn, you probably can just by heading to YouTube.

In addition to what you learn from videos, you can also follow a few helpful tips to learn how to serve in tennis.

Remember the Importance of Stance

Serving a tennis ball

A lot of people are under the impression that learning how to serve in tennis is all about what you do with your arm and the ball.

And, while these things indeed are important, other, smaller things are equally important and work together to help you perfect your serve.

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One such “small thing” is your stance. If you are not standing correctly, then you are going to have a tough time serving the ball accurately.

To serve correctly, you will want to position your feet in such a way that your front foot points toward the right net post. Your back foot should be next to the baseline. This stance, of course, will be reversed if you are a left-handed player.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to stance is to keep the toes of your back foot aligned with the heel of your right foot. This will help to increase stability as you serve and will make for a smoother, more powerful serve.

While stance may seem simple, if you can master it, you will find that serving is a whole lot easier.

How To Serve In Tennis: Practice Makes Perfect

Something else you will want to keep in mind as you work to perfect your serve is that repetition and a lot of practice are both vital to your success.

Top tennis pros will recommend that, on a daily basis, you fill a basket with 100 balls (or more if you can manage it).

Once your basket is full, you’ll want to take it out to the tennis court and then serve until your basket is empty.

If that seems like a lot of work, it is, but it’s the kind of work that is going to allow you to improve your serve honestly, so don’t shy away from it.

Master Your Toss Before Anything Else

As mentioned earlier, a lot of little things go into determining the strength of your serve.

One other “little thing” is your toss. The full serve is built around that initial toss, so it does need to be perfect.

An easy way to master the toss is to take some balls out to the court. Then, stand in the serving position and toss the ball. Your goal will be for the ball to land right in front of your body. This is trickier than it sounds and takes some practice to master.

Once you are consistently getting the ball to land where you want, however, this is a good indicator that you’ve got the toss down pat and are ready to move into more demanding drills.

Give the Platform Serve Stance a Try

In addition to general practice, you are also encouraged to try out different types of stances. This will enable you to find the serving position that works best for you.

After you have mastered the basic stance, try the platform serve stance.

With this simple stance, you want to keep your feet in the same position as you serve. Thus, instead of moving your feet, you bend your knees, tilt your body, and push into the serve with an upward motion.

This simple stance works well for a lot of people, so it is worth a try.

Focus on Building Up Your Serving Muscles

All of the practice and hard work in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t have strong serving muscles.

Your upper arms, your legs, and your wrists all need to be healthy, firm, and capable if you are going to excel at serving.

One way to build up these muscles is through practice. They will get naturally stronger the more you practice your serving.

However, little extra work at the gym targeting these areas also doesn’t hurt.

As you can see, learning how to serve in tennis isn’t easy, but it is possible. You have to commit to doing the work!


6 Best Electric Skateboard Reviews

Electric skateboards don’t come cheap – they are a big purchase for a lot of people. But you just can’t go for a cheap, low-quality skateboard in the name of saving money. You’ll be putting your safety at risk. When choosing the best electric skateboard for your needs (whether commuting or just for fun), it is always recommended to go for a totally safe e-board. You will be spending a few extra hundred dollars for your own benefit.

Some of the important features to look out for include:

  • Durable build: Being something that you depend on your daily commute, you won’t want to end up with a broken piece of wood in the middle of the road.
  • Reliable battery range: This feature will determine how far your skateboard can take you. Depending on how far you commute, choose an e-board with a battery range that you can rely on.
  • Good acceleration and speed: If you are a professional speed junkie, go for a fast electric skateboard. If not, choose something moderate.
  • Good brakes: In case of an ​emergency braking you wouldn’t want to be thrown off the board. Always, go for a skateboard with hard, responsive brakes.

6 Best Electric Skateboards

With that in mind, here are some of the best electric skateboards to buy right now:

1. Enertion Raptor 2

The specifications of the Raptor 2 clearly shows why the skateboard is highly rated. With a speed of 27 mph, it’s quite fast – arguably the fastest electric skateboard in the world.

It has a huge battery capacity that can take you up to 25 miles when it’s fully charged. What’s more, it’s two hub motors are powerful enough to tackle even the steepest of terrains.

However, it’s pretty heavy and not as “long-boardy” as other skateboards.

Raptor best-electric-skateboard

Check Price

2. Evolve Carbon GT

When it came out in 2016, the Carbon GT revolutionized the e-skateboard world with its stunning design. And in 2019, it’s still a force to reckon with.

