5 Best Lacrosse Sticks

Best Lacrosse Sticks

Looking for the best lacrosse sticks? Below you will find 5 of the best available on the market. Although lacrosse is not quite as televised as games like soccer, basketball, or even football, it is still a popular sport in both the U.S. and the U.K. Unlike many other sports, lacrosse is not a game that demands brute strength. Instead, players must possess agility and speed to master this game and overthrow their opponents. Players must also have the right equipment, namely a lacrosse stick.

Although it is good to have the right protective pads, eye gear, and uniform, your lacrosse stick is the most of important piece of equipment you will own because it is your weapon on the field. Your lacrosse stick is what allows you to capture and cradle the ball so you can protect it from your opponents. Your stick is also what allows you to ensure that you land the ball in the goal so you can score winning points for your team. Without a good lacrosse stick, you are like a fish out of water.

Of course, there are so many lacrosse sticks to choose from, each with their own set of pros and cons. Given the fact that there are so many sticks available on the market, it can be difficult determining which one is the best one for you. Whether you are new to the game or you have been an avid player over the last few years, the list below can help you choose some of the best lacrosse sticks available for purchase.

1. StringKing Complete Lacrosse Stick

best lacrosse sticksThe StringKing Complete is the first performance-driven complete lacrosse stick, and it shows. It is ready to pass and catch without the need of any adjustments or replacements. You don’t even need any time to break it in! Players who purchase this stick will get to enjoy the game with it right away.

This is the only complete stick that you will see in both youth practice games and Major League Lacrosse games. At a beginner level price, it offers advanced level capabilities.

Each part of this stick was engineered to work together. This gives you an ideal balance of durability, weight, and performance. You won’t have to sacrifice any of these components for another. Plus, if your stick happens to break within StringKing’s warranty period, they will replace it at no additional cost to you.

There are various versions of the Complete stick for different age levels, so be sure that you’re purchasing the correct one for your level of play.

2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Stick

21GF6EMk1bL._SL250_The STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Stick is great choice for men looking to get started in the game of lacrosse. Part of what makes this head and shaft combination so great for entry level players is that it is designed specifically to help players develop the fundamental skills needed to play the game. The shaft is made from a high-quality, durable aluminum material so that it is capable of withstanding a beating. The head is made of a softer material so that it captures and cradles the ball more efficiently. The pre-strung head also consists of a harder, far more consistent mesh material that increases skill-building capabilities.

Although this stick is specifically designed with the entry level player in mind, even the more experienced players are likely to find that the durability and design of this stick makes it a good choice for practice or even for use as a backup stick. Considering that this particular stick comes with a cheaper price tag than many other sticks on the market, you don’t have to spend an arm or a leg or perhaps even sell an organ just to purchase a quality stick. You can purchase the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Stick without having to break the bank.

Before you purchase this particular stick, keep in mind that it is designed more for attackers or midfield players rather than goalies or defenders. You should determine which position you are most interested in playing to ensure you purchase the proper stick. If you are interested in playing the role of the attacker, this is one of the best lacrosse sticks for you. Keep in mind that attackers have a very active role on the field. It is your job to take possession of the ball back from the opposing team. As an attacker, ball pick up is a big deal as is passing the ball to defending players.

Fortunately, the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U is designed specifically to ensure fast pickup and easy passing. In fact, the design of this particular stick is specifically intended to help you along as you develop your skills and gameplay techniques. As an added benefit, the head of this stick comes pre-strung, meaning it is ready for you to enjoy straight out of the box. Although it is typically advised that you purchase you string your head yourself, that recommendation is geared more toward intermediate and advanced players. As an entry level player, a pre-strung head is a great choice.

As you become more familiar with the game and develop your skills, you will be able to determine what you want and need out of a lacrosse head. In other words, you will be able to figure out how you want your head strung later on down the road. Considering that this stick is of such a high quality and so often recommended by lacrosse professionals, you can just as easily restring the head that comes with this stick as you advance your skills and become more comfortable with the game.

3. Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick

21DWOhSbYsL._SL250_When it comes to the game of lacrosse, no one knows what you need better than the professional players themselves. They can identify the type of gear you need whether you are a pro player yourself or just getting started. That is why the Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick is an optimum choice for entry level players. Aside from the fact that it is a quality stick with plenty to offer, it features graphics designed by Paul Rabil himself. Paul Rabil is a professional lacrosse player and perhaps one of the most well-known in his profession.

As a professional player for the New York Lizards and Team USA, Rabil understands the importance of a stick that looks great, feels great, and allows you to play great. The Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick features graphics thought up by Rabil himself, hence the name. In other words, you can enjoy playing with a stick that is approved by a professional player. Although this is a great entry level stick, it offers the look and feel of a high-end, professional stick.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick is the fact that it was specifically engineered to help beginners learn to play the game and develop their skills and techniques. The widened face of the head provides swift, throwing and competitive, easy catching when necessary. The EZ scoop ensures that you are able to retrieve the ball quickly and efficiently to keep your opponents on their toes.

Another fantastic feature of this stick is that it doesn’t break the bank. You do not have to sell your soul or give up your first born child just to get your hands on one of the best lacrosse sticks available for you to purchase. If that isn’t enough to whet your whistle, take into consideration that the price is for a complete stick, which is both the shaft and the head. This stick comes ready to play straight out of the box.

Although intermediate players and pros typically prefer to buy their head and shaft separate so they can string the head to meet their preference, a complete stick such as this is highly recommended for entry level players. Intermediate and professional players understand how best to pair their head and shaft preferences whereas entry level players need to learn the basics of the game before worrying about such details.

All-in-all, the Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick is a great choice because it combines so many incredible features into one fantastic lacrosse stick. You have a combination of looks, feel, ease of use, technique development, and price all rolled into one complete package. You will be able to keep up with the competition while enjoying a shorter learning curve the minute you pick up this lacrosse stick.

4. STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick

31g1QzeCntL._SL250_In the game of lacrosse, every member of the team is important. However, the goalie is perhaps one of the most important players. It is the goalie that can make or break a game. If an experienced goalie were to play the perfect game, the worst the team can do is tie the game. The goalie is the one that blocks the opposing team from scoring. That is why it is important for the goalie to have a shaft and head combination that is capable of getting the job done and the STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick can do just that.

For years, STX has dominated in the field of lacrosse equipment, which includes the production of some of the best lacrosse sticks money can buy. Part of what makes the STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick such a formidable stick for any goalie player is the fact that it is made by a company that has a history of providing highly recommended heads and shafts. The Eclipse offers visual appeal as well as improved playability. If you’re going to play good, why not look good doing it, too?

The head that comes with this complete stick setup is one of the most popular selections for lacrosse goalies. In fact, it is perfect for players who are new to the game as well as those who are pros with developed skills and techniques. The head of this complete stick features an open sidewall. In fact, the STX Eclipse head was the first of its kind to have the open sidewall feature. It also has an almost oval shape to it, which provides one of the largest surface areas for any legal NCAA stick. The larger surface area is beneficial to you because it translates into the potential for more saves.

Despite how large the head of the STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick is, it is one of the most lightweight heads available on the market. Without the mesh, it weighs just 11.3 ounces. The lighter weight of this stick and head combination allows you to feel when the ball has nestled into the pocket without having to take your eyes off the field to keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, heavier heads and sticks may have you averting your attention to ensure the ball is where it belongs.

Another benefit of this stick is the fact that the head offers a number of holes so that you can customize your stringing options, which is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced players. If you opt for customized stringing, choose a lighter weight string such as 12 diamond mesh to improve ball throwing and wind resistance. Since this stick features a larger head than most, it can make it a bit more challenging to throw the ball when necessary and wind resistance tends to be an issue.

The head has a thinner plastic top which makes scooping balls off the ground rather simple, even from sharp angles. Combine that with the head’s incredible flexibility and you have yourself a lacrosse goalie stick that will make the opposing goalie green with envy. Flexibility allows the head to cradle the ball so that it stays in place. However, you should also be aware of the fact that flexibility may cause you to lose a fast shot as the head is likely to bend and send the ball continuing on its trajectory.

Overall, this complete stick package certainly has its pros and cons, yet it remains one of the best lacrosse sticks available for purchase. In truth, the pros far outweigh the cons, particularly when you consider the fact that the price is far less than some of the other well-known goalie sticks available on the market. That is not to say that this is the cheapest stick for purchase, but it is certainly easier on your wallet than more expensive lacrosse sticks that you can buy.

5. Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick

21mmxsylu4L._SL250_For attackers or midfielders looking for the right stick to keep their opponents at bay and the ball within their control, the Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick is the way to go. This stick features a number of features and an incredible look and field that will have entry level players walking out onto the field like they are lacrosse pros. This stick is highly recommended for JV players looking to increase their skills and techniques on the field. Given its quality design and recognizable manufacturer, this stick is sure to please even those who are more comfortable with the game as well as those who are just starting out.

To begin with, if you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing, this stick will not disappoint. The stick is available for purchase in red and white, white and black, or black and grey, which makes it look just as great as it feels. In your hands, the stick is lightweight and easy to manage. The head of the stick features a medium mesh that is not quite hard and yet not quite soft. However, the string softens up for great gameplay rather quickly. The fact that you can break-in the pocket so quickly means you can get out onto the field and begin dominating in no time.

This complete stick set comes with a pre-strung head, which is ideal for entry level players. If you are not familiar with the game or you are just developing your skill set, then you should not worry over stringing your own head for the time being. However, as you grow more comfortable with the game, you may want to consider restringing the head to suit your purposes and style a little better. Although this stick works well for entry level players, it is also a great choice for intermediate players.

Since the stick and head combination are so incredible in terms of how lightweight they are, the flexibility of the pocket and the fact that you can control the ball more easily, it is best to just restring the pocket rather than opting to replace it as your skills develop. You should also take into consideration that the Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick will not have you emptying your bank account just so you can purchase it. It is a relatively affordable stick compared to most, which makes it a top-of-the-line choice among the best lacrosse sticks available for purchase.

Overall, there is not much that can be said about this stick that would seem negative. Upon arrival, the pocket might not be as deep as you like, but you can always adjust the mesh to accommodate what it is you are looking for. Otherwise, this stick has just about everything you could ask for in an affordable, high-quality stick. As an added benefit, the shaft features a textured, ruff grip design that gives it an expensive, high-end feel without the high-end price tag. The texture shaft allows you to grip the shaft far more easily so you can keep control of the ball when you need it most.

Although it may still be hard to choose which stick works best for you among the sticks features on this list, narrowing it down to a top 5 will make your decision far easier compared to a seemingly endless list of sticks. The fact that each stick on the list is a complete stick featuring both the head and the shaft is an added bonus as they will accommodate players of varying skills from entry level on up. Check out some of the best women’s lacrosse sticks.

6 Best Spartan Race Shoes

Best Spartan Race Shoes

Since its birth in 2010, the Spartan race series has expanded outside the United States and franchised into fourteen countries including Australia, Canada, Europe, and South Korea.

What is a Spartan Race?

A Spartan race is a sequence of obstacle races that can vary from 3 miles long to the distance of a marathon.

Just like the variation of length in the race, the obstacles also vary according to the race and can consist of anything from running around cones, mud crawling, rope and wall climbing, tire flips, carrying heavy objects and so much more.

Some of the races you might hear people talk about are the Spartan Sprint, the Super Spartan, the Spartan Beast, and the Ultra Beast.

You don’t want to be a competitor who fails to complete an obstacle because then you must accept and complete a 30 burpee, (otherwise known as squat thrusts) penalty before advancing to the next race.

What are the Best Spartan Race Shoes

Now that you know what to expect from a typical Spartan race obstacle course, it should be obvious that you can’t successfully complete it without the best pair of shoes.

There are many options to choose for men and women both, but it can become tricky if you’re not entirely sure what you are looking for.

When it comes to a great pair of shoes, of course, you want to be sure they fit properly. Choose a pair that is lightweight so that your feet and legs won’t get tired, and just as important you will want to make sure they are comfortable.

The grip is important to keep you on track; rock guards, mid-foot teeth, and drainage ports are also important.

Pay attention to the ones that advise against use on asphalt; all-terrain shoes are an excellent choice, especially when you’re not familiar with the course.

The following list is compiled of 6 of the best Spartan shoes that can help you get started:

Spartan Race Shoes for Men…

Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe (MENS) Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe (MENS) Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe (WOMENS)
Various Sizes Various Sizes 1 Size Various Sizes
1 Color Choice 13 Color Choices 3 Color Choices 3 Color Choices
Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic/Fabric
Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Shoe
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe

For an excellent grip on that unpredictable terrain, these shoes will definitely do the job!

Man-made construction with a synthetic sole, along with a precision fit, a Meta-Flex forefoot flex groove, and then completed with an injected EVA foam midsole, Inov thought of it all.

These shoes are so stylish that you will be weary of getting them dirty, but no worries, because they will clean up like brand new when the race is over, and they are so light and comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them.

Various sizes are available so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a perfect fit, and although there is only one color to choose, the black, red, and gray combine a great style that everyone will love.

The high rating says a lot and the price is acceptable, making this one of the best choices for Spartan racing shoes on the market.

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

While the others are slipping, and sliding through the mud, sand, and snow, you will be running by like a breeze.

These shoes are designed with a Contagrip non-marking rubber outsole, an Ortholite insole, and a protective rubber toe cap.

Moisture and debris will never be a problem with the water-resistant mesh upper that features Sensifit technology, and the Quicklace system will speed up your dressing time.

With various size availability and the variety of colors offered from Salomon, you will be sure to find something to please your taste.

These shoes are complete with a super rating and a price that won’t empty your wallet.

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

These shoes feature synthetic materials to better cope with the rigors of running off the beaten path. A special, rugged, spiked rubber sole helps you to grip the ground as you traverse difficult terrain.

A rubber toe cap keeps your toes protected from unseen debris and obstacles, while built-in water resistance keep your feet comfortable even in mud and marsh.

A handy Quicklace lacing system makes tightening each shoe a breeze. Reviewers report these shoes as being exceptionally durable and more than capable of withstanding adverse environmental conditions as well as long, grueling running events.

Spartan Race Shoes for Women…

Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe

Inov sees no prejudice in these shoes; Just like the men’s, these are built with the same quality!

The man-made synthetic sole provides perfect traction and grip while running along the off-road terrain.

The removable 6mm insole will assure easy cleaning and the brilliant design of the X-TALON outsole offers deep cleats for added security against sliding.

A precision fit, along with the heel pull loop and a great rating make these running shoes complete.

The best part is that with the price of these shoes, you won’t have to break your bank.

Reebok All Terrain Super Women’s Running Shoe

Run through the mud, jump the rocks, and climb the ropes, no obstacle is a challenge when you have these shoes on your team.

Mesh drainage ports were strategically placed to permit the water and mud to escape with ease; the mid-foot teeth, the underfoot rock guard and the dura grip upper will provide extra security throughout the race.

Lightweight, comfortable, high-quality terrain and a great rating prove that Reebok went above and beyond with these shoes.

They are designed with style, and although the price is higher than some of the others on our list, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of these race shoes.

Reebok Women’s All-Terrain Super Running Shoe

If it’s your first time in the race, these shoes would be a great choice for you!

Fashionable style, attractive colors, a comfortable and lightweight fit with a high, snug heel, what more could you want from a running shoe?

Perhaps you might also like the strategically placed drainage ports and the 360-degree traction outsole with an additional obstacle grip and rock guard.

Reebok brilliantly added a toe grip for wall climbing and an instep grip to hold on to the ropes.

These shoes are true to the term all-terrain, and you will not be disappointed with the average fit and high arches.

The price and the positively high rating are just two more reasons why these shoes are on the list.

Now that you have had some help in choosing the best pair of shoes for the race, you should have no problem beating any obstacle that gets in your way.

Happy Racing! Make sure you check out our fun obstacle course ideas for adults.

Buying Guide For The Best Mountain Bike: Tips And Tricks

Mountain biking is a wonderful hobby. In fact, it is one of the healthiest “addictions” that you could ever have. When you choose to mountain-bike, you give your body the cardiovascular exercise it needs to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy heart. With that said, though, you can’t mountain bike without a mountain bike, so how do you choose the best mountain bike to meet your needs?

There is no simple answer to that question. However, one thing you can do is to read reviews from other consumers to find out what they liked and didn’t like in specific bikes. From there, you can do further research, visit bike stores in person, and exhaust all possible resources to find the best mountain bike for your needs.

