5 Romantic Picnic Ideas

The picnic is one of the most romantic ways to spend your time, without any additional ingredients needed.  Two people, sat together, by a trickling stream, alone but for the butterflies that flutter around like tissue paper in the breeze and the odd cow chewing cud in the corner.  But, how can you make sure your partner is alive with love over your picnic blanket.

Location is Key

The location of your picnic can make or break your romantic picnic, so choose well. Look out for ant hills and wasp nests. There is nothing more likely to ruin a romantic picnic than an insect bite in a compromising place. You need to create the perfect scene.  Find somewhere that is isolated but where there is the sound of water and the chance of sunshine with a cooling breeze. A backdrop of beautiful wildflowers and the privacy that tall grass can offer is key. Remember to let nature be your soundtrack – with a river or the sea to serenade you.

Just Like in the Movies

Photo by Tim Collins on Unsplash

Find an old oak tree, that has lived through many ages before yours, and carve your initials into the bark and surround it with a love heart.  Take it in turns to carve each other’s initials.  Make this your place, the place where you had that picnic that was so romantic.  Then, in years to come, you can come back to this tree and remember this moment and the romance will return. And don’t limit yourself to just the nearby locations. If you have a car and you can afford gas, take your partner to a more popular place, one that you can keep coming back to years and years after the picnic and remember the event that started it all.

Don’t be Shy

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Sit on the same side of the picnic blanket. Come on, you say, surely this is obvious. Well, for those who are romantically awkward, it is sure to be news to them that they sit on the same side as the one they love.  Normal human rules suggest we sit facing each other to eat… but not at a romantic picnic… surely you chose the picnic over the restaurant so you can sit side by side…You will begin with a small gap and then your hands will touch and then you will lean into each other.

The picnic is the most amazing way to get close and to relax in each other’s company without the formality of a restaurant and the darkness of the cinema. Of course, every person is different, and if your partner is the shy type you might want to take it a little slow. Unfortunately, there’s no one winning formula to win their heart over, but shyness will cause more problems. So don’t be afraid to get close as long as you’re not making them feel uncomfortable.

Watch What You Eat

Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash

Avoid onions and garlic in any of the food in the basket… unless you have some handy mints in your pocket, the smelly breath could kill off any romance!  You never know what message you are sending by snacking on food that repels – avoid thoughtless food errors! Instead, focus on more fancy ordeals such as caviar. Or why not try some sweets? We recommend asking your partner beforehand what foods they enjoy so that you don’t embarrass yourself. You might be surprised to find out that not everyone is the same and some might even prefer a more modest approach. Younger couples don’t even care that much about the food they consume as much as they care about the person that they’re spending time with. So show your interest and give them exactly what they like.

Romantic Picnic Foods

Photo via Pixabay

Include strawberries and champagne in your basket.  Strawberries bring out the taste of champagne… surely you saw Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and her carpet picnic in Richard Gere’s penthouse suite.  Clinking two champagne flutes together and holding out a strawberry for your partner to bite. Also, the champagne will add that moment of luxury and a feeling of warmth rising from within.

The perfect picnic with a loved one needs planning.  You need to cover each detail to make sure it is as romantic as possible. Except, there are those relationships where an impromptu picnic is possible – you bundle each other into the car with some hastily bought food – sit in your favorite spot and just sit together, outside, enjoying some warm weather.  These too can become the moments of legend without any thought whatsoever – just because you are both there. It all depends on your chemistry and preferences. Make sure to be thoughtful and consider your partner’s preferences. Even if both of you have different tastes, you can still compromise and find something that both of you will find enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found at least a few interesting pieces of advice to take into consideration for your following romantic picnic. In any case, we wish you the best of luck in finding your true love. And even if your following date turns out to not be the one, you can still remain friends if you’re not compatible. Some couples have been friends for years before getting romantically involved, so it’s not the end of the world if you get inside the friendzone.

7 Virtual Meeting Icebreakers

Virtual meetings are becoming more common in business environments.  For some staff members, the only time they see their colleagues is on a screen!  Even when participants are in different geographic locations, you can organize icebreakers that help them learn more about one another and become better collaborators.  Here are some of the best virtual meeting icebreakers!

How’s Your Social Life?

