7 Best Cooler Ice Packs of the Year | Reviews and Buying Guide

Having the best cooler ice packs for keeping food fresh can make the difference between a relaxing family vacation and a bitter one. It can also encourage you to pack lunches rather than wasting money unnecessarily at restaurants.

As many of us are aware, true happiness starts with a pampered palate and a full stomach. Not only is it important to eat regularly in order to maintain energy levels, but many foods that are healthy for you require refrigeration. After all, we know how crucial it is to get the best lunch boxes and keep them close to enjoy our fresh meals and cool beverages no matter if we go to work or take a road trip with the gang!

If it causes you to make healthier choices in your diet, having the best cooler ice packs could even prolong your life! Is that a stretch? We don’t think so. So let’s see some of the best cooler ice packs the market has to offer this year!

Best Cooler Ice Packs: Comparison Table


Answering Some Chilling Questions about Cooler Ice Packs

three cooler ice packs

Image: CC BY-SA 4.0, Santeri Viinamäki, via Wikimedia Commons

Finding the best cooler ice packs may not seem like a particularly complex task.

However, the savvy shopper knows that every purchase is an opportunity for finding a great value. Plus, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve bought something you don’t enjoy using. For this reason, getting the best cooler ice packs is just as important as buying the best insulated lunch boxes on the market.

In conclusion, being informed on the subject of best cooler ice packs is of the utmost importance. So, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ice coolers!

What are Cooler Ice Packs?

Cooler ice packs are an alternative to ice for keeping your food and drinks cold. To use them, stick them in your freezer to freeze them prior to taking them out of the house. Then, simply place them in your cooler or even your lunch box and let them work their magic. The best cooler ice packs will fit easily into your cooler and stay frozen for hours. The definition of cooler ice packs is as follows:

An ice pack or gel pack is a portable plastic bag filled with water, refrigerant gel, or liquid. Ice packs are used in coolers to keep perishable foods (especially meats, dairy products, eggs, etc.) below the 5–75 °C (41–167 °F) danger zone when outside a refrigerator or freezer, and to keep drinks pleasantly cool. The amount of ice needed varies with the amount of food, its initial temperature, the thermal insulation of the cooler, and the ambient temperature and exposure to direct sunlight. Ice initially well below freezing temperature will last a little longer.

What Are Cooler Ice Packs Made Of?

Cooler ice packs generally consist of some combination of refrigerant gels, water, and other liquids. The exact concoction varies from pack to pack, but common ingredients include hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium polyacrylate, and vinyl-coated silica gel. A plastic bag or thick plastic case is usually what holds the mixture.

How Do Cooler Ice Packs Compare to Dry Ice?

a cube of dry ice

Image: CC BY-SA 4.0, KarolinaHalatek, via Wikimedia Commons

Dry ice has many advantages when used properly.

For example, it can be cheaper in large quantities and is better for the environment because it evaporates.

However, its incredibly cold temperatures are only suitable for freezing items. Additionally, there are a lot of rules when it comes to using it. Therefore, cooler ice packs are the best alternative.

Are Cooler Ice Packs Toxic?

Generally speaking, cooler ice packs should contain non-toxic refrigerants. That is vital because a puncture in the pack could allow the chemicals to leak onto your food. The best cooler ice packs never use toxic refrigerants, but it’s good to double-check just in case.

How Long Do Cooler Ice Packs Last?

The best cooler ice packs last around 24 to 36 hours, although there are ways of making them last longer. The exact time depends on a number of factors and isn’t just limited to the quality of the ice pack.

In comparison, ice cubes typically last less than a day and may even melt within an afternoon at the beach.

Why Do Cooler Ice Packs Last Longer than Ice?

soda in can inside a cooler with ice

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Ice packs are denser than pure water, which means they have more mass to absorb heat. Additionally, the refrigerants in them help to absorb heat.

Ice that’s submerged in water also has the effect of melting faster, assuming the air and water are the same temperatures. So the more ice that melts, the faster the rest of the ice follows.

Finally, with ice cubes, all six sides of the cubes are melting simultaneously. Multiply that by the number of cubes in the cooler, and there is much more exposed surface area than ice packs.

That’s also why a block of ice with a volume of 10 cubic inches will last longer than 10 ice cubes that are each 1 inch.

Can I Use a Combination of Ice and Ice Packs?

Yes, it’s certainly not uncommon to use both ice and ice packs simultaneously in coolers. Ice packs can be an expensive upfront cost, but some are better than none. If you prefer to build your collection over time, use the best cooler ice packs in combination with ice to make the ice last longer.

Do the Best Cooler Ice Packs Have Any Other Benefits?

Yes, the best cooler ice packs are good for more than just staying frozen longer.

They’re more organized than dealing with a jumbled up bunch of ice cubes. It allows you to pack your cooler more neatly, which utilizes space more efficiently. They also take up less space in your freezer.

Since many cooler ice packs are reusable, you’ll end up saving a ton of money on ice in the long run.

How Can I Make My Ice Packs Last Longer?

There are many ways to extend the time it takes your ice packs to melt.

1. Pick a High-Quality Cooler

A quality cooler is the number one way you can make your ice packs last longer. These coolers are heavily insulated so that the cold air is trapped within the cooler and takes much longer to dissipate. Stick with us after our list of the best cooler ice packs for information on how to choose a quality cooler.

2. Place the Cooler in the Shadows

In case it doesn’t go without saying, ice packs will stay cold longer if you keep the cooler in shady areas away from the sun. The less difference there is between the inside and outside temperatures, the slower the cold will escape. You could even place your cooler in a cold river or bury it underground to keep your ice packs from thawing. Some people might question your sanity, though. On the other hand, when you are the one providing cool drinks during the campfire games you play with your friends on the beach, nobody will ever question your knowledge and skills.

3. Keep Your Cooler Chilling Out, as Crazy as It Sounds

Pre-chill your cooler, so it’s already nice and cold when you add your ice packs to it. About eight hours prior to leaving the house, add frozen ice packs to your cooler while more packs stay in your freezer.

Right before leaving, take your freshly frozen ice packs and load up the cooler. Use the packs you used to chill your freezer in a drink cooler or leave them behind. In any case, by chilling your cooler in advance, you’ve probably added about 12 hours to the cold retention time.

4. Chill the Food As Well

If pre-chilling your cooler will make your ice packs last longer, it follows logically that keeping your food as cold as possible will have the same effect. Freezing food and non-carbonated drinks will lower the ambient temperature of the cooler. At the same time, the food itself will last longer because it will take time to thaw.

5. Do Not Leave Your Cooler Open for Unnecessary Amounts of Time

Another way to ensure you get the most out of your ice packs is to reduce the amount of time you leave the cooler open. Leave any items in your cooler that you grab regularly in places that are easily accessible and picture where the item is before opening the cooler. That way, you shouldn’t need to open the cooler for more than a few seconds in most cases.

Since it’s less essential to keep drinks cold, you may want to keep them in a separate cooler from your food.

6. Add More Cooler Ice Packs to the Mix

In this case, the goal is to avoid becoming a puddle. Imagine a bunch of snowmen huddle together to stay cold on a late-winter day. If you’re more concerned with keeping your food cold than saving space, you can increase the number of ice packs to significantly extend their cold retention. Theoretically, you could even have one cooler filled entirely with icepacks, and they would probably last for days.

7. Pack the Cooler Up Like There’s No Tomorrow

Coolers that are packed to the brim with items will stay cold longer because air won’t be able to travel as freely. Packing your coolers this way while keeping your most used items accessible is an art. However, it’s absolutely necessary to get the most out of your best cooler ice packs. Use frozen water bottles to fill those odd spaces where nothing else can neatly fit.

8. Remember that Coolers Have Layers

Onions have layers, ogres have layers, and as it turns out, coolers have layers too.

When packing your cooler, you can maximize the potential of your best cooler ice packs by strategically laying your food out in layers. Cold air sinks, so put your raw meats on the bottom of the cooler and cover them in an insulating material such as a yoga mat. You may want to add a layer of ice packs on top, just keep in mind that will make it harder to get to your food.

In your next layer, add vegetables and other items you’ll only need when cooking if you have them. Use frozen water bottles and other items as support beams to keep your produce from being crushed.

Once again, add an insulation top.

For your final layer food, add items that you’ll be reaching for on a regular basis such as sandwich ingredients, fruit, drinks, etc.

Finish the whole thing off by adding a layer of ice packs on top.

9. Expand Your Horizons

On YouTube, there are many videos of clever workarounds for those who cannot, or don’t want to buy a heavy-duty cooler but would like to maximize the cold retention of their ice packs.

Our favorite method involves filling the hollow parts of your cooler with expanding foam. If you have a cheap hard cooler, chances are the walls and lid of it are hollow. Do a noise test by knocking on it, or research your particular model.

After confirming which parts are hollow, drill several holes in those areas and fill them with expanding foam until it’s oozing out the holes. Wait for it to dry then chip the excess foam off until it’s flush with the lid.

Don’t let it get on your hands!

10. Build Your Own Ice Cooler

Expanding on the foam idea, you could place your cooler in a larger tub and the gaps with expanding foam as well. In fact, many people just stick a smaller cooler inside of a large one. Since more insulation is synonymous with more cold retention, thick enough walls could cause your ice packs to last for weeks!

Are All Cooler Ice Packs Reusable?

All the best cooler ice packs are indeed reusable. That being said, they may lose their ability to retain cold over time. Customer reviews are a great way of determining a product’s lifespan.