It’s also important to know what you want in a bike and to know the key features to look for in a good, quality mountain bike.

Know Where You Want to Ride

mountain biking

One of the first things that you will want to keep in mind is that the name “mountain bike” is kind of a misnomer. Most people don’t truly ride their bikes through the mountains, though some do.

Instead, “mountain bike” is kind of a catchall term for bikes that are meant to handle heavy outdoor terrain.

The key, then, to choosing the best mountain bike for your needs is to choose one that can handle the type of terrain on which you intend to ride your bike.

If you plan to check out local trails, for example, all you will need is a simple trail bike. If, on the other hand, you’d like to ride your bike in cross-country races, you’ll need a slim, speedy cross country bike.

Then, there are also true mountain bikes, fat bikes, downhill bikes, park bikes, and more. Knowing your preferred riding terrain can help you to choose the best mountain bike to meet your needs, so decide that before you even start shopping and consider it throughout the shopping process.

Cross Country Mountain Bikes for Cross Country Riders

sunset biking

If you are someone who would like to be able to take your bike on many different terrains, to ride in bike races, or just to achieve high speeds, then a cross country mountain bike is probably your best option.

While some bikes are clearly labeled as “cross country bikes,” this is not true of all mountain bikes. Also, it is not strictly necessary to choose a bike with the “cross country” label and still get the same capabilities.

For instance, Diamondback’s Overdrive Hardtail mountain bike delivers on sturdy durability while also maintaining a rather light overall weight. These characteristics, paired with an accommodating suspension fork and a full 32-tooth gear system make for a particularly well-rounded ride.

Basically, if you want a bike that can handle racing or any kind of terrain- a good “catch all” bike, then you want a bike that has big wheels, lower amounts of suspension, and that peddles efficiently. You also, ideally, want a bike that is lightweight, easy to carry when you have to, and that can easily bounce over the bumpy, unpredictable terrain you may encounter. If you choose this type of bike, you should be good on just about any surface.

Know Your Budget and Stick to It

man on phone

In addition to choosing a mountain bike that is right for your preferred terrain or that can work across a wide range of terrains, you will also want to be realistic when it comes to price.

Mountain bikes vary greatly in price, all the way from around $100 up to thousands of dollars.

Obviously, you need to buy what you can afford. Decide what features are important to you and what your budget is, and then try to find a bike that matches both as closely as possible.

If you shop online, you won’t have to deal with “upsells” from the seller, but, if you do shop in person, be wary of these and stick to your guns as you make a purchasing decision. Remember, you do not have to spend a lot to get a good, quality bike.

Buy in the Fall or Winter if You Can

bike in the winter

Once you have decided what features you want, how much you’re willing to pay, and various other factors, try and do your shopping in the fall or the winter if you can. This is especially important if you are trying to save money.

While you can buy a mountain bike anytime, you will typically enjoy discounts and markdowns in the months when biking isn’t on most people’s minds.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about as you choose a mountain bike. As long as you do your research, though, read reviews, and put genuine effort into selecting the perfect bike, you should be able to find one that matches your wants, your needs, and, of course, your budget. And, once you have your dream bike, you can start look for fun bike accessories to go with it. Happy biking!

Best 10 Electric Bike Options You Can Buy Right Now: Buyer’s Guide

Cycling is not only good for your health, but also environmentally friendly and cost-effective than using vehicles.

Even more advantageous, is using electric bikes. E-riders cover greater distances using much less energy.

E-bikes have smooth pedaling assistance that really come in handy when you travel with luggage.

But to enjoy all these benefits, you need the best electric bike in the market. Considering a mix of range, power, and performance, here are the top 10 electric bikes you can buy:

Best Electric Bikes to Buy

1. Haibike Xduro Cross 4.0

This is a sporty e-bike. It is equipped with disk aluminum brakes that are responsive and require very little maintenance. It has one of the best Bosch lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 140 miles and provides excellent pedal assistance.

Its state-of-the-art drive system makes it a seamless, fun ride on all types of terrains at top speeds of 20 mph.


This German hybrid e-bike is just powerful. It has a 400wh Bosch battery that can run up to 50 miles on a full charge at a top speed of 15 mph. Its 10 gears offer easy control, stability, and balance.

It also features a Bosch display, a Bosch drive unit, and a quite powerful motor that outputs 250W.


The design and start system of this e-bike is great. It features an aluminum frame and a carbon fiber fork to enhance easy drivability while minimizing its weight. Its 36V battery takes only 2 hours to charge fully and this can take you up to 50 miles.

It also has a brilliant black gloss finish.


The Power Plus e-bike is made from a mixture of a durable carbon steel and aluminum alloy and features a fully adjustable seat to increase comfort.

It also has a removable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 30 miles. To ensure easy customization, it has a 21-speed transmission system that enhances control.

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH Matte White 27.5″

  • Sturdy, light weight, easy handling: With a lightweight but sturdy aluminium alloy frame, the NCM Prague weighs in at…
  • Optimized electric system: The Das-Kit 350W rear-drive motor, 468Wh DeHawk battery and Das-Kit L6B LCD display and…
  • Smooth trail riding with Suntour and Schwalbe: One of the biggest names in MTB fork design, the Suntour XCT comes with a…

The NCM has a top speed of up to 20 mph, quick enough to ensure easy and secure traffic maneuvers.

It is ideal for a wide variety of terrain and has a Panasonic lithium battery that can run up to 60 miles.


This e-bike can conquer any hill you throw its way. It features a new Shimano STEPS system, front and rear Shimano T4000 brakes, adjustable stem extension, and an aluminum frame that is heat-treated.

Its battery takes only 4 hours to fully charge and has a range of up to 77 miles. If you live in the hilly countryside, the Ridgeback Electron Plus will serve you just right.


This is a very compact e-bike with a bouncy nature, making it a fun and hip ride.

While it’s relatively new in the market, it has one of the most powerful motors. It also comes with a reliable battery for long distances and a light aluminum frame which gives it a sleek, classy look.

The Turbo Levo is the perfect blend of durability, performance, and technology.


This innovative and high-performing electric bike has an exceptional stackable battery structure – the Infineum LPX. It has no particular range limit as you can attach more batteries at your convenience. Each battery gives a range of up to 33 miles.

It also features an aluminum frame, Rock Shox forks, 24 gears, as well as front and rear Shimano Alivio V-brakes and handlebars. Additionally, its backlit display shows the battery strength, speed, and general condition of the bike.


This electric mountain bike is ideal for hill climbers.

From its torque control to its efficient gears, DiamondBack Ranger boasts of a very compact and solid drive system, making it ideal for steep areas. The rear suspensions and shock absorbers will enable you to enjoy fun and comfortable rides even in bumpy situations.

The battery can last up to 75 miles on a full charge and the chunky tires are suitable for both tarmac and off-road terrain.

SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Lightweight & Aluminum Folding Ebike with…

  • Pre-assembled; the electric bike already comes pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time with complicated assembly…
  • Height adjustable for adults and teens; easily adjust the bicycle seat and handlebar to find the perfect position for a…
  • 14 inch wheels; a pair of air-filled rubber tires with quick-disconnect power lines ensure better traction and easy tire…

Best Electric Bike Comparison Table




Haibike Xduro Cross 4.0


Cube Reaction HPA Pro 400

Cube Reaction HPA Pro 400

Coboc ONE eCycle

coboc one ecycle

Ancheer Power Plus

Ancheer Power Plus

Ridge Electron Plus

Ridge Electron Plus

Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie

Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie

Infineum Extreme

Infineum Extreme

Get The Best Electric Bike For You

woman riding a bike

The benefits of owning an electric bike are varied – from less pedaling efforts to cost-saving benefits. However, the various models on the market make it hard to decide what you exactly want.

Any of the above 10 e-bikes are great choices. Choose the one that will perfectly suit your needs and preferences.

Best Party Board Games Reviews

Reviews of the Top 9 Best Party Board Games

You’ve got drinks, chips, helium balloons, and an amazing playlist. The one thing that is missing is an entertaining board game. That’s where the best party board games come in.

Maybe, you might spread out a polka-dotted mat for a game of Twister? Or perhaps test your knowledge of the film industry with a rousing game of Scene It? Or, just play a simple game of Clue.