Ask participants a simple question about their social life so everyone can learn more about each other.  Participants can share funny stories and get to know one another.

Ask questions like:
  • What was the most enjoyable thing you did last week?

  • What is your favorite place to go on holiday or your dream holiday destination?

  • What do you love or hate about social media?

  • What is your favorite meal?

  • What music or television show do you love that most people hate?

Take a Picture Why Don’t You!

One of the difficulties with collaborating online is that the other participants don’t feel as “real” as a person in the same room.  One way to overcome this is by learning more about the person’s workspace and the objects that they have around them.  You can ask participants to take a photo of a specific object that is nearby and share it with the group. 

Some ideas for photos include:
  • Their favorite coffee cup

  • Their favorite gadget

  • Their desk

  • Their favorite t-shirt

  • The nerdiest thing in their office or home

  • Any pets that they may have

This helps participants learn more about each other and helps to “humanize” one another!  You can also ask participants to share some photos of the town where they live.  This helps the group understand the part of the world where other participants live.

Eat Lunch Together!

Traditionally, people working in the same workspace often get the chance to share lunch with one another.  During lunch they can have a chat and get to learn more about each other.  Why not have a weekly lunch day where everyone eats lunch at their computer and talks about what they have been up to.

Participants can show others what they are having for lunch that day!   Some subjects to talk about include any movies people in the group want to see, what books everyone is reading and what plans everyone has for the weekend.

The Best of the Web!

Because you are all in an online environment, it’s a great opportunity for the group to share the websites and online resources they absolutely love!  The facilitator can ask the participants to share some of their favorite websites and explain why they love them so much.  In many cases, the group shares some really useful online resources which are very beneficial for collaboration.

What Movies Do You Like?

Who doesn’t love watching something entertaining? Or something artistic for that matter? Well, while each person’s movie taste is going to differ to a certain degree, we can’t think of anyone who has never watched a movie in their life. It’s one of those hobbies that spans across the world regardless of culture. And speaking of cultures, you might even find out about movies you have never even heard of before. This is an especially awesome fact if your conference involves people from different backgrounds. You can check IMDB’s Top 250 movie list to get some ideas. Maybe you’ll even host a watch party later down the line.

Do You Play Video Games?

Not everyone is a pro gamer with an expensive PC or a new console. However, even boomers enjoy their Candy Crush or Angry Birds sessions from time to time. Why not try asking this question? If one member of the conference is also a fellow gamer, you’ll have a new partner for your multiplayer sessions. If not, you might still get someone interested enough to want to play a game that you like, and that way you’ll have someone to talk about it with.

Examples of popular video games you can talk about:

  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • Fall Guys
  • Valorant
  • Minecraft
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2

What Books Did You Read This Past Year?

Books come in all shapes and sizes. Literally and figuratively. Even teens and children will definitely find one that suits their taste. And since the number of titles seems to increase without stopping, the chances of discovering something that both you and your coworkers might like are high. So the next time you’re hosting a teleconference, why not ask this question? Maybe you’ll find out about books that you’ve never even heard of. Or maybe you’ll discover a sensitive side to a colleague that you thought to be soulless. There are many great outcomes that can emerge from asking such a simple question.

20 Fundraising Ideas for College Clubs

Participating in a college club is one of the most exciting parts of attending college.  It is a great way to make new friends, develop your interests, and make business connections that are advantageous for years to come.

Part of your participation in a college club involves securing funding for events, rental of facilities, and general meetings.  To help you secure some money for your organization, here are some of the best fundraising ideas for college clubs.  They are a mixture of classic fundraising ideas with some innovative new fundraising approaches thrown in. And if you or your kid isn’t quite off to college yet, check out these great fundraising ideas for teens.

Throw a Bake Sale

Photo by Greta Punch on Unsplash

This is one of the most commonly used fundraising ideas for college clubs — because it works!  The key to throwing a successful bake sale is timing it right and advertising it well.  If you can have your bake sale coincide with another event on campus that has hundreds of hungry people attending, your college club will do very well. Look out for major events such as college football or basketball matches. Those are sure to attract a large crowd. And who wouldn’t love some delicious freshly-baked cookies after their favorite game? We’re pretty sure that even the athletes will come on down to see what you’ve got on display.


