75 Fun Things to Do with Kids During Lockdown

While we stay at home during the pandemic, we need to keep the kids entertained, ourselves sane, and everybody happy. Today, we have a fun list of 75 fun things to do with kids during the lockdown. We separated this guide in 2 parts – games and activities (some with a powerful educational and skill-development component) you can do indoors in your apartment or city home and outdoor adventures, games, and activities for the lucky ones who happen to also own a yard with their house.

We understand that during this time of restrictions and confusion you may not feel in the mood to play, but hear us out: many of these fun things to do in lockdown apply to adults as well. They are family-oriented activities requiring just a handful of supplies and you can turn many of them into new hobbies or out-of-the-box fun ideas to do on future rainy days. So let’s get started, shall we?

Indoor Fun Things to Do with Kids: Games and Activities to Spend the Lockdown (and Future Rainy Days)

As a parent, you probably know by now that this entire crisis with the pandemic and social isolation takes a huge toll on our physical and mental health. Adults have to deal with their own anxiety and depression issues while they have to keep an eye on their kids not to spiral out of control. On this list of indoor fun things to do with kids while in isolation at home you will find activities that are beneficial for children and adults alike, for the mind, spirit, and body. They help pass the time pleasurably, teach everybody something new, develop skills, and allow you to create an environment of safety, control, emotional health, bonding, and self-discovery. So let’s get down to having fun!

1. Board Games

One of the easiest and most versatile forms of couple or group entertainment of our times, board games address all people of all ages and interests. If you reserved a few Saturdays a month for board game nights with your friends, you know how fun things can be. Select the best and funnest board games to play in the family. Play competitive ones or collaborative ones. Go into complex strategies if you have to keep up the pace with your older kids (who probably play these games better than you) or select age-specific games to allow the little ones to shine.

fun things to do in lockdown boardgames

2. Play Games to Enhance Literacy Skills

When was the last time you played Scrabble? How is your vocabulary these days? If you want to keep your kids entertained while improving their literacy skills, we recommend you reserve an evening or a weekend for Scrabble, Super Sleuth, or Boggle. We also recommend Dixit – it may not tap into word creation per se, but it does prompt the use of words in connection to image processing. Such games boost kids’ storytelling skills, jog their memory, and foster the use of imagination.

3. Play Games to Enhance Math Skills

Ah, Math, and helping kids with their homework… Well, if you want to make Math fun for them (and for you), an assorted platter of Equate, Tri-Facta, or Math War may turn the daunting Math into something fun, relatable, and enjoyable. You can take advantage of this entire situation to polish your own calculus skills and help kids understand things in a smoother, funnier way. After all, learning through play is the best way of learning!

4. Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

In the same vein of playing and developing cognitive skills, patience, and many other abilities, puzzle games are the best way to spend this social isolation period in an entertaining and educational manner. Puzzles go great for any age and interests. One of the best fun things to do with kids in lockdown, solving puzzles, and putting up together beautiful images is a family activity that can continue after this crisis is over.

5. Card Games

We are not talking about poker here, but about some of the best card games to play with children and family members. You can play all the good old-fashioned classic card games like Slapjack or Crazy Eights. Better yet, you can take things up a notch and consider trading card games like Magic the Gathering. Sure, Explosive Kittens is a party game for teenagers and adults, but you can order online any card game that everybody wants to try.

6. Lego

You saw this coming, didn’t you? If grownups are playing with their elaborate and expensive Lego sets, why wouldn’t kids? The kids in your home already have a few Lego sets and hundreds of pieces (you mostly step on), so setting up a “Lego session” for the entire family to enjoy should be a breeze. As fun things to do with kids in lockdown go, “picking the Legos off the floor and putting them back in their box” is also an educational activity.

lego for kids

7. Playdoh

Play-Doh is an all time favorite, especially for younger kids who are into arts and crafts. The creative potential is endless and you can always order more supplies to pass the isolation time with flying colors!

playdoh fun indoors

8. Make Some Slime at Home!

Some of the best science experiments for kids to perform at home include fun putty and making slime. You have countless options to make slime at home. The basic ingredients for slime or fun putty are glue, borax, water, a bowl, and a mixing tool. Food coloring and glitter also help 🙂

9. Pen and Paper Role Playing Games

All you need is a good storyteller and the basic books, rules, and sheets of pen and paper RPGs. Download all the materials online if you don’t have the means to buy books and beginner kits. You can try some Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and make a story long and intricate enough to keep the entire family entertained for weeks if not months. The longer the campaign, the better the quests, the thicker the plot, the most developed characters you will enjoy. There are many such RPG games requiring pens and papers, and you should try a few to engage the entire family in a magical atmosphere where everybody is a hero. The campaigns can continue long after this crisis is over, too.

10. Cosplay Contest

fun things to do indoors

A druid, an elf, and a superhero enter in a living room… Speaking of role playing games, don’t hold back! If you are going to spend a few weeks saving princesses, learning wisdom from witches, and battling monsters, you should immerse in the atmosphere completely. So dress up like the characters you play every time you start a new session with the Dungeon Master. If you are all into Comic Con, geek stuff, and superhero action movies, nobody can stop you from improvising costumes with items you already have in the house and organize a veritable costume contest. Enact favorite scenes from comics, TV shows, or movies, have the other family members play along (or act as “cosplay jury”) and turn dress-up into an act of art!

11. Painting

fun things to do in lockdown painting

Think watercolors, crayons, painting by numbers, contouring, color splashing, the works. It may be messy, but it is also fun and educational. If you have small kids that love drawing or using colors, make room in the kitchen and let them play to their strengths.

12. Pebble Art

If you want to up your ante or the kids’ levels of entertainment and skills, paint on pebbles or rocks you brought in the house last time you went shopping. Make sure the pebbles/rocks are clean (for safety, wash them in the bathroom and make sure you remove all dirt, debris, or mold). Choose river stones with flat smooth surfaces if you can and let the little ones paint faces, butterflies, flowers, etc. Organize an art exhibit once they finish their projects and put the best pieces on display for everybody to see.

13. Face Painting

face painting fun stuff to do at home

As a parent, we are sure you are more than happy to learn face painting to entertain the kids and help them with their “method acting” skills for the next role-playing game or costume party. Alternatively, you can help the kids learn how to face paint each other and have a bunch of superheroes, animals, fairies, and other magical creatures roaming around the house and making an adorable mess. These are the moments all of you will cherish in the future when you look back and reminisce about the fun things you did during the 2020 pandemic.

14. Theater Play

If your kids are into role-playing and dream of becoming stage superstars at the school annual play, offer them the chance to impress you. School is closed and it is not likely you will take them to the theater or to the movies any time soon. Allow them to select a story and stage a play for you. This will keep them busy with the decors, rehearse their parts, adjust the screenplay, fight, make up, and even send you official invites to the premiere. Theater play in the living room with their parents and siblings as the enthusiastic public can help the little ones overcome stage fright, own their personalities, discover new abilities, and, who knows, make some career plans! The older ones can even learn how to sew their own costumes and use the face painting skills to become their characters.

15. Hide-and-Seek

Adults are these serious beings, forever preoccupied with serious matters. Well, if this pandemic and social isolation situation taught us anything, it taught us to truly value the time we have now, remember the inner child we left behind so long ago, and seize the opportunity of letting go. There is no better way to pay tribute to childhood than a serious game of Hide-and-Seek in the apartment. Kids will love it and you will have the chance to remember those incredible times when life was about fun and play.

16. Charades

When was the last time you played Charades with your adult friends? Well, it is time to polish your skills and engage the young kids or your teenage children in a competitive game of Charades to spend a pleasurable evening or Saturday afternoon in the family. Charades, just like Mafia, make some of the best campfire games for adults (and society games in general), but you can adapt them to younger ages as well.

17. Build an Indoor Fort / Teepee

fun activities to do in lockdown

Building an indoor fort is the most pleasurable and fun things to do in lockdown. An activity that engages the entire family, the fort, or indoor teepee will become a home inside the home that can host a wide range of activities. We will discuss them in a few moments.

  • Consider bed sheets, the couch, chairs, hiking poles, the tent sticks, pillows, blankets, and anything else you can find in the house.
  • Embellish the fort with Christmas lights and gather the houseplants around the teepee for a more exotic, jungle look.
  • Add pillows and blankets inside, a lamp that does not generate too much heat, a tray for drinks and snacks, and so on.
  • Building the fort is a fun activity in and out of itself, but is also a useful one, as the new “construction” can generate plenty of new ideas about what to do indoors during the lockdown.

18. Daily Story Time

Before this entire lockdown situation, many parents complained they did not have the time or the energy to read to their children. You can now make up for lost time reading a few pages or even a few chapters to the little ones. Use the above-mentioned fort or indoor tent you just built for a magical atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

19. The Bookathon for Older Kids

Few people – kids and teens included – have any more excuses not to read books. Sure, video games and the Internet come with their fair share of educational and entertainment value, but now it is time to go back to the old-fashioned timeless book. Either they enjoy paper books or ebooks, as long as they read everything is just fine. So plan a reading marathon for the older ones. By no means tap into school books.

Allow your children to expand their literary tastes beyond the realm of the curriculum. Talk to them about the books they would like to read, make a plan, and keep the score. A novel a week is easily doable. At the end of each challenge, take the time to discuss that particular book. Compare opinions, and invite other family members to your improvised weekly book club. Use the indoor fort as an incentive. There is nothing like reading a good novel in a teepee far from the maddening living room 🙂

20. Camp Inside the House

You already have a tent, so why don’t you step up your game and turn a weekend day into a camping day in the living room? It would go better outdoors, it is true, and if you have a back yard and a patch of green lawn, take advantage of it in full. However, you can create your camping site in a small apartment as well if you get creative with the decor. Prepare some finger foods and add the soundtrack (you can find on YouTube hours and hours of streams murmuring, nature sounds, or birds chirping). There are plenty of indoor activities to do with the kids, but indoor camping is pretty crazy, perfect to shake the daily routine!

21. Living Room Picnic

If organizing a camping day in the living room seems to be a bit too complicated, turn things down a notch and organize a picnic. Since now we all enjoy family time together and gather together for Sunday lunch or dinner, why not going out of the box for once? Organizing a picnic in the living room is very easy and allows you to trigger your kids’ imagination and interior design skills.

You know you can make an educational and fun moment out of anything, right?

fun things to do at home

Place a duvet or a mattress on the floor, cover it with some blankets (green if you have, to mimic the green pastures of the picnic park), and add pillows for comfort. Finger foods, grilled chicken, lemonade, and other picnic-oriented dishes, light nature music in the background, and you have the perfect Sunday with the family!

22. Cook with the Kids

Cooking is a crucial independent life skill we should teach all our children from the youngest of ages. Do not make it a daunting educational moment, but a fun one. Cooking for the sheer pleasure of it is amazing. Just as it having a few helping hands around to help you with peeling vegetables, mixing in a bowl, or reading the steps of a recipe for you. It is messy, but it is fun, memorable, and very useful.

23. Bake a Cake with the Kids

Since you will be making their favorite cake, why not engage them in the process? It is going to get messier and messier as time goes by, but it will be the best cake or pie anyone of you have ever tasted. And, if you are planning a picnic in the living room, you cannot skip desert!

fun things to do indoors

24. Decorate Some Cupcakes

This activity requires some planning from your part, but you can get the kids involved with no problems. Do you know those tons of videos on how to decorate cupcakes in the craziest, most adorable ways possible? Pick a few and test them in your own kitchen. Your helpful and skilled sous-chefs can mix the colors in the frostings or be responsible for sprinkling the cupcake decorations over the freshly baked goodies. This activity is as messy as painting in the kitchen, but the results will be gorgeous, delicious, and memorable.

25. Organize a Movie Night

Of course, everybody watches movies and TV shows today, but offering your kids (and yourself) a true cinema experience in the comfort of your living room is another thing. Now that you cooked and baked and decorated cupcakes, all you need to do is pop some corn, bring a tray of refreshments, and pick a movie everybody wants to see!

26. Organize a Drive-In Cinema Experience

fun things to do during lockdown

Parents can sit on the couch. However, the kid can come to the drive-in cinema in the latest model of cardboard car you can build together. All you need is a large cardboard box, scissors, tape, and markers. Cut out the box to resemble a car, draw handles, decorate it, tape it together, and have the little one experience a joyful way of watching a movie. Did we mention that building the car together plays into the kid’s imagination and craft skills? Take the opportunity to teach a lesson about cars in general if you have a penchant for them!

27. Magic Carpet Ride

One of the most loved means of indoor transportation for little children is on daddy’s back or on daddy’s shoulders. However, how about mommy and daddy putting the kids on a carpet and dragging the carpet around the house? Consider this some sort of sleigh ride on the floor with a speck of Aladin’s magic and a welcomed indoor physical activity for adults. According to some of the parents we know, this is one of the best and fun things to do with kids – lockdown or not.

28. Create Your Family Tree

fun things to do in lockdown

You can spend a few afternoons during the lockdown creating your family tree. Print a sheet, add some family photos, discover connections, reminisce, and even teach kids a few things about genetics. A trip down the memory lane is a comforting exercise for adults as well. Gather materials and take the opportunity to call some family members you haven’t spoken to in a while to ask for information. Your kids will love this activity, as it will reveal more about who they are. If you have some fun or exciting family stories to tell, this is the right time!

29. Create a Family Album

In the tech-savvy world, we live in we almost forgot we, the adults, still have tons of printed photos in albums, envelopes, and boxes. Many of the kids today, used to smartphones and computers, have little knowledge of what classic photography was. Take an afternoon or more to put together a family album, talk about the people in the photos, reminisce about the moments captured by the camera, and bring the family closer by sharing memories.

fun stuff to do in quarantine

30. Teach Kids Photography

If you know your way with a camera – digital or otherwise – one of the best and most fun things to do in lockdown is to teach them everything you know about photography. Since children nowadays are all in favor of hi-tech, start taking photos with your phones and work your way up to DSLR settings, point of view, light, distances, focus, and more. As they grow older, your children will appreciate you for teaching them a useful and timeless skill.

31. Treasure Hunt

Write the clues on pieces of paper, hide them in the house in various places (and an apartment is a perfect place for such an activity), and send the kids from one room to the next in the search for the great prize. A good indoor treasure hunt should end with the discovery of an exciting “treasure”, be it a fresh cake for everybody to share or a new game for the whole family to play.

32. Scavenger Hunt

Naturally, the best scavenger hunts take place outdoors, but we have a few scavenger hunt ideas you can adapt to the indoor environment as well. Such activities are fantastic ways to shake off boredom, ignite kids’ imagination and cognitive skills, and even challenge you to become creative.

33. Listen to Some Fun and Educational Podcast Together

Online and homeschooling these days have their advantages and downsides. However, education is crucial at all times. One of the best ways to engage children in a learning session in a fun, relaxed, and playful method is to listen together to a bunch of educational podcasts. Many come with teaching resources, downloadable material, and attractive presentations adapted to all kids’ ages and interests. Here is a list of podcasts for children to inspire you, but remember that you will find dozens of such ideas online. Just pick the best topics for your children and enrich your knowledge together!

34. Visit Online Museums

In all honesty, we have to admit this year’s holiday plans kinda went down the drain. This does not mean you cannot still have some fun and immerse in culture and discovery from the comfort of your own couch. During the COVID-19 pandemic, famous museums in the world offer free virtual tours of their collections. It is an amazing opportunity for children and adults alike, as seeing the Louvre or the Hermitage with your own eyes or other great museums of the world is costly. You can spoil yourself and the kids with virtual tours of places you might have never dreamed of visiting in person.

35. Visit Other Interesting Sites Online

The truth is nothing beats the experience of visiting a national park, a museum, an amusement park, or a haunted house in person, but we have to adapt to the current situation. Here is a list of fun and free places to see online during the pandemic. Take this opportunity to make notes on places and things you might want to visit during your future vacations. After all, this pandemic is not going to last forever.

36. Make Invisible Ink

Yet another fun science experiment for kids to do at home, making invisible ink is fascinating even for adults. If you get things right, save a batch of ink for the next activity on this list of fun things to do during the lockdown!

37. Organize a Mystery Solving Party

Consider this a hybrid between a treasure hunt and a theme party. Everybody loves a solid whodunit mystery, so take your time and check out this guide on how to throw a detective-themed party. Adapt it to your situation and spend a few hours solving clues, discovering and interrogating suspects, investigate, laugh, have fun, and solve the crime! The invisible ink you already made comes in handy here.

38. Organize a DIY Music Concert

If one or some of your family members plays an instrument, you are all set. However, if you want to have some fun together (trying not to terribly disturb your neighbors), organize a music concert with “home” instruments you can find in the kitchen, such as spoons, pans, pots, lids, and more. You might want to wear some earplugs and make sure your neighbors do not complain (if you live in an apartment). If you live in a house, unleash the rock stars in your kids and put on a concert for the ages!

39. Build a Robot

You can start building a robot out of cardboard boxes and other items in the house, or you can take things up a notch and help the kids build one with Arduino boards and robot-building kits. The ones coming with technological backup will most likely move around the house for the enjoyment of the entire family.

40. Watch Online Tutorials and Take Free Lessons

Are your children showing interest in a certain topic or skill? Do they have drawing skills or writing skills or anything like that? Good, because you can watch tutorials together. For instance, Illustrator offers free drawing lessons for kids stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Others offer online piano lessons, cooking lessons for children, financial education for kids, and more. You can take advantage of some of these classes as well!

41. Make Your Family’s Comic Book

It is one thing reading a comic book and quite another creating one! If one family member draws well and another is a natural-born storyteller, you can all engage in the creation of your family’s comic book. Daily adventures, mom and dad superheroes, your faithful furry pet companion (that now can finally speak), your favorite comic book villain and you have plenty of work on your plate!

42. Create Your Family’s Newspaper / Magazine

Is the creation of a comic book a bit too complicated? Challenge the children to put up the weekly family magazine. It can include drawings and photo collages, interviews with the parents and grandparents, the recipe of the week, the latest news, a top of last week’s favorite activities, suggestions of new activities for the next days, and more. It is a creative, educational, and quite challenging activity for children who show an interest in storytelling, journalism, and visual arts. Keep these magazines, as they will put a smile on your face and some tears in your eyes when you all grow older.

43. Learn Magic

Speaking of fun things to do with kids during the lockdown, there is no such thing as the proper way to learn magic. From card tricks to quirky attention diversion tricks, you and your kids can become true wizards and witches in the comfort of your homes. You can learn magic yourself just to entertain the kids while you are all stuck at home, or you can all learn something and practice together. We don’t recommend you replicate some of David Copperfield’s or Houdini’s more dangerous acts, but living room magic will make the little ones feel at Hogwarts.

44. House of Cards Contests

You play cards and you learn magic tricks with cards, so why wouldn’t you organize from time to time a house of cards contest? The one family member building the tallest and most complex house of cards that do not fall wins a prize!

45. Grow a Plant from Seed

Whoever has a green thumb in your family should lead the way when it comes to fun things to do during lockdown inside the house. Look for plants you can grow from seeds of fruits or vegetables you already have in the house. One of the easiest plants to grow is beans – all it takes is a bean, some gauze, and a cup of water.

However, for more elaborate balcony-gardening projects, you can grow a lemon tree from the seeds of a lemon you have in the fridge. Teaching children about growing plants and caring for them is important and useful. If you want to mix fun with utility, start growing herbs and spices. From chili peppers to parsley, thyme, or basil, you can grow almost all scented herbs you use in your kitchen, on a windowsill, or on the balcony. Take the game up a notch and recycle some items in the house to turn them into plant pots! How about turning an old pair of boots into a pot for plants?

46. Play the Recycle/Upcycle Game

While school teaches our children a lot of useful things, the formal academic environment misses out on teaching them some life notions and abilities. They become the parents’ responsibility. How to live sustainable lives is a lesson we can teach at home as fun games and activities to do during the lockdown and beyond. Teaching kids to recycle and upcycle regular household items is one of the most useful skills they will benefit from in the future. So for this particular life lesson and game you need broken or old objects, items that might surely end up in the trash bin, and stuff around the house you want to repurpose. It is a healthy and lucrative exercise for children and adults alike.