Whatever you choose, it needs to be super fun. When selecting the perfect board game for your party, you should consider a few things like the number of people involved per round, how engaging the game is, and how long it takes to set up and play.

Here are some good selections:

Comparison Table

Top 9 Best Party Board Games

close-up photo focused on cards and wood blocks used in board games

1. Codenames

Czech Games Codenames

  • For 2 8+ Players
  • 15 minute playing time
  • Age 14 and up

In Codenames, two teams are created. Next, you select a player from each team and try to get the other co-players to come up with words that are corresponding to a color on a small grid without saying a word.

Giving your team the right word clue could make them answer the correct words and earn your team points. But giving them the wrong clue will give the other team a chance to answer on your team’s behalf and you may lose the points.

2. Telestrations

USAOPOLY Telestrations Original 8 Player | Family Board Game | A Fun…

  • Telestrations “The Original” for 8 players is what got the party started!
  • Over 1,700 words, 8 erasable sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, 8 clean-up cloths
  • Perfect for families, small parties or friends; LOL fun for everyone!

The next of the best party board games is Telestrations. Each player rolls a die and sketches an illustration according to the outcome. A sand timer limits the amount of time spent to draw. When time is up, all players should pass the sketches to the player next to them who must guess what is drawn. The guesses are then passed to the next player who should draw what they see, and so on.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

  • Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.
  • This is the main game. Buy this first.
  • Contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards for maximum replayability.

Players describe this game as the “horrible people’s game”. It’s more fun when played in the right environment and with the right people.

It simply involves one player laying down a question card as the rest of the members try to give the right funniest answer they can.

4. Spontaneous

Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It – Talent NOT…

  • Do you, or someone you know, have a song for everything? It happens to millions of us.
  • Can you think of a lyric with the word “night” in it? Pitch perfect or not, just let your voice rip!
  • The 1st player to blurt out a song, rolls dice to advance on the board. More details in description.

The objective of this game is to move your avatar to the end of the board before all the other players.

You start by creating a list of words from any song you know. Then, players take turns in figuring out the song. And whoever sings it correctly gets to roll the dice and start moving around the board.

It seems pretty simple but its unpredictability makes it fun and challenging at the same time. We consider this one of the best party board games.

5. Quadropolis


  • For 2 – 4 players
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Playable in 30 – 60 minutes

This game can be played by up to four players who take up the role of city planners working on building a city from the ground up.

In the game, you will be required to take turns in assigning out teams of four architects, plan for buildings, and construct them in your metropolitan map. Each building constructed earns you victory points depending on the location and type.

6. Monopoly

Monopoly Classic Game

  • Buy, sell, dream and scheme your way to riches
  • Players buy, sell and trade to win
  • Build houses and hotels on your properties and bankrupt your opponents to win it all

Monopoly is a classic game loved by many. The rules may vary a little bit from one group to another. Nonetheless, you have to roll the dice and move your avatar the same number of spaces as the outcome.

The best part about the game is its predictability – you can end up with hotels, farms, on your friend’s property, or even in jail!

7. Pit

Winning Moves Games The Pit Game – Deluxe

  • Contains: 74 premium quality cards, silver toned bell and rules
  • Fast-Paced and Fun!
  • Great for group play!

This game involves a lot of player interaction, yelling, and energy. It emulates the trading floor of the stock market. The players act like commodity traders and trade with their opponents.

You should act and move quickly to let everyone know what you are selling or what you are buying. This may involve a lot of yelling and shouting.

8. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Bezier Games OWUWBEZ One Week Ultimate Werewolf

  • A social deduction game where the tension builds throughout the game until the final vote takes place
  • Each game is different thanks to more than a dozen rooms, of which only a few are used each game.
  • No app required!

This is a simple board game to learn. And it requires a lot of player interaction.

Each player is assigned a secret role of which one of them is a werewolf. The group has to identify and eliminate the werewolf (hopefully, you are not the werewolf). Different roles have different special abilities to help capture the wolf.

9. Sequence

Sequence Game

  • Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board – when you have five in a row,…
  • Each player or team tries to score the required number of five-card sequences before their opponents.
  • Easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults – great for individual or team play!

In this game, players take turns playing a card from their hand and placing a chip on the corresponding space on the game board. Once you get five in a row, it’s a Sequence! Each player or team is working to score the five-hand Sequence before their opponents.

Not only is this a fun party game, but with this exciting game play, it can help develop certain STEM skills, such as strategy. Although the game sounds simple, it is actually challenging! It can be played with anywhere from 2 to 12 people. Sequence is meant for players ages seven and older.

In addition to the normal game of Sequence, there are some Wild Cards thrown into the mix that keeps the game interesting. This game is not based on luck, there is a decent amount of strategy involved!

Sequence is a staple to any board game collection, and is excellent to whip out at any party. It’s easy to learn and incredibly entertaining for both young children and adults alike!

Make Your Party Fun with This Party Game Boards

close-up photo showing the lower left corner of monopoly board with paper money and cards

Everyone likes to party in their own different way. You can go for several games above and let people at your party choose what they like.

Keep in mind that the best party board games will vary according to your type of guests, the age bracket, and the number of people at the party. So, choose wisely!

Best Pirate Board Games

5 of the Best Pirate Board Games

With busy schedules and technology, good old fashioned family game nights are just not as common as they once were.

Family dinners and conversation seem to be a thing of the past, instead it is games on the cell phone while eating French fries in the back seat of the car.

It’s time to make an old tradition new again. Make a pizza, pop some corn, and pull out a board game.

Talk, laugh, and work together to make a rainy Friday night feel like a day full of sunshine.

Kids and adults alike appreciate some classic pirate adventure, so why not find a game that everyone will like?

Take turns with games that everyone can enjoy. The games for young children can be played with a twist for the older kids to enjoy, and create teams so the younger ones can play along with the older ones too.

You can choose games that are played with a team effort, or games that challenge each player alone.

Board games can be educational, but the kids will have so much fun, they will not even know they are learning.

You can twist up a pirate game by using costumes, props, and even try talking like a pirate throughout the game.

Pick more than one game and set up stations throughout the room at your child’s next birthday party.

Anyway you choose to play, the night will be fun for the whole family, and you can relax knowing that you picked the right games that everyone loves!

Which one is the best pirate board game for your family night?

The following is a list of games that will help you to make your night a positive success:

Loot Don’t Rock The Boat Merchants & Marauders Dead Men Tell No Tales Board Game Pirate’s Cove
Number of Players: 2-8 Number of Players: 2-4 Number of Players: 2-4 Number of Players: 2-5 Number of Players: 3-5
Promotes Math Skills Assists in the Development of Eye- Hand Coordination Promotes critical thinking, imagination, and decision making Group Co-Operative Game Strategy Family Game
Ages: 10 & Up Ages: 5 & Up Ages: 13 & Up Ages: 13 & Up Ages: 10 & Up
Approximate Play Time: 20 minutes Approximate Play Time:Quick Turns, Fast Game Approximate Play Time: 180 minutes Approximate Play Time: 60-75 Minutes Approximate Play Time: 60-90 Minutes
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
  • Loot
  • Number of Players: 2-8
  • Promotes Math Skills
  • Ages: 10 & Up
  • Approximate Play Time: 20 minutes
  • Check Price
  • Don’t Rock The Boat
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Assists in the Development of Eye- Hand Coordination
  • Ages: 5 & Up
  • Approximate Play Time:Quick Turns, Fast Game
  • Check Price
  • Galt Toys Inc. Pirate Pursuit Board Game
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Promotes Counting and Color Recognition
  • Ages: 3 & Up
  • Approximate Play Time: Plays Quickly
  • Check Price
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales Board Game
  • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Group Co-Operative Game
  • Ages: 13 & Up
  • Approximate Play Time: 60-75 Minutes
  • Check Price
  • Pirate’s Cove
  • Number of Players: 3-5
  • Strategy Family Game
  • Ages: 10 & Up
  • Approximate Play Time: 60-90 Minutes
  • Check Price


1-1This is the perfect game to keep the kid’s busy at your child’s birthday party!

For ages 10 and up, and for two to eight players, this card game full of strategy will help to promote their math skills, while exploring through an exciting adventure.

Players must try to capture the other player’s merchant ships, collecting gold pieces, but they must keep their merchant ship protected at the same time. The player with the most loot at the end of the game wins.