Old used torn tickets isolated white background

Image via Freepik

There is a reason why so many clubs regularly run raffles — they are very effective at raising money.  Ask friends and family if they have a unique item that they are willing to part with for the raffle. You should also consider raffling off a service like 4 weeks of house cleaning or car washes. Depending on the type of club you are in, you could raffle something related to it like piano lessons, a concert performance, maths lessons or Spanish lessons. Or, if you’re really good at something, you can offer custom-made tutorial videos about a certain topic, such as Javascript, for example. There are limitless ideas for raffles that you could think about.


Old used torn tickets isolated white background

Image via Freepik

Similar to a raffle, a charity auction requires some valuable or unique prizes.  Some clubs have a great deal of success raffling off dates with their members! Be creative and think of a range of products or services that people may be interested in. If you’re an art student, for example, you could try painting a few things and auction those off. It’s one of the best ways that a striving artist can make some money before launching into a full-fledged career. Ok, so you’re looking for fundraising ideas for college clubs. Still, we’ll allow you to keep that idea in the future for your own fund. You can thank us later.

Throw a Party

Old used torn tickets isolated white background

Image via Freepik

Your college club can raise a significant amount of money by organizing an exciting party and charging admission. The party should have a great theme and if it is successful, it can become an annual event. Winter Balls, Halloween Parties, and Valentine’s Day parties all work well. Take the opportunity to run competitions, raffles, and auctions. You can also create your own unique cocktails for the party and charge people some money for those as well. Be creative and think about which drinks work well together. Pro tip: when people are having great fun in a certain place, they’re far more pre-disposed to spend cash.

Hold a Competition

Image via Reshot

Competitions can be one of the most successful fundraising ideas for college clubs.  The competition could be something academic, sporty, or fun. Consider trivial pursuit, scrabble, chess, dictionary, or a team quiz for fun activities.  For something more academic, consider a debate competition, spelling competition, or maths competition.  For sporting competitions, you could use any number of team-based events.

Try to organize a “students vs academics” competition, because that will attract much more interest.  Focus the debate on a hot topic so it gains the interest of many people.  Charge a small entry fee and combine the event with other fundraising techniques.

Throw a Talent Show

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

You’d be surprised at how talented your fellow students are! Organize a talent show with various prizes and charge an entry fee for attendees. You never know when the next big Dave Chappelle or Madonna will rise up from anonymity. And it will all be because of your college fundraiser idea.

Car Wash

Photo via Pixabay

Another classic fundraising method that works well. Just be sure to advertise the car wash well and combine it with other fundraising activities like a bake sale, BBQ, and live music. And, please, bring quality equipment so that your customers will be happy with the service they’ll receive.

Nacho Party

Photo via​ Pixabay

Who doesn’t like nachos? Set up a nacho stall in the middle of campus at lunchtime and you will get a lot of takers! You could also combine it with some other siesta-themed activities. Or you could even try to make a combo movie night with nachos. Star Wars and nachos sound like a lot of fun.

Run a Game Show


Photo via Flickr

Consider running a version of Family Feud with some academics facing off against a few bright students.  Create some entertaining questions and charge a small admission fee.

Themed Sales

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Take advantage of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day by selling items that make great presents.  Many students don’t have time to go shopping or forget to find a present for their mother, father, or partner.  Make it easy for them with a stall selling the appropriate gifts.

Garage Sale

Photo via Pixabay

Another one of the best fundraising ideas for college clubs.  Have the members of your club find a few boxes of items that they no longer want and create a huge garage sale.  You can make a ton of cash and get rid of some items that you no longer use.

Create a Stress Relief Event

Photo via Pixabay

Prior to final exams, hold a stress relief event.  It should involve foot rubs, massages, scented oils, positive affirmations, and soothing music. Stressed-out students will be happy to pay a small fee to unwind and relax before the big test.

A Sports Competition between Clubs

Photo via Pixabay

Hold a “College’s fittest man and woman” competition.  The goal of the event is to find out which sporting team has the fittest athletes.  The event should contain a series of challenges that test each athlete’s agility, strength, and endurance.