47. Learn Napkin Folding

As arts and crafts go, folding napkins in more ways than the traditional triangle one is a skill for the ages, especially for those family members who take cooking, plating, and fine dining seriously. There are countless online tutorials teaching you how to turn the common napkin into a work of art, so use them and learn something new!

48. Teach Kids How to Knit

If you know how to knit, try teaching your kids too! It may not be a life or survival skill, but it is fun and useful nonetheless. More than learning how to make a sweater or a winter scarf, knitting teaches people patience and understanding patterns. It is a calming activity that keeps the mind focused but relaxed. It also develops fine motor skills and attention to detail. You could all learn how to knit and challenge yourselves to make something wearable by the end of the social isolation period!

49. Teach Kids How to Sow

Now this is a skill that people need for their adult independent lives! You can start easy, teaching kids how to sow buttons and make knots and stitches, fix a seam, or patch a hole. If you have a sowing machine in the house, you can make the lessons more complex, teaching boys and girls how to fix zippers, upcycle old clothes into new ones, and even make clothes to wear.

50. Home Yoga for Kids

Kids have a lot of energy and being stuck in the house does not help at all. Just as it doesn’t help adults physically and mentally. Why don’t you try some yoga lessons in the living room together with the children? Yoga helps everybody understand mindfulness, relax, stretch a little, and unwind. It works great for kids as it instills both discipline and relaxation in a non-invasive manner. Physical activity is of utmost importance while in lockdown and Yoga is not a pretentious one. All you need is a mat and some videos. Achieving physical and psychological balance these days is crucial to make it through the pandemic without anxiety, depression, frustrations, or anger.

Outdoor Fun Things to Do with Kids: Games and Activities to Spend the Lockdown (and Future Sunny Days)

The lucky ones owning a back yard have a bit more freedom than those of us who are stuck in apartments in crowded cities. A patch of lawn and a hedge are enough to spend some free time enjoying the warm weather and breathing in some fresh air daily. For those living in matchbox studios, working from home on the house porch would be enough to declare ourselves happy, but those who already do this need other ideas on fun things to do during the lockdown.

Obviously, having lunch/dinner outside every other day, playing with the pets, and organizing a picnic from time to time in the back yard are among the easiest projects to implement these days. So let’s put our creative caps on and see other entertaining activities we can do outside with the kids without leaving the premises and preserving social distancing!

51. Outdoor Sports and Games

Don’t think about building a tennis court on your front lawn. However, consider physical activities, games, and sports along the lines of circle games and group games that require a bit of running and physical effort. The exercise is beneficial to all family members. You can engage in competitions or collaboration games, split into teams, and have some fun outside while you move your bodies and clear your heads.

52. Fairy-Garden Scavenger Hunt

This is a two-parter activity, starting with a backyard scavenger hunt. This time, challenge the kids to find items they can use for a fairy garden: pebbles, plants, flowers, decorations, scraps, etc. Make this collaborative game or a team effort. Building a fairy garden is a fun way to spend an afternoon outside with the family, so make sure everyone has something to do.

53. Build a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are the best way to engage kids of all ages in gardening and sustainability – especially because we encourage you to build them from scraps, upcycled and recycled household and garden items, and objects you do not use. Fairy gardens, in all truth, work best for very young children. The older ones can start their own flower or vegetable garden in a corner of the yard if they have a soft spot for growing things with their own hands.

54. Build a Bird Feeder

Did you see that pandemic viral picture of a picnic table built for a squirrel? Yes, the quarantine showed people have no limits when it comes to creativity. However, if working in wood for squirrels does not appeal to you, how about building some bird feeders for the feathered friends visiting your property? It is a good educational and skill-developing activity for kids, not to mention a fun one for the entire family!

55. Lawn Twister

You can play Twister in the living room, but it is more fun to do it on the lawn! Check out this guide on other lawn games to play in your yard during the lockdown and after! Start by painting the “Twister board” directly on the lawn with a grass-friendly spray that washes away next time you water the turf and have a full afternoon of twisting and laughing!

56. Potato Sack Race

Mixing physical activities with competition and prizes? Yes, please! This is one of the most challenging outdoor and lawn games and activities for kids and all you need are some sacks we are sure you have around in the garden shed.

58. Obstacle Course Race

Keeping the entire family moving outside, consuming excess energy, relieve anxiety and frustrations, and getting as much fresh air as you can is an easy achievement if you consider mixing in some obstacle course race ideas with potato sack competitions and other lawn games. Here are some obstacle course ideas for adults, but you can easily adapt them to your kids as well!

59. Hopscotch on the Porch or Driveway

For a second, we thought of including hopscotch as an indoor activity, but your neighbors downstairs would not agree with us or with you. So we moved hopscotch into the category of the outdoor fun things to do in lockdown. A piece of chalk and the pavement in front or in the back of your house should solve this issue. However, if you don’t want to let the kids play on the driveway, paint the hopscotch on the porch with a washable paint or “draw” the lines with a roll of tape. You can also use an eco-friendly spray paint for the lawn. Anyway, hopscotch is a fun childhood game that keeps kids entertained for hours. If you were good at it back in your day, enter the game yourself and show them how it’s done!

60. Make a Volcano!

You could, in theory, make a volcano in the bathroom sink or bathtub, but you would not like the messiness. So learn how to make a DIY volcano as a home science experiment for kids of all ages. The older ones interested in science and chemistry in particular will have a field day with this! The back yard or the house porch is ideal for this fun and educational activity!

61. Pinata Party in the Garden

A Pinata party in the garden is a family project with all the trimmings, especially if you build the pinata yourselves. You can use cardboard, paper mâché, colored tissues, a clay pot, and more. Fill it with treats and toys, put on some fun music (on a decent volume as you don’t want to disturb the neighbors), have a snack, and hit that pinata for a fun garden party you will all remember!

62. Bird Watching

What you need for this relaxed and educational back yard activity with the kids is a blanket and the best pair of binoculars for bird watching and nature observations. If you want to turn this game into an educational moment, take some notebooks and pens, write down all the birds you see, make a sheet for each of them, take their photo if you can, and learn some biology between two laughs.

63. Flying Drones

As long as you do not disturb your neighbors and you do not invade anyone’s privacy, you and the kids can play with the drone and have a unique view on things around the house or neighborhood. Some drones for beginners have excellent flying potential, but if you have one with field-of-view camera and first-person view transmission, make sure you don’t break any laws!

64. Backyard Mini-Golf

If you have a mini-golf set in the house or you are willing to build a mini-golf course from scratch in the back yard, now it’s the perfect time! Since there are golf sets to install in corporate offices, we are sure you can handle things when it comes to your own lawn. All you need to do is polish your special, secret golf skills, tricks, and hacks and give your kids a good run for their money!

65. Camp Around the Fire

As we said, it is not likely we will go on vacations any time soon, but this does not mean we cannot welcome the spirit of vacation on our porch or patio! If you have an outdoor fireplace you are all set! Spend an evening outside by the fire, even make some marshmallows, sing some songs, gaze at the stars, tell scary stories, tell jokes, laugh, and warm up your hearts!

66. Astronomy and Star Gazing

Using a telescope for kids – as we just mentioned star gazing above – is the best way to teach them science, open their minds about the universe and challenge them to discover the mysteries of the sky. You can use the telescope from a city apartment, sure, but having a back yard for your astronomical observations and scientific debates is ten times better. There is not enough engaging science taught in school, so fix this problem by introducing the kids to one of the greatest questions of all times: what is out there?

67. Microscope Studies

If the kids in your family are science buffs, a microscope and a table in the back yard is all they need. Some kids started looking at the intricate microscopical construction of a leaf and ended up one of the brilliant doctors we praise today. Just like some love to look at the greatness above us and wonder about the outer space, others love to look at the tiniest building blocks of our existence and find answers there. Nevertheless, performing microscope studies on plants and insects they find in the yard with the help of a powerful microscope for kids may be the best gift you can offer your children during this pandemic.

68. Lawn Scrabble

Playing Scrabble in the house is one thing, but cutting carboard or wood pieces, writing letters on them with thick markers, and turning the lawn into a giant Scrabble board is quite another! The rules are the same. The hardest part is to create the actual board, but we do recommend a tablecloth. Such a DIY project can keep you busy for days. When everything is into place, keep the conversation going on your patio!

69. Ring Toss Game

This classic carnival game goes great in your back yard. You need some bottles, a crate, and some rings. Parents turn the game into a quick fun Math lesson as they encourage the kids to keep their own scores.

70. DIY Outdoor Chess/Checkers Table

You don’t need a pandemic to practice your chess or checkers strategies. However, since we are in lockdown and we already discussed it is important to recycle and upcycle old items, let’s see how you can turn a game of chess into a fun outdoor activity with the kids.

  • Find an old outdoor table you want to turn into a chessboard;
  • Fix it, paint it, and polish it nicely;
  • Paint the chessboard directly on the surface of the table;
  • Set the table on the porch as an invitation for all players to take their chances against you or the most skilled member of the family.

We all know you can’t play a mean game of chess or checkers without the proper set. In fact, it is one of those fun things to do with kids outside with or without a lockdown. Refurbishing an entire table to meet your competitive needs is an outdoor activity that mixes craft with family fun. It is also a lucrative endeavor, as you will have this chess table for the years to come!

71. Yard Yahtzee

Yahtzee is one of those fun things to do with kids that are timeless. All you need is a plastic bucket you can find anywhere around the house. Use a Sharpie to make dots on wooden cubes and keep the score for everyone to see! A giant lawn Yahtzee game works perfectly during the lockdown and way after!

72. Recycle Bottle Bowling

Do you have some plastic water bottles around? A tennis ball lying around somewhere? The you are all set! You don’t need to craft a bowling set in wood or other materials when you can reuse plastic or even glass bottles. The tennis ball is not quite a bowling ball, but hey, outdoor games for the lockdown should be challenging, shouldn’t they?

73. Giant Lawn Jenga

Speaking od recycling and reusing, what do you do exactly with those unused wood pallets you keep? How about taking a saw and some wood polish and turn them into Jenga blocks? Just make sue they all have exactly the same dimensions! If you want a clearer picture of how to make Jenga blocks of wood scraps, check out the video below!

74. The Kubb Lawn Game

Remember your own childhood with this all time classic lawn game! You can make the Kubb pieces on your own if you have the patience and the skills or you can order them online. Few kids nowadays know how to play Kubb, so this is where you come in! Did you forget yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

75. Play With Water

Summer is coming and water games are the surefire way to tame the heat that is upon us. Water games can take a variety of forms, from a good old fashioned water pistol fight to installing an inflatable pool in the back yard. Check out this guide on the best water games to play at the beach or in your garden and beat the scorching sun! Put some ideas aside for those sunny days after the crisis is over too!

Bottom Line

This was our list of fun things to do with kids in lockdown! We are sure you already tried some, so feel free to tell us which are your favorite activities for indoor and outdoor entertainment. Also, complete our list with your own ideas and ask us for more guides and suggestions! Stay home, stay safe, and live life to the fullest!

8 Coolers Comparable to Yeti

Below you will find an extensive list of coolers comparable to Yeti. When it comes to high-end hunting and fishing coolers, Yeti is a well-known brand name. Yeti coolers boast a number of amenities. For instance, the 45-quart Yeti Tundra offers enough room for approximately 30 cans of beer, soda, or whatever your beverage of choice happens to be. It also provides thick walls injected with PermaFrost insulation so that your ice lasts between 4 to 7 days before melting. This roto-molded polyethylene cooler is nearly indestructible, even at the hands of a grizzly bear.

Unfortunately, such benefits often come with a hefty price tag. Yeti coolers are certainly no exception. Of course, Yeti is not the only exceptional cooler on the market. Competitors have quickly picked up on the design features of the Yeti so that they may also provide consumers with high-end coolers. Many of the high-end coolers you see today have features comparable to that of the Yeti cooler and they may even be available to you at a better price. Below is a list of eight coolers comparable to Yeti coolers in terms of durability, size, and insulation.

Eight Great Coolers Comparable to Yeti Models

ENGEL ENG35 Hard Cooler and Icebox

  • 10 Days Ice Retention;
  • Sizes from 25 to 320 available;
  • Stainless Steel Materials for a Secure Closure.

The Engel High-Performance cooler is just as good as a Yeti, if not better, in many ways. To begin with, it is a bear resistant container just like the Yeti, which makes it as close to indestructible as possible. Similar to the Yeti, the Engle cooler offers UV resistance for long lasting color and appearance. The Engle’s marine grade latches are comparable to the Yeti’s T-Rex lid latches, which holds the lid securely in place for an air-tight fit.

Despite the similarities that exist between the Engel and Yeti coolers, the Engle outshines the Yeti in certain areas. For instance, Engel coolers offer up to a 10-day ice retention, which is 3 days longer than that of the Yeti cooler.

Keep in mind that choosing different color options may cause the price of the cooler to fluctuate either higher or lower. Either way, this cooler is capable of withstanding even the roughest and toughest of situations. When your trekking through the woods to go hunting, camping, or fishing and you are hauling your cooler behind you, it can take quite a beating, which is why you want something that can take the abuse while keeping your food and beverages refreshingly cold at the same time. Luckily, cooler with the Engel name can do both.

Canyon Cooler Outfitter Series

  • 5-7 days of ice retention (when properly precooled with commercially produced ice)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Average of 2.7″ of insulation

Canyon Outfitter coolers have perhaps some of the most similar features compared to Yeti coolers. Both models offer similar ice retention features, meaning your food and drinks will stay fresher for longer periods. Both the 20-quart Yeti Tundra and 22-quart Canyon Outfitter are comparable in size. Despite the fact that the 22-quart Canyon is slightly larger, it has thicker walls than the Yeti, meaning the internal size of both coolers is as similar as it gets.

Like the Yeti, the Canyon is also certified as being bear proof. As a nearly indestructible cooler, you can take it anywhere you wish, whether it be out into the thick of the woods or up onto the highest mountain top. Both the Yeti and the Canyon feature rope-like handles. The only difference between the two is that the Yeti cooler’s handles are made of rubber whereas the Canyon’s is made of plastic. The Canyon’s latches outshine that of the Yeti since they are far more easy to use, particularly when the temperature is colder.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of the Canyon Outfitter is that you are provided with a lifetime warranty whereas the Yeti only comes with a 5-year warranty.

Pelican Products Progear Elite Cooler

  • Up to 10 days ice retention due to freezer grade gasket and 2″ polyurethane insulation;
  • Dual molded-in and hinged handles;
  • Wide press and pull latches, easy to open with gloves on.

Pelican ProGear Elite coolers are, in many ways, light years ahead of the game compared to most high-performance coolers on the market, and that includes the Yeti and other coolers like Yeti. Although the Pelican has many similar features, some of the features of the Pelican far outshine the features of a Yeti cooler. For instance, Pelican coolers are so well insulated that they offer a 10-day ice retention, which as more than the Yeti’s 5-day to week long ice retention promise.

The Pelican ProGear Elite also comes equipped with molded in handles, which makes it easier for you to carry the cooler if you are hauling it by yourself. If you are hauling it with a friend, you can make use of the thick, durable fold out handles. The handles offer comfortable grips for your fingers, which makes them far better than the rope-like rubber handles on the Yeti.

Superior handles

The design of the latches on the Pelican are also far greater than the latches on the Yeti. The Pelican’s latches are easy to use thanks to their simple push-in and snap-in-place design. With the simple press of a red button, you can just as easily lift the latches to unlock them. Despite their simplicity, the latches add to the cooler’s durability, ensuring that it is resistant to even the hungriest of bears looking to raid your container’s goodies.

The only downside to the Pelican in comparison with the Yeti is that it is noticeably heavier, even without ice in the container. For instance, the 65-quart Pelican ProGear Elite weighs 48 pounds. The 65-quart Yeti Tundra weighs considerably less at 35.15 pounds.

All-in-all, despite the Pelican’s weight drawback, it is a top-of-the-line cooler that compares well to the Yeti with regard to features and design. It is a solid cooler to have for any hunting, camping, or fishing trip. Furthermore, the Pelican offers plenty of room to store food and drinks for any of those long weekend excursions you might be planning in the near future.

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

  • Integrated fish keeper scale measuring tool on lid;
  • Constructed of ultra durable rotational-molded polyethylene;
  • Raised, textured work surface on lid.

When it comes to high-quality, high-performance coolers, Yukon coolers certainly come out ahead of the game in more ways than one. Igloo Yukon Cold Locker are coolers comparable to Yeti in that they have many of the same features as the Yeti itself. In fact, Yukon coolers even offer benefits and features that the Yeti does not have, which makes it even more interesting for the avid outdoors lover and adventurer.

Yukon coolers are designed to take the toughest of beatings and to withstand even the harshest of all environments. Whether you are dragging your cooler through the rough terrain of a thickly wooded forest or you are hauling it over jagged rocks on your way to your favorite fishing spot, this cooler can take what you throw at it.

High quality durability

Part of what makes the Yukon so durable is the fact that the lid consists of thick, durable construction and 3-inches of polyurethane insulation found in the lid whereas the body of the cooler contains 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation. Because of the cooler’s thickness and design, it boasts some of the best ice retention of 7-14 days in weather that reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, you can stretch out your camping, fishing, or hunting vacation to a week or even two weeks.

One feature that Yukon coolers have that the Yeti does not have is a fish keeping scale and measuring tool. The lid comes with a ruler so that avid fisher can record the size of their daily catch while the scale allows them to accurately boast about the weight of the fish they catch. The lid also features a textured work surface that is slightly raised, which is perfect for filleting fish or preparing food if you would prefer.

The dual locking lid ensure that all of your food, drinks, and other belongings found in the cooler are secure no matter the situation. The Yukon’s Cool Riser Technology maximizes the cooling performances of the cooler to ensure the freshness of its contents. A tethered drain plug makes it easy for you to both drain and clean the cooler so that it is ready for your next outing or adventure.

If you are a fisher, you likely want to have a cooler that is large enough to store your fish. Fortunately, the Igloo Yukon Cold Locker cooler is available in a variety of sizes, including a 70-quart size that is perfect for fish store.

K2 Coolers Summit 50 Team Color Edition Cooler

  • One piece roto-molded polyethylene construction for extreme durability;
  • Extra thick insulation for maximum ice retention;
  • Premium features such as ICE vault lid gasket, POSITRAC latches.

Although K2 Coolers are not as well-known as the Yeti or even some of the other coolers like Yeti mentioned above, it is quickly gaining popularity among fishers, hunters, and campers alike. The K2 offers several features comparable to the Yeti, particularly since it offers similar ice retention promises of 5-6 days and a thick insulation for maximized freshness of foods and drinks.

The roto-molded K2 cooler features the same polyethylene as the Yeti, which means that they both are on par with one another in terms of durability. Like the Yeti, K2 coolers also feature rope like handles with molded rubber grips to ensure the comfort of your hands and fingers while carrying the cooler. The K2 cooler itself is designed with professional grade materials to ensure that it is up-to-code for any and all of your outdoor adventures.

Super easy drainage

The K2 features an incredible drain plug design. This lets you twist the drain plug just partially so that you never have to worry about losing it. With just a slight turn, you can drain and clean your cooler with ease. K2 coolers may lack some of the other incredible features that many of the coolers listed above seem to offer. However, many of those who own a K2 seem very pleased with the durability and quality of these coolers.

If that’s not enough to excite you, there’s much more. K2 coolers also feature a gasket lid for added freshness and ice retention. They also come with POSITRAC latches for easy opening and closing. Yet at the same time, it offers enough security to ensure that your belongings stay inside the cooler where they belong no matter the situation. K2 coolers are capable of withstanding even the toughest of environments. But, even if something were to go wrong, they are backed by a 7-year warranty. By contrast, Yeti coolers only come with a 5-year warranty.

DeWalt 25 Qt Roto Molded Cooler

  • Easy to open latches are of superior durable quality, but still easy to operate in any conditions
  • Heavy duty metal handle is removable, and what’s more, it features a built in bottle opener
  • The cooler surface features two built in beer space holders and a non slip rubberized surface area
  • Extra insulation guarantees your contents will stay cold for days on end

DeWalt coolers are, in many ways, the best bang for your buck amongst most mid range performance coolers on the market. That includes the Yeti and other coolers like Yeti. Some of DeWalt’s cooler features are more basic than Yeti. However, they offer a durable cooler at a markedly lower price. Also, the cooling insulation period for a DeWalt is the exact same as what Yeti coolers can guarantee.