How Many Cooler Ice Packs do I Need?

While the best cooler ice packs stay frozen for long periods of time on their own, more of them help keep each other cold for longer. Additionally, more ice packs will also bring down the ambient temperature of your cooler, so your food stays fresh longer.

Use as many ice packs as you can fit in the cooler while still leaving room for food and drinks. Try lining the bottom and side with packs, and even placing some on top of your food. Use a thermometer to test the temperature of your cooler to make sure it’s cold enough.

What Size Cooler Ice Packs Should I Buy?

The best cooler ice packs should lay flat against the bottom and sides of your cooler. You should never need to place them diagonally, as that would be an inefficient use of space. Keep in mind that you can use small ice packs in a large cooler, but you will need more of them to keep the cooler cold. Also, small ice packs tend to be more expensive per cubic inch. In some cases, you might want a mixture of small and large ice packs to maximize their potential.

The thickness of a cooler ice pack is also an important factor to consider, as thicker packs will stay frozen longer.

We suggest you also check out our guide on how to choose the best size of your ice cooler. It makes sense to estimate what size cooler ice packs you need depending on the size of the cooler you bought. So here is, in short, what you need to know:

  • The size of the cooler correlates with the functionality you attribute to that cooler;
  • Pick the cooler not only for its size, but its building material, mobility/portability, construction durability, warranty, etc.

How Much Should I Spend on Cooler Ice Packs?

Comparing the prices of the best cooler ice packs is difficult because all of them are of varying sizes and materials. However, since we’re a tad obsessed with saving money, we’ve taken the liberty of calculating each pack’s cost per cubic inch.

For example, if one of the best cooler ice packs happens to be 4 inches by 6 inches by 1 inch, it has a volume of 24 cubic inches. If it costs $20 for a 4 pack, that comes out to about $0.21 per cubic inch.

Price is not the only thing you should consider when shopping for the best cooler ice packs, though. Let’s see our top pick ice cooler packs that we think you will enjoy this year!

How We Reviewed the 7 Best Cooler Ice Packs on this List

In our search for the best cooler ice packs, we consulted many other professional reviews. We also scanned hundreds of customer reviews to see what they thought about the retention and reusability of each pack. Next, we examined factors such as size and price to determine which product offers the greatest value.

Finally, we took all that knowledge to Amazon to not only see what their customers had to say, but to determine if the best could be found there. Then, we brought all that information and packed it into a helpful review guide.

The 7 Best Cooler Ice Packs of 2020 | Reviews

The times we quote in our reviews are primarily based on how long customers claim their product lasted. Since not every customer has a top of the line cooler or knows what steps to take, we these times are very conservative. You can make ice packs last much longer by adding more insulation and packs.

1. Cooler Shock

Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Pack - for Lunch Bags and Coolers, Long-Lasting Cold Freezer Packs for Lunch Boxes and Containers - Ice Packs for Cooler, School, Beach, Camping, Fishing
  • LASTING COLD - Our durable ice packs for coolers and lunch boxes are colder than ice at 18° F (-8° C)...
  • EASY TO USE - Filling these thin reusable cooler packs is easy freezy! Simply, add water once using the...
  • STRONG - Voted #1 in the 2017-18 Wiki EzVid Ice Pack competition, these cooler and lunch box ice packs...

These Cooler Shock packs are the best cooler ice packs for day trips or overnight camping trips. They’re also highly reusable.

Based on customer reviews, they may not be the best option for trips longer than 48 hours. However, they are one of the most affordable options.

Cooler Shock ice packs come in two varieties. The first one requires you to iron them shut after adding water to them. The other has a screw-on cap for people without irons.

Both varieties contain chemicals that turn to gel when mixed with water.

2. FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets

FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets, 88 Cube refreezable Flexible Chemical-Free, 6 Pack
  • THE FLEXIFREEZE ICE SHEET: The 6-Pack of FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets is a convenient and mess-free solution...
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Its flexible design makes it easy to use and clean, as it contains 100% water,...
  • GREAT FOR: Great for a variety of occasions, including BBQs, picnics, weddings, and more, these ice...

FlexiFreeze sheets are perfect for a variety of tasks. For anything less than 12 hours, these are among the best cooler ice packs available on the market right now.

Although they’re slightly more expensive than the Cooler Shock packs, their flexibility more than makes up for.

FlexiFreeze comes in sheets that are 19 inches by 15.5 inches. You can easily cut them to whatever size you need, so measure your cooler before buying.

These are also excellent for separating each layer with a sheet.

3. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Ice Packs

Cool Coolers by Fit + Fresh, 4 Pack Slim Ice Packs, Space Saving Reusable Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes or Coolers, Single Pack
  • SLIM & POWERFUL: Taking "extra chill" to the next level! Each measuring at 4.75” x 0.5” x 5”, this...
  • DURABLE FOR ANY OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: Avoid a leaky beach cooler bag or camping tote! Reusable, long-lasting...
  • ENDLESSLY VERSATILE: Packing a lunch for work or school? No sweat! Pack one (or more!) in your insulated...

Fit & Fresh ice packs are among the best cooler ice packs for taking your lunch to work or to school. Their thin size means they fit comfortably into any lunch box, bag, or small cooler.

Don’t buy these for large amounts of food, or long trips, as they are very expensive per cubic inch.

However, they take up virtually no space in your freezer, making them perfect for everyday use.

Additionally, they’re extremely light and perfect for children or anyone who doesn’t want to carry around something heavy.

For a small lunch box, use two Fit & Fresh packs and eat your food within about five hours. Refreeze them when you get home, and keep two in the freezer as a backup in case you forget.

4. Polar Tech Cold Packs

These Polar Tech Cold Packs are not nearly as popular as the others but are more suited to certain situations. For anyone planning a large event, such as a company picnic, these are probably the best cooler ice packs available.

Price-wise they’re by far the cheapest per cubic inch on our list. In fact, they’re nearly 10 times cheaper than Cooler Shock and about 40 times cheaper than Fit & Fresh.

Customer reviews are conflicted, but they should last for a solid 12 hours in almost any condition. If you take the precautions we talked about, we’re sure you can extend that well beyond 24 hours.

Although they are reusable, they’ll quickly become less effective the more you refreeze them.

That’s why we feel they’re best for saving money on large, one-time events.

5. YETI ICE Refreezable Reusable Cooler Ice Pack

YETI ICE 4 lb. Refreezable Reusable Cooler Ice Pack 4 lb
  • Works as an ice substitute or addition to your ice stash to make sure your contents stay colder for...
  • Durable design that is break-resistant to withstand the toughest of tumbles
  • Custom shape reduces freezing time

These YETI ICE Refreezable ice packs are among the best cooler ice packs, thanks to its durability and quick freezing time.

In terms of price per cubic inch, these are about halfway between Fit & Fresh and Cooler Shock. It’s difficult to calculate the exact value because of the cutouts in the container.

However, the YETI ICE packs will take longer to thaw than either of those options, and the rigid plastic container protects against punctures.

Although heavier and not as compact as Fit & Fresh, these make great ice packs for people with larger lunch box coolers. If you have a late lunch, consider going with this option.

By themselves, these should last somewhere over 12 hours if you take the necessary precautions. Packed smartly with multiple packs and using our guidelines, they’ll be good for at least 48 hours.

6. Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew

Arctic Ice Alaskan Series Reusable Cooler Pack, 0.75-Pound, Blue (1211)
  • ARCTIC ICE COOLER ICE PACKS: The ARCTIC ICE Chillin' Brew reusable ice pack freezes at 28 degrees...
  • FREEZER PACKS: The ARCTIC ICE Chillin' Brew series ice pack is non-toxic and is designed for use in a...
  • LONG LASTING ICE PACKS: ARCTIC ICE portable ice packs for coolers last much longer than ice, features a...

These Arctic Ice packs come at a fair price and are one of the best cooler ice packs you can get.

The extra-large packs are an excellent value, so prioritize them if possible.

Their rigid shape makes it somewhat difficult to find a good fit for them. However, we believe they’ll last longer than any other ice pack on our list so far.

Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew packs are essentially large plastic containers for filling with water and freezing. They last longer than ice because, well, large blocks of ice take longer to thaw than tiny cubes.

If you pre-chill your cooler, make sure your food is as cold as can be, and pack it properly then these will last you for days.

All customers who took these steps had very positive things to say about these ice packs.

7. Healthy Packers Cool Pack

Healthy Packers Ice Packs for Coolers - Freezer Packs - Original Cool Pack | Cooler Accessories for the Beach, Camping and Fishing | Slim & Long-Lasting Reusable Ice Pack for Lunch Box (Set of 4)
  • Slim Lightweight and Long Lasting - Set of 4 slim, reusable and versatile hard gel ice packs. Each ice...
  • Reusable Cold Packs For Cooler - These freezer pack are easily reusable ideal for lunch bag trips, and...
  • Super Versatile - Perfect chillers for everyday use in lunchboxes, breastmilk bags, bento boxes and...

Healthy Packers Cool Pack ice packs are one of the best cooler ice packs for versatility available.

They come in a relatively small size but are only a tad more per cubic inch than Cooler Shock. So, while they make great packs for lunches, you could feasibly use them in small to medium-sized coolers as well.

We don’t necessarily recommend them for larger coolers, mainly because of the two circular cutouts in the packs.

They aren’t as big a deal in smaller coolers, but it would be much more space-efficient to have those circles filled up.