Give a prize to the winning athlete.  Something simple like a t-shirt proclaiming they are the fittest person on campus is fine.  However, a cash prize would really give students a strong incentive to enter.  The sporting team that the athlete plays for will also win a trophy that they hold for a year.  You will see a healthy rivalry between sporting teams develop!  Combine the event with a nacho party, bake sale, or sausage sizzle to feed to spectators.

Instructional Videos

Photo via Pixabay

The Internet has become a great source of revenue for many writers, podcasters, and video makers.  You could create a number of educational or tutorial videos and upload them online.  If they do well, they will provide a long-term source of revenue for your club.

Karaoke Party

Photo via Unsplash

Rent a karaoke machine and throw a party.  Offer prizes for the best performance of the night (voted on by the audience).  Charge a small admission fee and offer snacks.

Scavenger Hunt

Photo by N. on Unsplash

You can place a number of clues around the campus for scavengers to find.  The first team to complete the scavenger hunt wins a prize.  Have a small entry fee which also gives participants access to a party thrown afterward.

Used Book Sale

Photo via Pixabay

Ask for book donations from friends and family, then have a book sale on campus. Try to get academic texts from ex-students, because they will sell really well.

Sell Merchandise

Photo via Pexels

You can sell coffee cups, t-shirts, and other merchandise that promotes your club.  You can connect with ex-members to see if they are interested in buying merchandise.

Ask Ex-Members for Donations

Photo via Pixabay

Reconnect with old members of the club to see if they would consider making a small donation. For that donation, they will receive some form of additional recognition with the club, which can help them create social connections with current club members.

Throw a Dinner

Photo via Pixabay

Do you have any talented cooks in your club? Consider throwing a luxurious themed dinner. Pull out all of the stops and have club members dress as waiters, looking after the guest’s every need.  Charge a small admission fee and consider combining it with other fundraising activities like an auction.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you’re raising funds for in your college club, these 20 inspiring ideas are sure to come in handy one way or another.

As long as you know how to organize events, you shouldn’t have much trouble organizing one of the fundraising ideas mentioned above.

8 Fundraising Ideas for Teens

Most ideas for fundraising centered on teens always require some injection of fun in the right areas. It’s of most importance to find something that wakes up their zeal and gives them a chance to work together with other youths for a wonderful and fulfilling fundraising. As a parent what you want for your teen is a lesson in responsibility and to be inspired positively, particularly while interacting with other teenagers. This is where teen fundraising ideas come in. Of course, there are many ideas teens could run with and raise some money for a cause they are very passionate about. You can also read about some great fundraising ideas for college aged students.

Why Getting Teens Into Fundraising is Important

Teens are the future of our planet, and we need to teach them empathy and other characteristics that have made the human race survive for so long. Fundraisers are also a great way for them to meet new people and get the satisfaction that they had the opportunity of helping those in need. Getting them involved directly in issues affecting our society will also teach them the lesson of responsibility.

Regardless of what your goal is as a parent, getting your teen son or daughter into fundraising will teach them several valuable life lessons. Without further ado, here are the best fundraising ideas for teens:

Teen Help Squad

Photo by Cori Rodriguez from Pexels

Those fundraising ideas that work should get the teens out of their comfort zones and get them working with their minds, hands, and with others. One of the oldest and always effective ways of making extra money for teens has always been helping around people’s homes for all kinds of things. As a squad of teens comes together they can come up with all kinds of services to offer their community, from dog walking, cleaning around, offering child care services, raking and trimming other people’s fences, and many others. If the fences around the neighborhood look worn out and dull you can offer to repaint and repair them for a fee. Bring different teenagers together and give them those tasks appropriate to them and raise the cash you need for your cause. It’s a good way to both socialize and do some good for the community at the same time.

Cookie Event

Image via Burst

Everyone loves some cookie and the jury is out there on the best shape for this crunchy delight. As a group, teens can come together and set up a cookie party or cookie selling event by baking all sorts of cookies in different shapes and sizes, from geometrical shaped, haphazard, large to small cookies, and sell them to everyone, perhaps even with a cup of Joe or some freshly made lemonade for more profits.