With a top speed of 27 mph (also fastest in the world) and a dual motor design that outputs 3000W, this skateboard is powerful and reliable. It also features a dependable battery that can last up to 31 miles.

3. Boosted Dual Plus

With a speed of 22 mph and a 25% climbing grade, this is the perfect out-of-the-city skateboard. Its controller is easy to use, the brakes are impressive thanks to its dual-wheel drive, and the overall construction is stunning.

You don’t have to be intimidated by the sharp specs of this skateboard because it comes with four different riding modes, from beginner to pro. With the beginner mode, the skateboard limits your speed to 11 mph. But with the pro mode, you can hit the full specs. This mode should, however, should be left to the professionals.

Its battery capacity is good, but not as good as most of the skateboards on the list. It will get you up to 12 miles on a full charge (but this will depend on the mode used).

4. Halo Board Carbon

Even though Halo Board is known for making top-notch hoverboards, they are also doing an impressive job on their electric skateboards.

The Halo Board Carbon is not your ordinary e-board – it’s a beast. The entire board is made from carbon fiber, making it super-light. In fact, it’s one of the lightest electric skateboards you’ll come across.

It also features two 3,000W hub motors that output enough power to conquer any terrain at a top speed of 22 mph. On a fully charged battery, you can go as far as 12 miles.

halo best-electric-skateboard

5. OneWheel Plus

With its one-wheel unique design, the OneWheel immediately stands out from the rest. This electric board relies on a combination of gyroscopes and accelerometers (and excellent balancing skills) to keep you upright when riding.

It is surprisingly a top-performer off-road, handling even the toughest and steepest terrain. While the OneWheel is not a practical board for a daily commuter or a serious skateboarder, it is by far the most entertaining board to play with.

6. Buffalo F Electric Skateboard

With a speed of 25 mph, the Buffalo F is one of the fastest electric longboards in the market. If you are not so much into speed, you have the option of switching from Cruising Mode to Beginner Mode that will offer you a sedate speed of 11 mph.

Its two 1200W motors will provide enough power to go uphill and over tough terrain. When fully charged, the battery range is about 15 miles. It is also light, durable, and can hold over 250 pounds of weight.

Choosing the Best Electric Skateboard

When you choose the best electric skateboard for yourself, there are multiple factors to take into consideration.


There are brands out there that are known to be unreliable. We haven’t included any of them in our list of the best ones of course, but if you opt for one outside of this list, make sure to do some research first.


Electric skateboards are known to get recalled from time to time. Be sure to stay up to date on these, because you don’t want to be using one that is recalled. This doesn’t just include the skateboard itself, it also includes motors and other parts.

Average lifespan

Nothing will last forever, including your electric skateboard. However, certain ones will last longer than others.

Customer support

You want to make sure you choose a brand or store that has good customer service. If you should run into any problems, you’re going to need someone to guide you through it.


Keep an eye on the warranty. If one isn’t offered, or if it’s a short warranty, you may want to look into a different board.


Your skateboard needs to be easy to control and ride. If it’s not, it’s not worth your time at all.


If you’re choosing an inexpensive skateboard, make sure it has good quality. Also, just because a board is expensive, doesn’t automatically mean it’s of good quality.

Try to choose a board within your budget that has everything you’re looking for.

Specific Features to Look For

There are specific features to look for in a skateboard. These include:

  • Speed: Single vs dual motor
  • Size: Choose the best sized board for your height and weight
  • Connectivity: Handheld controllers
  • Battery life: Tested in miles rather than standard runtime
  • Brakes: Test them out
  • Wheel quality: High-density rubber is best
  • Portability: Weight and size
  • Weight: 12 to 16 pounds is standard
  • Material: Composite wood is best
  • Water resistance: Look for ratings from the manufacturer
  • Warranty: Average from one to two years

What Deck Size to Choose

Your deck size will depend on your height. You’ll want to get the best performance possible.

  • Mini board: Best for those taller than 3’5″, with a U.S. shoe size of 4 or higher
  • Mid board: Best for those taller than 4’5″, with a U.S. shoe size of 7 or higher
  • Full board: Best for those taller than 5’3″, with a U.S. shoe size of 9 or higher

Always Go for Reputable Brands

Whatever you use your electric skateboard for – daily commuting or fun – be sure you get it from a reputable skateboard brand. This is because no matter the quality or material, electric skateboards do break down.

And when that happens, you’ll want to deal with a brand that has readily available spare parts and brilliant customer service and support. The above 6 picks are great choices to consider.