The DeWalt 25 quart cooler comes with a detachable metal handle that is easy to grip. If two people are carrying this cooler, you can always remove the handle. Then, each of you can hold it from the rubberized side grips. Plus, the detachable handle features a built in bottle opener. So, you never have to worry about packing along an extra bottle opener. Pretty handy!


  • Keeps ice cold for at least 3 days
  • Features built in bottle opener, fish ruler and cup holder
  • Built from environmentally friendly materials

The Reyleo portable arctic ice chest is a relatively new entry into the cooler market. This latest model offers a futuristic look on top of practical use. As far as coolers comparable to Yeti models, this one is a pretty good price with very similar benefits. The polyurethane foam insulation offers a combination of insulation and protection. This is an odorless cooler as well. So, you also don’t need to worry further about attracting bears if you’re out camping.

The handle may appear a little bit flimsier than some of its competitors, but it is actually quite stable. The handle features a nice padded grip and ensures minimal tilt, also allowing for handle locking settings. That said, the latches aren’t quite as secure as Igloo or Pelican. But it is certainly a good option in terms of nice additional features and reasonable insulation time. Plus, if you’re out camping, you might as well lug around a cooler that’s built in an environmentally friendly way!

Igloo BMX 72 Qt Cooler with Cold Riser Technology

  • Features fish ruler and tying down points
  • Rubberized T-shape latches are extra secure and easy to open and close
  • Stainless steel hinges and screws for extended lifetime
  • Rugged diamond plating with anti-skid bottoms

The Igloo BMX Cooler with Cold Riser technology is an absolute beast when it comes to ice coolers that prove to be approximate to Yeti. This durable and massive cooler has a cool look, rugged exterior, and will keep contents cold just as long as the Yeti. Skin pads and extra rubberized corners also ensure that this cooler can really get bumped around without taking any damage.

However, in terms of price, this Igloo model tends to run a bit closer to Yeti coolers. This is the case for similar size and capacity. At 16 pounds empty, it’s also on the heavy side. So, this is a better option if you’re camping closer to your car or using this cooler on a fishing boat.

Final thoughts on coolers comparable to Yeti

All-in-all, the coolers mentioned above all have incredible features, many of which are comparable to Yeti coolers. Some even have added benefits when compared to the Yeti. One thing all of the coolers mentioned above have that they Yeti does not is a cheaper price tag.

Each cooler listed above gives you more bang for your buck considering that the features of each one are either similar or better than the Yeti. In addition, just like the Yeti is available in various sizes, many of the coolers listed above are also available in various sizes, many of which are close to, if not the same as, the size of Yeti coolers, making them each a great choice for your next outdoor adventure.

5 Shakes Comparable to Shakeology

If you’re a big Shakeology fan but want to save money, you’ve come to the right place for shakes comparable to Shakeology. Keep scrolling down for 5 shakes comparable to Shakeology that will give you maximum nutrients at a minimum cost.

We all know that a well-prepared, balanced meal is the ideal nutritional choice to stay healthy and fit. We also know that our busy lives don’t allow us the time or energy to prepare them. Luckily, there is a convenient option besides trips to the vending machine or fast food. Meal replacement shakes provide much-needed protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and even digestive enzymes. For this reason, people who might never lift a weight are now using protein shakes as their diet supplement of choice.

One of the most popular—and expensive—options is Shakeology, a brand that offers delicious and nutritious protein shakes. However, Shakeology is by no means the only great option out there. Without reservation, there are a good half dozen shakes comparable to Shakeology in terms of taste, calorie count, and nutrients. This article discusses some other great meal replacement shakes on the market. All of these options are comparable to Shakeology.


There are a number of reasons to consider using meal replacement shakes to supplement your diet. Besides weight loss and diet, meal replacement shakes can make up for any areas of nutrient missing from your normal diet. As for muscle growth, while it may be true that weight lifters and body builders love protein shakes, you can also take advantage of the muscle growth properties without being a heavy lifter. Further, meal replacement shakes stimulate your digestive tract and promote healthy digestion. Lastly, all of our five shakes comparable to Shakeology have been demonstrated to promote positive mental heath.

Weight Loss

Meal replacement shakes are an excellent way to curb cravings and support sustainable weight loss. Firstly, look for a good amount of protein, along with healthy fat and minimal added sugars to ramp up your metabolism. Many people also recommend replacing 1-2 meals with a shake. Secondly, try to consume them after exercise if possible. Since most meal replacements are quite low on calories, they can be an excellent way to lose weight without even trying! The right meal replacements are filling, tasty, and energizing. If you are looking to lose weight, extra water is also an ideal pairing with your meal replacement shakes. In fact, studies have shown that drinking one or two glasses of water in the morning before breakfast will drastically increase your daily metabolism.

Convenient Nutrition

Meal replacement shakes are also conveniently packaged and simple to make. They make it so much easier to avoid fast food and vending machines. Furthermore, unlike a homemade recipe, meal replacement shakes have the calorie count on the back of the package, making it that much easier to keep track of your calorie intake throughout the day. Additionally, many shakes contain prebiotics, probiotics, or digestive enzymes, all of which can help you absorb more nutrients out of your food throughout the day. These ingredients are crucial for the purpose of strengthening and supporting your stomach. Moreover, they often contain superfoods from around the world that you certainly won’t find in the average pantry (amaranth, wheat grass, or alfalfa anyone?).

Supports Muscle Growth

Having a high-protein shake before or after a workout helps repair damaged muscle tissue and can help maintain muscle mass in the long-term. Studies also suggest that this practice helps you burn more calories as you go throughout your day. To emphasize this point, muscle always burns more calories than fat. In other words, the more muscle you pack on, the more fat you’re going to shed. The bottom line is, taking protein in conjunction with exercise ensures your hard work pays off. This factor is particularly important when considering shakes comparable to Shakeology.

Digestive Health

As mentioned before, meal replacement shakes often reduce snack cravings.This is great for your digestive system, because larger meals are easier to digest than frequent snacks. Frequent snacking is in fact a huge reason for weight gain in millions of people, and it’s a tough habit to crack. Most shakes also contain digestive enzymes, which can further help break down food and can aid the digestive process in the long term.

Promotes Mental Well-Being

One of the most reported benefits to meal replacement shakes is also the most mysterious. Many people who consume them report increased feelings of general well-being. One theory is that an increase in vitamins helps the brain function properly. Furthermore, people consuming protein shakes are just generally more likely to mentally associate the consumption with working out. Consequently, they will work out, which undeniably is a total game changer for improving your mental health. In any case, take excess energy where you can get it!

So many choices for shakes comparable to Shakeology

One of the most popular (and best-marketed) meal replacement shake options is certainly Shakeology. With several celebrity endorsements and a user-friendly website, it’s easy to see why this brand is the top choice for many. Unfortunately, a serving costs about as much as a latte at your favorite coffee shop. There are several comparable (and arguably better) shakes out there. Depending on your goals (weight loss, muscle gain, energy, general well-being), some options may be better suited for your particular diet than others.

The following are the best meal replacement shakes comparable to Shakeology on the market. To sum up, we’ve selected these five shakes as good alternatives based on a number factors. Generally, we took into account cost, nutrients, taste, and availability.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Replacement Vanilla Powder – Gluten-Free

  • Organic Shake & Meal Replacement;
  • Easy to Digest;
  • Live Probiotics;
  • Made without Dairy or Soy Ingredients.

Garden of Life’s Raw Organic Meal is unique in that it uses sprouted ingredients (such as brown rice and buckwheat) for its protein source. This makes it an excellent alternative for those avoiding both soy and dairy proteins. It also lacks gluten, added sugars, artificial colors, and preservatives. All of its ingredients are left in the raw. To explain, this means that nutrients normally lost to a heating process are still kicking. While the amino acid profile isn’t displayed on the label, it is certainly available on Garden of Life’s website.

The meal also boasts 1.5 billion live probiotics, 44 superfood ingredients, and 21 vitamins and minerals. Finally, Garden of Life comes in four flavors: original, chocolate, vanilla, and chai.

Compared to Shakeology:

Shakeology and Garden of Life’s Raw Meal each consist of a similar array of healthy ingredients. Also, Garden of Life’s raw approach to meal replacement means that more nutrients make it to the finish line. Garden of Life’s website provides access to its products’ amino acid profiles. This is an important consideration and a refreshing move toward transparency in product advertising.

Excellent for sensitive stomachs
Few Allergens
Made without heating process
Organic ingredients
Several flavors
Raw food isn’t for everyone

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein Shake

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein & Vitamin Shake Chocolate

  • Well Rounded Nutrition;
  • With Collagen, Fiber & Probiotics;
  • Hair & Nail Support – Biotin;
  • Healthy Skin – Vitamin C & Flaxseed.

Optimal Solutions Protein Shake is part of Nature’s Bounty line of health products designed for beauty. These aren’t lip sticks or shampoos, but rather vitamin supplements designed to keep skin, hair, and nails healthy. Even better, it contains probiotics and digestive enzymes to ensure that vitamins are properly absorbed by the body. While marketed particularly toward women, this supplement can help anyone who wants luminous hair and glowing skin.

The label is refreshingly transparent—it even displays its amino acid profile. This isn’t required by the FDA, but it’s certainly helpful for the health-conscious shopper. However, a closer examination reveals a few undesirable ingredients, such as xanthan gum and fructose. As with all other supplements, take time to get to know the ingredients and decide for yourself.

The Optimal Solutions Protein Shake comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

Compared to Shakeology:

The back of the Shakeology label reads more like an advertisement than nutrition information. Shakeology has several proprietary blends emphasize exotic ingredients without revealing their amounts. Since most nutrients need to be ingested in certain amounts in order to be of benefit, this makes it quite hard to judge the effectiveness of Shakeology. The Optimal Solutions Protein Shake, by contrast, lists amounts for almost all of its ingredients and includes an amino acid profile. This is indeed a nice break from a lot of the types of commercially marketed skaes out there. From their nutrition information, Optimal Solutions and Shakeology appear to offer similar benefits. Optimal Solutions gets a leg up in this list for having a more complete and informative label. Concurrently, as with the other shakes on this list, you’re more in the green for price saving as well.

Especially formulated for beauty
Particularly formulated for beauty
Calcium for women’s health
Contains dairy and soy
Some questionable ingredients

EAS Protein powder

EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder Cookies & Cream

  • Pure Whey Protein Powder;
  • No Added Sugar;
  • Aid in Muscle Recovery;
  • Naturally and Artificially Flavored.

Myoplex Lite is a lower-calorie version of EAS’ original protein powder. The lite version made the list because it contains more protein and less fat. However, if weight loss isn’t a concern for you, then the original blend is another great option. Unlike other meal replacements, Myoplex lite markets itself as an option for those who have several smaller meals rather than three larger ones, so certainly keep that in mind when planning meals.

Myoplex Lite comes in pre-measured packets, making it easy to throw nutrition into a gym bag. EAS even sells ready-to-drink versions of its original protein powder. One of the most highly rated shakes on the market, the taste is highly acclaimed, with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors. We’ve tried all of these flavors out and they undoubtedly really good!

An added bonus comes into the mix as well. Myoplex Lite contains no proprietary blends, so the label displays exactly how much of each ingredient is in a serving. It’s also available at many local retailers.

Compared to Shakeology:

Myoplex Lite is marketed more toward gym rats than Shakeology, but as far as macronutrients go, they come out about the same. A notable difference is that Myoplex Lite contains fewer vitamins, and can’t claim to contain superfoods. If you already have a vitamin supplement as a part of your daily routine, then Myoplex Lite is an excellent alternative when it comes to shakes comparable to Shakeology.

Most convenient packaging
Great flavor
Available at most grocery stores
Highly rated
Fewer vitamins than other shakes
No superfoods
Small serving size may make it less filling
Only one flavor

Orgain Organic Meal Powder

Orgain Organic Plant Based Meal Replacement Powder

  • Mix with Water for a Smooth, Creamy and Delicious Taste;
  • No Added Sugar;
  • Naturally Smooth and Delicious Meal Replacement ;
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives.

Orgain Organic Meal Powder, as its name suggests, contains all organic ingredients. As can be seen with Garden of Life, Orgain Organic Meal Powder has no soy or dairy products and uses grains as a protein source. This shake has 8 grams of fiber, more than any other on the list. Furthermore, all of the ingredients are recognizable and pronounceable.

This product is a great option for foodies who care about pesticide overuse. It’s also vegan, an added environmental bonus.

While this shake contains more calories than the others on this list, it may be worth it. Its wholesome ingredients make it an ideal meal replacement. If you are looking for a healthy substitute to fast food more than you are weight loss or muscle gain, this is definitely the shake for you. Orgain Organic Meal Powder comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Compared to Shakeology:

Orgain Organic Meal Powder was manufactured as a challenge protein shakes containing cheap fillers, added sugars, and artificial colors. The purity and attention to detail put into this product ought to make any health freak smile. Shakeology simply hasn’t shown the same dedication to ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

High in fiber
Organice ingredients
Fewer allergens
Fewer vitamins than other shakes
More calories than the average shake

ViSalus Vi-Shape

Vi Shape Nutritional Shake Mix

  • Sweet Cream Flavour;
  • For Weight Management & Healthy Nutrition;
  • 26 Vitamins and Minerals;
  • Meal Replacement Shake.

Out of all the shakes on this list, the ViSalus Vi-Shape is the most targeted toward weight loss, forming the base of ViSalus’ “Body by Vi Challenge Kit.” When it comes to shakes comparable to Shakeology, this one is particularly easy on the teeth. It contains less than 1 gram of sugar and even more impressive, contains only 1 gram of fat.  It’s also low in carbohydrates (only 7 grams per serving), good news for anyone on a low-carb diet.

Vi-Shape is gluten-free and low in sodium. It boasts 26 vitamins and minerals, albeit in lower amounts than other shakes. And because Vi-Shapes has three protein sources (whey concentrate, whey hydrolysate, and non-genetically modified soy), you can be sure your body is getting everything it needs to repair and maintain your muscles. According to ViSalus’ website, the whey is stripped of fat and carbohydrates, and the soy of isoflavones—leaving only the good stuff. Those looking for an array of products to help with fitness or weight loss will appreciate other products by ViSalus formulated to work well with Vi-Shape. Choose from pre-made kits or mix and match on their website to order just the products you need.

In spite of all of its health benefits, Vi-Shape is also delicious, with a unique cake mix taste and texture that make it an easy diet to stick to. Vi-Shape is one of the most affordable and best rated options on the market. The original Vi-Shape is in vanilla, and ViSalus sells separate strawberry and chocolate add-ins.

Compared to Shakeology:

Shakeology contains 5g more sugar and 70 more calories than Vi-Shape! If weight loss is your main goal, then Vi-Shape is certainly a great option. With the flavor of Shakeology receiving mixed reviews, it’s also a good alternative if you need a healthy meal that still tastes good. If Shakeology is the pop star of the meal replacement world, then Vi-Shape is a grunge band that reviewers undeniably love. However, both brands, just like the bands, are great for their own reasons.

Unique cake flavor
Very affordable option
Can be ordered as part of a weight loss kit
Fewer calories
Most highly rated on Amazon
By far best option for weight loss
Soy and milk allergens
Less protein than other shakes

Final Thoughts on Shakes Comparable to Shakeology

Those are our five shakes comparable to Shakeology that we’ve found to the best options on the market at this point in time. However, you might have some other ideas of good Shakeology shake replacements. If so, we want to hear from you. Please tell us any other good shakes that you’ve found particularly tasty, nutritious and affordable, and let us know in the comments.

27 Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups

If you’re looking to pump the fun into your best friend’s big party with some bridal shower games, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Hosting a bridal shower for a lucky bride-to-be is definitely a tremendous responsibility, but it also a huge honor.

Every bride-to-be dreams of her shower years and years ahead of time. So, no pressure, but you will really want every detail to be as perfect as possible. However, at the same time, you’ve got to ensure that everyone has plenty of fun. The maid of honor is typically responsible for preparing the party and making it memorable for the bride and guests alike. With that being said, other members of the bridal party plus the bride and groom’s family will usually step in to assist.

Bridal shower games are always a huge hit because they allow everyone to get involved and have a good laugh. Furthermore, there are a huge number of great bridal shower games for large groups. If this is your first time hosting a bridal shower you may not know what games to pick. This maybe particularly true if you have a large number of guests.

Luckily, the list below will give you plenty of ideas for entertaining bridal shower games for large groups. There are a lot of fun bridal shower games to choose from. There are unique bridal shower games and activities, get-to-know-the-bride games, and games to play during gift wrapping. Lastly, there are some games in here that will bring back nostalgia and test everyone’s knowledge of the bride-to-be. All in all, it’s always best to look for bridal shower game ideas ahead of time. This way you will be properly prepared and therefore have time to gather all of the bride’s answers.

List of Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups

1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Design

Our first choice for shower games is the perfect blend of goofiness and creative fun. The goal of this game is to divide your party up into groups of between 2 and 4 people. Hand each group a roll of toilet paper and have them designate someone in their group to be a model. Next, the other members of the group will need to construct a wedding dress out of toilet paper that their model can wear. Whichever group has the best dress design wins the game. You can let the whole group vote for their top pick. If that has too much potential for tension, then the maid of honor or bride can be the judge.

Curious how many rolls of toilet paper for bridal shower game are necessary? 4-6 rolls are enough for a 20 minutes session of playing this game. That assumes you’ll have a party of around twenty people.

2. Toilet Paper Camping Tell-All Game

Make sure you have plenty of rolls of toilet paper for this game. To play, you need to pass around a roll of toilet paper and ask each person to pull off as much toilet paper as they would need for a weekend long camping trip. Don’t be shy!

Once everyone has their selected amount of toilet paper, let them know that for each sheet they have, they will have to state one fact about themselves out loud. The more toilet paper a person has, the more they will have to tell. The funnier the better when it comes to a large group, particularly if there’s lots of strangers. This is a great icebreaker game and allows large groups of individuals to get to know one another better.

3. Don’t Say the Word Game

When you attend a bridal shower, the topic of conversation typically involves the bride, groom, and the wedding. But what if no one was allowed to say those keywords of bride, groom, and wedding? When everyone arrives, inform them that they will be playing a game that will last the duration of the bridal shower.

Let them know that if they say the specified words at any point, they lose the game. The person or people who win get to take home a small prize. If you suspect this bridal shower game will prove too annoying for a large group, set a time limit on it.

4. Guess How Many

For this game, you will need to take a clear plastic or glass jar and fill it with something of your choice. You can fill it with buttons, candy, and the like. Candy is an excellent choice because it can be given away as a prize to the winner of this game. Have the guests guess how many items they think are in the jar. Whoever guesses the number of items comes closest to the number wins the whole jar.

5. Bridal Bingo

Bingo is a fun game for everyone in any age group. Bridal shower bingo is a great pick when it comes to bridal shower games for large groups. Rather than handing out cards with numbered squares, place wedding-related words in each box. For example, honeymoon hotspots, bridal gifts, romantic songs, baby necessities, and homeowner vocabulary will all suffice.

6. Name the Cake

Hand out a sheet of paper that allows guests to guess a type of cake based on clues given on their piece of paper. For instance, the question may ask what kind of cake would a rabbit eat in which the corresponding answer would be a carrot cake. Whoever has the most answers correct should certainly win a small token prize. Given the name, a cake prize would, hence, be prime.

7. Movie Quotes

Create sheets of paper with memorable movie quotes on one side and the corresponding movie titles on the other, but mix up the order of the movie titles. Ask guests to draw lines so they can match the movie quote to the name of the movie. Lastly, if you’re struggling to find good movie quotes or don’t have the time, Sporcle is a great resource.

Keep the movies romantic and avoid overly raunchy movies or anything that will turn off your crowd. To make things even more interesting, you could choose wedding-related movies, too. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Planner, and Father of the Bride are all good options.