Community Movie Night

Photo by Ross from Pexels

After seeking the proper permissions teens can come together and create a movie night perhaps in their church, school, community hall and other areas in the evening perhaps on a Friday or weekend. Before the weekend they can popularize the event all over social media, through flyers or word of mouth and sell tickets days before the event. You can come up with a classic picture people have probably forgotten about, a film that was probably made in your area or an educational or faith based film with lots of lessons and entertainment to boot.

Retro Game Day

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Teens today and computer games are inseparable and most of them have forgotten there were board games before the screen took over. Bring all those board games from chess, scrabble to monopoly and many others and make it a family day out where families play each other or individuals earn special points for specific gifts. Find those games that bring children and adults together, particularly those that no one plays any longer. Ask people to donate prizes and charge a fee as the entry to the great retro game day challenge putting families and friends against each other.

Child Care

Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels

Individually, offering time to babysit a child is the best thing any teen can do. Teenagers rarely have time for small children and this gives them a whole new perspective on things. Individually or as a group, teens can come together and offer two hours of child care on a particular day for a month full of fun and all sorts of activities that kids love at night, during the day or evening when grownups want to go out for a date or have some time alone without the noise and bustle of kids around the house. It’s not a small undertaking and teens need to come up with child friendly games that do not bore children easily and a keen eye to keep them around the place the event will be taking place. Plan accordingly.

Gift Wrapping

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Of course, every person loves gifts and at specific times of the year, there’re lots of them moving around. As a teen, deciding to offer a gift wrapping service at a local store or around the neighborhood at a time such as Christmas or Thanksgiving makes just about anyone happy. As shocking as it might seem, not many people know how to wrap gifts properly. This is where such a talent can come in handy, especially for the holidays.

Come Up with a Marathon

Image via Pexels

Possibly one of those ideas you probably don’t have to invest much, a marathon is a long standing way of raising money, creating awareness, and bringing athletes, families, and communities together. If you intend to raise money for Hemophilia or some other condition affecting your community you can incorporate a marathon and come up with a course that will not affect traffic flow, perhaps on a trail around the hills and mountains in your locality.

Talk to other teens, the sheriff’s office for guidance and support particularly with some security, and use as many teens as possible to spread the word around. If there’s just no road or trail for a marathon approach your high school and make it an athletics challenge day where all types of people compete in all manner of disciplines. To participate one would have to buy a ticket including anyone who wants to be involved. Let parents and their kids fight off in relays, sprints, long distant races among other athletic disciplines. At the end of the day, you’ll end up with the funds you wanted and a very happy community.

How Marathons Started

The legend goes that an ancient Greek messenger ran from Marathon to Athens, about 25 miles, to deliver a message about an important Greek victory over an invading army of Persians in 490 B.C.

From that legend, in modern times, the marathon first came to fruition at the Olympic Games in 1896, which were held at Athens. Originally, the Olympic Games organizers never even thought about holding such a long race. Yet, here we are now with one of the most celebrated sports in human history.

Garage Sales like Never Before

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Everyone knows about a garage sale and probably has tried one in their lives. As teens this is one of the most effective fundraising ideas out there, more so if done as a team. The golden rule is that another person’s junk is another guy’s treasure and you’ll never go wrong. As a group goes around the neighborhood asking neighbors, family, and friends to donate those things in their closets they no longer use. Don’t leave anything provided but receive all, run through them, and repair or clean each if the need is to make them very presentable.

You can even ask if you can help clean attics as you rummage through clatter to find things for those neighbors who might be happy about that. Once you have everything and improved them as you deem fit find tables and have all the items displayed in all manner of categories for ease of choice and purchase. You can create posters, flyers, send word around, post on Facebook, and even Tweet about it if the need be. Talk to children and church members about it and create some buzz as much as you can.  Always remember to indicate to everyone you pass the information to that it’s all about raising money for a charity, a cause, or just new equipment for your high school’s drama club.

If you have a lot of items and you’re sure through the commitments you’ve received the crowds will be huge tie the event with another, such as having a soda, fresh juice or water stand to sell to the people who will turn up if the day is a hot one. Take to the local grocery store or supermarket-they might just donate a couple of cookies and drinks.

Final Thoughts

Got any other fun fundraising ideas for teens? Make sure to leave us a comment with your proposal and we might update the article in the future. And don’t forget to share the article with other people interested in this topic. It’s what makes our community here at Fun-Attic so engaging.