If you’re looking for the best cooler ice packs for general use, and not necessarily long camping trips, these packs are probably for you.

How to Choose a Quality Ice Cooler

soft cooler with words keep cool on it

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Having the right cooler makes a world of difference in how long the best cooler ice packs last.

Soft Coolers

Soft coolers resemble messenger bags and typically come with an over the shoulder strap. They’re excellent for day trips lasting about eight hours but aren’t nearly as insulated as hard coolers. Therefore, be wary when taking them out in hot weather. Even the best cooler ice packs won’t last long in such conditions. Because of their high level of portability, soft coolers are a good choice for small hikes.

For more information on soft ice coolers, we also recommend you to read our guide on the Softpak 40 Cooler, the largest of the soft pack coolers, able to hold up to 40 cans or 40 pounds of ice. In our review, you will also find comparisons to other coolers available on the market. We hope that you will then have enough details on ice coolers and how they work so you can make an educated decision when you buy your next cooler.

Hard Coolers

Hard coolers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. They’re typically made of thick plastic and have varying levels of insulation. These coolers are generally, heavier, larger, and much more durable. They’ll also keep ice packs cold longer. For hot weather, large amounts of food, or trips lasting more than a day, these are the way to go.

Many hard coolers come with wheels, making it easier to transport them across short distances when they’re full of food. More importantly, the side handles should be strong and comfortable enough for two people to lift the cooler with minimal risk.

Rotomolded Coolers

cooler with bottled drinks

Image Source: Unsplash.com

Rotomolded coolers are high-end coolers designed for long camping trips lasting at least four days. Many customers and reviewers even report them keeping ice frozen for 10 days or more. These coolers are more expensive but well worth the cost if you love to camp.

The term rotomolded essentially means they were meticulously built to maximize insulation and avoid any imperfections. The lids are airtight, and the walls are thick made of thick plastic which is often insulated with foam on the inside. Not for nothing, these coolers look much more heavy-duty and professional than your typical Coleman’s cooler.

They’re also much more likely to come with extra perks, such as removable rope handles with grips, and a drain for removing melted ice. As a bonus, rotomolded coolers are usually bear-proof.

In Short: Best Ice Pack Coolers

Before we leave, let’s summarize what we have learned from the reviews above and the guide we presented you with so far.

1. What is the longest-lasting ice pack?

From our list, the longest-lasting cooler ice packs are as follows:

  • The YETI Ice Packs;
  • The Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew;
  • And the Healthy Packers Cool Pack.

2. Are the YETI ice packs worth it?

Yes, you deserve some splurge. While they are more expensive than other ice cooler packs on the market and on this list, the YETI ice packs boast incredible long-lasting performance. Able to keep your foods and drinks cool for more than seven hours without any extra ice added to the cooler, the YETI packs are worth the rather steep price they feature.

3. How Do You Pack a Cooler to Keep Everything Fresh?

As we said above, stacking and layering are your best options for an efficient cooler packing that keeps your foods and beverages cool and fresh. Size your ice packs according to the size of the cooler and remember that a six-pack needs a bit over a pound of ice to cool off if you put it inside at room temperature. With this in mind, your operative words should be “ergonomy” and “cooling efficiency,” depending on what types of foods/drinks you want to keep cool/frozen and what their initial temperature was before you placed them in the cooler and layered them with ice packs.

Now It Is Time to Chill

Now that you understand how to make ice packs last longer, you’re no longer limited to 48-hour camping trips. In fact, you can be four days into your wilderness or fishing vacation and still have bacon with breakfast! We bet you can even think of clever ways to add insulation to your favorite cooler lunch box.

Which of these do you think are the best cooler ice packs for your needs? What methods do you prefer for keeping your ice and ice packs frozen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: CC BY-SA 4.0, Antonín Ryska, via Wikimedia Commons

5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats to Get this Year

The Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

When it comes to finding the best ultimate frisbee cleats, things may get a bit tricky. As we all know, high-quality equipment is crucial for any sport, especially a challenging one like ultimate frisbee. Today, we will discuss the best cleats for ultimate frisbee. Check out our reviews and buying guide to boost your game performance!

What is Ultimate Frisbee and Why Does Equipment Matters?

Ultimate frisbee has become one of the most popular sports in the United States and there is no wonder why. It is a fun sport that combines fitness, throwing skills, and strategy.  People of all ages are taking it up as an alternative to contact sports like football.

If you are starting to get serious about ultimate frisbee, you should buy equipment that helps you perform better on the field.  One of the most important purchases you will make is a pair of ultimate frisbees cleats.  The quality of your cleats will determine how much traction you have on the field and how fluid your movements will be. Just like in the case of best football cleats, the best cleats for ultimate frisbee can make or break your game and your performance.

This article will offer some advice for choosing the best ultimate frisbee cleats and suggest five cleats that are perfect for ultimate frisbee!  Let’s get started!

What Types of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats are Available?

Most ultimate frisbee players wear soccer, football, or lacrosse cleats.  While they all have raised nubs on the sole of the shoe designed to improve traction on grass or synthetic surfaces, there are some key differences.

  • Football cleats usually have a toe stud

    Because football focusses more on forward movement, football cleats usually have a front toe stud.  This is to help the player gain solid traction before pushing forward.  Most soccer and lacrosse cleats don’t have a front/toe clear.

  • The length of cleats are different

    Football cleats usually have longer studs that are designed to really dig into the field.  Soccer and lacrosse cleats are shorter, so they have a stronger focus on making quick turns.

  • Molded soles

    Soccer and lacrosse cleats often have hard molded soles that work well on hard surfaces like artificial grass.  These molded cleats are usually less expensive than shoes with screw-in studs.

  • The type of studs

    The studs on the bottom of the soles are typically bladed, hard ground or round/conical.  Bladed studs are often used on football cleats — offering excellent traction and speed.  Rounded or conical cleats have more stability and less risk of injury.  Hard ground cleats are great for playing on compacted soil or artificial surfaces. No matter what types of cleats you choose, make sure they are comfortable for your wide feet if this is a problem. It is crucial to have the best cleats for ultimate frisbee if you want to improve your style and performance on the field.

  • Permanent vs screw-in cleats

    Most molded cleats are a permanent part of the shoe, while football cleats are often detachable.  Football cleats are usually made of metal, rubber or hard plastic

  • Low-cut vs high-tops

    Soccer and lacrosse cleats are usually low-cut and designed for maximum maneuverability.  Football cleats come in a variety of styles to suit different positions on the field.  High-tops that are built to support the ankle, mid-cut shoes that offer partial support, and low-cut shoes which are similar top soccer shoes.

  • Weight differences

    Soccer and lacrosse cleats are usually lighter than football cleats because those sports involve more running.  They also have a thinner midsole, so players maintain a low center of gravity.  Football cleats usually have a midsole and thicker outsoles that focus on durability.

In addition to these broad categories of cleats, there are many different types of cleat designs available, with different patterns, sizes, materials, and treads.

Tips for Buying The Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

Here are a few simple tips for choosing the right pair of ultimate frisbee cleats!

Determine your play style

The position you play in ultimate frisbee games will often determine what kind of ultimate frisbee cleats you should buy.  If you often play as a cutter you may prefer a cleat that is designed for sprinting forward (football cleats).  Handlers may prefer a cleat that offers better agility and lateral movement speed (soccer cleats or mid-cut football cleats).

Consider the type of surface you play on

Choose cleats with studs that are appropriate for the surfaces you often play on.  If you often play on dry fields, bladed studs may be the best option.  The space between the studs offer you more traction on dry ground.  If you require cleats that work well on wet fields, rounded or conical cleats may be a better choice.  Rounded cleats allow your foot to pivot more, which can also reduce the risk of injury on soft surfaces.

Choose shoes with the right type of flexibility

Ultimate frisbee is a game that requires rapid acceleration and lateral movement.  A good pair of ultimate frisbee cleats will have a rigid soleplate for power transfer and some flex in the forefoot to help you remain agile.


Because soccer cleats are designed for kicking soccer balls, they have a soft upper.  Football cleats have a very rigid upper and thick midsole.  The additional durability of a football cleat may mean you get an extra couple of years of use from them.


Soccer cleats tend to weigh less because they have that soft upper and a narrower midsole.  Football cleats tend to weigh more, but you can find low-cut football shoes that are almost as light as soccer shoes.  The amount of weight you feel comfortable with often comes down to your play style and personal preferences.

5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats to Get This Year

Here are 5 of the best ultimate frisbee cleats currently on the market!

  • DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes
  • Materials: Synthetic uppers and soles
  • Weight: N/A
  • Studs: Molded rubber studs
  • Cushioned insole for added comfort
  • Premium DP combination upper offers comfort & maximum durability
  • Rubber molded cleats with Rotational Traction configuration
  • Colors: 15+ options
  • Check Price
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe
  • Materials: Leather upper with a synthetic sole
  • Weight: 11.7 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Check Price
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeed Low Football Cleat
  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Blue and White, Black and White or Red and Black
  • Check Price
  • Under Armour Men’s Speed Phantom Low MC Football Cleat
  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Black Grey and White
  • Check Price
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe
  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Yellow
  • Check Price
DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeed Low Football Cleat Under Armour Men’s Speed Phantom Low MC Football Cleat Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe
Materials: Synthetic with leather upper and rubber sole Materials: Leather upper with synthetic sole Materials: Synthetic Materials: Synthetic Materials: Synthetic
Weight: 8.4 ounces Weight: 11.7 ounces Weight: 9.4 ounces Weight: 10.5 ounces Weight: 9.8 ounces
Studs: Bladed studs Studs: Rounded studs Studs: Rounded studs Studs: Rounded studs Studs: Rounded studs
Colors: Crimson, Black, Platinum, Green Colors: Black and White Colors: Blue and White, Black and White or Red and Black Colors: Black Grey and White Colors: Yellow
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Reviews

Let’s see each entry on our top best cleats for ultimate frisbee, discuss its features, and learn if any of the products below are what you need to boost your game performance and comfort levels while playing!