8. Guess Who

This is a fun game in which you first gather information about the engaged couple beforehand. Print the facts out on a sheet of paper and have your guests guess which fact belongs to which partner. If you’re celebrating a heterosexual marriage, for some added fun place a picture of a wedding dress on one side of the fact. On the other side, put a picture of a tux, each side representing the bride and groom.

Guests can circle the corresponding picture to determine who the fact belongs to. Prizes are key for this game because you want to reward those who know the most information. Finally, be sure to mix up the information so that people from different parts of the bride or groom’s life can feel involved.

9. Fairy Tale Matchup

Weddings are often a dream come true, or a fairy tale of sorts, for the intended. To keep the dream alive, a fairy tale matchup game makes perfect sense. This bridal shower game consists of listing the names of Disney princesses or heroines on one side and Disney Princes or heroes on the other in a mixed up order.

Ask your guests to match the princess to her corresponding prince. For instance, matching Ariel and Prince Eric, Cinderella and Prince Charming, and Snow White and The Prince. Lastly, here is the full list of Disney princes and princesses to save you the time of pulling out the old VHS collection.

10. Bridal Shower Scattergories

Create a numbered list of 12 wedding related items on a sheet of paper. Leave a blank line next to each item so that guests may fill in their answers. You could list out items such as:

  •   A term of endearment
  •   Gift found on a wedding registry
  •   Honeymoon hotspot

Next, draw letters on to small pieces of paper and fold them over. Place the letters in a hat and mix them up. Pull out a letter at random. The letter that you pull is the first letter of the answer your guests have to use. For instance, if you pick the letter S, your guests could put sweetie for a term of endearment.

Additionally, if any guests have the same answer, they do not get any points, so they’ve got to keep it original! If a guest has two words that start with the same letter, they get double the points, and so on. For instance, if the letter you pick is P and a guest says pretty princess as a term of endearment, that would count as two points. This is one of those bridal shower parties that rewards originality and goes well with drinks to spur on creative answers.

11. Put a Ring It

This game can create tons of laughter among bridal shower guests. Hand each guest a chopstick and ask them to place it between their teeth and lips. Place a bowl of candy fruit rings, such as peach rings, in front of each guest.

Tell the guests that they must pick up as many of the candy rings as possible using the chopstick. Instruct the guests not to use their hands or they will automatically lose the game. Whoever has the most rings on their chopstick wins the game.

Disposable Chopsticks, pack of 40 pair
  • Wooden chopstick
  • Disposal chopstick
  • 40 pairs, individual packed

12. Garter Toss

Purchase cheap garters and bottles of sparkling cider to entertain bridal shower guests with a game of garter toss. The goal is to toss the garter so that it lands on the bottle of sparkling cider. Whoever lands the most points wins the game. You may want to set a certain point limit before the game starts. Swap out the cider for champagne if you really want to class it up. Try sticking with 5-10 points since that seems to be a relatively good range of numbers for a large group of guests.

NYARER 2016 Women's Stain Wedding Bridal Garter BG008IV, One Size, Ivory
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  • Size: Width: 5cm Stretch Length: 17-33cm Width: 2cm Stretch Length: 17-33cm
  • Materials: Elastic Lace Trim, Polyester Blends, Lace, Ragon, Ribbon, Acrylic, Stain

13. Mad Lib Wedding Vows

Have the guests help the bride write up some hilarious wedding vows using a version of the original Mad Lib game. Put plenty of blanks throughout the vows and have guests insert adjectives, verbs, nouns, and emotions. If you have a large group of people, it will be hilarious to see what funny vows people think up. For some added fun and laughter, have each guest read their Mad Lib wedding vows out loud.

14. Receiving Line

When it comes to choosing bridal shower games for large groups of people, nothing beats this game. For this game, you will have to divide your guests into teams. On one side of the room, you will need to place bowls filled with rice. On the other side of the room, place some small, empty mason jars. Have each team line up between their bowl and their jar.

The point of the game is for guests to use their hands only. The first member of the team will scoop out a handful of rice from the bowl and place it to the next team member’s hand. Next, team members will continue passing the rice from one hand to the next until they have placed their rice in the jar. Finally, the team with the most rice in their jar at the end wins the game.

67000 Ball Qt Mason Jar WM 12-pack
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  • Ideal for preserving jams, jellies sauces, mustard & flavored vinegar
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15. Wedding Traditions

Weddings have certainly changed over the centuries, particularly with many brides opting for a modern wedding rather than a traditional one. However, there are certain wedding traditions that find their way into even the most unique wedding situations. For instance, the bride carrying a bouquet of flowers or a flower girl tossing down petals.

On a sheet of paper, list out various wedding traditions throughout the centuries and see if your guests can match the tradition with the reason why the tradition exists. This game makes it fun for guests to learn about the history of different wedding traditions. It’s a particularly good bridal shower game if you have a large and diverse group representing different cultures. You can even expand the game to include other pre-bridal parties from around the world.

16. ABC Wedding

Write out the letters A through Z in list-style and leave a blank line next to each letter. Have your guests’ name wedding related items next to each blank. For instance, next to the letter B, a person could list bridal gown. Whoever has the most items written down by the end of the game wins. Lastly, if any guests have matching answers, it will cancel out that response.

17. Mint to Be

Fill a bowl with mints and hand each guest a straw. For this game, no hands are allowed. Players will have to place the straw between their teeth and lips and use suction to grab hold of a mint. The player will have to keep the mint on the end of the straw and place it in an empty jar. The person with the most mints in their jar by the time the game is up wins. To make this game a little more fun and challenging you could probably use a timer.

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  • Filled with icy wintergreen flavor, LIFE SAVERS Mints are a hole lot of fun
  • Keep your breath fresh with the refreshing taste of LIFE SAVERS Mints

18. Pin the Mustache on the Groom

Print out a jumbo size photo of the groom and hand each guest a mustache containing double-sided tape on one side. After blindfolding the guest, have them place the mustache on the picture. Whoever places the mustache as close to the proper place as possible wins the game.

Another variation of this game is pin the veil on the bride in which you print a picture of the bride rather than the room and have guests tape a paper veil to the picture while blindfolded. Likewise, whoever places the veil as close to the correct position as possible wins.

19. Would They Rather

List things that the engaged would and would not want to do together and ask guests which they believe best suits the couple. For example, you can ask, “Would they rather go cruising or camping?” The person with the most correct guesses wins the game. You should probably consult with the bride before putting this game together to avoid the certainly embarrassing possibility of getting your answer sheet wrong. Likewise, you could also just have the bride give yes or no answers to each of the responses.

20. Tie the Knot

Make sure you have plenty of cherry stems available during his game. The way to win the game is to see who can tie the most cherry stem knots using only their teeth, tongue, and lips (no hands) in a minute. Although you can play this game without a timer, the aspect of racing the clock certainly makes this game all the more hilarious.

21. The Price is Right Bridal Edition

Purchase a few small items that you know you would like to give to the bride at the end of the game as a gift. Line the gift items up on a table and have your guests play this fun version of The Price is Right. In short, guests will have to guess the correct price for each item.

Whenever one guest guesses the price correctly or as close as possible, hand them the gift item to give to the bride. Not only will your guests have fun playing a fun twist on this classic TV show game, but above all, the bride will also get some very cool and much-needed gifts out of it.

22. Guess Who: Bridal Guest Version

If you have ever played the game Guess Who, you certainly know that the point is to determine who your character is based on a set number of clues. For example, clues might be whether your character is male or female, has glasses or no glasses, and has short hair or long hair.

Similarly, you can do this exact same thing with your bridal shower guests. In terms of bridal shower guests for large groups, this one also works best when you have a lot of guests in attendance. Furthermore, the more guests there are the more challenging it will be to figure out which guest is being described. Whoever guesses the guest correctly wins the game. This can certainly serve as a nice icebreaker game to get things started.

23. Wedding Crashers

Hand each player a ping-pong ball and have them see if they can bounce the ball across a table in order to consequently knock down a stack of plastic cups. So, whoever knocks down the most plastic cups wins the game.

Assortmart Beer Ping Pong Balls Washable Drinking White, one size fits most, Multicolor
  • Pack of 48 beer pong balls
  • Not professional ping pong balls
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24. Name That Groom

Hold up a picture of a famous celebrity bride, for example, the Duchess of Cambridge, and have the guests guess who her famous celebrity partner is. A celebrity may have been married more than once, so you may have to let guests know which partner you would like them to name. For example, you could say the first or most recent, or the more famous.

25. Ball and Chain

Secure one end of a rope around a lightweight plastic ball. Secure the other end of the rope around the guest’s ankle. Line up water balls on the ground and have your guest swing the rope and ball around Skip-It style to see who can knock the most bottles down in a minute. Whoever manages to knock over the most bottles wins the game. For some added fun, spray paint the plastic ball black to make it look more like a ball and chain.

26. Kiss the Bride

Pictionary can certainly be a fun and hilarious game, especially when you are trying to think up creative bridal shower games for large groups of people. However, the idea behind kiss the bride puts an entertaining twist on the classic game. Make sure you have a large drawing pad available. Place the drawing pad on an easel and hand the guest that is nominated to draw a tube of lipstick.

Lastly, the guest drawing the picture must do so using the tube of lipstick. However, this is a no hands allowed game, meaning the tube of lipstick must be placed between the teeth and lips.

27. What Was She Wearing

The goal of this game is to have the bride-to-be announce that she will be right back as she steps out of the room. However, while the guests all think she will be right back, in reality, you are going to have her wait outside while you ask each guest to remember what she was wearing. Finally, whoever guesses the bride’s outfit the closest (down to the most minute details if possible) wins the game.

Final Thoughts on Best Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups

With the fun and hilarious games listed above, you can make any bridal shower an absolute blast. Furthermore, bridal shower game ideas really are endless. All you need is the creative mind to think up whatever hilarious game concoctions are available. Finally, all this will surely give the couple wonderful memories before their wedding. Also, always bear in mind the types of folks that are going to be at the party. Additionally, tailor your games to match the audience. Lastly, aim to find the right balance of maximum fun and inclusivity.

Regarding more reading on how to prepare a bridal shower, here are some tips on all the other ins and outs of putting the party together. Considering what gift to bring to a bridal shower whose bride doesn’t have a gift registry? Cosmo offers some great ideas on how to select a gift that will be original and appreciated.

Finally, do you have more bridal shower games for large groups that you can share? Any funny, successful, or by contrast, outrageous stories from your’s or friends’ bridal showers? We certainly want to hear from you! Please share your thoughts, experiences, and comments below.

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Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Looking for the best football cleats for wide feet? You’ve come to the right place. Having the perfect pair of football cleats will dramatically improve your performance on the field. Furthermore, improving your performance means you spend focus more on enjoying your game time. Ideally, your cleats will perfectly match your foot and also have the right studs for the surface you are playing on. Finally, it’s important that you football cleats are the right style for your position on the field.

Unfortunately, if you have wide feet it can be a little more difficult to find the right size pair of football cleats.  That’s because most cleats are designed for people with narrow feet.

But don’t let that get in the way of signing up for football! We’re here to help. This article will offer advice on choosing the right pair of cleats so that you know what to look for. Lastly, we’ve identified the 5 best football cleats of different styles for wide feet. So read up, order the pair the suits you, and hit the field.

The Importance of Having the Perfect Cleats

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t settle for cleats that don’t quite fit right:

You will certainly do better in a pair of cleats designed for wide feet

If you wear cleats that are too tight, then as a result, it can interfere with your ability to move quickly across the field.  You will have less stability, and consequently this may lead to more falls and performance problems. Finally, the amount of power you can drive through your legs may be negatively affected if you are wearing poorly fitted cleats. So, don’t let your performance on the field suffer because you skimped on buying the right shoes!

You will be more comfortable with cleats designed for wide feet

Above all else, comfort is critical if you’re going to give your 100% effort and talent to the game. If you are currently wearing cleats that are even a little too narrow for your feet, you will probably have sore feet within 20 minutes of putting them on. When you are in constant pain, you won’t really be enjoying your time on the field or performing your best. Furthermore, you may even develop blisters and cuts on your feet if the cleats are too narrow for your feet. Football already has risks, therefore, you want to do everything you can to minimize more damage to your feet.

You will have less risk of injury if you wear cleats designed for wide feet

The right pair of cleats will provide you with a stable platform and balance. You will be able to drive off the line more easily, stay on your feet longer, and be able to change direction more easily. However, if your shoes are a little too narrow, you will increase your risk of twisting an ankle and falling. It can be quite dangerous to run onto the field with poorly fitted cleats! So, to sum up, minimize injuries and maximize your potential by buying cleats that fit.

Tips for Buying Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Ask your coach and team mates for advice

Your coach has probably had dozens of players with wide feet on his team over the years. He will surely have a great understanding about which brands and models make the best football cleats for wide feet. Therefore, the coach should be the first person you ask before buying a pair of cleats. Also, if you’re new to football, you probably won’t know your position right away. Consequently, its best to wait until at least after your first practice before you pick up a new pair so that you know what position you’ll likely play.

Moreover, if you notice that any of teammates have wide feet, talk to them. You could also ask them which shoe manufacturer or model they use. They will undeniably share with you if they have found a great cleat for wide feet or let you know which ones to avoid.

Think about the upper material

The upper is the top part of the shoe and most uppers are made from one of two materials:

  •   Leather
    This is the traditional material used to make football cleats. Very durable and comfortable, leather also offers excellent protection for your feet. However, the only downside of leather is that it is heavier than some synthetic materials. Also, leather uppers tends to be found in more expensive pairs of cleats.
  •   Synthetic
    Synthetic materials are manmade, in other words, they’re not found in nature. They are often used in modern football cleats because they are cheap and light. The most common synthetic materials include acrylic, polyesters, nylon and various kinds of plastics, for instance. However, the downside of using synthetic materials is that they often aren’t as durable as leather. To clarify though, synthetic cleats will almost always last you through the full season, if not two seasons of football.

Choosing football cleats with the right upper is particularly important if you have a wide foot. Leather works well, because it will stretch to match the size of your feet over time. It does take a few weeks though, so it may be painful during that time.

Synthetic materials don’t stretch, so they won’t become any more comfortable as you wear them. However, you can find some cleats with specially designed synthetic uppers that have additional room for wide feet.

Consider the purpose of the shoe

Football cleats come in three styles:

  •   High-tops
    High-tops are the largest football cleats you can find on the market and offer the most protection for your feet. The shoe extends over your ankle to reduce the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries.  The high top football cleats work well for players in positions where they will be moving laterally, which is why linemen often wear high-tops.
  •   Mid-cut
    Mid-cut cleats are designed to offer some support for the ankles while still allowing the player to be maneuverable on the field. Also, mid-cut cleats are the primary choice for many running backs, defensive backs and wide receivers.
  •   Low-cut
    Low-cut shoes are very light and offer excellent maneuverability. The disadvantage of these shoes is that they tend to have less durability and offer less protection for the player’s ankles. Low-cut cleats tend to be narrower because they are designed for speed. It can sometimes be difficult to find a low cut cleat for wide feet. You may find that a wider mid cut shoe is the most comfortable option if you have a wide foot.

Consider the studs on the shoe

Studs are essential not only for avoiding slipping on the field, but also giving you the grip to power forward. Moreover, there are only two choices when it comes to studs on the bottom of the cleat:

  •   Molded studs
    Molded studs are glued onto the bottom of the shoe. They are usually made from plastic or rubber, both of which are perfectly fine for most types of play. Additionally, because they’re not removable, they tend to be the cheaper type of studs.
  •   Detachable studs
    As the name suggests, detachable studs can be removed from the bottom of the shoe and further replaced by other studs. This can be very useful because you can change the type or layout of the studs on your shoes to suit the conditions of the pitch. You can also use longer studs if playing on wet grass or in the mud. By contrast, short studs are needed when playing on artificial turf.

If you are a beginner and/or not looking to spend a lot of money on cleats, then molded studs are probably the best choice. But, if you know your team will play on both grass and astroturf and don’t mind spending more, consider investing in detachable studded cleats. Either type of stud configuration is fine for people with wide feet. Your main consideration will actually be the width of the shoe’s sole plate.

Consider the sole plate

The sole plate is the hard component of the shoe that sits underneath your foot. Some shoe designs that are designed particularly for speed will have a narrower sole plate. Your feet may fit inside the shoe thanks to a flexible upper, but if the sole plate is quite narrow, then you might still have issues with stability or comfort.

5 of the Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Here are 5 pairs of cleats that are unquestionably good for athletes with wide feet. They are all very comfortable, well-made, and will make your time on the field much more enjoyable. We’ve selected top shelf brand name shoes, but none of these none of these cleats will break the bank.

New Balance MF897 Mid Cut Football/Turf Shoe

New Balance Men's T4040v4 Turf Baseball Shoe
  • Revlite midsole
  • No-sew material application
  • Removable insert

New Balance is widely regarded to be one of the best brands for players with wide feet. In fact, most of their cleats have additional space around the forefoot. This consequently makes them quite comfortable for players with wide feet and is a great option.

The New Balance 897 football cleat is an affordable shoe with a mid-cut design. Therefore, they are perfect for players who are new to the game because they are well made and cheap. Also, because they are mid-cut, you could buy these cleats and play a variety of positions on the team. They come with a light weight and breathable synthetic/mesh upper. The molded studs are made from TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane), subsequently providing excellent traction on dry fields. This pair of cleats uses a moisture-wicking LIGHTNING DRY™ collar that will surely your feet dry in hot weather.

Under Armour Men’s Hammer Mid RM Football Cleats

Under Armour make some excellent pairs of cleats that are also perfect for players with wide feet. The UA Hammer Mid RM shoes are among their lesser know but undoubtedly well-reviewed models. This cleat comes with a durable synthetic upper for a lightweight and durable feel. Furthermore, the synthetic heel counter is there to provide additional support for your foot as well. Additionally, die-cut EVA footbed offers the right mix of comfort and stability for when you tear up the field.

The outsole has molded rubber studs, which are perfect for dry grass or artificial turf. They are a very lightweight pair of cleats that can be used by players in many different positions. These cleats are a great choice for any keen football player who wants a lightweight pair of cleats at a very affordable price.

Adidas Men’s NastyQuick Mid Football Cleats

adidas Performance Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe
  • techfit upper is engineered for natural, flexible support and a seamless, sock-like fit; QUICKFRAME TPU...
  • Upgraded DuPont Kevlar-reinforced plate is the optimum blend of light weight, strength and traction;...
  • Customizable lacing support system helps create an optimal fit to support quick moves; IRONSKIN toe cap...

Adidas is another brand that tends to have markedly more width compared to cleats from other manufacturers. The Adidas Men’s NastyQuick Mid Football Cleats are one of the best options for players who want a quality shoe. At the same time, this is a good brand and design for those who don’t want to drop too much money.

These cleats are very lightweight and therefore designed for players who want to focus speed and maneuverability.  The QUICKFOAM upper is made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials. They come with the techfit™ tongue system, which is specifically designed to protect your feet during cuts. These cleats have a synthetic overlay on both the toe and heel to protect your feet during tackles. The molded studs are designed in a unique pattern with 12 points of contact on the forefoot and also large bladed studs on the heel.

Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Cleats

This is another great pair of cleats from Under Armour most specifically for linemen. They are extremely comfortable, with the insole contouring easily to the mold of your foot. The Highlight MC upper is also quite durable and offers excellent protection for your feet.

The UA clutchfit support system offers essentially a second skin of wrapping for your foot, making this ideal for contact or falls. Despite being a high-cut cleat, they are quite lightweight.  These cleats are great choices for players of any skill level, particularly if you plan on hitting hard.

Nike Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD WIDE Football Cleat

Nike designed this pair of cleats from the ground up to suit players with wide feet. It uses a fabric and synthetic upper with the NIKESKIN crosshatch design. The hook and loop strap helps to secure your forefoot in the shoe, improving your stability.

These cleats have a low profile forefoot that makes changing direction while on the move easy. The low collar design is really good for making quick cuts as well as sharp turns. They also include a seven stud detachable TPU spike plate, delivering excellent traction. This pair of shoes is a great choice for a mobile linebacker, particularly if you’re dealing with a range of turfs.

Thanks for reading Football Cleats For Wide Feet. Do you have other favorite football cleats for wide feet? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. For more sporting equipment guides, subscribe to the blog or follow us on social media! Make sure you check out the best cleats for lineman as well.