Featured Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Fun Family Activities

American Flag Beaded Pin




    Red beads, white beads, and blue beads


    1″ Safety Pins (10 total per craft)


    Needle Nose Pliers

Each pin will take 9 safety pins, and you can use either all gold or silver. Make four of the pins with 5 blue beads on first then add one white then red then white then red then the last bead will be white. Close each finished pin and slightly crimp the head of the pin to prevent the pin from opening.

Make the next four safety pins starting with a red bead then white alternating until you have ten beads the last one should be white. Close each one of those pins and crimp. The last part will take an adult to help you because the 8 safety pins will have to go on the backside on the 9th pin.

In order to do this, you will have to take the needle nose pliers and slightly pull apart the bottom end of the 9th safety pin – only far enough to slide each of the beaded pins around the loop to the other side. The beaded pins will hang from the bottom loop of the pin. You will start with the red and white beaded pins first. One at a time slide to the other side of the pin. Make sure that the beads face out instead of the inside of the pin. If you slide the beaded pins facing out they should end up facing out. Then slide the remaining blue with red and white pins on and then crimp the holding pin back into place.

You can now proudly wear your United States of America Pin. May God Bless America!!

Backwards Day




    Sense of humor


    A fun meal


    Desire to have fun

Choose a day that the kids can wear their clothes backward. Most likely a day that you’ll all be staying home or near home. Be creative but not too tacky as to how to look. At dinner, you should serve a backward dinner to top off the day. Start out with dessert first, and then the main course, then the salad and veggies last if you have any room left. See if you can plan out any other ideas for the day.

Box Fort




    Large Boxes







Find some large boxes to play in. You can either use those leftover large present boxes or acquire a few large boxes from a nearby store. Have the kids figure out how they want their fort to look with passageways to the other boxes.

What type of windows? Windows that open up, open down, or open out. Have someone that is knowledgeable with scissors cut out openings, use caution when doing so. Use duct tape or shipping tape to keep the boxes together. Kids can decorate their fort with markers and other ways.

Discuss with kids different types of forts that were built in America, Canada, and other countries. Have them do some research on the Internet as to these types of forts. For younger children, have them think about different types of habitats that animals use for protection. Whenever your children try a new activity or game, this is your greatest opportunity to tie it into a learning experience. Games can always be a learning process for kids and adults; you’ll learn many things in the process. – R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Comic Strip Creator










    Plain Paper





Have kids go through magazines and newspapers looking for interesting things to cut out. Instruct them to have a theme or story in mind for this project.

Once they have cut and laid out their piece in the order of their story, have them glue them on plain paper in a line or several lines. Make sure they leave room for the caption and storyline. If they have a great story that goes on and on, encourage them to use several pieces of paper.

After they have glued pieces in order, have them work on writing the story out based on the pictures above. This exercise will help some children learn to frame their thoughts.

Dough Art




    Frozen or homemade bread dough


    Food coloring


    Paint Brushes

Defrost bread dough in a large greased bowl with a towel over it to prevent from drying out; this takes up to 2-4 hours so plan this activity out ahead of time.

Once the dough has risen, punch down and separate into large chunks for each child. Provide a lightly floured work area for them and aprons if they tend to be messy. Have them make something out of the dough like animals, plants, cartoon characters, or objects that interest them.

Place the shaped artwork on a greased cookie sheet and have them paint with desired food coloring mixed with a little bit of water. Let the finished artwork rise for about 1-2 hours and then bake for about 20-30 minutes at about 350 degrees.

For the holiday season, even the parents can do unique bread designs like a braided loaf or braided wreath. You’ll be surprised how creative you really can be if you would only try.

Eat Under the Table

A young and beautiful mother in a blue shirt and apron is preparing a fresh vegetable salad at home in the kitchen, along with her little cute daughter with light hair












Image via Freepik









    Clean Floor


    Willing to be different


    Desire to have fun


    Fun, easy meal

Once in awhile, when mom’s in a good mood and looking for something fun to do with the kids, I’ll plan a unique meal. The meal will usually take place the same day that I’ve mopped the kitchen floor. A good fun meal could be a taco salad or something that your family would enjoy. We’ll pull away all the chairs and sit cross-legged as we enjoy a special time together.