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes

best ultimate frisbee cleats

As you can probably tell from some of our other options for the best ultimate frisbee cleats, soccer shoes can get somewhat expensive. If you want a budget-friendly option, then DREAM PAIRS may be the right choice. They are a fraction of what you’ll pay for some of the major brands. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or performance.

The uppers and soles of these shoes are incredibly lightweight. They have rubber-molded studs on the soles that are meant to give you rotational traction throughout fast movements, such as the movements you make playing ultimate frisbee. Your feet are sure to stay incredibly comfortable in these shoes, too. In case you feel some worries on how to make cleats work in your favor, we recommend you check out our guide on how to break in football cleats for a more comfortable game.

Many reviewers say that these cleats tend to run large and the toe box is incredibly roomy, which is unlike many other cleats on the market. If you have wide feet, you will definitely fall in love with the accommodating fit of these. Likewise, if you have narrow feet, you may just want to size down.

You are sure to stay stylish in these shoes, as there are numerous color options, as well as a wide range of sizes. These are technically men’s shoes, but women can certainly wear them as well.

For the price, you won’t regret these shoes. They are an incredible value!

Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

This is a classic Adidas soccer shoe with a design that has been in use since the 1970s.  It remains very popular thanks to its rugged construction, comfort, and solid performance.  These soccer cleats feature a beautiful full-grain kangaroo leather upper with the classic Adidas stripes.  It has a durable EVA-injected synthetic sole with rounded studs and a synthetic lining for additional comfort.  It is a versatile pair of shoes that will perform well on all surfaces.

You should also know that these cleats feature a shaft that measures approximately 6-12 inches from the arch, a platform measuring approximately 0-3 inches, and a boot opening measuring approximately 0-3 inches around.

These are among the best cleats for ultimate frisbee in terms of comfort. The leather upper with premium K-leather in the forefoot adds a boot of comfort and flexibility, while the soft, durable synthetic lining will make you feel like walking on air.

Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeed Low Football Cleat

This pair of lightweight football cleats feature long studs that provide excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.  This shoe uses detachable sprintcleat studs that are very light.  The Filthyspeed Low Football Cleats have a synthetic upper that is very hard-wearing.  The sole uses a lightweight injected thermoplastic polyurethane plate with seven holes for detachable studs.

The insole is very comfortable and made from long-lasting ethylene vinyl acetate.  They are available in a range of bright designs guaranteed to make you stand out on the field! The price of these cleats is more than affordable. With many users feeling happy with the purchase, you can consider these cleats among the best ones for the youth.

Under Armour Men’s Speed Phantom Low MC Football Cleat

This pair of low-cut football cleats from Under Armour is light weight and very durable.  They are perfect for ultimate frisbee because of the excellent foot support and comfort they provide.  Lateral movements are easy to perform, with the raised heel and Die-cut 4d foam® footbed providing additional protection for the feet and ankles.  The sole has seven extended studs on a molded TPU soleplate.  This provides excellent traction on all surfaces.

You will also enjoy the engineered synthetic upper that offers a smooth feel and great support that keeps you comfortable all game long. Moreover, the secondary cleats engage to provide an added bite for razor-sharp cuts and explosive acceleration. As you know, we also reviewed the best UnderArmour football cleats available on the market today. If you want more models for men and women alike, do check out the reviews and buying guide!

Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe

This is a pair of high-performance soccer shoes that work well for ultimate frisbee.  They are designed for high-speed control and stability on firm ground, which makes them a great choice for any sports played on any hard or artificial surface.  The synthetic sole is packed with studs for improved traction and uses a solid molded sole that can tolerate years of abuse! The soft lining adds to comfort, while the shoes allow you to move with high-speed control and stability on firm ground (dry natural grass), artificial grass (long-bladed synthetic fiber), and hard ground with the flexible ground outsole.

Ultimate Frisbee: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wish you an excellent Ultimate Frisbee game and leave you to choosing the best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions coming from players and users alike.

What Is Ultimate Frisbee?

For those of you who don’t know it yet, Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport mixing elements of football, basketball, and soccer but replacing the specific ball with a Frisbee flying disk. The sport requires the presence of a referee as well. As will other sports, the goal of the game is to gain points for the team by scoring goals. The sport is also played on a large field with two end zones. To score a goal, a player needs to catch the Frisbee in the end zone.

What Type of Equipment and Gear do You Need to Play Ultimate Frisbee?

To play Ultimate Frisbee, a team needs the following equipment, gear, and accessories:

  • The Frisbee disk – it should be 175 grams;
  • The best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee;
  • Ultimate Frisbee gloves;
  • Comfortable athletic clothing and apparel, etc.

What Other Sports and Games Can You Play with a Frisbee?

Besides Ultimate Frisbee, you can also play Frisbee golf – a very popular sport you can actually play on a golf course if you encounter upgrades to the already existing 18-holes field. To play Disc Golf you also need Frisbee Golf Disk Baskets. Other types of Frisbee sports and games you can play (including the kids & teens if you want some outdoor summer fun this year) include Flimsee (or “Cups”), Frisbee Hoops, and Kan Jam, among others.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to the Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats.  These cleats will improve your performance and help you remain comfortable in the field! Make sure you check out our best obstacle course shoes

Now, it is your turn to tell us a few things. Are you playing Ultimate Frisbee? What are the best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee in your opinion? In case you do use one of the cleats reviewed in this guide, tell us more about your experiences with them! Use the comment section below and let’s keep the conversation going!

5 Best Football Cleats for Linemen to Try This Year

Our focus today is to help you find the best football cleats for linemen. As we all know, when it comes to men’s football cleats, you cannot get the wrong pair.

Why Should You Choose Only the Best Football Cleats for Linemen?

Football is one of those sports where the equipment you use makes a significant difference in how well you play.  Having a great pair of football cleats is especially important.  They will give you more traction on the pitch, be more comfortable, and help you accelerate faster from a standing start.

If you are a lineman, you will really need a great pair of shoes.  Because you push all of your weight forward to achieve momentum in a few seconds, you will require a lot of traction, good ankle protection, and a stable platform.  If you choose the wrong cleats and are slipping on the ground, you will be beaten every time!

If you are interested in buying the right pair of cleats, you have come to the right place!  This guide will give you all of the information you need to buy cleats that are perfect for a lineman.  We will even share 5 of the best football cleats on the market.

Before you start browsing the market for the best football cleats, you should first know what they are and what purpose they serve. If you want to know more information on this subject, we recommend you check out this guide here! You will learn some important aspects about playing football in general and choosing/wearing cleats in particular.

What Kind of Cleats Do Linemen Need?

A lineman has very specific requirements when it comes to cleats.  They require deep studs to help them gain traction in the ground as they drive their opponent backward. Their studs should be rounded because a lineman will often move laterally when they are pushing or blocking an opponent.  If a player usually plays on artificial turf, plastic molded cleats are usually best.  If they often play on wet muddy fields, replaceable studs are usually the best option.

Linemen cleats should have excellent ankle support because they are pushing so much power through their legs while moving side-to-side.   Finally, the cleats worn by a lineman should have a very snug fit.  This ensures that the foot is very stable within the shoe.

Moreover, if you have wide feet, not all cleats will help you to up your ante with your game. If this is your case, check out our guide on the best football cleats for wide feet as well. It is crucial to get the best football cleats for linemen with wide feet for the following reasons:

  • You will enjoy more comfort during the game if you wear cleats designed for your particular type of feet. The last thing you want are pain, blisters, bleeding, soreness, and more;
  • You minimize the risk of damage and injuries on the playing field;
  • Buying the wrong cleats not only interferes with your game but your budget as well. Should they not fit you perfectly, you will have to buy another pair.

Tips For Choosing the Best Football Cleats For Linemen

Here are some simple tips to help you find the perfect pair of cleats!

Choose the right cleat style

There are 3 main variants of football cleats — low-cut, mid-cut, and high-top.  The main difference between these variants are:

  • Low-cut cleats
    Low-cut cleats are very lightweight and minimalist.  They are often used by running backs, who want as much agility, speed, and maneuverability as possible.  The downside of low-cut cleats is that they do not offer much protection.  The shoe ends below the ankle, so there is no ankle support.
  • Mid-tops
    Mid-top cleats are designed to offer more protection for the player’s ankles while remaining fairly lightweight.  The shoe ends just above the ankle.  They are designed to be a compromise between protection and mobility.  They are often used by running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks.
  • High-tops
    High-top cleats provide the most stability and protection.  The shoe ends well above the ankle and they are made from very tough materials.  Most linemen will use high-tops so their ankles are protected as they move laterally.

Consider the fields you regularly play on

The types of fields that you play on will determine what type of studs you should choose.  If you regularly play on artificial turf, short studs made from rubber or plastic are usually the best choice.  They will deliver excellent traction on the hard, artificial surfaces.