Featured Image via Pixabay

17 Great Indoor Team Building Games

There is nothing more important than a group of people having the ability to work together as a team. That’s why every office should have some fun indoor team building games to get everyone active and working together. It’s not always easy to get people working in a collaborative mindset.

Furthermore, most offices don’t have a ton of outdoor green space readily available. That’s why indoor team building games are an essential part of your working environment. And it’s not too late to get started!

Outdoor and indoor team building games really help to promote and foster relationships. This is especially crucial where individuals need to trust one another and work together in a positive and productive manner. There are fun team building games for kids and team building games for adults. The common goal of both is to have fun and promote teamwork.

Indoor team building games help ease tension and promote a good relationship between employees or children. They can also help develop problem-solving skills, foster creative thinking, and build better communication between team members. There are many options for great indoor team building games and exercises. Below, we have compiled 17 of the best indoor team building games out there.

You can see the step-by-step instructions for these fun games and group activities below. We’re sure you’ll have a good time playing these team building games. Any great indoor team building games missing from this list? Please add your ideas to the comments at the bottom. You can always adapt games from our ultimate activities list into indoor fun.

1.) 3 Truths and a Lie

In this fun, getting-to-know-you team building activity, each person gets a chance to present themselves to the rest of the group. They will offer four personal statements to everyone, three of which are true and one which is false. The truths may be as fun and creative as you would like, or as simple as you may choose.

The lie must not be so far-fetched that it is completely unbelievable (i.e., “I swam the English Channel with my arms tied behind my back and a shark chasing me.”). Everyone should discuss what they believe are the truths and which is the lie. After they come to a united decision, the speaker will reveal if they are correct or not. 

This is a great team building game to help everyone become acquainted with one another. It also helps the quieter people of the group who may more easily remain silent, if allowed, to break out and get to be known by others. In addition, it allows the participants to learn a bit about themselves as well as others based on the lies they believed to be true.

To make this indoor team building game challenging, 3 truths and a lie is a great opportunity to present one’s most outlandish truths. This will make guessing the lie all that harder. If you’ve ever eaten a bizarre food or traveled to a remote location no one else in the office knows about, now is your time to share!

2.) Scavenger Hunt

An oldie but a goodie in the world of indoor team building games, scavenger hunts are gold for creativity and fun. You likely remember doing some sort of scavenger hunt game during your childhood. Small groups should be made to create teams that work together with the common goal of finding the objects or answers needed from their scavenger hunt list.

The answers or items being sought out should all be work or event-related, or at least serve to educate in some way. A time limit should be given for the groups to find as many objects and answers as they possibly can. Some will be quite easy, but others will really require them to work together as they will be a bit more difficult.

This indoor team building game promotes united teamwork. When the game is done, everyone will have been reminded of different work/event procedures and policies. Those policies will have been incorporated in their lists for answers or items to find. If it’s a nice day and you have outdoor space, by all means venture outside.

But, a scavenger hunt can also be a great way for new employees to get to know the office that they’ll be working in. To organize a successful scavenger hunt, you needn’t use any space beyond the working environment on hand. Good treats or prizes for the winning team are certainly encouraged. Check out more ideas for how to make the perfect scavenger hunt here.

3.) Hello My Name Is

Write adjectives describing someone’s mood or personality (i.e., happy, grouchy, negative, prankster) on name tag stickers. Be sure there are enough so that each person can have one. Then randomly hand them out or let each person draw one from a hat. Each person must then put the sticker with their assigned adjective on to their shirt and wear it. Then they need to behave as their assigned adjective during all interactions for a certain amount of time.

This is a great activity that shows each person that when we define them by a feeling – “Boy, you’re really grumpy today!” – it can actually lead us to take on that persona, whether we were feeling that way or not. This, of course, can be a good thing or a bad thing. Acting happy can, in fact, make you feel happy! This shows how behavior and actions can actually define our feelings, not the other way around. This is also one of those fun indoor team building games that lets employees showcase their acting and improv skills.

4.) Big Foot

This is a fun, albeit tricky game in which everyone must stand up in a single file line. All the players are then blindfolded so that they cannot see. They are then instructed to put themselves in line in order of smallest foot to biggest foot. Caveat: they cannot ask or state anyone’s shoe size.

This is a great team building game that demands teamwork to communicate efficiently in order to get into line properly without the use of sight or verbalizing the most basic and obvious of information: shoe size. As far as the danger level of indoor team building games, Big Foot carries some risk of injury. To reduce shin kicks, consider having everyone play in socks.

5.) See What I Mean?

In this challenging indoor team building game, one person draws a picture using only basic shapes. A volunteer then describes the picture drawn to everyone else. Without seeing the picture, each person must try to reproduce the picture based solely on what the volunteer is relaying to them. The ultimate goal is for them to be able to create the same picture.

In this game it is unlikely that anyone in the group will reproduce a carbon copy. Some pictures will be more similar than others. This activity emphasizes how very important verbal communication is, and also how it can be vastly interpreted by different people. To really drive the point home you could do a few rounds of this game. This would exhibit how some people interpret directions and communication differently from others. It also shows how certain methods are more easily understood than others.

6.) Zombie Escape

In this thrilling indoor team building game, everyone will be “locked” in a room with a “zombie.” One person will be the zombie, complete with outstretched arms and zombie noises, and they will be tied to a rope in the corner. Every five minutes the zombie will be given an extra foot of leeway on the rope, eventually being close enough to “eat” the other players.

Before the zombie gets that far, however, the group will have a series of puzzles, riddles, or clues they must complete in order to find the key and escape the room intact. This game can be made to be very similar to the “Escape the Room” puzzle houses.

This activity fosters collaborative teamwork and creative problem-solving skills under pressure.  Everyone must work together to figure out the clues in a high-stress situation in order to get out. This also helps to show which individuals have a more difficult time in stressful situations, useful for considering future assignments. By contrast, this game will reveal which people rise to the occasion under pressure, and helps to bring out real team leaders.

7.) What’s My Name?

Write the name of famous present or past figures on a name tag. You could also include types of people or jobs such as a nurse, geek, blind, homeless person, etc. Place the name tags on the backs of each person in the room so that they cannot see the name tag, but everyone else in the room can.

The group then may socialize with one another for a set amount of time. Throughout the game, they should be asking questions in order to try and figure out who they are. Others will treat them in stereotypical ways based on who their label says they are. Each person can use the answers to their questions, as well as their treatment, to ascertain who they are. Once they have correctly identified their label, they may leave the game until everyone has finished.

This is a really great ice-breaker amongst our list of indoor team building games. “What’s My Name” allows each person to confront stereotypes in the questions used and the answers are given. Additionally, it raises awareness as to how they treat others and others treat them based solely on their label. It permits each person to get a better idea of how we erroneously perceive people. The game also gives us insights into how it feels to be so narrowly characterized by a simple label.

8.) Get to Know Me!

In this activity, request everyone to pair off into twos with people they were not sitting near and/or do not know well. The pairs will then ask one another three questions: 1.) Name something that you are very proud of in your work and/or personal life. 2.) Tell something about yourself that very few people know about. 3.) Interviewers choice: any question can be asked. Afterward, each person will share with the large group what they learned about their partner.

This is a fun and effective way to get to better know your colleagues, especially those with whom you may not interact with often. For a more active indoor team building game variety, have the pairs throw a basketball back and forth throughout questions.

9.) Kid’s Stuff

For this creative challenge, you will all work together to create a board game based on the work your business or event conducts. Use basic and limited supplies, such as poster boards and markers. Have everyone work together using their imaginations to create a fun and interactive game.

The game may include questions focused on the business that must be answered at certain game spots. Also, incorporate rules that show the ways to earn/lose points or move forward/ backward. Perhaps a dice will move you forward? The sky’s truly the limit with this indoor team building game.

This exercise will force each person to work collaboratively and give their input in order to create a board game that is fun for everyone. And just like any product testing in the office, be sure to play the board game afterwards!

10.) Spider Web

In Spider Web have the group form a large circle. It may be standing or sitting. If it is a very large group, you may prefer to sit. One person will hold a large ball of twine and then tell the group an embarrassing story about themselves. Afterward, they will then hold onto the end of the twine and throw it to someone else in the circle, extending the twine from themselves to the next person.

That person will then also tell an embarrassing story about his or herself and throw the twine onward. All the while, each successive thrower has to keep a hold of it as well. This will continue until the twine has been passed to each person. Throughout the game, every person should have the opportunity to humor the group with an embarrassing personal story. The end result will produce a “spider web” out of the twine, connecting everyone to each other.

This indoor team building game shows how each person, no matter how different, is connected in one another. It also allows each person to see how everyone may have vastly different experiences. However, they all experience the same emotions and feelings, particularly embarrassment. Though you may be very different people, you are also more alike and connected than you realize.

11.) Group Timeline

Create a large timeline on a whiteboard, bulletin board, or whatever other means you may prefer. Mark the very beginning of the timeline back to when the oldest participant in the group was born. Alternatively, you could start with when the business or event was first founded, whichever occurred first. Then mark off any major milestones for the business or event. For example, you could include “Name Changed”, “Merged”, “Celebrated 50 years,” etc.

Next, allow each person in the group to mark four important moments for them on the timeline. It may be personal, business/event-related, or both. It is completely up to them how much or how little they share. As the team manager or CEO, it is largely up to you or the activity leader to set the standard.

When the timeline is completed, it will show a visual representation of your whole team and their generational experiences. This allows for dialogue on generational and cultural differences and how they affect work and communication. This indoor team building game provides an opportunity for discussion about general differences and similarities. Ideally, this activity will build empathy into your team and make everyone see each other without judgement.

12.) Plane Crash

In this team building activity you will imagine that your group was in a plane crash and are now stranded on a deserted island. This can be done as one large group or you can break off into smaller groups. The group must then choose 12 items that can be found in the building that they believe to be the most useful for their survival on their deserted island, and rank them in order of most importance to least.

This focuses on teamwork and collaboration, as well as creative problem solving and thinking outside of the box. They may very likely have to make do with items they would not pick if not so limited, so creativity is rewarded.

13.) Watch Where You Step

Make a polygonal shape on the floor using masking tape that is at least 12 feet by 6 feet. Make the outline of the shape a tad complicated. For example, select a shape that is stretched out as people will be making their way from one end to the other. Be sure there are starting and stopping points marked. Put a handful of squeaky dog toys inside of the taped shape, and at least double the number of sheets of paper, each with a huge X on them, inside of the shape. The papers are mines.

In groups of two, each person will be blindfolded and must make it from start to finish through the minefield. The only direction is from the verbal instructions coming from those who are outside of the shape and not blindfolded.

The blindfolded participants may not step outside of the shape enclosure, nor may they step on a mine. If they do, they are frozen until someone else steps on a squeaky toy in order to unfreeze them. This occurs until the entire group has had a turn to make it successfully through the minefield.

This team building exercise works on communication and teamwork. It also builds up clear diction and the ability to be vigilant with numerous actions at once.


14.) Use What You Have

In this fun game, split your group into two equal groups. Or if needed, several equal groups. Give them clear instructions for a goal in which they must create something. As to what that something is, that’s completely up to you. It may be that they must create a way to move a marble from point A to point B without the use of electricity or rubber bands. It can really be anything. Each group has the same goal and the same restrictions.

The teams are then given a specific amount of time to work and complete the mission with a particular set of supplies. They are not allowed to use any other materials, but how they use the supplies available is entirely up to them. The big reveal at the end is an exciting event and allows for friendly competition.

This activity requires teamwork in creative problem solving with limited options. It allows for the groups to see how each person thinks and works abstractly and in a time-crunch.

15.) Find the Common Thread

Divide everyone into groups of three or more. They will talk and get to know one another long enough to find a common thread amongst them. For example, they might all love zombie movies or they’re huge football fans. They will then write a list of common stereotypes attributed to people who tend to enjoy those sorts of things.

The groups will then come together and proclaim who they are as a group. For the rest of the day, each group will behave as their stereotype. Perhaps the zombie lovers will be overheard making zombie apocalyptic plans or acting like zombies. Football aficionados may randomly cheer for their team. At the end of the day, discuss stereotypes and how they often limit how we view people and their abilities. Also, discuss how each group came about discovering their common thread.

The purpose of this indoor team building game is to help everyone see how silly and limiting stereotypes are. It also shows how if people truly behaved the way we often write them off to act, things would be vastly different. It also shows how a group of seemingly very different people can have great commonalities that bring them together.

16.) Someone You Admire

This indoor team building game is as straightforward as the name. Each person will take a turn stating someone whom they admire. It may be a current person or someone from history. You could also spice it up a bit and make it someone within the group. Each person must also talk about why they admire that person. Specifically, what traits, attributes, and/or accomplishments make that person worthy of admiration should be discussed. 

This exercise really helps everyone get to know one another better and have a stronger sense of each other’s values and what attributes they find to be important. It also can help bring people closer together as they realize they respect and admire the same people.

17.) Classify This

Collect at least 20 different items and set them on a table. The broader the category, the better (i.e., jewelry, office supplies, etc.). You want for these items, at first glimpse, to have no obvious connection to each other.

Then break everyone into equal teams, armed with a pen and paper. They must then classify the objects into four groups. They may do this, however, they choose, working together, not allowing other groups to hear. Once all the groups are finished they will each get a turn explaining how they opted to group the items.

Each group may have vastly different conclusions, grouping by size, material, color, etc.This activity encourages teamwork and creative thinking. It forces them to think outside the box and rethink everyday objects and problems and find connections to things that they would typically view as entirely unrelated.

And there you have it, 17 indoor team building games! Make sure you check out our other icebreaker games as well.

The Best Card Games to Play of all Times

The Best Card Games of All Time

History of Card Playing

Many families own a pack of playing cards as there are so many fun games to explore. But have you ever considered where all of these games originated? Let’s take a look at the history of card playing and where it all began (and why)!

Earliest References for Playing Cards

Scholars believe that playing cards were first invented in the ninth century by the Chinese. Their designs and symbols resembled Chinese paper money of that time. This suggests that people traded these cards the way we trade money today. It wasn’t until the 13th century that the novelty of playing cards reached Europe.

The Europeans had completely different card styles than the Chinese. Many styles of these styles were supposedly invented by a famous knight called Etienne Vignoles. France created the four suits in the 1400’s as we know them today: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. Shortly thereafter, England adopted this same structure around the year 1462. This was right in the middle of the War of the Roses, which is often culturally connected to the symbols on modern playing cards.

That being said, Germany really took the cake when it came to printing playing cards in the highest volumes. This made card games even more popular, with a huge increase in distribution and accessibility.

Number of Cards in a Pack

It’s believed that the first deck of printed cards contained 32 in the pack. Today, we have variations from 24-52 cards per pack. Some suggest that the 52 cards were developed based on the 52 weeks in a year. If you add up the numbers in each deck, you will have a sum of 365, the exact number of days in the year.

Materials Used and Designed

In the early years, cards were printed on wood and bone. Later on, they started being printed on a wide variety of materials throughout the centuries. This variety could be seen in a variety of places like India, Persia, Egypt, and Europe. Germany, for example, used wood-cutting techniques and copper resources to create engraved picture. These pictures, made with fine handiwork, resulted in stunning playing cards. Those playing cards, then as now, made for cherished collector’s items.

When the card-playing trade landed in the United States, soldiers brought the cards home with them in their pockets. This led to cards being made out of paper. Now they’re now packaged small enough to carry with you anywhere you go.

Card symbols have drastically changed since the ancient Chinese began creating them. Historians believe that the four different suits represent four classes in Medieval society. Clubs represent peasants, diamonds for merchants, spades for the military, and hearts for members of the church.

As cards became more popular amongst gamblers, their designs simplified to not distract players. Gamblers didn’t want their opponents to see what cards they were holding, so cards developed to have stars on the back so you couldn’t see through them.

You can pick up a pack of playing cards from almost anywhere now as they’re printed on paper. Cards are now available from in standard form to themed, and you can even purchase cards with large print and braille. They might have lost their rarity, but the accessibility of playing cards today means that there are many more game variations to choose from, suitable for everyone preschool aged children to adults.

Using Playing Cards as Money

Cards have been used for playing games, generating income, and as a popular form of entertainment throughout the centuries for people of all ages.

France was the first country to use playing cards in exchange for goods due to a money shortage. Soldiers needed payment for their duties, but with no coins to hand to them, the Governor demanded all the playing cards in the colony. He then cut up the playing cards into quarters, signed and stamped them and handed them to soldiers as a form of payment. When coins finally returned to the country, people swapped their cards for money. All playing cards were then destroyed in order to stop the black market currency exchange. This exchange of playing cards crept back into the colony many years later. At that time merchants accepted the playing cards instead of money. During this time, playing cards were made out of paper – which was a rarity. So shopkeepers welcomed cards instead of money.

Using Playing Cards for Entertainment

As obtaining playing cards became easier, most people used to own a pack of cards for entertainment purposes. The King, prisoners, prostitutes, sailors, noblewomen, and everyone in between used cards to kill time and connect with others.

Playing cards also helped people of different languages communicate freely and engage in entertainment. Games are the ultimate language barrier breaker. Use this list of best card games to make international friends next time you’re abroad. Teaching a game through actions and practice is loads easier than learning or teaching a new language.

People have been known to compete with cards, seeing who could stack them into “card houses” without knocking them down. Many people use cards to perform magic tricks as well. Even to this day, playing cards are basic gameplay in households to bring people together.

Not sure how to play, or looking for a new way to play? Don’t worry. From old games to current games to games meant for solo play or playing with teams, we have you covered. Whether its games meant for children or for adults, you will find some of the best card games here. Without further ado, let’s get right to the list of the best card games in history.

Old Card Games

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy was established in 1909 and is a derivative of the original game of rummy. This game is ideal for two to six players.

Using a standard deck of playing cards, the objective is to have a sequence of cards that follow the same suit in numerical order (i.e. 4, 5, 6 of clubs or 8, 9, 10 of hearts, etc.). Alternatively, you may win by having the same number in different suits, such as a 6 of hearts, 6 of clubs, and 6 of spaces. The first person to score 100 wins the game.

How to Play

Shuffle the cards and hand out 10 cards each if there are two players, seven for three or four players, and six for five to six players. Choose a dealer.

For any excess cards, create two piles; one called a ‘stock’ where the cards are face down, and the other called a ‘discard pile’ with cards face up. Begin by taking one card from either pile.

Play continues clockwise until a person knocks on the table to end the round. The knock will indicate that the player has completed all sets in a hand and is ready to go out. Then the people lay the cards down face up while saying “Gin”.

The score is then tallied per the face value of the cards: one point for aces, 10 points for face cards, and all other cards have the value of the number on the card.  


Since 1948, Americans have enjoyed teaming up for a great game of Canasta. Using two standard decks of playing cards, including all four jokers, four people can play this game in two teams.

The object of this game is for each player to collect as many cards of the same suit. Each meld (which is a suit of card) makes up points, and the person with the highest score at the end wins canasta.

How to Play

Each player is dealt two hands out consisting of 11 cards each. The dealer must put all remaining cards face down in the center of the table, creating a draw and discard pile.

The play begins with the player to the left of the dealer and then continues clockwise with each additional player.

During each round, a player draws a card from their own pack, or chooses one from the deck For each card you pick up, you must replace with one of your own cards.

The play continues until a player goes out, and this happens if you have the lowest points for that round. The score is tallied by adding how many cards of the same suit you have, and the first team to get 5000 points wins the game.


Since the 1930’s, Spades has been a popular trick-taking card game that was invented by college students. It was created for two to seven players.

The object of this game is to have the highest number of tricks per round. A trick is matching cards by suit or number.

How to Play

Before beginning the game, players decide on a winning score. It’s typical that the first player to get 500 points wins the game.

Players have an even amount of cards, and the person with the highest card is the dealer. The next player proceeds clockwise and so forth with the aim of following suit.

If you don’t have the proper card in your hand to follow suit, you can then trump (a spade) or discard.

The person who wins the trick leads the next round, and the game continues until there are no cards left. Players cannot play a spade unless this is the only card left in their hand.