For a birthday party twist, use candy as gold pieces, and have everyone dress and talk like pirates.

With the maximum total of eight players, the game will go fast, and don’t worry, because the adults can have just as much fun with this game at their own party.

The game consists of 78 playing cards, and is easy to store without losing any small pieces.

With the high rating and low price that is attached to this game, it should be a sure reason for you to add this one to your collection.

Don’t Rock the Boat

2-1The sixteen pirate penguins will await their turn on top of the boat in the hopes that you will not let them fall off.

This great eye-hand coordination game will have your child thinking about the perfect place to stack his penguin, because the person that tips the boat over loses the game.

For ages 5 and up, this is the perfect rainy day game that provides quick turns and fast play for two to four players.

Do you have an only child that is anxiously waiting for you to play with him? Let him practice alone while he waits, because this game will also provide fun for one player.

This game comes with a ship, three masts, a 2-piece water wave for the boat to sit on, and sixteen pirate penguins.

A good rating is provided with this exciting game, and it will keep you and your little one busy for hours.

Merchants & Marauders

Merchants & MaraudersIf you’re looking for a more challenging game that will delight both the tweens and the adults in the family, Merchants & Marauders fits the bill perfectly.

The board game is designed for 2 to 4 players aged 13 and up and involves each player taking control of a sailing ship in the Caribbean Sea. From there, it’s up to them to decide which route they want to take. A player can launch attacks on others, become a friendly merchant, or simply sail around and win victory points.

The rules of the game are fairly complex – so much so that it may take a while for everyone to understand how things are going to work. That being said, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. And once you start playing, you’re in for a real treat.

Merchants & Marauders is immersive and designed to encourage critical thinking and decision making. It features a unique trade system and a thematic combat system. Plus, players can modify their vessels and hire special crew members.

All in all, it’s a complex and rewarding board game that will surely appeal to the entire family.

Dead Men Tell No Tales Board Game

4This co-operative game for 2-5 players makes a great team building exercise with the family.

The players must work together to build the board and search for the treasure. They will find themselves fighting a battle against the enemies, guards, and a fiery inferno, but they will have the use of items they will find along the way.

The players will have a system for tracking fire and locating the enemies while attempting to collect the ship’s treasure before it sinks and burns.

Experience the demanding challenge, while working together in this unique game of strategy and excitement.

This game is for ages 13 and up, and would be a great way to spend a Friday night with the family.

Although the price is a little higher than the rest, the rating is great, and you will not be disappointed when the family comes together as a team!

Pirate’s Cove

5If you like a game that is fun to play, easy to learn, and doesn’t take an entire night to complete, then this would be the one for you.

In this game, you will play through twelve months at sea in approximately sixty minutes of real time!

You will have to make some strategic moves and upgrade your ship, all without confrontation from other players, because your goal will be to end with the most points and become the most famous pirate that everyone fears.

All the players synchronize their moves working toward the same goal, so there will never be any down time while waiting for your next turn.

Pirate’s Cove comes with a board, a spinner, cards, dice, and colorful pieces, and can be enjoyed by family members ages 10 and older. Smaller ones in the family can enjoy the fun as a team player with an adult.

With all the laughter, cheering, and fun that will be enjoyed by all, you should understand why this game has been ranked with one of the highest ratings.

Now that you have had an opportunity to explore some of the best pirate games on the market, you should have no problem deciding which one you like best. Still in need of more board game ideas? Check out our funnest board games of all time or our best strategy board games.

Diving Into The Best Bike Lock Reviews: Buyer’s Guide

Best Bike Lock Reviews

When you invest in a bike, it isn’t cheap. In fact, bikes range greatly in price, but you probably are not going to get a new one for less than $100. If you are not someone who likes to waste your investments freely (and who does?), then you will want to invest in something to protect your bike. The best and most obvious answer, of course, is to buy a bike lock. And, of course, you will want the best bike lock that you can possibly afford.

So, how do you choose a bike lock, or how do you know what the best bike lock is among the many that are out there today?

One way is to read reviews, which can really be helpful. In addition to that, however, you should know what to look for in a good bike lock.

Are “U” Locks for You?


As mentioned above, there are several different types of bike locks that you can choose from.

One of the best bike lock types on the market today, however, is the “U-lock.”

These locks are available from many different companies, but as long as they are well-made, you don’t have anything to worry about. Look for a lock that is strong, sturdy, rust-proof, and weather-resistant. Having these qualities, at the very least, is a good start.

These bike locks are very large and in-charge, meaning that they can be seen from a mile away. Because of this fact, they make your bike a lot less likely to be targeted by a bike thief.

Plus, the way that u locks are made make it very difficult for a bike thief to find a place to insert a crowbar or other tool to steal your bike. For this reason, these locks are very effective against all kinds of bike-stealing tools, such as hammers, crowbars, wrenches, and more.

The key to effectively using U locks, in addition to ensuring that you buy one that you know is quality made, is to choose one that is large enough for your bike. If the lock doesn’t leave enough space for tool insertion or easy theft, then it is probably a wise choice for your bike.

What About Using Chain Locks?


Another very common type of lock that people use is chain locks.

These locks, like u locks, are very common, and many people do consider them the best bike lock around.

One thing people like about this simple product is the fact that a chain lock is easily customizable. It can be as long or as short as you need. In fact, you can even use a longer chain lock to chain multiple bikes at once.

Chain locks work well when they’re thick and strong. Plus, they tend to be quite affordable. With that said, though, they are easy to cut with the right tools. This is especially true with lower quality locks.

So, if you are going to go with a chain lock for its ease of use and easy portability, definitely be sure to choose the strongest one possible in order to protect yourself and your bike.

Don’t Forget About Cable Locks


One other option that people tend to bring up is the cable lock. The cable lock is similar to the chain lock but with a protective cable over the actual locking part and often with a combination to prevent theft.

While cable locks, like chain locks, can work if they are strong enough, they are risky in that, in many cases, they can easily be cut with a bolt cutter or other tool.

Always Consider Where You Live

While u locks and chain locks are some of the best options when it comes to preventing bike theft, something else that you should think about when shopping for a bike lock is where you live.

Your neighborhood, the places you frequent, and where your bike is mostly likely to be parked all play a role in determining the best bike lock to meet your needs.


For people in larger cities and/or high crime areas, a strong u lock is probably the best option. For people in smaller areas or lower crime areas, a chain lock or cable lock may do the job just fine, as long as it is sufficiently strong.

However, for the safest, most secure, and best bike lock possible, a quality u lock is probably your best bet.

As you can see, there are all kinds of locks on the market today and some tough choices to make as you shop for a bike lock.

If, though, you can keep this helpful information in mind and do your research, you should be able to find the right lock to adequately protect your bike no matter where you live.

So, with that said, happy shopping and happy biking to you.


The Best Youth Wrestling Gear

Youth Wrestling Gear

There is something elemental about wrestling. The small amount of equipment required is all about reducing surface area. While there are teams and a measure of cooperative spirit, the game is ultimately played between two people. Holding someone to the ground seems much more tied to our evolutionary past than say, kicking a ball into a net. It’s no wonder that wrestling is often called “the oldest sport in the world.”

It makes sense that wrestling fans would want to introduce their kids to such a rewarding sport early on. However, it takes special considerations in order to make sure that young wrestlers have safe matches. In the United States, school wrestling teams are required to provide certain safety features for student wrestlers, such as mouthguards and headgear. By taking the right precautions, kids can enjoy wrestling safely.

This article will serve as a general overview of safety considerations for young wrestlers and will introduce samples of great gear options for them.

Youth Wrestling Safety

Growing pains are very real experiences. Puberty, braces, and other factors can all affect how young wrestlers compete. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when buying wrestling gear. With wrestling in particular, it is important that gear fits properly. Loose headgear or shoes can cause an athlete to trip and risk needless injury. Gear that is too tight can restrict movement and prevent a winning move.

It’s important to frequently check to make sure that equipment fits growing bodies. While many pieces of equipment are marketed specifically toward youth, older kids or kids with larger frames may be ready for gear traditionally marketed toward adults. Headgear especially is highly adjustable, and lasts longer as kids grow.

Most schools require physicals before students can begin training for wrestling. These physicals are a great chance for parents to know their children’s vulnerabilities and to determine which equipment will best protect them. For example, a child who is double jointed might wear knee padding in order to help prevent overextension of the knee.