If you usually play on grass, you may encounter hard surfaces and soft surfaces — including muddy fields where it is very hard to obtain traction.  Detachable stud cleats will allow you to change your studs to match the condition of the field.  If the field is hard, you would use 1/2-inch studs.  If it is wet, you could use longer 3/4-inch or 1-inch studs. 

Consider the durability of the shoe’s upper

The upper is the section of the shoe above the foot.  It is usually made from leather or a synthetic material.  Leather is quite flexible, comfortable, and durable — but it is more expensive and can be heavy.  Synthetic materials have less durability, less breathability — but are more affordable.  Linemen do benefit from having the most durable shoe available, so many players opt for leather.  However, if your budget is tight or you prefer a lighter shoe, a well-made cleat with a synthetic upper will be fine.

Consider weight and protection

Because high-tops are bigger shoes with additional protection, they will always be heavier than mid-cuts and low-cuts.  That doesn’t mean you have to wear shoes as heavy as a pair of bricks!  You can now purchase very light high-tops that are still very durable and protect the feet.  Having a light pair of shoes will help you accelerate faster and surprise your opponent.  Just remember — the lighter the shoe, the less protection it has.  You may have to compromise between weight and protection.

Choose shoes that are comfortable

Comfort is a crucial factor when it comes to football cleats.  Here are a few pointers to consider when it comes to cleat fit:

  • You shouldn’t be able to feel the studs through the sole of the shoe
  • Your high-tops shouldn’t rub against your Achilles tendon, as this may cause an injury at some point
  • Your cleats must be snug, but not too tight.  If your toes feel cramped at all, get the next size up.
  • There should be enough flexibility in the shoe for you to run naturally and turn quickly.
  • You should be able to walk long distances in your cleats without any blisters occurring.

5 Best Football Cleats For Lineman | Reviews & Buying Guide

Here are a few of the best football cleats for linemen for you to try this year.  They are all well-made and will help you improve your performance on the field.

Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football CleatsMaterials: Synthetic upper with rubber sole
Weight: 11.2 ounces
Studs: Molded
Colors: 18 color combinations available
Check Latest Price
Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football CleatsMaterials: Synthetic upper with a synthetic sole
Weight: 11 ounces
Studs: Molded
Colors: 4 color combinations
Check Latest Price
Under Armour Men’s UA Spine Brawler Mid MC SneakerMaterials: Synthetic upper with a synthetic sole
Weight: 14.3 ounces
Studs: Molded
Colors: 4 color combinations
Check Latest Price
Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyquick MD Football CleatMaterials: Synthetic/Textile upper with rubber sole
Weight: 10 ounces
Studs: Molded
Colors: 4 color combinations
Check Latest Price
Under Armour Men’s UA C1N MC Football CleatsMaterials: Synthetic upper with a synthetic sole
Weight: 11.6 ounces
Studs: Molded
Colors: 4 color combinations
Check Latest Price

1. Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

Under Armour has been releasing some excellent football cleats in the past few years.  The UA Highlight MC is no exception — they are incredibly well-made and affordable cleats.

This shoe is very performance-orientated and is quite lightweight compared to other shoes in the same price range.  It uses the UA ClutchFit® upper, a durable synthetic upper that provides plenty of support and comfort.  This upper is very solid and perfect for a lineman.

Comfort is also a major selling point with the UA Highlight MC Football Cleats.  They use a 3D folded MPZ® tongue to cushion the foot and provide additional protection in the scrimmage.  The footbed uses Molded 4D Foam® to cushion the foot, provide support, and reduce cleat pressure.  This cleat is a great choice for players of any skill level.  It comes in 18 different stylish color combinations including white/metallic silver and black/gold. If you want more comprehensive reviews of Under Armour cleats, check out our guide. You will learn more about the Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Cleats and the Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Shoe.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Football Cleat

The Adidas Performance Crazyquick 2.0 cleats are designed for linemen who are looking for a light shoe that allows them to accelerate quickly from a standing start.  It is a very comfortable cleat with plenty of padding in the upper and tongue.  The molded ethylene vinyl acetate insole increases the comfort levels even more and the shoes’ durable synthetic upper keeps the foot firmly in place.

This cleat uses the Adidas quick frame plate with sprint studs and quick studs — making it a great choice for offensive linemen who want to be more agile as they drive.  The blade studs in the heel also help players quickly stop and change direction, which gives the player even more mobility.  This cleat uses a lock web system to keep laces from coming undone.

3. Under Armour Men’s UA Spine Brawler Mid MC Sneaker

The Under Armour Spine Brawler Mid MC is another lightweight pair of cleats that has some excellent features.  The best feature of the shoe is the UA Power Clamp.  It is designed to lock your ankle into place, reducing the risk of rolling or twisting your ankle as you move laterally.  This cleat also has ClutchFit technology, which helps to mold the shoe to your foot and provide additional stability.

The UA Spine Plate helps players transfer their power evenly through their foot and reduces slippage.  It is a great feature that is particularly helpful in soft or muddy conditions.  These cleats are well made, with a synthetic upper and sole.  The sole has molded studs that are long enough to work on most fields.

These cleats are quite comfortable to wear, thanks to the 4D Foam® collar and 3D-molded tongue.   The 4D Foam® collar allows players to tweak how the cleats fit and help to secure the ankle.

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyquick MD Football Cleat

This is another fantastic pair of cleats from Adidas.  The Adidas Performance Filthyquick cleats are affordable, well-made, and comfortable to wear.  These shoes were designed for the All-Pro player Von Miller and can be used for many positions including lineman and quarterback.

These cleats come with a durable synthetic/textile upper and molded rubber sole.  The studs on the sole are perfect for both artificial surfaces and grass, although they might begin to struggle with muddy conditions. The forefoot overlay helps to keep the player’s foot centered in the shoe and provides more stability.  The molded ethylene vinyl acetate insole is incredibly comfortable and stable. This is a very affordable option that can be used for players in many different positions.

5. Under Armour Men’s UA C1N MC Football Cleats

This is another outstanding product from Under Armor. Their C1N MC Football Cleats are stylish, hard-wearing, and deliver exceptional performance.  They use a very tough synthetic upper and rubber sole with 1/2” studs.  The level of craftsmanship is excellent with these cleats and they have a high level of durability.

This is the only pair of cleats reviewed here to have a removable ankle strap.  This makes the cleats usable for positions other than a lineman.  You simply take the strap off if you are asked to play quarterback or running back.  Like the other Under Armor cleats we reviewed, it has a molded 4D Foam® footbed for additional comfort and stability.  The chromed-out Pebax® cleat plate is stylish and provides a lot of traction on all types of fields. A great choice for players who require some versatility in their cleats.

Best Football Cleats for Linemen: Bottom Line

Thanks for reading the Best Football Cleats For Lineman!  If you have any questions about football cleats, drop us a line! 

Like to play ultimate frisbee? Check out these great cleats for ultimate frisbee.

We hope you now know better how to choose the best football cleats for linemen. In case you want more information on football cleats in general or on how to boost your game, feel free to ask us! We are here to answer your questions, help you find the best products for your favorite games and sports, and generally be here for you to have as much fun as you can!

5 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats to Try This Year

The best slowpitch softball bats have a number of features that favor the players’ physique and overall performance. These bats offer their users the right length, weight, taper, material, grip, and barrel size. Sadly, the market provides a variety of softball bats with various designs, shapes, and characteristics; therefore, it is upon a batter to select a bat that combines the best features.

How to Choose a Slowpitch Softball Bat: Short Buying Guide

When choosing the best softball bat, there are no exact recipes or charts. The choice can be out of personal preference or adaptability to the player’s physical characteristics. Settling on the best bat can be a tad tricky and requires careful analysis of the features that improve a player’s performance. However, both softball fans and players agree that swinging different sizes and styles of bats is the best way to arrive at a purchasing decision. Nevertheless, as we said when we presented you with our guide on how to choose the best softball bats to up your ante when you play, here are some pointers you need to factor in your purchase decision:

  • The bat’s color is not important, but the quality and durability;
  • Your height and weight – as they determine the proper bat’s height and weight. You can consult some dedicated charts when it comes to this choice;
  • The bat’s length is crucial for a good game and your comfort;
  • If your hands tend to shake, you should make sure you choose correctly between an aluminum bat and a composite bat, as the latter are firmer and less shaky;
  • The bat’s weight is crucial, so we will reinforce the idea that you should make sure its weight works in your favor and not against you.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats to Choose This Year

We have listed five of the best slowpitch softball bats because users love them and recommend them.

The bats will be analyzed based on their:

  1. Barrel Size
  2. Grip
  3. Bat Taper
  4. Weight
  5. Length
  6. Material
  7. Customers’ reviews

1. Easton Rival ASA/USSSA Slow Pitch Bat

best slowpitch softball bats

This incredible slowpitch softball bat features an evenly balanced 12-inch barrel, along with 100 percent durable aluminum alloy. This Rival slowpitch bat will give you an incredibly fast swing, as well as fantastic control.

It has a one-piece design. This will give you a stiff feel with impact feedback. You will get the maximum ping possible every single time that you swing!

This bat gives you an incredible value. Don’t let its affordability fool you, though. This bat is available at a lower price point because of its single piece, all-aluminum composition. Other slow pitch softball bats on the market are two-piece and composite, which is why they will cost a bit more. Let’s see one enthusiastic customer review!