An Age of Electronics

With this electronic age, communication is almost a thing of the past. People are always looking at their phones for one reason or another, and verbal conversation is done through emoji’s and texts.

Games can be played on many devices from phones to gaming platforms, therefore, physical card playing is becoming obsolete.

There are many reasons that playing with an actual deck of cards is better than playing a virtual game over the internet.

Reality card playing gives you the opportunity to exercise your hands and brain. Eye-hand coordination is important, and watching a child’s eyes light up with excitement when they win a game against Mom is priceless.

One of the best reasons a physical game of cards is so important is the thought of bringing family and friends together for a few hours of socialization and relaxation.

A serious game of cards will keep your creative juices flowing, your brain working, and fun and laughter are the medicine to calm stress.

Single Player Card Games


Let’s begin with the ever so popular game of Solitaire. It was once a competitive two-player game that has now become a peaceful game to enjoy in your leisure time.

The object of the game is to stack all of the cards in descending order into four piles, ie. King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, etc. You can only create sufficient piles by alternating between colors.

How to Play

Start with a standard deck of 52 cards. Create seven rows with the cards face down. Add one card under the first row, two under the second row, three under the third row, and so on.

The last card on each row should be face up so you can see it. With the remaining cards, create a pile that you can use later.

With the cards laid out, see if you can move them across to each other to create a descending order; if you can’t, reach for a new card from the excess pile.

Once you’ve created a full line from King to 2, you can add these to one of the four piles accordingly.

Forty Thieves

Another fun Solitaire game is Forty Thieves. This game requires two standard decks of playing cards and a large playing space.

The object of this game is to make eight foundation piles in suit order from Ace to King. This objective is very similar to solitaire, although it’s more difficult as you have to match cards with the same suit.

How to Play

You start this game by forming 10 columns with four cards each – all of which are face up. Form a face-up pile with the remaining cards.

You can only move one card at a time into descending order. Once a column is free, you can move a single card into its place. If you’re struggling to make a move, replace this card with one from the excess pile.

The game is over when all the cards are piled in the proper order.


Play a short word game of Quiddler to sharpen your brain, while you work toward building words from all the cards in your hand. You can play this game alone, or with up to eight players.

The object of this game is to create the most words or the longest, and gain extra bonus points! Each round becomes more challenging as the number of cards dealt increase – beginning with three and ending with 10.

How to Play

Each player is dealt three cards, and the remaining cards are face down. On each hand, you have to create a word with as many of your cards as possible. If there’s more than one player, you take turns forming a word from the left of the dealer.

Each as the rounds increase, you pick up a new card from the spare pile. Scoring is like Scrabble; some of the letters are worth more points, and some letters are worth double points. The person with the highest score wins Quiddler.

If there are multiple players, the game stops when a player cannot form a word, and they’re then out of the game.

2 Player Card Games


Start with a fun and exciting game of Blink. Don’t look away because this fast-paced game moves so quickly it’s over within two minutes!

The object of this game is to get rid of your cards the quickest. Match your cards to those in the pile by color, shape or number.

How to Play

Everyone is dealt with the same number of cards to match their cards with the card on the table.

There are no turns and you can only play one card at a time to match the one at the top of the pile.

When the first person runs out of cards, the hand is over, and that person will win the game.


Another fun way to keep your hand and eye coordination in training is to play a fast-paced game of Peanuts. This is an ideal game for two players but can be just as much fun with three or more players. But the more people who play, the harder the concentration level!

The object of this game is to play cards into the middle foundation piles and score the highest points from doing so. The first player to score 150 points wins, and if multiple players reach this score, the person with the highest score overall wins.

How to Play

Each player is issued their own deck of standard playing cards. Each deck should be distinctively different from the others because they will get mixed up throughout the game.

The game begins with each person shuffling their own deck of cards and placing 12 cards down and one up in a pile of thirteen. Four more will be placed face up in four columns next to the pile of 13.

When an ace appears on the table by either player, the ace is then placed in the middle of the table for each person to build on up to King.

After each round, the cards in the middle are shuffled.


Cribbage, also known as “Noddy” in early English terms, is another card game that can be enjoyed by two people.

The object of this game is to earn points by making various combinations of cards on the pile, using a Cribbage board for making scorekeeping simple. The first person to get to 121 points wins the game.

How to Play

Each player takes a card from a pack, leaving at least four cards remaining. The person with the lowest card begins the game.

The first player presents their four cards face up to show the total numerical value. The ace counts as one, royals count as 10, and the remaining cards represent their face value.

The dealer then places a card in a pile and each player must present a card to make up to the value of 31 – but no more.

If it comes to your turn and the only cards you have left will make the total above 31, you’re out of the game.

Solid Wood Folding Cribbage Set

Purchase a Solid Wood Folding Cribbage Set and get everything you need to play the game. Although the game is intended for two people, four people can play in teams of two, and it is easy enough for anyone in the family to learn!

The object of this game is to try to build card combinations that total 15.

How to Play

Players take it in turns to create combinations that total 15 using the cards they’re handed.

If you’re unable to make 15, you’re out of that round and deemed the loser.


If you are looking for an exciting, fast-paced card game that two people can play, you will enjoy a fun afternoon with a card game of Speed. The game can only be played with two people and will be enjoyed by all ages.

The object of this game is to be the quickest to place cards in numerical order – either ascending or descending – until you have no cards left.

How to Play

The play area consists of four piles and each player is dealt five cards at the beginning of the game.

Each player then places a card on either pile in a descending or ascending order with the intention of throwing other players off.

3 Player Card Games


Karma is a fast-paced card game that can be played by three people from ages 8 to adult without a problem.

The object of this game is to play a card that is the same rank or higher than the one in the pile so that you’re left with no cards at the end of the game.

How to Play

Each player is handed three cards and any remaining cards are placed in a pile on the table.

The game begins with one card face up on the table and the player to the dealer’s left places their best card on top.

The game continues with players taking it in turns to beat their opponents’ score. You can take a chance to pick up a spare card from the pile to play that instead of yours.

The person holding the least amount of cards at the end wins the game.

Ideal Rage

Ideal Rage is another game that can be easily played with three players from ages 8 to adult. This game comes with 110 cards and is a fast-paced game of revenge.

The object of the game is to score the highest number over the course of 10 rounds.

How to Play

Before the game begins, each player will guess the number of cards they will end up with at the end of the game.

The first player will lay down a card on the table; the first card will determine trump. All players will take turns trying to lay down cards with the matching trump color. Use a Rage Action card to change the color of the trump.

Score points for using Rage cards, by guessing the number of cards you will have, and for each trick you collect.

The Oregon Trail Game

Although the Oregon Trail Card Game is for two to six players, you will have a great time playing with just three! This blast from the past game that was once played as a video game can now be played the good old fashioned way from a box.

The object of this game is to help one member of your wagon part survive and safely arrive at Willamette Valley. The game involves working together to traveling over rivers and other obstacles while fighting to survive.

How to Play

Begin the game by placing the start card at one end of the table and the finish card at the other end. Deal supply cards to each player (5 cards for 2-4 players, 4 cards for 5 players, and 3 cards for 6 players).

Each player takes a turn to connect the trial to continue the route. The first team to reach their destination wins the game.

Be careful not to die, or your name will be erased and replaced on a tombstone card!


The lively, fast-paced game of Duo will have you anxiously awaiting to play your next turn. This game can easily be played with three people, but works best for two to six players.

The object of the game is to be the first one to run out of cards by matching two out of three components on the cards.

How to Play

Each player is handed a stack of cards and the game begins with one card face up in the middle of the table.

The first player draws their card that matches by either number, symbol or color. The game continues as such. But if you don’t have a similar card to the one in the center, you must take one from the draw pile.

4 Player Card Games


Uno is a classic family card game made by Mattel. Since the early 1970’s, this exciting game has been the center of every family get together throughout the country. For an interesting twist, try the game with a partner, or compete in a tournament.

The object of this game is to match the colors and cards in your hand, being the first to lay them down on the table. Win the game by being the winner of 500 points.

How to Play

Each player begins with 10 cards. The first player must match the color of the card in the middle, or pick a WILD card.

But, if you have a round where you can’t play, you must draw a card from the excess pile.

The game continues until the winning player is left with one card, and shouts, “UNO”.

Phase 10

A great four player card game for a Saturday night get-together is the exciting game of Phase 10.

The object of this game is to complete all 10 phases of this game without getting left behind. Each time you complete a phase, you can move on to the next, but if your opponent gets stuck with cards, they must add them to their score and repeat the phase.

How to Play

Each player chooses a card from the draw pile. You then choose a card of your choice to throw to the discard pile and the game moves on to the next player.

When you receive your cards, check the card information you’re given to solve (usually a math question). With your set of cards, you want to have the correct card combinations to win that round.

Dutch Blitz

Try your hand at a fast-paced game of Dutch Blitz. This game is suited for two to four people.

The object of the game is to be the first person to run out of cards from your Blitz pile It’s a race to put the cards from your Blitz pile onto the center Dutch piles in order of the same color.

How to Play

Each player lays three cards in front of them and creates a fourth pile of 10 cards face down. Face up the 10th card so everyone can see it.

Taking it in turns, each player places one of their cards on top of the center card in numerical order. You can switch the suits at any time, so long as the cards as in numerical order.

The first person to reach 150 points wins the game.


Not Parent Approved

For a great family game night choice with the tweens, Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers will be a popular hit. Designed for four to ten players ages 8 and older, this amusing game will keep the entire family entertained for hours!

The object of this game is to fill in the blanks from the words on the cards and get the highest score.

How to Play

The cards are evenly distributed amongst players. Each round begins with a card that has a question on it.

Players present their card that has the most suitable answer on it. The player with the most question cards at the end wins the game.

Card Games for Kids

Go Fish!

Start the day off with a classic game of Go Fish! This colorful game full of excitement will have your little one fishing for the winning match! For ages 3 and older, this game can be played with three to six players.

The object of this game is to introduce little ones to numbers and teach them how to match them up while they are giggling because you have more cards than you do.

How to Play

Each player is given five cards and all remaining cards are placed face down in a pile.

One by one, each player takes it in turn to read out a question to the player beside them. The recipient then holds up the correct answer from their card selection.

If you don’t have a card that suits the answer, say “Go fish”. The game continues until people run out of cards.


Although this classic card game can be played with a standard deck of 52 cards, you will keep your child’s interest much longer when you play the Original Memory Game by Hasbro. They can play solo, or with friends. The more people that play, the bigger the challenge!

The object of this game is to match cards to similar pictures to help improve a child’s memory. For each round you get right, you score points. The person that makes the most matches wins the game.

How to Play

Each player is handed an equal set of cards out of 48, and there’s always a card in the center of the table.

As players take their turn, they put down a card that matches the one in the middle.

Smack It!

Sit down with anticipation, waiting for the first person to smack the pile with this exciting game of Smack it! The whole family will enjoy playing this fast-paced card game, and it won’t take hours to learn because it is that simple. This card can be played with a group and is recommended for ages 6 and up.

The object of this game is to teach patience and self-control to the kids, and it allows everyone to work together as a team to accomplish a goal.

How to Play

Each player takes a card from the divided piles and places it face up in the center of the table.

Everyone will anxiously wait for a smack it card to turn up, thus allowing the first person to smack the deck and win the pile.

Don’t be surprised when Grandma asks to play again, because it is that much fun!

Family Scavenger Hunt Card Game

This exciting Scavenger Hunt Card Game will have the whole family scouring to find the items listed on the cards. Everyone 6 and older will enjoy this game, but younger children could play as a “helper” for an older player. Although it should be played with at least two players, you could create a version of your own for one.

How to Play

Everyone is dealt 10 cards each, and you choose items found outdoors, or play the indoor game; that way you can enjoy the sunshine, or play inside on a rainy day.

If you can’t find an item on your card indoors or outdoors, you can pass, and the game moves on to another player (or another round, if playing individually).

These colorful cards will keep minds intrigued for hours of play!

Old Maid

This card game goes back many years and can be played with a standard deck of playing cards, but colorful games will hold the attention of a child much longer. Purchase a special game of Old Maid Illustrated Card Game that is specifically designed for children ages 4 and older, and watch their eyes light up with excitement!

The object of this game is to guess the 22 careers to help children learn different occupations.

How to Play

Evenly distribute the cards amongst players and each player holds up their card and states the occupation from the picture.

The player left with the Old Maid card loses the game.

Card Games for Adults

Never Have I Ever

Be careful what you say in the popular Party game of  Never Have I Ever. The game is best played in a group. As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Never Have I Ever is the fun game of telling the truth, but will you?

The object of this game is to be the first player to get 10 “wall of shame cards.” Remember, what that means is that the winner is the person who has done the most crazy stuff. So, if you’ve led a particularly wild life and don’t mind sharing, you’re going to do well in this game.

How to Play

Evenly distribute cards amongst all players, and take turns to read out a statement on the card.

When one player reads from the red question card, everyone else will answer the question using the best blue card they have.

If you have done the activity read out by a player, you raise your hand, or choose another method.

When the card proves that the person is guilty, the card will then go on the individual’s “wall of shame.”

This is a great game to break the ice at any party or play the game to get to know your partner better. The game can get pretty raunchy in terms of topics, so we don’t blame you for some selective lying.


Get your friends together and make it a Poker night! The game is designed for adults only (if you’re betting money), and it is best to play with poker cards designed specifically for the game.

The object of this betting game is to have the highest rank of cards. For example, the highest rank is King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and Ace, but no suit is higher than another.

How to Play

Evenly distribute cards and chips amongst all players. Take it in turns going around the table and placing a bet with chips.

You can fool other players into thinking you have bad/good cards, but how much you bet depends on your risk and the value of your cards.

After each round, everyone presents their cards to each other to see who has the highest value. Whoever does, wins that round.

There are loads of various combinations of this game that you can play. The most common hands known are ranked from five of a kind to nothing. Pro tip: if you’re new to poker, go easy on the money betting. Watch and learn from the experienced players at the table.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm the Game will have everyone shaking in their shoes when they must decide what they would do in each scenario. Gather your friends and try to relax and keep calm no matter what happens! Not recommended for players under the age of 17.

The object of the game is to collect six Situation cards, and the first person to do so wins.

How to Play

Keep Calm will give a scenario and you must figure out which one of your answer cards would best fit. The game can get pretty creative with a wide range of options.

If you are at your wit’s end, throw down a panic card, leaving everyone else in shambles!

Battle of the Sexes

What does he know about cooking? What does she know about football? Find out when you play this hilarious card game version of Battle of the Sexes. This is a fun game to play in a group, or just with the two of you (assuming you’re not the same sex).

The object of the game is to be the gender that answers the most questions correctly.

How to Play

Teams are divided by the sexes. Each team receives an equal amount of cards, each with questions on them.

In this game, the guys must answer questions that the girls will most likely know, and the girls must answer questions that the guys would know.

This would make a great after dinner game, or play as a group at the next grown-ups only party. It also makes for a fun drinking game.

Easy Card Games


Sit down, play a round, and with great luck, you will snag up a spoon! This easy card game of spoons will create a constant array of movement around the table. This game is designed for three to six players ages 7 and up, but can be played by more when using additional plastic spoons.

The object of this game is to be the first to collect the four cards you have been waiting for, and grab a spoon each round.

How to Play

The game begins by passing all the cards around the table, racing to collect four of a kind.

There is always one less spoon on the table than players. So, each round, someone is going to get left out.

For a twist in the excitement, keep score by giving each person a letter for each spoon they miss.

Keep going until the first person has lost so many times that they have the word “spoons” spelled out under their name.

Remember, it’s just a game, so there is no need to fight for the spoon until someone gets hurt.

Family Feud

Who doesn’t like the long-running television game show Family Feud? With the Family Feud Strikeout Card Game, you can play this easy game on-the-go, or at home, it’s that simple! For three or more players ages 10 and up, the cards come in a convenient box that is easy to tuck away! This is a great game for family nights, especially on a rainy day.

The object of the game is to be the team with the highest score at the end of the round. The way to win is simply by correctly answering the most survey answers.

How to Play

Players split up into two teams. It’s fun to do this by young and old, girls or both, or any random comination.

The game consists of answering the survey answers correctly. The first round is a head-to-head challenge with one member from each time.

For the second round, you’ll work as two teams to guess the survey answers. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Complete with all the survey questions and the strikes too, the whole family can enjoy this easy game of Family Feud.


Pull up a chair and stay awhile, because once you start, you will be addicted to this game of Ratuki. This fun game is easy to play and exciting to win! It’s suitable for ages 8 and up and for two to five players.

The object is to be the person who lays a 5 down on the top of the pile, and when you do, shout “Ratuki” and take the pile! The person that wins the most piles, in the end, wins the game.

How to Play

Each player is handed an equal amount of cards. Next, the dealer places one card at the center of the table prior to starting.

Start the game by building piles from 1 to 5, and try to slam the pile before your opponents. Continue stacking the cards in numerical order.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds because each card has a different way of presenting the numbers to cause confusion.


Much like Bingo, you can also Pokeno by marking spaces on a card. But the twist comes with a standard deck of cards. Between two and twelve players can enjoy this game. Adults can appreciate this game along with kids over the age of six.

The object of the game is to be the first to score a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line (similar to Bingo).

How to Play

Each person is dealt a Pokeno card printed with five rows of cards across and down that represent various Poker hands.

The dealer calls out one card at a time, and the players will match the spot on their Pokeno cards hoping to win the round by covering all five spots in a row on the card.

Several variations of this game have been played using coins in place of the chips. Additionally, you can add another twist with special games such as four corners or picture frame.

Make your next party a pokeno night!

Trading Card Games

Pokemon: Trading Card Game

Every millennial’s childhood dreams can come back to life with a classic game of Pokemon. Imagine acquiring 100 assorted Pokemon Trading Cards with a bonus of six Holo Foils free!

This is a great way to build your collection or add to the collection you have already established.

The title says it all, and with 100 of these sweet cards, you should have enough to get into the game quickly! When you have a friend gathering, this is a great way for everyone to dig out their Pokemon collection.


With a collection of 500 assorted Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you will have no problem finding the cards you need to add to your collection.

With this collection of cards, you will also get Ultra Rare and Holographic Cards with a collectible tin.

World of Warcraft

Begin with the World of Warcraft TCG Dark Portal Starter Deck.

These cards come in a hard case, and it contains the cards you will need to get started including the possibility of a few character cards, and maybe a loot card too.

This is possibly one of the most addictive games in history, but don’t be scared off. It’s also super engaging and quite fun.

DragonBall Z

This one really never gets old. Get the game going with a DragonBall Z Trading Card Game Starter Deck.

In this set, you will get all the exclusives of a starter deck.

The set includes a pre-constructed deck of 60 cards, 5 Prizm Technology cards, 4 Parallel cards, and 3 foil parallels.

Magic: The Gathering

Who could ask for more when they are offered 1000 Magic the Gathering Cards with a bonus of 25 rare cards in the same package?

Combined with revised cards, along with the latest editions, this set will make a great beginning for the new trading card player, and it will make an excellent addition to a collection that has already begun to build.

This one is the best set for the money!

Card Battle Games


With Stratego Battle Cards, you will stay busy setting up your front line for battle and defending your flag while trying to catch the enemies flag, all at the same time! For two players from ages 8 and up, this game is easy to learn and can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.

The object of this game is to have the card with the highest rank. Also, if you find your opponent’s flag, you win the game.

How to Play

Each player has eight cards each and choose five of them to place down on the battle line.

You then fill in the empty slots in your battle line by choosing a card that will make your opponent struggle.

When it’s your turn, you must move one of your pieces or you’re out of the game.

Exercise your brain and strategic skills with this battle card game.

Adventure Quest Worlds

For a great game of anything goes, this game of Adventure Quest Worlds is the best choice for a battle on battle card game. This fantasy card game is easy to play, and can be played with two people or four.

The object of the game is to line up your attack with a poison, pet, or a powerful weapon before your opponent comes at you with their own plan of attack that will backfire on you before you even have a chance.

How to Play

Each player begins with seven cards and the remaining cards are face down on the table. You then take it in turns to play as many cards you can in one go.

During your turn, you can make only one weapon, spell attack or pet attack card. Read more about how to play Adventure Quest Worlds.

Think about your strategy and remember, anything goes in this fast and easy card game.