Make sure that weight loss or gain for wrestling is done in a healthy manner. Talk to the coach about weight loss and gain techniques.


What to look for:

Singlets are the one piece of wrestling equipment that are not hard to shop for. Many teams have matching singlets to order for the whole team. However, make sure that they fit comfortably and are made with quality material before focusing on colors or patterns. Following are a couple of solid options for singlets:

Brute Men’s Lycra High Cut Wrestling Singlet

Brute is a dependable brand for wrestling gear. This particular singlet is s good representation of what to look for in a singlet. It is made with nylon and lycra spandex, comfortable materials that stretch to conform with an athlete’s body. It’s high cut, with the legs ending just above the knee. The legs have a gripper elastic to prevent them from riding up. It comes in seven colors and several sizes (including youth sizes).
Brute Men’s Lycra High Cut Wrestling Singlet

Asics Men’s Solid Modified Singlet

Another highly rated singlet, the Asics Men’s Solid Modified Singlet is similar in many ways. It is also made with nylon and lycra spandex, although with a greater lycra spandex to nylon ratio. The legs end above the knees as well, but the sleeves are lower cut.  Flat seam stitching creates a slightly closer fit.
Asics Men’s Solid Modified Singlet

Wrestling Shoes

What to look for:

High tops

One of the main reasons to pick a high quality wrestling shoes is in the ankles. Wrestling shoes feature high-tops with support to protect ankles and give competitors more leverage for better moves. At the same time, they shouldn’t constrict movements.

Wrestling shoes need a very snug fit—they should fit like a sock. When wrestlers wear shoes that are too big for them, they increase their chance of tripping and getting hurt. Shoes that are too tight can cause pain and constrict movements.

Good grip on the mat is one of the biggest advantages a competitor can have in wrestling. Look for treads with sharp angles that dig into to the mat.

Split soles v. unisoles

Almost every brand that sells wrestling shoes makes models with both split and non-split soles. Split sole shoes contain two soles—one for the toes and one for the heal. Split-soles are lighter and more flexible, making it easier for athletes to make well-articulated moves. Split sole shoes are the most common choice for lightweight wrestlers, who most need to be quick on their feet.

Unisoles have one sole that extends over the entire sole. Unisoles are not as flexible, but they are much more durable, and can be a good choice for heavyweight wrestlers.

Synthetic v. natural materials

Every shoe buyer must consider whether to get a shoe made out of leather, synthetic materials, or a mixture of both. While synthetic materials were once considered only a cheap alternative to leather, advances in technology are making them a more and more desirable option.

Wrestling shoes made with leather hold quite a few advantages for athletes. Wrestling shoes require a firm grip on the foot for safety. When a leather shoe is worn a little tightly, it expands and conforms to the foot. The material is also thicker than most synthetic material, which makes some wrestlers feel more protected. A big disadvantage to leather shoes is their high cost.

Shoes made with synthetic material vary widely in terms of quality, so select carefully. Depending on the kind you buy, shoes made with synthetic material can be more breathable and flexible. They are also more water resistant, helping players’ feet stay cool throughout a match. Synthetic materials are lighter and more versatile. They are increasingly the top choice for sports shoes. They also hold designs much more readily than leather, making it easier for teams to have shoes that show off their team spirit.

ASICS Men’s JB Elite Wrestling Shoe

This shoe is a great example of what can be done with leather. This is a higher-end, specialty shoe that still makes use of a rubber sole and other synthetic materials.

Because it contains synthetic materials, this model retains some of the benefits of synthetic materials. It contains mesh, allowing for the athlete’s feet to breathe. Its sole is rubber with a split design, allowing for quickness on the feet. Enhanced medial arch support keeps the athlete in comfort, even during long matches. An ecsaine (faux-suede) and leather upper keeps the shoe light while retaining the comfort and fit of leather.
ASICS Men’s JB Elite Wrestling Shoe


Adidas Mens HVC Wrestling shoes are tried and true classic wrestling shoes that happen to be fully synthetic. The focus here is on the fact that they are lightweight, breathable, and yet also durable.

This is a unisole design with a fine tread, making this shoe ideal for heavyweight wrestlers who need to be able to dig into the mat for leverage. A single-layer mesh allows the feet to breathe while also keeping the shoe durable.

Most handy of all, a built-in lace cover means no taping before competition!
Adidas Mens HVC Wrestling Shoes

 Mouth Guard

In the United States, schools require mouth guards for student wrestlers. Since mouth guards have to vary in size and shape for different athletes, purchasing an appropriate mouth guard is often left to the parents.

There are three main types of mouth guards: pre-manufactured, boil and bite, and custom made. Pre-manufactured mouthguards are the kind you will find most readily available online and in stores. They are the most affordable option, and work best for kids who have average sized and shaped teeth.

For a slightly more personalized fit, boil and bite mouthguards are molded to a kid’s mouth at home. These have the disadvantage of tending to slip out of the mouth easily.

Custom-made mouthguards are by far the best option, and by far the most expensive. They often require several visits to the dentist. If your child has braces or an abnormal teeth structure, strongly consider ordering a custom mouth guard.

Another special consideration for youth wrestlers is braces. The best option is to discuss a custom-fit mouth guard with your dentist. However, there are more affordable, pre-manufactured options available.

Mouth guards should fit comfortably and allow for breathing and talking. The best-designed mouth guards protrude slightly in order to protect the chin and lower jaw. They should be resistant to tears and easy to clean.  Cases should be vented to help keep mouth guards bacteria-free. If chemicals are a concern, also consider the material the mouth guard is made of. Medical-grade silicone is a great option.

Redline Sportswear Mouth Guard w/ Vented Case – Protection For All Contact Sports

Here is an affordable option with some customization because of its boil and bite design. It comes with a vented case, definitely an added value. The material is BPA free and allows the wrestler to breath during competition.
Redline Sportswear Mouth Guard w/ Vented Case

Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapless Mouth Guard

Here is an excellent option for kids with braces. It is pre-manufactured. Since boil and bite mouth guards can get caught in braces, a pre-manufactured or custom mouth guard is your best bet. This model provides “ortho-channels” that allow an athlete to breathe more easily. It is also manufactured using medical grade silicone, making it a soft and comfortable option. It comes in either a bright blue or a bright pink color.
Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapless Mouth Guard


What to look for:

Soft shell v hard shell

Wrestling headgear is also often called ear guards, because their man function is to protect ears from damage. There are two designs of headgear to help prevent these injuries: soft shells and hard shells.

Hard shell headgear is made with foam and a durable plastic shell. It is more lightweight and often contain designs that allow for better hearing during competition. It also tends to last longer than soft shell headgear. However, they are not allowed at all competitions.

Soft shell helmets are manufactured with polymer, rubber, or fabric materials. These are a popular choice for young wrestlers, as they tend to be more comfortable.


Headgear specifically designed for youth are great for wrestlers at the younger end of the spectrum. However, kids grow quickly, and many pieces of headgear marketed towards adults are adjustable enough to be a great fit for minors as well. Strap designs vary, with as few as two adjustable straps and as many as five. An important consideration is ear size. Headgear with halo straps (two straps on the top of the head) are best for wrestlers with smaller ears.  A four-strap design is best for athletes with larger ears.

Ability to hear

During a match, it is certainly to an athlete’s advantage to be able to hear words from his coach, teammates, or well-wishers. Because headgear protects the ears, it sometimes blocks important noises from the athlete. Be careful to select a piece of headgear that protects the ears while still allowing the athlete to hear the world around him.

Cliff Keen Youth Tornado Wrestling Headgear

This hard shell youth headgear provides excellent venting, allowing the athlete to hear better and stay cooler. It has a simple tightening system, making it easier for young athletes to prepare on their own. In addition, its enlarged pockets ensure that even athletes with generously-sized ears receive optimal protection.
Cliff Keen Youth Tornado Wrestling Headgear

ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard

While marketed for adults, this soft shell headgear would also work for teenage wrestlers. It has a comfortable chin strap, and its simple design makes it easy to assemble and understand.
ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard

Optional Gear

There are several pieces of equipment not required in schools that may nevertheless be helpful to young wrestlers.