I just had my first game with this bat today and I hit an absolute bomb down the left field line. It cleared the fence easily and off the bat I knew it was out. The bat had a sweet ping when you barrel it. Awesome bat!

With its 4.3 stars on Amazon reviews and its excellent features, you cannot go wrong with this bat. In case you want to practice your skills and become better and better at this game, we recommend you take a look at our guide on the best softball pitching machines as well. It is true you need to make some room for them in your yard, but if you or your kids are huge softball fans, such machines, together with the bats will become real game-changers.

100 percent aluminum;
Incredible control.

2. Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA End Load Bat


The Louisville Slugger Z-3000 made its debut in 2014 and did not disappoint. The bat recorded great results and set the slow pitch season ablaze with outstanding performance. It gave rise to the Z-4000, which has been giving ASA league players a cutting edge since its inception.

The Louisville Slugger Z-4000 features a patented TRU3 connection system that is able to lock the handle and barrel together to reduce vibrations. This best-in-class carbon fiber material is manufactured with excellent durability while offering the player the best results. The Louisville Slugger will give its users great confidence as they step out to face their opponents.

If you are a beginner, just let us remind you that a good bat is crucial to your softball pitching techniques, so you should give time, patience, and research to choosing the best bat for your practice.

For improved power and performance, the bat has a half-ounce end load construction. In addition, the bat has a 12-inch barrel with the “Z” series sweet spot, the new ‘15/’16 Grit Blast finish, and a 0.875 inches tapered handle.

The Louisville Slugger Z-4000 features significantly as one of the best slowpitch softball bats. The bat is approved for usage in ISA, ASA, ISF, USSSA, and NSA baseball organizations. You can buy the bat in various weights for very affordable prices on Amazon.

And speaking of Amazon, remember that this product has 4.4-stars reviews and customers have nothing but good things about this product. Let’s see one enthusiast customer review right now.

For a low price, it’s a great fungo, nothing beats the sound feel and handle of a wood fungo. If you want a better longer lasting wood look at a maple(or other closed-grain woods) fungo.

Made out of high-quality materials.
Some users claim the bat is heavier than it appears.

3. Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat


The list for the best slowpitch softball bats would be incomplete without a bat from Easton. To attain maximum performance and optimize the sweet spot, the 13.5- inch barrel of the Easton Salvo is constructed from IMX Advanced Composite.

The balanced weight offers excellent bat control and gives the user more control. The ultra-thin 29/32 handle and Single System Composite Design also enhance control and provide more room for an extra whip. The handle has a gauze grip to increase comfort.

This is one of the best slowpitch softball bats on the market today, although it is pretty hard to find. However, this product comes with 4.1 Amazon stars reviews and a handful of happy customers who vouch for these bats. In other words, you might want to go a step further and find these slow pitch softball bats online to boost your skills and game technique. Here is one customer review to see why people are so hay with this bat!

I get amazing pop with this bat right out of the wrapper. Been playing 10 years in leagues and this is by far the best bat I’ve hit with such big pop with not much effort. I’ve hit juggernauts and borrowed a lot of bats but this has EXCELLENT balanced feel!

Great pop, well balanced, looks cool, can be utilized by a variety of players, has a great swing, more bat control to aim shots.
Some users insist the pop is not comparable to the initial salvo, does not have a good grip.

4. DeMarini DXUWE Ultimate Weapon Slow Pitch Softball Bat


We now have another work of art from DeMarini on this list of best slow pitch softball bats. DeMarini is mainly known for making some of the best softball bats, and it is no surprise seeing another model from the same brand.

This bat stands out from other DeMarini models because it is a single-walled one non-composite bat. The DeMarini DXUWE is made out of C405 alloy, which provides better and consistent performance due to the heat treatment that it receives during the manufacturing process. The C405 performance also maximizes the sweet spot.

The bat mostly comes with a length of 34 inches and has a positack grip to reduce hand fatigue and vibration. The bat can be bought in a variety of weights: 30oz, 28oz, or 26oz. DeMarini DXUWE is approved by USSSA and ASA, for some cases.

In case you want to boost your game and complete your softball attire, we also recommend you to look at some of the best cleats for softball pitching. The proper cleats help you grasp the traction you need to play the game successfully.

DeMarini 26-Ounce Ultimate Weapon Softball Bat (34-Inch) is an excellent product coming with outstanding reviews. It scores a whopping 4.3-star rating on Amazon. Here is one enthusiast customer review to give you a good image of what this bat is all about:

I’m not an “over the fence” hitter, but I have been lining some really good shots that do make it close to the fence and otherwise have been making really good contact with this bat. If you’re looking a good solid bat to place the ball with some occasional pop, then this is a good bat.

Provides decent pop, has a nice grip and handle, pleasant contact sound, the sweet spot is wide.
Can be light for batters who prefer heavy bats, not durable, some users hate the plastic nub on the handle, some users claim the bat mostly turns ball down and not up, scratches easily.

5. Miken 2019 DC-41 ASA Supermax Slowpitch Softball Bat

miken softball bat 2019

A Miken bat will easily find its way to the top among the best slow pitch softball bats, and the Miken 2019 Supermax softball bat is no exception. The bat gives a good swing and can significantly improve a player’s performance. This 2019 model comes with the stiffest barrel, meaning it has one of the strongest handles to sustain aggressive hits and to enable players to hit the ball without feeling fatigued.

The bat comes with a 14-inch barrel that is manufactured using revolutionary 100 COMP composite fibers. The composite uses high amounts of carbon fiber to create a high-end product of high quality and performance.

The dish end cap provides maximum stiffness when hitting the ball while the end-loaded swing offers maximum power during a hit. The bat is approved by ASA, ISF, NSA, and USSA baseball organizations.

This 2-piece composite, black and brown camo bat with 2.25-inch barrel diameter and 14-inch barrel length is a superstar among its peers. With its 4.3 stars on Amazon and excellent customer reviews, this is a beast of a bat that will propel you in your league or turn your hobby playing into a work of art. Let’s see what users are saying about this bat!

More teammates are starting to pick this up and are having huge success with it as well. Can’t wait to see what it does when it’s fully broken in. I definitely recommend this bat.

Provides amazing pop, ideal for control hitters, excellent control, balanced swing, the sweet spot is large, durable, hits both 300/52 and 375/44 balls very well, maximizes bat speed and hitting distance.
Some users claim the batneeds breaking in when still new, can take some time to break in (around 300-400hits), does not provide sound when hitting the ball (some people prefer to hear some sound), hurts if you do not hit the ball on the sweet spot.

Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats: Bottom Line

Now that you saw our top picks in the best slowpitch softball bats on the market today, it is time for you to share your thoughts! Do you enjoy your current softball bat or are you looking to upgrade? Have you ever used any of the slow pitch softball bats on this list or do you prefer other brands? What are the best slowpitch softball bats in your opinion? We, for example, are huge fans of the DeMarini, Easton, and Miken brands. Share your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us about your experiences with softball bats, cleats, or even helmets!

25+ Retirement Plaque Wording Examples and Phrases

Do you want to honor one’s lifetime career and achievements? A retirement plaque or award is the best way to show your gratitude, love, and respect for that person, especially if you were colleagues for quite a while. But choosing the best retirement plaque wording to put on that crystal plaque is not an easy feat. After all, how do you sum up a person’s work achievements with a retirement plaque message containing just a few words?

Luckily, for you, we have here 25 retirement plaque sayings that work very well with the retirement party and honoring you are about to organize, no matter the line of work or industry you and the retiree are in. But before we begin with the retirement plaque quotes and wishes, let’s discuss a few things first!

What Type of Retirement Plaque Wording Should You Choose?

Should it be funny and include some work/life-related pun? Should it be serious and dry? It all depends on the type of job that person did, the type of business/industry you both are in, and the level of allowed humor within the walls of the company/office. As you can easily figure out, a military retirement plaque wording is – or should be – different from firefighter retirement plaques or the retirement plaque for an actor, artist, or even doctor.

People who have stayed with a company/industry long enough to earn a retirement are likely to be familiar with every type of social commentary and pun associated with this very important stage of life and career. It’s highly likely that for years, a retiree has juggled the concept of retirement with what it implies.

It’s especially true for retirees leaving a place of work where they have a venerable reputation, to have thought about what leaving means. A person who has given the better part of their working life to a company has undoubtedly earned the respect of authority figures and coworkers. In most cases, retirees are more concerned with how they will spend their earned free time, instead of becoming overly reminiscent about time spent on the job.

The Retirement Party Gift

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An important part of planning a retirement party is coming-up with suitable gifts that contain. These gifts must convey a sense of connection between the retiree and the remaining work crew, but must also carry a message of importance. Coworkers will have had ample time to get to know the personality and preferences of a person who is about to retire. This interaction is vitally helpful when choosing corporate gifts for a retirement party. If you want more ideas on the gifts that work for co-workers, friends, and employees who are retiring, check out our guides on the best 70th birthday party gifts and themes ideas, the best 80th birthday party and gift ideas, or even our top housewarming gifts to buy this year. These guides also include menus, party decorations, and gift suggestions, so feel free to check them out for inspiration!

How to Choose a Retirement Party Gift

Retirement party and celebration gifts should combine the guest of honor’s favorite things with a bit of humor, lighthearted affinity, and class. The artwork is a great choice for giving at a retirement party. Memorabilia pertaining to the history and achievement of the company is also appropriate. Along with traditional parting gifts, things like photographic displays are a brilliant way to highlight a person’s career and contribution.