Game of Thrones

This card game based on the super popular book and television series is out of print. However, the game is still widely available as a collector’s item. For those unfamiliar, the fantasy series takes place on the imaginary isle of Westeros. The Iron Throne is the seat of power in King’s Landing, the Westeros capital. Over millennia, more than half a dozen families have variously held onto the throne.

In the card game, you too can take up the sword as a member of any one of the major houses of Westeros. You will battle other players for control, kill competing characters, and aim for control of Westeros. It’s a fast paced strategy game especially fun for fans of the book or television series. You will continuously be trying to outwit your rivals and steal power, so its good game for competitive friends.

How to Play

The game is fairly complicated to play, with a steep learning curve. Players must provide their own decks for the game. After shuffling, players draw the top seven cards from their individual deck. You will also receive power points that can be used throughout play.

The game is played in rounds, each round divided into seven phases. Included within these phases are action moves that can be taken based on your card and character. At the outset, plot cards will be revealed by players to set down important baselines for gameplay and setting. Get the full scoop on Game of Thrones: The Card Game here.


There you have it, our definitive list of the best card games out there on the market. Now that you have all these card game ideas, you should have no problem keeping the kids busy. Whether it’s a rainy day or family game night, a lot of these card games apply to all ages. Furthermore, your friends will be begging for another one of your entertaining party game nights!

What do you think is the greatest card game of all time? Have we missed any great games or personal favorites on our greatest card games of all time list? If so, please let us know in the comments section.

All the Quinceanera Traditions

What is a quinceanera?

This article is a beginner’s guide to the Quinceanera traditions featured at coming of age parties. Quinceanera traditions can be found all over the Spanish speaking world. They are now eclipsing Sweet Sixteen as the dominant teenage birthday girl celebration in the United States. First of all, you’ve probably heard of the party name, but what does it even mean? Quinceanera is the Spanish word for a 15 year old birthday girl. In Latin American culture, the name also refers to the coming-of-age celebration that reigns in a girl’s 15th birthday party. 

This is one of the most widespread Latin American celebrations, experienced and celebrated all the way from Argentina to the United States. As we know the celebration as of today, it is a celebration that is celebrated by up to 440,000 Hispanic girls every year as they turn 15 in South, Central, and North America. It is also a tradition that dates back to the times of the ancient Aztecs.

History of the quinceanera 

Among the Aztec Indians, a girl was considered ready for marriage at the age of 15. The celebration that came to be known as the quinceanera sprang up as a result of this important age. Parents were supposed to beseech their girls to become good and outstanding wives in the future. 

In 1520, the Spanish attacked the Aztecs, invading what we now know as the modern day Mexico. They oppressed, colonized, and eventually intermixed with the Aztec people. The Spanish brought their foreign influence to the indigenous traditions that already existed among the Aztecs. These are the likely roots of the quinceanera celebrations.

Traditionally, these parties were meant for the upper-class society. This has changed as more Latin people have migrated into the United States. For these immigrants, the quinceanera is a fun and family-centric expression of their ethnic origins. The celebration is now widespread among the socio-economic classes of the USA and the Latin American region. This great event has been able to transverse boundaries and is now even celebrated in Cuba. These parties are now established as their way of celebrating the past as a girl. Furthermore, the parties serve to welcome the future as a woman. 

Quinceaneras today

The celebration has surprisingly had a rough patch with the Catholic Church. This is because the lavish air that comes with the celebration was threatening to overthrow every other celebration. The spiritual and religious aspect of this celebration is still very much honored. But, it became a problem for the church when quinceanera parties became so popular as to represent competition. The competition with religious spirit and traditional church was evident especially when quinceanera budgets rocketed beyond $25,000. Certain steps have since been taken by the church, such as blessing many quince girls at once. Another church attempt to clamp down on the competition aspect has been limiting the number of quince parties during mass.

Even these constraints have not been able to stop all the pomp and color that comes with these celebrations. quinceanera traditions, both old school and modern, are as popular as ever. 

The quinceanera industry rakes in a lot of money. The average spending today for one party runs over $15,000 per girl in the US. All this comes as a result of the quinceanera traditions involving many aspects. For example, venues are enlisted, invitations made, cakes prepared, and beverages served. Of course, the gifts for the birthday girl top the list.

Since 2007 in Mexico City, business owners and non-profit organizations have sponsored annual city wide celebrations. This allows girls of lower incomes to participate and be celebrated as well. Quinceanera inclusivity like this approach in Mexico helps reduce social inequalities, even if just for a day.

There are over a dozen fun quinceanera traditions that are worth discussing. 

The religious ceremony

The Quinceanera celebration typically begins as a mass at the Catholic Church. It is celebrated here inside the church as a mass centered on giving thanks and celebrating life. The birthday girl enters the church in a procession similar to that of a wedding. She walks in with a court of young men and women. There are usually fourteen ladies and their fourteen escorts plus the birthday girl’s parents and godparents. The girl is allowed to choose readings that she would like to read. Sometimes, she may choose to appoint a family member or members to read for her.

After the readings at mass, there is a gospel and homily performance. Next, the girl proceeds to renew the vows she made at baptism. The final step of the service is to commit herself to the Virgin Mary and most importantly, God. This is when the girl’s parents and godparents can present her with lavish gifts of all sorts.

Finally, the young lady can now make a devotion to the Virgin Mary. She does so by presenting a flower or a bouquet at the church statue where she attended her mass. The priest then has the duty of blessing the quinceanera, which is just the beginning of the real celebrations.


If however, the quinceanera is not Catholic, there are alternative churches where they can have ceremonies. They could also have the ceremony completely separated from the church service. In such cases, the families write their own ceremonies. They can even choose a family member to preside over the ceremony and even officiate all the blessings.

The quinceanera has a court of young people, as mentioned earlier, consisting of fourteen damas (girls) and fourteen chambelanes (boys). They will accompany her during the ceremony. Each of these pairs represent the fourteen years that she has lived as a child. The fourteen pairs also serve to represent the years that she is now ready to leave behind. 

Some girls will ask their family and friends to be the ones making up her court. Just like in weddings where all maids wear matching gowns, all the girls are expected to wear the same gowns. The men wear matching tuxedos or matching suits. Etiquette demands that it is the birthday girl’s duty to inform each member of her court of the clothing requirements.

The dance with dad

The dance with dad is one of the most interesting quinceanera traditions. Customarily, the first dance is usually for the quinceanera and her father. The song is usually chosen by the girl’s father and often has great significance to the pair or her life. According to tradition, this is a girl’s first public dance. After the song, the father hands the girl over to her escort to begin the next song.

At the same time, the maidens and their escorts enter the fray to join the dance. This dance also acts as an emphasis on the role of the father as the first man in the quinceanera’s life. Here are some of the most popular quinceanera father and daughter dance songs.

Another fun and interesting quinceanera tradition is the Mariachi band. They will serenade the girl the night before her party. The Mariachi band will usually spontaneously appear right in front of her house. Band music marks such a sweet welcome into the world of adulthood. Adulthood, after all, can be spontaneous too. Womanhood is full of responsibility and requires a budding quinceanera to act with maturity.

The Waltz

The waltz is a well choreographed traditional dance routine that is usually performed by the quinceanera and her court. To achieve finesse with the dance, it usually takes long and tedious months of practice. However, the many months of practice are well worth it by performance time. It is every quinceanera’s dream to make her celebration perfect. Some families even choose to hire Waltz instructors to train the court for the celebrations. It all depends on the family budget.Some birthday girls consider the waltz to be very traditional and old fashioned and it is easy to find them choosing a more modern form of dance for their court. Some choose an elegant form of waltz and blend it in with another modern choreographed type of dance. Check out some of the trending and classic waltz songs being played at quinceanera celebrations right now.

The gown

This is the equivalent of a wedding dress on a bride when it comes to the quinceaneras. This dress is typically the first adult dressing that the girl will wear. The tradition started with the Duchess of Alba in Spain many years ago. These dresses are basically made to look like princess dresses because they have layers of tulle netting. Some other girls opt for gowns made of silk or taffeta. 

The most common colors at these parties are white and pink. Some girls may opt for less traditional colors, depending on the family’s level of strictness and adherence to tradition. These colors usually stay within the pastel family to represent life. It is tricky to use any other color apart from white in some parts. This is because the color white is often valued as a color that symbolizes purity and virginity. In such places, the family of the girl face criticism should they choose any other color. 

Modesty is also required when it comes to the dressing at quinceanera ceremonies. To alleviate this tradition, some of the girls wear shawls and jackets over their dresses. Later on, after the service has ended and the true party begins, they remove them to show off their dress. Finally, some girls may prefer really modestly designed dresses only.

The food

This quinceanera tradition is usually more distinct based on a range of factors. From social class, financial resources, regional culture, and taste, the food at these parties varies. With that in mind, any quinceanera celebration is not complete without a feast. Usually, it is the girl’s family who is responsible for preparing the feast. This responsibility may also fall onto the neighbors or close friends instead. 

In this day and age, and with increasing wealth, people are able to hire the services of experts. Caterers are increasingly taking on the role of food providers during such events. Mexicans usually have a variety of foods including but not limited to chicken mole, tamales, and enchiladas. More staple foods from the area also make appearances too, like beans and rice. Further south, in Chile, the party will feature more tortillas, a baked quiche of Spanish and native origin.

At quinceaneras across the Americas, you are bound to find a variety of tacos. Another common dish is picadillo, combining beef, onions, peppers and tomatoes into a delicious mixture. Picadillo can be served as a side dish or as the filling for tamales, tacos, and other wraps. Read more about culinary quinceanera traditions here.

The cake and treats

Just like in a wedding, the cake at a quinceanera party is the centerpiece of the party. Much pomp and circumstance surrounds the quinceanera traditions when it comes to the cake display, presentation, and serving. Some prefer the almond meringue cake while others like the spongy one known as tres leches. Tres leches, as the Spanish name implies, is made up of three types of milk. This can also be provided by caterers in keeping with modern day requirements and desires.

More traditionally, the cake is often made within the confines of the home if the family is able. Customary treats at quinceanera parties include cookies known as bizcochitos. Candied meringues are also increasingly popular. Dessert is usually served after a number of games and lots of dancing has taken place, so everyone’s appetite is worked up. Check out some more popular dessert options at quinceaneras here.

Changing of shoes

This is one of the more popular quinceanera traditions at the post-service party. Just like the first father and daughter dance, parents take the lead with the shoe changing tradition. During the church service, and at the beginning of the party, the birthday girl will wear flats. At a designated time during the party, one of the quinceanera’s parents will take off their girl’s shoes.

They will replace them with a pair of heels, usually her first pair of heeled shoes. The high heels are a symbol of growth and responsibility on the girl’s part. High heels also symbolize the girl stepping up in society to become an adult woman, bride, and mother.

Toast to the daughter

The toast is yet another role played by the quinceanera’s parents. Here, her parents will make a toast to her, while emphasizing her achievements and virtues. This is their chance to praise their girl for the good work she has done in her life thus far. The toast serves as a moment of pride for both the girl and her parents. It is also important for the party’s guest to get to know her just a little bit better.

It is the final step in the quinceanera celebrations where parents have a chance to endorse their young adult. As such, there is a longstanding tradition for the parents’ toasts to go quite long. Lastly, in most Latin American countries today, the drinking age is well over 15. Therefore, the parents and adult guests will be drinking alcohol. But these days, the chances are that the birthday girl and her friends are not. 

The sponsors

In the quinceanera celebrations, as you have probably noticed, there is a lot of pomp and glory that comes with the celebrations. This means that they incur high bills in preparation for the celebration. Even rich families that throw these parties sometimes have to rely on others to help them shoulder the costs. The girl’s parents usually cover a bigger part of the bill. Traditionally, members of the family and the neighbors can help to cover the remaining expenses.

Quinceanera traditions govern that there is a collective responsibility. The party involves doing whatever it takes to make the day as special as possible for the birthday girl. Those people who agree to pay for certain aspects of these celebrations are usually called madrinas and padrinos. Madrinas and padrinos literally means godmothers and godfathers. Traditionally, the way to handle the sponsors is to ask each one of them to foot a certain bill element during the festivities. For example, some will cover the cost of the cake while the others pay for the band or DJ.

Candle lighting

Candle lighting is a quinceanera tradition that involves choosing fifteen people to carry candles. This part of the ceremony is especially emotional. It is the moment when the quinceanera honors the people she considers most vital in her life. She often selects fifteen people, including her parents, siblings, neighbors and even friends, dedicating a candle to each of them. Some girls choose to make the fourteen people her damas, with the fifteenth being her mother.

The DJ or master of ceremony usually calls up each of the fifteen members one by one. Oftentimes they play a special song for them while she presents each of them with a candle. In the process of the candle presentation, she will give a speech. Her speech reflects how each of those individuals helped her to achieve maturity and why they are special to her. In some quinceanera parties however, it can be a bit different. Sometimes the fifteen people the quinceanera chooses are the ones who will talk about her instead. 

Marking of the firsts

So far, we have seen the quinceanera as a platform for which girls emerge as adults. It is during the celebration that she has her first public dance. Further yet, quinceanera traditions hold that she wears her first pair of heels to symbolize her maturity. Many times, it is also after the first quinceanera that a girl is officially allowed to date. Traditionally, this celebration was meant to introduce the girl to the public as eligible for marriage. 

Nowadays, fifteen is rightfully considered far too young to marry. Instead, after the quinceanera, they are generally allowed to interact more with the opposite sex through dating. This was also the first time a girl was allowed to wear make-up such as lipstick traditionally. All of these allowances represent bids to mark her entry into adulthood. Today, however, you find that by age fifteen most girls already use makeup by the time of their party.

The crowning of the quinceanera

Traditionally, the parents of the quinceanera buy her a tiara and scepter as gifts for her special day. These items symbolize the girl’s coming of age, maturity and responsibility. The girl’s mother usually presents the crown passing on the torch from one generation of womanhood to another. The tiara or crown replaces a more casual headpiece that the girl wears at the outset of the party. It is at this time that the quinceanera receives her scepter. This is always a moment of pride for both the parents and the girl. The end of the quinceanera brings confirmation and hope to parents that their daughter.

Gift reception

Another major aspect of quinceanera traditions is, of course, gift giving to the birthday girl. Quinceanera gifts often symbolize adulthood and maturity. So, quinceanera gifts are usually more in line with gifts given to grownups than kids. This is where the gift of ‘the last doll’ comes in. The last doll custom probably originated from Mexico in the 19th century. Others think it came from Puerto Rico in the same era. Essentially, the birthday girl usually receives a porcelain doll dressed like the quinceanera. Some families choose to have ribbons with the girl’s name and the date pinned onto the doll. They will pass the ribbons out to guests as they leave the party as a keepsake. The girl gets to keep the doll. She keeps it as memory to mark the moment that she crossed the threshold from girlhood to womanhood.

Other gifts during the quinceanera may include a bible, medal or a cross, the rosary. People usually give the religious gifts at the church or directly after the service. It is quite common for there to be two rounds of gift giving, both the religious and the more informal.

The birthday girl’s grandparents will often give her fifteen roses during the mass. Rose petals represent sweetness while the stems of the roses represent her strength. Quinceanera parents can also choose to give the birthday girl a tiara and a scepter too. Some cultures use a birthstone and bracelet as the traditional way of representing coming of age and femininity.

Celebrating life and tradition

While a quinceanera celebration can come across as overly extravagant and very expensive, it is chock full of tradition. These quinceanera traditions are an important part of individuality just as they are celebrations of Latin American and Mestizo culture. Traditionally, Latin American societies tend to place more responsibilities on the girl once the ceremony is over. She is now more deeply immersed in family household duties. 

The girl, now a woman, is expected to cater to family needs when she can. She can volunteer in more adult ways demanding more responsibility. And, fairly soon, she will be eligible for marriage in the community’s eyes. After this, tradition holds that the young adult will live a dedicated life full of morality and devotion.

Kids don’t have to face the same high and strict expectations. But for adults, such actions lead to a more wholesome life. The quinceanera is a form of giving thanks to God for enriching the lives of young people. Further, the mass and celebration also thanks God for guiding them into and through adulthood, along with life’s challenges. 

The fact that the first stop of the quinceanera is a church says a lot about this ceremony. Ultimately, organized religion and spirituality form the roots of quinceaneras. This continues to be important in sustaining values. Vows, at least as intended, maintain uprightness and purity into adult life. In many quinceanera held by religious families, the new fifteen year old will make vows to God before the congregation. This is an opportunity for the girl to showcase her personal values as well as her own goals for the path ahead. 


Quinceaneras are binding events for family, friends and neighbors, coming together to celebrate their girl. Many of these same people also come together well beforehand to jointly plan the celebration. Quinceanera traditions promote cohesion and unity through the planning process.  Just as in other collectivist societies, everyone involved in the quinceanera is responsible for a small contribution. This communal approach is often the only way that such big and successful parties can be put together. 

Because of the cost and resources involved, family income is a huge determinant in what the party will look like. Richer families certainly tend to hold bigger and better parties than those less privileged families due to money and resources. That is why some cities, like the Mexican capital, took interventionist measures to spread the joy of quinceaneras to everyone. For the most part, NGOs and sponsors representing the economic elite have made these large contributions.

The quinceanera traditions that we’ve showcased here are important parts of culture, but they’re also really fun. These parties are a lifetime highlight for Latin American women and their close friends and families. In conclusion, they are also a great opportunity to share incredible local foods and show off some great dance skills.

What are your favorite quinceanera traditions or stories from your experiences at these Latin parties? Do you have a favorite quinceanera dish recipe you’d like to share? Looking for gift ideas to bring to a quinceanera? Please leave your thoughts on our comments section.

41 Fun Youth Group Icebreakers

Do you run a youth group? In need of some youth group icebreakers to get meetings off to the right start? Oftentimes, a youth group brings together young people from different parts of the community who don’t know each other. Many church leaders who work with youth choose to start a service with an “icebreaker.”

These can be questions, get-to-know-you activities, or even just silly games. However, youth group icebreakers should always come with a purpose. Even the most absurd of games can lend to the theme of a message of that day. They also have the added benefit of expelling some of the energy that would later lead to distractions during the service. Enjoy these fun activities with your youth group!

Youth Group Icebreaker Name Games

Sometimes when a lot of new kids have begin attending service, it is good to welcome them to the group with a name game. Getting everyone familiar with each other, and starting with the basics of knowing names, is crucial to good teamwork.

Whomp Em

Whomp Em is a fun circle game. Have everyone stand in a circle. One player is chosen to stand in the middle with a pillow. The player in the middle can only get out by hitting someone in the knees with the pillow. Then they say their name and someone else’s name in the circle. This game is great at relieving excess energy and can go on for a while without getting old. Make sure you set the rule that no one can say the same name twice.

Bumpity Bump Bump Bump

Just like Whomp’ Em, in this game, everyone but one stands in a circle. The person in the middle says the name of someone in the circle followed by “Bumpity bump bump bump.” The person whose name has been called must say the names of the people on either side of them. Pick a random word (spaghetti, ribbit, etc.) that either a facilitator or the person in the middle can shout out at any moment forcing everyone to move elsewhere on the circle and learn new names.

Getting to Know Each Other Youth Group Icebreakers

Even the most close-knit of youth groups will face the drama that comes with being a young person. Playing get-to-know-you games can help the kids in your youth group to identify their similarities and differences. This is critical in teaching them how to work together.

Speed Friending

Speed Friending is much like speed dating, but without the extra awkwardness! Set up several small tables with two chairs at each one. Players get a set amount of time to talk to each other before the facilitator blows the whistle and they must move on. The time should vary with the age group. 7 minutes is perfect for high school students. Be sure to provide some topics for discussion on the table. This avoids situations where the pairs feel under pressure about coming up with original topics.

Question Web

Provide a list of questions (like “Where in the world would you most like to travel?” or “What three books would you want to have on a desert island?”) that everyone can see. There should be at least one question for each player. Have players sit on the floor, with one having a ball of twine or yarn. Have that player answer a question from the list. Then have them look at another player, call their name, and throw the ball of yarn at them while holding on to an end of the yarn. By the end, everyone will know a little more about the others in the group. You will have formed a “friendship web” in the meantime, which makes for great social media picture posts to remember good youth group icebreakers.