Knee pads

Wrestling is essentially a game about falling. Whether an athlete is winning or losing, his knees will take a beating. Although the concept sounds simple, there are actually a variety of knee pad designs to consider. Some provide simple impact cushioning, with a circular cushion to cover the knee. Others (often called “knee sleeves”) are lightweight, less constricting, and have a slippery surface in order to prevent mat burn.

Knee pads should fit snugly without limiting range of motion. Athletes can choose to wear a knee pad on only the knee they fall on the most, or on both legs. This is all a personal choice. Choose knee pads carefully to fit your wrestler’s specific needs and preferences.

Lace Covers

Most competitions require competitors to cover or tape shoelaces to prevent tripping accidents. If your athlete finds the sight of tape unseemly, a lace cover may be a good investment. Lace covers are usually just elastic bands that cover the ankle where the laces are tied.

Head Cover/ Wrestling Cap/ Slicker

There are many names for this simple accessory. It’s just something that covers up hair to keep it out of the face and prevent an opponent from using their hair as leverage. They also come in various colors, creating yet another way to show team or school spirit.

Head covers are usually made with lycra spandex, but consider a cotton blend that can help absorb sweat.

Blood Rag

Blood rags are kept under an athlete’s singlet for wiping their face or mat in the case of blood loss. Blood rags are only required for higher-level competitions. However, blood rags still come in handy in lower-level competitions. They are great for sopping up excess sweat. There is no need to buy a specialty blood rag—in fact, a cotton handkerchief can do the job perfectly well. A blood rag worn for many seasons can become sort of a good luck charm, so pick one that fits the athlete’s personality in some way.


Wrestling doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience for young wrestlers. Proper youth wrestling gear and proper training helps them feel prepared for this intensive contact sport. Have fun cheering your little one on from the sidelines!


Best Shoes for Crossfit

6 of the Best Shoes for CrossFit

The CrossFit craze shows no sign of slowing down!  There are now more than 13,000 gyms offering CrossFit programs in more than 120 countries around the world.  Globally, there are about 4 million people regularly performing CrossFit workouts, a number that is rapidly increasing each year.

CrossFit is often described as a “cult” because of how addictive it is!  It is no surprise that people become addicted to it, because it is such an exhilarating way to exercise.  It is also extremely effective at burning fat because of the many different full body exercises that CrossFit routines include.

If you are hooked on CrossFit, you are probably interested in improving your performance as much as possible.  One essential piece of equipment you will require to perform well is a good pair of shoes.  This guide will share some tips for choosing a CrossFit shoe, then share the 6 best shoes for CrossFit.  Let’s get started!

Tips for choosing a pair of CrossFit shoes

Having a great pair of shoes can make a dramatic difference to your CrossFit workouts.  You will have a solid platform to stand on, improving how you handle weights, run and jump.  If you are just getting started with CrossFit, a pair of high-quality running shoes might suffice.  However, if you are really keen to do well, you should purchase a pair of shoes specifically designed for CrossFit.  Here are a few tips for choosing a shoe that is perfect for CrossFit:

Consider using a shoe with less drop
The “drop” of a shoe is the difference in height between the forefoot and the heel of the shoe.  It is sometimes called the shoe’s “offset” or “ramp angle”.  If a shoe has a drop of 0 millimeters, the heel of the shoe is the same height as the forefoot.

Traditionally, running shoes have a drop around the 10 millimeter mark.  This has been widely accepted as the right drop for running comfortably.  However, because CrossFit involves many types of activities, athletes usually obtain better results with a lower drop.  Some CrossFit devotes will only use shoes with less than 4 mm drop.  This allows them to quickly transitioning between performing a clean and jerk, to climbing a wall, to performing box jumps.

Choose a shoe that is lightweight
Because CrossFit involves running and activities like box jumping, it really helps to have a shoe that is quite lightweight.  Look for shoes that are light while retaining a high level of durability.

Look for shoes with a hard sole
Having a stable platform is crucial when you are performing CrossFit.  You do’t want to be lifting weights or performing burpees with shoes that have a squishy sole.  That will increase the risk of a slip or fall.

Using shoes with a harder sole will help to keep your feet stable on the ground — regardless of the load that you are carrying.  You will also be able to distribute your weight across the entire sole, which is useful when pushing large objects, rowing or cycling.

Consider shoes with tread on the insole
Rope climbs are one of the toughest exercises in CrossFit!  If you have not mastered legless rope climbs, consider purchasing shoes that have tread on the insole.  This will help you gain some additional traction with your feet as you climb.

Choose a shoe with a very durable outer

CrossFit is a very demanding form of exercise that involves a lot of sudden movements.  Performing box jumps, squats, rope climbs, and skipping ropes can really punish your shoes, so look for products with a durable outer.  The best shoes for CrossFit will have a “cage” around the shoe’s mid-foot or a very well-built upper.  This helps to protect the shoe when performing rope climbs and other exercises.

Do you need a breathable shoe?
You work up a sweat very quickly during a CrossFit routine!  If you are in a particularly warm environment, consider shoes with a permeable outer that helps our feet remain cool.  Conversely, if you exercise outdoors and often run in the wet, purchase a shoe with a seal outer.

Best Shoes for CrossFit

These shoes are well-made, affordable, and are guaranteed to improve your CrossFit performance!  Let’s check them out.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe New Balance Men’s MX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Cross-Training Shoe Nike Women’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe
Materials: Synthetic upper and rubber sole Materials: Faux-Leather upper with rubber sole Materials: Synthetic/Mesh upper with synthetic sole Materials: Synthetic/Mesh upper with synthetic sole Materials: Synthetic/Mesh upper with synthetic sole Materials: Synthetic upper with rubber sole
Weight: 10 ounces Weight: 12 ounces Weight: 9.4 ounces Weight: 8 ounces Weight: 8.5 ounces Weight: 8.5 ounces
Heel drop: 4mm Heel drop: 4mm Heel drop: 4mm Heel drop: 3mm Heel drop: 3mm Heel drop: 3mm
Colors: 18 color combinations available Colors: 5 color combinations Colors: 3 color combinations Colors: 28 color combinations Colors: 6 color combinations Colors: 18 color combinations
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  • Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe
  • Materials: Synthetic upper and rubber sole
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Heel drop: 4mm
  • Colors: 18 color combinations available
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  • PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe
  • Materials: Faux-Leather upper with rubber sole
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Heel drop: 4mm
  • Colors: 5 color combinations
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  • New Balance Men’s MX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe
  • Materials: Synthetic/Mesh upper with synthetic sole
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces
  • Heel drop: 4mm
  • Colors: 3 color combinations
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  • Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe
  • Materials: Synthetic/Mesh upper with synthetic sole
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Heel drop: 3mm
  • Colors: 28 color combinations
  • Check Price
  • Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Cross-Training Shoe
  • Materials: Synthetic/Mesh upper with synthetic sole
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Heel drop: 3mm
  • Colors: 6 color combinations
  • Check Price
  • Nike Women’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe
  • Materials: Synthetic upper with rubber sole
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Heel drop: 3mm
  • Colors: 18 color combinations
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Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe (Mens)

The Reebok Men’s CrossFit Nano 4.0 has been designed for CrossFit from the ground up!  It is a very durable shoe that is packed with useful features perfect for CrossFit.  The open weave mesh app has Reebok’s Duracage protective overlay, which gives the shoe excellent breathability and a high level of durability.

This shoe has Rebook’s RopePro protection system, which provides additional traction for climbing ropes and protects the shoe.  The 4 millimeter drop is perfect for CrossFit and the rubber sole provides excellent traction.  Weighing just 10 ounces, it is also fairly lightweight.  The interior of the shoe has a textile lining and cushioned footbed, which make it exceptionally comfortable.  It is available in 18 different styles, with some very eye-catching designs.  A high-quality shoe perfect for intense workouts.

PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

These prime training shoes are very well-suited for Crossfit activities, featuring ideal design and materials to accommodate such more effectively.

A purely synthetic leather upper gives this pair of shoes a nice, smooth appearance to compliment your workout clothing choices. The dark range of colors these shoes come in can also help with matching a wide variety of outfit colors.

Stable cushioning in the sole of each shoe keeps your feet from feeling the brunt of impacts and staves off potential injuries without getting in the way with any unnatural feel in the fit. These Tazon 6 shoes provide a relatively lightweight and natural fit for your feet to adapt to changing, dynamic activities quickly.