Retirement Plaques

Plaques with sentimental messages are also a perennial favorite gift for coworkers to bestow upon retirees. These items are simple, yet can provide a summation of the thoughts and feelings of coworker groups in simple, straightforward statements. Retirement plaque wording can be creative and fashioned from a wide range of materials that also speak to the retiree’s importance.

How to Choose the Best Retirement Plaque

  • If a retiree was mainly employed in a managerial position, wooden plaques with traditional golden engraved lettering are highly appropriate.
  • Other plaques can be made using trophy-like motifs.
  • Wooden, hanging plaques are exceptionally meaningful, and can be engraved with long, noteworthy messages. The gift of a hanging plaque is always a thoughtful gift, and something a retiree will treasure at home.
  • Glass and crystal award-looking personalized plaques are a thing of beauty and elegance, echoing style, respect, and class. You cannot go wrong with them, no matter if you are looking for retirement plaque wording for police/military personnel, teachers, firefighters, corporate executives, or journalists.

Other retirement plaques can reflect the nature of the business that a person is leaving.

  • Sculpted concrete plaques for contracting and municipal retirees are wonderful.
  • Brass and metal plaques for teachers and government workers have special meaning.
  • Wooden plaques for people with careers in the arts and public service can be stunning and enjoyable when paired with a private celebration.

The Retirement Plaque Wording and Message

The most important part of a retirement plaque wording is the message permanently engraved on its face. The message must have special meaning to the recipient and the group giving the plaque. The range of messages is as broad as the language itself. It should always combine an appreciation for the retiree’s service, elements of the nature of his or her job, and a great deal of personality. Every retiree has the idea that his or her service is unique, so a retirement plaque should have words reflecting the recipient’s notion of self-worth and love for the job. The following are examples of appropriate plaque messages with retirement wording.

Take time off. It’s on us!

[Number of years of service] that are greatly appreciated.

In recognition for [number of years of service].

Loyal, Trustworthy, and Professional.

Always the employee with a vision for the future.

Thank you for generations of support and commitment.

Exemplary veteran achievement at [company name].

Here’s to earned permanent vacation time.

We remember when…[first year of employment].

Your years of expertise helped grow this company.

Mr./Ms. [name] corporate emeritus.

Happy retirement! Never stop the commitment!

Our company can never replace your efforts. We can only learn from your example.

New horizons through solid examples!

Employee, contributor, teacher, mentor.

Through times of trial, and times of plenty. Thank you!

[number of years] at the same office…deserves at least two weeks on an island!

We remember [first employment year].

You are loved, appreciated, and have our respect.

Happy retirement. Visit any time, but remember to check-in with the receptionist.

In honor of company service and [list the most important achievement].

An exceptional life and commitment to service in [subject].

The venerable [name, plus corporate title].

Here’s to seeing us [corporate name] through [number] of years.

For [number of years of excellence] as [job title].

We are still family.

You can finally enjoy the view.

Retirement Plaques, Quotes, and Gifts: FAQs

Before we wrap up this guide, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions we received from our readers and people looking for the best retirement plaque wording examples!

What are some of the best retirement gifts?

From golf clubs to electronic readers and from gift certificates to event tickets, you can think of anything when it comes to a good retirement gift. Check out our curated list of best gifts for men and the best gifts for women, respectively, to get your inspiration going! Since retirement is some sort of endless vacation, make sure you pick a retirement gift that speaks to the receivers’ hobbies and passions in particular.

What are some funny retirement quotes to put on a retirement plaque?

If you are going the funny quotes’ way, here are some of our favorite retirement quotes you can inscribe on a wooden or even glass award-like plaque!

  • Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. (Mark Twain)
  • The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. (Abe Lemons)
  • To me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing. (Dick Van Dyke)
  • You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. (C. S. Lewis)
  • Don’t act your age in retirement. Act like the inner young person you have always been. (J. A. West)

What is a sensible way to say goodbye to your co-workers when you retire?

If you retire soon and you know it is going to be a party – no matter how small or big – for you, it is worth it to give your goodbye some thought. You can always prepare a speech to tell your colleagues how much they meant and always mean for you. If you want to travel the fun route, a Comedy Central-inspired roast would work, but only if everyone has a developed sense of humor and take no offense in your mean jokes.

Preparing some departure small gifts for them as memorabilia is also a good idea. If the theme of your retirement party involves gift exchange, turn the whole shebang into a gift exchange game!

Write a letter to send them or pick personalized cards to offer them on your last day, bring some cookies at the office for an impromptu treat, you name it!

Retirement Plaque Wording: Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our selection of retirement plaque wording examples and messages. In case you want more ideas and inspirational phrases, feel free to leave us a comment in the dedicated section and we will update this guide accordingly. Even more so, if you have some retirement plaque wording that you already received and are proud of, share it with our community! We are always thrilled to hear from you!

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25 Fun Games for Tweens to Try this Year

Games are fun and everyone has their favorites. There are a million games out there for children. The problem lies in finding games that are both fun and engaging for those who don’t really fit into either of those categories. We are talking about tweens. When it comes to fun games for tweens to keep them happy and entertained, things get tricky. Why? Because tweens bore easily, need a challenge, and yet, are sophisticated in their tastes.

How Do You Choose the Best And Most Fun Games for Tweens?

First things first, we need to establish who tweens are. The answer is simple: they are those individuals who aren’t really kids anymore, but aren’t really mature teenagers, either. Where do you look when trying to find entertaining things to do with or for them? What do you choose? You can take a look at our ultimate guide of fun things to do with kids at home, but tweens are old enough to blatantly refuse to play with dough or answer kids’ trivia questions.

On the other hand, they may be too young to enjoy a backyard jump rope challenge, among other physically or intellectually difficult things to do with teens in the summer.

In short, you need balance. It can be tough to find the most fun games to do with tweens, but we’re here to help you.

So you’re looking for some fun games that will enthrall the tweens in your life? Look no further because we have you covered. We know what this age group likes (as well as what they don’t). We are happy to share that information with anyone having a bit of trouble. Below is a list of our choices, and most of them are cheap or free to play! You can’t beat that. Without further ado, here we go: 25 fun games for tweens.

25 Fun Games for Tweens

Spin and Dare:

Spin and dare is a play on two things. The first is spin the bottle, which is a game that is popular in the teenage group. The second is Truth or Dare, a game that can be fun for all ages. With this cool twist, it’s great fun for those tweens in the group. First, the participants write some fun and interesting dares onto sheets of paper. Then those are all tossed in a hat. You start out with spinning a bottle, as expected, but the game deviates there. Whoever the bottle is pointing at when it’s done spinning has to grab a piece of that paper and do whatever it says on it. Then they can go on to spin and make someone else do the next dare! Great game for teenage girls and boys.

Scavenger Hunt:

Scavenger hunts can be fun for all ages, and tweens are included in it. We have talked about scavenger hunt ideas before, as they are perhaps the easiest fun party games for tweens, young adults, and grownups to organize. As a matter of fact, you can include a scavenger hunt in any event you organize, whether it is a team-building exercise or a lawn family game on a cozy Saturday afternoon. For this particular game for tweens, you should put the group of kids into teams and give them a list of things they must find. You can have them bring things back, take photos on their phone, or otherwise prove their finds at the end. The team who checks the most off of the list is the winner.

Pass the Fruit:

This is a fun game that utilizes teamwork again. You grab a piece of fruit, whether an apple, orange, lime, or something else. The purpose of the game is to get that fruit from one player all the way to the other end of the line. What makes this so fun (and difficult!) is the fact that you are not allowed to use your hands in any way to pass the fruit. Great fun and it results in tons of laughs. You can consider this one of the best games for teens, tween, kids, and adults that you can play as a circle game as well.

Who am I:

A popular game for tweens, teens, and adults is “Who am I?”. Someone writes down the names of celebrities onto index cards. Then each person has a card attached to them, somewhere they can’t see it. This could be on their back or forehead, anywhere is fine. Now they get to have fun by figuring out who they are. They can ask questions and it usually results in a funny situation as the guests try to come up with ideas that fit their question.

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Uno is a game that most have played and it can be fun for all ages. You can pick it up on Amazon for just a few bucks. Uno is an exciting card game that is great for 2-10 people, so even larger groups can join in. The rules are fairly simple and boil down to getting rid of all the cards in your hand. Of course, doing so turns into a race and competition that most love. You can find a complete list of Uno rules online.

Murder in the Dark:

This game involves slips of paper and a great sense of imagination. Prep is simply writing “murderer” on a slip of paper, “detective” on another, and “suspect” on all the rest. So far, it sounds very much like a Mafia game to play with your grownup friends, but for teens and tweens, you need to add a twist. Everyone takes one but does not show it to anyone. The game starts with lights going out, at which point the murderer finds people in the dark and taps them on the shoulder. The murdered people drop to the ground, complete with dying noises. This continues until the detective is “dead”. At that point, the lights come on and the detective must decide who the murderer was. It’s hard but fun for tweens and those in the age range.

Airplanes Go:

Airplanes go is an easy game that combines creativity with the competition. Those taking part in the game make their own paper airplanes with paper, markers, stickers, and whatever else is around. Once the kids are done, they all stand in a line outside. A referee will call out “Airplanes, Go!” at which time the tweens can throw their planes. Winners can be those whose planes go highest, travel farthest, etc. Keep in mind to select this game if the tweens in question are on the low end of the age range. Older kids will dismiss your idea of making paper airplanes, pull out their phones and tablets, and play online.