Provide notecards and pens for everyone in the group, then have them write down one or two “If” questions. Examples could include: “If your house was on fire and you could only save one possession, which would it be?” “If you had to save ten animals for Noah’s Ark, which ones would you save?” Shuffle the notecards while scanning for naughty questions to censor, then set them in a pile in the middle of the circle. Have everyone pick a random question from the pile to answer. One way to keep this more engaging is to have one person pull a question and then ask anyone else in the circle that question.

Name that Person

Divide the group into two teams. Have everyone write down five things that few people know about them, in order of difficulty. Gather the cards, keeping them separated by teams. The other team gets to guess who it is, receiving five points if the first guess is right and one point less for each clue after that. The team with the most points at the end wins. This game can be a great youth ice breaker in talking about how no one really knows a person truly besides themselves and God.


Provide the group with paper, paints, markers, and other craft supplies. Have each person design a flag that represents them. At the end, have everyone share their flags with the group. Each person should take turns discussing why they chose the symbols on their flags. This is one of several youth group icebreakers on this list that’s better for younger aged groups.

Line Up

This game is best with a large group. Tell the group that, without speaking, they have to line up in order of height. Once this is done, try lining up alphabetically by first name, last name, or even birthdate. The group will have fun figuring out how to communicate with gestures. To keep the pace up and the laughs flowing, play some music and put them on a timer.

Sit Down If

This game is great if you need to keep your audience in a seated formation. Have everyone stand up. Then proceed with statements that start with “Sit down if. . . ” The statements can get pretty silly, such as “Sit down if you’ve ever eaten a bug.” The last person standing gets some sort of prize or designation.

Seven Word Biographies

Explain to the group that they must sum up their entire life in seven words. For example, “Born. Boring career. Found God. Changed Forever.” Many ice breakers ask for opinions, but few ask about a person’s entire life. This is great for the group to get to know each other, but also for the leaders to better understand where the members of their group are coming from. This is also a good opportunity for you to quickly identify any major concerns or problems with your kids.

Image via Unsplash

Shuffle on Over

Have the group stand in a circle, and then place their shoes in front of them. One pair of shoes is removed, making one less spot than there are players. One player stands in the middle and says, “Shuffle on over if. . .”, ending the statement with something that applies to them. Everyone who agrees with the statement must run to a new spot. It’s important that you tell them they’re not allowed to the next spot over from them. Whoever is left without a spot is the next person to say “shuffle on over. . .”. As a group, come up with a funny catchphrase to say to make everyone run around!

Concentric Circles

This game is great for large groups. Form two circles, one within the other, of equal size. Players across from each other are partners. A leader asks a question such as, “which activities are you involved with at school?” The partners give each other the answer to that question. Then the leader says, “Switch!” The outer circle revolves one spot, giving everyone a new partner. A new question is asked, and the game continues until everyone has spoken to each person in the other circle.


The group sits on the floor in a circle. A toaster is in the middle, along with a facilitator, bread, and several toppings. Make the toppings as unique as possible. Start with sweets, but also include random things like really spice sauce. Why not add some marmite too to keep things interesting? Everyone takes turns sharing interesting facts about themselves. The goofier, the better! Whoever is talking when the toast pops up must eat the toast with one of the toppings. With each piece of toast, the toppings will get stranger and players will state facts more quickly to avoid them! Be absolutely sure to check for food allergies before playing this game. Your youth group icebreakers should never end in hospitalizations!

Entertaining Youth Group Icebreakers.

Before a more serious service, it can be good to play something lighthearted. More silly youth group icebreakers can help everyone feel more comfortable around each other and keep them coming back each week.


Have everyone sitting or standing in a circle. In the middle of the circle, place three articles of clothing, such as a large sweater, a scarf, and a hat. Also add in some delicious but difficult to chew food, such as marshmallows or chocolate. Taffies are also a great choice. One player receives two dice. When he or she rolls doubles, they will pass the die and run to the middle of the circle. Next they quickly throw on the clothes there and attempt to eat as much food as possible. You can make this game even more difficult by making players pick up the food with a fork or chopsticks. The only goal of the game is to eat some of the food before it is all gone!

Ping Pong Ball Messages

Write the letters to a message on ping pong balls, and place them in a bucket. The bucket can be filled with water or slime, depending on how gross you want to make it. Pudding and green food dye is a good way to keep things marginally gross. To make the process go faster, also include blank ping pong balls for the spaces in between words. If you have a larger group, have the same message in several buckets, and have the team that unscrambles the message the fastest win! This is a great way to introduce the verse of the day.

Octopus Tag

Have everyone form a pair that links elbows. One pair is “it” and has to chase after all the other pairs. When they catch another pair, the pairs link elbows, forming a group of four. They must stay together for a tag to count, and only the people on the end can tag. The winners are the pair of people who are still free! This is a fun youth group icebreaker for keeping everyone active while also building teamwork.

French Charades

This game is a mix of Telephones and Charades. There are two teams, with each person on each team numbered. The first person on each team goes outside of the room to hear a situation that they must act out without words. Biblical stories are, of course, great to incorporate into this game to keep things relevant. The second person on the team goes outside of the room to see the first person act out the situation. Then the third person watches the second person act, and so on. It goes down the line and the team that is closest to guessing the actual story at the end is the winner.

Best Meme Contest

Bring funny pictures of the youth group leaders along with any submissions from your group members. Have the players look at the picture and then write a clever meme for each one. They can work independently, but this is more fun as a team or pair activity. Establish a point system for first, second, and third funniest memes. Bonus points for humorous and appropriate biblical references. The player or team with the most points at the end wins!

Sock Wars

Everyone takes their shoes off and leaves them to the side. Now players must crawl around, trying to pull off other people’s socks. The last person to still have one or both socks on wins!

Church Scavenger Hunt

A church scavenger hunt requires a lot of advanced planning, but it’s great for having kids who only come to church on Wednesdays get to know the place better. You can also put secret messages related to biblical stories or prizes in different fixed locations.

Image via Unsplash

Clothespin Mixer

Each player attaches five clothespins to their sleeves. The goal is to get their clothespins off of their sleeves and onto someone else’s by the end of the time. If this game is played at a lock-in or other more laid-back event, it’s a great way to keep an on-going source of competition. Make sure you color code the clothespins so that you can figure out where each one came from.


Break everyone out into even groups. The facilitator yells out words that are frequently featured in popular songs. Groups win a round by singing a song with that word in unison. This game is sure to be popular with anyone who has watched Pitch Perfect! If your organization does lots of songs, then this is a great youth group icebreaker for new members not comfortable singing yet.

Act & React

Players pick a scenario from a hat and the player must act out the emotions from that event. For example, someone who picked “about to get married” might act fluttery and nervous. Other players guess what is happening. To make the game even harder, make the rule that the actor can’t talk.

Birdie on a Perch

Everyone pairs up and decides who will be a birdie and who will be a perch. Then form concentric circles, with the birdies on the outside and the perches on the inside. Have the birdies walk clockwise and the perches counter-clockwise to music. When the music stops birdies must run to their perch (their partner’s knee). The last pair to find each other is out. The winners are the pair that find each other first in the last round.

Cinderella’s Shoe

In this game, partners sit next to each other in a circle. One partner is blindfolded. The partner who is not blindfolded must throw their shoe in the middle of the circle. The blindfolded partner must go to the middle of the circle to receive the shoe with only their partner’s voice to guide them. This is a great partner activity to get group members familiar with and trusting of each other.

Image via Freepik


Have out several rolls of toilet paper and a few people who volunteer to be mummified. Form equal teams around each mummy. The first team to completely wrap their mummies with toilet paper wins! Be sure to take some pictures. You can turn this into a game of tag afterwards to increase the scare factor.

Freeze Dance

An oldie but a goodie. Play some funky music and have everyone dance. When the music stops, the players must too. Anyone caught moving with no music playing is out! If you have a lot of new members, add a rule that the person who it out has to share a story or fact about themselves.

Strange Disease Diagnosis

A player who has volunteered to be a doctor leaves the room while the patients decide what cooky disease they have. Explain that it should be fictitious. Something like thinking they are goats or being allergic to air. Bring the doctor back in and let the insanity ensue!

Weird Talent Show

This is a great game to bring people up to the front. Host a talent show for people with weird talents or attributes. This a chance for youth group members with extremely long fingers or an ability to burp the alphabet to finally be in the spotlight.

Zoom-In Game

Here is a short game to bring attention to the front of the room. Project an image of a zoomed-in object. Have everyone guess what it is and throw prizes to whoever guesses right first.

Image via Freepik


Everyone is blindfolded and assigned to an animal. They have to make that animal’s sound and group themselves with other people around them who are the same animal. This is a fun game that is sure to bring laughs. Have people take their shoes off first to avoid injuries. Clear any chairs and desks to the sides of the room so everyone has space to move around.


Everyone sits in a circle, looking at the ground. On “Heads Up,” they must look up into someone’s eyes. If two people are staring at each other, they must both scream and get out of the circle.

Killer Wink

In this game, one of the players is selected to be the murderer. Do so in such a way that players cannot tell who is chosen, perhaps by handing out slips of paper, one indicating that the player is a murderer. Players can either form a circle or just mingle about. Any player who is winked at by the murderer must wait five seconds and then die a fantastic theatrical death. A Player who thinks they know the murderer can raise their hand and say, “I accuse.” They ask for someone to second them without either naming who they will accuse. Then both accusers count to three and point to who they would like to accuse. If the two point to different people or both accuse an innocent person, both accusers die. Two accusers must point to the killer for the killing spree to end.

Outdoor Youth Group Icebreakers

If your church has an outdoor space, make the most of it! Outdoor games are great for expelling excess energy, and you will notice the improvement in behavior during the service!

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a great outdoor game, even for kids somewhat intimidated by sports. It’s non-contact sport with pretty simple and straightforward rules. To start, a team is chosen to pass the frisbee to the other side. The holder of the frisbee cannot take a step, although they can pivot. Points are only scored when a player passes a frisbee to a teammate in the end zone. Vary how many points are needed to win by how much time you have.

Big Bad Wolf

Have one player volunteer to be the wolf. The wolf stands apart from the other players (“the sheep”). On go, the wolf runs and tags as many players as possible before they cross an established safe line. Players who are tagged help the wolf tag more sheep in the next round. The winner is the last sheep left whom the wolves haven’t tagged.

Constant Contact

This game is great for smaller groups or for large groups broken up into teams. Have everyone on a team in a line with their feet touching. The goal is to cross a finish line. The catch is they can’t move forward unless everyone’s feet are connected to the group. A third party watches and blows a whistle when anyone has broken contact. At this point, the entire group must go back to the starting line and start over again.

Image via Unsplash

Ostrich Tag

Choose 1-2 hunters (depending on the size of the group) to try to tag the rest of the group (the ostriches). When an ostrich senses a hunter nearby, he must stick his head into the snow and thus avoid getting captured (or maybe just the top of his snow cap, depending on the weather). Make sure that it is a warmer day and the snow is soft.

Lawn Twister

Play a giant game of twister! All you need are stencils, spray paint, and a lawn. This is a great summer game—just make sure everyone is dressed modestly.

Frozen T-shirt Game

Play this game on a hot summer day! Soak t-shirt for each contestant in water and freeze it overnight. Each contestant receives a bag with a frozen t-shirt. Whoever can get the shirt on the fastest is the winner.

Giants, Wizards, Elves

Essentially a giant game of Rock Paper Scissors, this game is a riot to play. Divide the group into two equal teams. Instead of rock, paper, or scissors, a team can choose to be giants, wizards, or elves. Giants stand on the toes and roar, wizards cast a spell and say “shazam,” and elves cup their hands over their ears and say “EEE!” Giants beat elves by crushing them, elves beat wizards by outsmarting them, and wizards beat giants by casting a spell on them. Before a round, teams huddle and choose a creature. Then the troops gather across from each other. The team that chooses the winning creature runs and tags as many of the other team as they can. Tagged people join the other team. The team that captures everyone is the winner!

Everybody’s It

In this version of Tag, everyone tries to tag everyone else. Everyone who is tagged must sit down, and the last person standing is the winner. It can go by fast, so it can be fun to hold several rounds.

There you have it, 41 Youth Group Icebreakers that are sure to keep everyone moving and having fun. Check out our extensive list of icebreaker questions for more tips on keeping things upbeat. Remember, safety first, but fun in close second. Amend any one of these games to include biblical and other learning references as you wish.

What is your favorite game from this list? Have you had fun with other youth group icebreakers? Please let us know in the comments section!

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Best Board Games for 3 Year Olds


The Best 5 Board Games for 3 Year Olds

There is nothing better than family game nights, especially while your kids are still young. Get the fun started early, with a great batch of board games for 3 year olds. Once our kids hit the teenage years, it can be hard to keep everyone together. So start early!

Oftentimes, parents are apprehensive about playing board games with preschoolers. Don’t get too caught up with the negatives. Preschool age is the best time to have them associate simple rules with having fun. 

Board games geared towards the 3 year old crowd are often team games or games featuring easy competition. Board games for 3 year olds can offer great learning opportunities for all sorts of things. Whether its numbers, letters, colors, vocabulary, or critical thinking, board games for 3 year olds are good brain builders. 

Here are our 5 favorite board games for 3 year olds. You should consider any one of these for your little one’s next birthday or surprise present.

Our top Board Games for 3 year olds 

best board games for 3 year olds
Peaceable Kingdom Feed the Woozle Educational Insights The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game Hi Ho Cherry-O Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up! Award Winning Preschool Skills Builder Game Wonder Forge Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It
2-5 players 2-4 players 2-4 players 2-6 players 2-6 players
For ages: 3+ For ages: 3+ For ages: 3-6 For ages: 3-5 For ages: 3+
Cooperative game? Yes Cooperative game? No Cooperative game? No Cooperative game? Yes Cooperative game? Yes
Teaches: Counting, Dexterity, Motor Skills, Balance, Body Awareness Teaches: Colors, Matching Teaches: Colors, Counting, Matching Teaches: Color-matching, Balance Teaches: Counting
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
  • best board games for 3 year olds

  • Peaceable Kingdom Feed the Woozle Award Winning Preschool Skills Builder Game
  • 2-4 players
  • For ages: 3-6
  • Cooperative game? Yes
  • Teaches: Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Counting
  • Check Price
  • Educational Insights The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game
  • 2-4 players
  • For ages: 3+
  • Cooperative game? No
  • Teaches: Colors, Matching
  • Check Price
  • Hi Ho Cherry-O
  • 2-4 players
  • For ages: 3-6
  • Cooperative game? No
  • Teaches: Colors, Counting, Matching
  • Check Price
  • Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up! Award Winning Preschool Skills Builder Game
  • 2-6 players
  • For ages: 3-5
  • Cooperative game? Yes
  • Teaches: Color-matching, Balance
  • Check Price
  • Wonder Forge Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It
  • 2-6 players
  • For ages: 3+
  • Cooperative game? Yes
  • Teaches: Counting
  • Check Price

Peaceable Kingdom Feed the Woozle

best board games for 3 year olds

To start with, we’ve put Feed the Woozle at the top of our board games for 3 year olds recommendations because of the fun factor. It teaches your young one dexterity, gross motor skills, body awareness, balance, language development, and counting! First, it’s incredible that a simple board game can do so much for the development of a child. Plus, it offers enough variation for a multitasking parent to stay relatively engaged. 

The idea behind this game is that the “Woozle” loves eating hairy pickles and fuzzy donuts. Accordingly, and working together, players help feed him 12 crazy treats before all of the snacks are gone.

One of the best parts about Feed the Woozle is that it can grow with your child, because it has three different levels. Feed the Woozle makes a good board game for 3 year olds, but you could start your 2 year old off with this too. The game doesn’t require any reading, so even very young children can participate in this game! In additional to all of the wonderful developmental benefits of this game, children will also learn how to take turns. So if you have kids spaced apart by a year or two, this is a good way to help them guide in social skill development. Feed the Woozle is also a nice game for the kids on early age playtime get togethers.

Cooperative games such as this one are known to support emotional development, positive self esteem, shared decision making, and creative problem solving. They can also develop a sense of community through a non-stressful play environment.

Your child is sure to love playing this game, and you’ll have fun playing with them! The best part about it is that you’ll get to directly see the benefits that they gain from it.

Educational Insights The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game


Depending on where you live, there’s a good chance your child has already been exposed to outdoor animals. Maybe you have a cat or dog in the house who goes nuts watching squirrels from the kitchen window. Either way, the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is a good segue into teaching your kids about the great outdoors. 

This can be a thrilling and multi-functional board game for 3 year olds. The squirrels are hungry and it is up to the players to collect five acorns in order to win.

Each player takes turns spinning the spinner and then using the large squirrel tweezers to retrieve an acorn and put it into the matching color on their own log.

Not only does this exciting game help to teach colors and matching, it also helps to teach strategy with options like “lose” “steal” and “pick” an acorn. The use of the squirrel tweezers helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

This game also helps with great social skills like turn-taking and good sportsmanship. So, it’s great for playing amongst siblings and little friends. Keep in mind, the “acorns” that come with the game are small and can present a choking hazard. If your child is still in the stages of eating random objects, wait a few more months on this one.

Hi Ho Cherry-O


A fantastic fall activity for the little ones is going fruit picking. This might be in an apple orchard if you live in the right climate, or maybe an orange grove. The late stage toddler years are formative. So, board games for 3 year olds that offer fun introductions to the outside world are particularly beneficial. 

Hi Ho Cherry-O is a timeless classic game for 3 year olds and preschoolers that makes counting fun for everyone!

Each player chooses a fruit (cherries, blueberries, oranges, or apples) and races to fill their fruit basket first. Turns are taken with the spinner where the player gets to count the number and put that number of fruit into their basket. Otherwise, their basket spills or a bird eats a piece of fruit, and they must return fruit to the tree. Whichever player fills their basket first wins!

This fun game teaches social skills such as turn-taking, patience, and good sportsmanship (not everyone is the winner!). Furthermore Hi Ho Cherry-O helps to teach and reinforce math skills like addition and subtraction in an exciting way.

Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up! Award Winning Preschool Skills Builder Game


Stack 12 blocks before the Stack Smasher comes!

In this fun, low-stress, cooperative game, players work together to stack 12 blocks before the Stack Smasher smashes their tower. To begin with, they spin once to find out which color of block they must add to the tower, and spin again. On this second spin, they’ll get a tricky challenge for adding the block. One challenge might be putting the block on top of the stack with their eyes closed.

There are three levels and sets of directions to play this game so that it grows with the children and their abilities. Stack Up! is the kind of game that can still be lots of fun to play for several years.

Stack Up! teaches great hand-eye coordination for kids, as well as color matching and balance. Lastly, it’s a great game for reinforcing teamwork in a playful and positive manner.

Wonder Forge Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It


This game includes a game board that is over six feet long! In summary, players will have to work together as a team while they bustle through Richard Scarry’s World of Busytown on an adventure. Throughout the game, they’ll be searching for secret objects.

Pig Will and Pig Won’t are on a task to gobble up all the food on Picnic Island. It is the players’ goal to find all the hidden objects in Busytown before the piggies eat everything. Each player takes a turn spinning the spinner in order to make a move. The players aim to make it onto the ferry and to Picnic Island before the pigs have devoured all the food. Finally, once they’ve escaped to the ferry, they win!

Teamwork is imperative for this interactive and engaging game, and it also teaches counting and turn-taking. This age is a truly critical time for connecting your child with the idea that success often depends on cooperation. If your kid can enter preschool with a team player mindset already grained, they’re on the right track. 

Furthermore, this is a great board game for 3 year olds because it presents a truly imaginative world. Every parent wants their kids to have a budding imagination to keep the creative juices flowing.

Board Games for 3 Year Olds: Final Thoughts

If you are ready to introduce board games to your little tyke, go ahead and play one of these great games. Any one of them is sure to be a hit with your kid and with you too. As a rule, for parents, it’s important to stay engaged with your child when you’re playing. Undoubtedly, all parents have to multi-task here and there, but you want to be sure your kid is on the right path. Therefore, when you’re playing board games with your 3 year old, leave the phone in the next room.

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