Some reviewers report these shoes being very easy to clean thanks to the chosen material as well as being a bit tight when they are first used, but otherwise stretching to better accommodate your feet within a few days of wearing them.

New Balance Men’s MX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe (Mens)

This is another minimalist shoe designed for CrossFit athletes who want to improve their performance.  New Balance has clearly focused on delivering a shoe that is light and durable.  It uses a synthetic/mesh upper that is highly breathable and perfect for athletes exercising in hot conditions.  The Vibram sole provides excellent traction and works well for all CrossFit-related activities.  It provides the stability necessary to perform squats, sprints and box jumps.

The REVLite midsole helps to make the shoe more comfortable and the odor-reducing microbial treatment helps with hygiene.  There are no stitches on the upper of these shoes, which helps with their durability and stability.  The 4 millimeter heel drop is ideal for CrossFit.

Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe (Women’s)

This is another excellent CrossFit shoe from Reebok.  The CrossFit Nano 5.0 has exceptional durability and is packed with features.  The upper is made from an incredibly durable kevlar material which provides excellent support during lateral movement.  This shoe has been specifically designed for women’s feet and has a contoured heal for additional cushioning.

The NanoShell midsole even provides more support during the sudden movements common in CrossFit.  It is a thermoplastic polyurethane shell that is exceptionally tough.  The Nano 5.0 is available in 28 different color combinations, ranging from the beautiful seafoam green through to the eye-catching neon cherry.

Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Cross-Training Shoe

The F-Lite 235 Cross-Training shoe has been designed to be a versatile shoe that can be used for everything from jogging through to intense CrossFit workouts.  It features Innov-8’s “Rope-Tec” technology, which protects the shoes while climbing ropes and provides additional traction.  There is a strong focus on stability, with the inclusion of a very dense heel unit and multi-directional outsole.

This shoe also has a toe bumper, which reduces compression on your toes when performing burpees or pushups.  The F-Lite 235 features a breathable textile upper and high-quality rubber sole.  This is a great choice for anyone looking for a well-made and versatile CrossFit shoe.

Nike Women’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe

This cross-training shoe is ideal for many different activities, including heavy lifting, running, climbs, and flexibility work — which makes it ideal for CrossFit!  These shoes are incredible well-made, with a perforated textile upper and thick rubber sole.  The sole has a textured in-step which is perfect for rope climbing.

The high-density foam midsole provides excellent durability and stability for those sudden movements common in CrossFit.  The Metcon 2 incorporates Flywire mid-foot technology to further improve foot stability, which is particularly using for weight lifting.  These shoes also have a zero-drag heel which has been specifically added for hand-stand pushups.

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Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

5 of the Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Starting to exercise when you are overweight can be a daunting task. Making the decision to start walking can be a personal one, and it can bring with it even more questions. One of those questions is what type of shoe is the best for you to walk in. While this will depend on many factors, it’s a fact that some shoes are better for overweight walkers than others.

There are a number of things to look for when searching for a new pair of walking shoes. You want great padding or cushioning for foot support, as your feet are carrying more weight than some others are. You likely desire a breathable construction to keep your feet from getting sweaty. You may also want to look for stability in the form of shock absorption, arch support and motion control.

We have compiled a list of the best four choices of walking shoes for overweight women. If you’re looking for a shoe to fit your lifestyle, check it out. We hope to bring you your next favorite pair of walking shoes.

  • Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3
  • Memory foam cushioned heel
  • Mesh fabric upper slip-on design
  • Imported synthetic components
  • 6 oz.
  • Check Price
  • Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Knit Running Shoe
  • Cloud Wave Plate
  • Waveknit
  • Imported synthetic components
  • 8 oz.
  • Check Price
  • ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 17
  • Rear and forefoot gel cushioning
  • FluidFit stretch mesh
  • Imported synthetic components
  • 8.8 oz.
  • Check Price
  • New Balance Women’s 990V3
  • Abzorb maximum cushioning
  • Pigskin/mesh upper
  • US leather and mesh components
  • 10.5 oz.
  • No products found.
Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Knit Running Shoe ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 17 New Balance Women’s 990V3
Memory foam cushioned heel Cloud Wave Rear and forefoot gel cushioning Abzorb maximum cushioning
Mesh fabric upper slip-on design Waveknit FluidFit stretch mesh Pigskin/mesh upper
Imported synthetic components Imported synthetic components Imported synthetic components US leather and mesh components
6 oz. 8 oz. 8.8 oz. 10.5 oz.
Check Price Check Price Check Price No products found.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3

Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 are an interesting pair of shoes in a number of ways. The biggest unique feature is in the use of a slip on design, which is both attractive and comfortable. The shoes come in over a dozen different colors, from navy and white to hot pink, so you’re bound to find one that you appreciate.

The shoes are made of light-weight material while still providing heel and arch support, which is important. They feature a goga mat insole which only adds to the comfort that is available. In addition, the way the shoe is designed adds to airflow which leaves your feet cool and happy, no matter the weather you choose to walk in.

All in all, these are an affordable shoe that is great for walking or just everyday errands. They’re comfortable, look nice, and bring many features that people want in walking shoes. As long as you don’t mind the casual look, these could be a good shoe to try for yourself.


  • Memory foam fit with extra padding around heel for custom fit
  • Lightweight injection-molding helps absorb impact
  • Slip on design is attractive while being easy to use
  • Ventilation provided by anti-microbial sock liner


  • May run large, suggested to buy a half size smaller than usual

Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Knit Running Shoe

These women’s athletic shoes are well-designed and boast of the kinds of features anyone could appreciate in such forms of footwear.

Firstly, these shoes are completely synthetic in their construction, resulting in better durability and a longer use life. On top their materials, these shoes also feature a special form of shock absorption built in to help protect your feet and form as you move. Called “Cloud Wave,” the cushioning tech worked into these Wave Rider shoes provides far more lasting comfort than most shoes as you walk or run.

These shoes also utilize a special knit upper termed “Waveknit” to stretch around your feet for a more comfortable fit all around.

Users report these shoes being excellent for fans of lightweight footwear with a distinct fitted feel to the upper that eschews traditional running shoe support structure. To top it all off, these shoes also come in a range of nice colors, including powder pink, peacock blue, pink glo and a toned-down black too.


  • Knitted design fits your feet without contorting them into position
  • The wave plate in the sole makes these shoes easier to run in


  • Fans of highly supportive shoes might not appreciate the lightweight uppers

ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 17

The Nimbus 17 comes in a number of colors and plays on the traditional running shoe look that we’re all familiar with. You can get an understated color combination of white, black and onyx or something a bit more playful, such as coral, white, and blue. There are many other choices as well, and regardless of style, one is bound to fit your preference.

The gel cushioning used in this shoe is expanded in the heel and forefoot, which likely leads to even more comfort. By not making the extra cushioning the entire length, they also make the shoe a bit more lightweight as well. So you get the best of both worlds in one pair of shoes.

Other features that this shoe implements are vertical flex grooves for stability, as well as a supportive heel system for an optimal fit.


  • Breathable and light mesh for comfort
  • Midsole cushioning makes for a soft walk
  • Durable outsole is likely to last a long while


  • Some find the seam where the tongue attaches can be irritating

New Balance Women’s 990V3

The 990V3 by New Balance bring the classic look of an old-school running shoe into the modern world. They do come in a number of colors, with options like black and white, gray and pink, and navy and white. Most of the color combinations are pretty understated and not too obtrusive.

These shoes are the only ones on our list that are entirely made in the United States, with leather and mesh materials. The insole offers ankle support through reinforced sides in the rear of the upper. The sole provides an Absorb insole which is intended to offer support and stability to the walker.

These shoes are likely to be comfortable and supportive from the very beginning. They come in a wide variety of sizes. They also feature a carbon rubber which may reduce any heel wearing you find in similar styles. Between those perks and the many styles available, these are likely to be loved shoes for many.


  • Classic look of a traditional walking shoe
  • Offers snug fit due to seamless collar foam and leather upper wrap
  • Abzorb crash pad allows for smooth walking
  • Very comfortable and supportive out of the box


  • More expensive than other options that are available
  • Those looking for arch support may not find it in this shoe

There you have it, 4 of the best walking shoes for overweight women. I hope you are now equipped to make the right shoe purchase for you. Make sure you check out our best meal replacement shakes as well.