Nail Polish Spin:

The best games for teenage girls always include Nail Polish Spin. This is another game based on Spin the Bottle (without its default adult content and innuendo) and it is specific to all-girl groups. In order to play this game, you need some wild and crazy nail polish colors. Whoever is spinning chooses a nail polish bottle and spins that. Whoever it points at when done has to paint a nail the color in the bottle. Then she spins a different bottle for the next girl to paint onto a nail of her own. You can keep going until all nails are colored. In case you wondered, as a parent, yes, this is a slumber party game for tween girls. Give them two years more and they will start talking about boys and fashion.

Marco Polo:

Everyone loves a good water game! This one is a classic and makes a day in the pool even more fun. One person is designated Marco while the rest of the participants are designated Polo. Marco covers his eyes and counts to ten while all others try to get far away, without leaving the water. Marco then starts to search by shouting out “Marco”, keeping their eyes still closed. The Polos must all yell back “Polo”. Marco makes his way toward someone else as this goes on over and over. The person who Marco tags is turned into the new Marco and the gameplay starts over.

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Scrabble is a game that is great for children of the tween age. It works on improving the player’s vocabulary and spelling skills. The game is available here for a very reasonable price if you don’t have it around the house somewhere. Players write out words on the board in certain ways that give them points, based on the tiles and letters used. It’s a very great game for strategy lovers or that budding English lover in your family. Scrabble is also an amazing 2-people board game to play with an adult friend or family member. The really smart ones who love a challenge and have a penchant for foreign languages can also play it in a foreign language to make things even more entertaining and hard. Scrabble is also one of the most essential games to have and to play with your tweens as it has incredible educational value.

Lottery Fun:

Lottery fun is a great game for parties that will include gift bags. Each person who comes in the house picks up a lottery ticket, which can be handmade prior to the party. Each card corresponds to a particular prize bag. These can be filled with candy, toys, prank items, and more. Each child wins something and it can be made into a fun reproduction of the actual lottery if wanted! This is one of those fun party games for tweens that mix the concept of child play with gift-giving. You can set up the game whenever you want to celebrate a tween in the family and you want to give a fresh spin to a regular child/teenage party.

Obstacle Olympics:

The Obstacle Olympics is a great way to get tweens moving and can utilize items you already have in your home. You simply construct an obstacle course around your yard or home. You can include things like tables, chairs, ropes, balls, and more. Make up an instruction for each (such as performing a yo-yo trick for five times in a row, or running under a table on your knees). Explain the instructions, divide the kids into teams, and send them off. The competition will be fun to watch and the kids will get rid of some energy while they play.

Flashlight Tag:

Who doesn’t love a good tag game? This game is fun for late-night parties and is best to organize in a big backyard or other outdoor places. Pick someone to hold the flashlight and choose a base that everyone knows. Everyone without a flashlight runs off while the person with the flashlight counts down from sixty seconds. When the time is up, the one wielding the flashlight sets off to find the others. He or she calls their name and they must go back to the base. Others can rescue them by sneaking to the base and touching the people there. The game continues until the person with the flashlight has found everyone!


card game that only requires a regular set of cards, this one is great for tweens. You take the cards and deal them evenly to all players. The way to win is to be the first to get rid of all their cards. Gameplay works by laying down cards after saying what they are. The must be the same value, so you could lay down two twos or four aces or any other combination. What makes the game fun is you are encouraged to cheat. For instance, you could lie down four cards claiming they are four kings when really they are two kings, an ace, and a six. If someone calls out “Cheat!” your cards are checked. If you cheated, you take the pile of cards. If you call cheat but nobody has, you take the pile. If you need more inspiration on the best card games to play with adults, teens, tweens, and kids, check out our ultimate guide right here! We are sure you will find something for small to large groups!

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Jenga is a great game that revolves around subtlety, teamwork, and physics. The game consists of wooden blocks that are stacked up together. The goal? To pull out a block, without tipping over the tower, and then place it onto the top of the tower. You have to be steady and concentrate in order to win, but whichever team doesn’t bring down the tower is going to reign supreme for this one.

Balloon or Blow:

This one is fun and has been around for years! With Balloon and Blow, all you need is a pack of long skinny balloons and two teams. Each team leader gets a skinny balloon that is already blown up. They take the balloon and grasp it between their knees in order to hold it up from the floor. When the ref says “Go”, each team works at getting the balloon down the line. This is done by passing the balloon from knee to knee, without touching or breaking it. Breaking the balloon starts the process over for the team. Whoever gets the balloon from the first person to the last without dropping or breaking it gets the win!

Tricky Ball:

For those who love ball games and sports, this one is sure to be a treat. It starts with a group of players in a circle a few feet apart from each other. The ball starts in someone’s hands and it is passed to the left as quickly as possible. If someone misses the ball or drops it on the ground, a handicap is added. For the first, the person must only use one hand from then on. The second time, they must use the other hand. Third, they must kneel on one knew but can use hands again. Fourth, both knees must hit the ground but all hands are in play. The last two you would stay on your knees but lose one hand, then the other. At the point, you would be dropped from the game. Whoever is left at the end is the winner.

Freeze Tag:

One of the best fun games for teenagers, Freeze tag is great fun and gets a lot of exercise in. It is similar to a normal game of Tag but when the person who is it touches someone, that person must freeze. They have to stay that way unless a team member unfreezes them by touching them. The game ends when everyone but the person who is tagging is frozen in place at the end. Simple and easy but beloved and likely to be a hit for your tweens. The Freeze Tag is just one of the many (many) Tag games varieties out there, so before you begin, take your time and do your research. You may find other Tag games suitable for the age group you want to entertain. We personally love Japanese Tag, but it may be a bit difficult for tweens.

Piggy Back Race:

Another game that introduces some exercise is the piggyback race. This one is simple and easy to learn. It’s also something that the tweens will love to do again and again. This game is a typical race, with an atypical twist. Teams are made with even numbers on each. All teammates are paired and their job is to piggyback across the yard. On the way over, one person rides while the other runs. On the way back, this switches so they are in opposite positions. Each pair must make it to the goal and back. The first team to get everyone there and back wins it all. If you need more ideas on race-type fun games for tweens, we also recommend the three-legged race, among others.

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This is the perfect age to get people involved in the game of Monopoly. These kids will have the basics of real estate and money management down. They can easily learn more by playing the game. Most of you have probably played this game once or twice, but even if you haven’t, it’s a classic for a reason. You’ll love playing with your tweens or just watching them grasp the concepts as they go along. Monopoly is one of the best party board games of all time for all age categories. What you should know, however, is that beyond its power to teach people about money, savings, investments, real estate, and business, it can also break friendships.

Pass the Lifesaver:

Pass the Lifesaver isn’t well known but still very fun. Each player is put into a team and the premise is easy. Using a toothpick in their mouth, each person must pass a Lifesaver candy to the end of the line. There are no hands allowed and dropping the candy starts the drill all over again. It’s harder than you’d think! Using your mouth to transport a candy is not as easy as it might sound at first.


This game is for all the creatives out there. Prior to playing, make some index cards up that have common words from songs in them. Organize two teams and flip a card. Each time takes turns singing a song with the word from the card in the lyrics. The team who can’t think of one, in the end, loses, giving the other team a point. Keep playing until you have ten, fifteen, or even twenty points.

Name that Tune:

This is another musical game that really gets everyone going. Make a playlist before the party time with songs from all sorts of genres. Once you get the party going and everyone ready, start playing the songs. You can begin in the middle of the song or at the beginning, whatever you want. Whoever puts their hand up first gets to guess the song’s name. If they are wrong, they lose a point. If they are right, they gain a point. Play until you’re bored, with the person who has the most points the winner. What you need to do here, however, is to adapt your playlist to your tweens. We know the young generation of today doesn’t listen to the same music we did back in the day. Select the artists and titles relevant to their age and experience, and save Neil Diamond or Black Sabbath for another occasion.

Suck and Blow:

Yet another game that has stood the test of time, next on our list of fun games for tweens is Suck and Blow. This one is easy and is best to play with a group that is gender diverse. The kids stand in a line that is a girl, boy, girl, boy, etc. The object of the game is to pass a playing card from person to person using only your mouths to suck and blow on it. If the card drops while two people are playing, they are eliminated. This goes on until a winning duo is recognized.

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A game of strategy that won’t break the bank, this one is a keeper. You can pick up Sequence and see why it’s so much fun. This game is hard, exciting, and ultimately entertaining. It contains aspects of many games, such as poker, canasta, and rummy. Playing cards and chips you form sequences and use both skill and luck to keep in the game. It’s a really fun way to pass an evening and tweens will love it just as much as adults.

What Other Fun Games for Tweens Can You Play?

The games for tweens need to be not too easy and not too hard, challenging, and ultimately, fun. Our kids evolve, grow, and change by the minute, so whatever seemed fun two years ago, now may seem like a drag. To keep up with them (and offer them a breather from the digital world taking much of their free time), here are some of our guides and tutorials to keep your inspiration going. Read them, adapt them to your specific needs, and try to challenge the tweens with some of them. You will find the right fun games for tweens, eventually!

Games for Tweens Final Thoughts

It can be hard to find a game that everyone loves, especially games for kids and teenagers. Tweens can be tough to get in your corner. Try some of these fun games for tweens and you’ll be having a blast in no time. You can thank us later!

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