Warning, the kids will totally enjoy this and they will bug you until you do it again.


Safe Toys for the Whole Family – Even Grandpa Can Play!

Fall Leaf Collection Book








    Hole Punch


    Construction Paper


    Wax Paper


    Aluminum Foil




    Clear Contact paper

Send out the troops on a fall leaf hunt. Have them collect different colors and shapes. Each bookmaker will sort through the collected leaves looking for the best and most unique. You can also make one big book that all can share.

There are two ways to put together a fall leaf collection book.

One way is to purchase clear contact paper and cut it into uniform pieces. Peel back part of the protective paper and place one or more leaves on one half of the paper. Once the leaves are placed peel back the rest on the protective paper and fold over the other half.

Another way is to use wax paper and an iron. If you use this method, take several precautions not to damage your iron or other items that might come in contact with melted wax. When using an iron, make sure that it never comes in direct contact with the wax paper or you will spread out the melted wax on your iron. (It will come off but you don’t want it on any of your good clothes.)

Lay a large enough piece of aluminum foil on your ironing board or ironing surface. Cut out uniform pieces of wax paper and place a leaf or two on one half and fold the other half on top of the leaf. Place another piece of foil to separate the wax paper from the iron. Iron the page together with a medium heated iron. Be careful not to get burned on the aluminum foil. Peel back the foil to check your work; making sure the waxed paper has fused together. Instead of aluminum foil, you can use scrap pieces of cotton material or paper towels.

Once you have all your leaves sealed by some method, you can take strips of colorful construction paper to frame each leaf page. This will also provide an area to label each type of leaf. Punch a hole through one corner of each completed piece and tie with a piece of string to form a leaf book.

Icing Skills

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash




    Cake Decorating Bags


    Decorating tips


    Powdered sugar






    Wax Paper




    food coloring


    9″ cake pan

Purchase cake decorating bags and cake decorating tips. The decorating tips that you might want would be the star tip, leaf tip, petal/flower tip, and writing tip. You can make your own bags with wax paper formed into a cone, but the reusable plastic decorating bags are your best bet.

Mix one box of confectionary sugar with one cup of shortening, separate into two-three containers, and add desired food coloring. This recipe is for practicing your cake decorating talents over and over again it but must be refrigerated.

Take 9 inch round cake pans and turn upside down on wax paper. Get the kids to decorate these pans over and over.

To make a rose, push a toothpick halfway through the flat side of a miniature marshmallow to use as a handle. Use your petal tip and while slowly spinning the marshmallow, add frosting to the top edge of the marshmallow with the tip angled sideways. The first petal should look like a mountain peak or roof with the top of the marshmallow closed off. Then for your next petals add an upside-down half moon shapes on both sides of the marshmallow. Turn the marshmallow ¼ turn and add 2 more of the same petals. You can also do this with large a marshmallow and once you master the idea this can be done without marshmallows but they are helpful for beginners. To learn how to make Baby Bootie’s go to our Baby Shower Ideas page for instructions.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

Marble Art




    Small Containers


    Tempura paint


    Paper plates




    Extra paper



Place a precut paper onto your paper plate. Pour tempera paints into small containers and place marbles into the various colors. Spoon out marbles one or several at a time onto the paper plate and while using wrist action allow the marble to roll around leaving a very colorful design. You might want aprons on the participants, or you can do this project outside to prevent making too much of a mess.

Nature Stamp Art




    Poster Paints











Cut an apple in half so that you have a top and a bottom half and you will find something special, a star. Find different shapes, sizes, and types of leaves that will make unique patterns on paper, but make sure you don’t touch plants that could cause you harm.

Pour different colors of poster paint into small plates and dip the items one at a time into the paint, then press onto paper. You can add different types of glitter, and this artwork can be also used for special napkin designs, table decorations, or homemade wrapping paper for a holiday or special occasion.


Have Fun! ?


Now here are some colorful ideas to liven up play time.
If you have a fun game that is entertaining and healthy for kids of ANY age, you can send it to us for consideration and addition to our Games and Activities Guide.

Join our mailing list to receive our periodic newsletter and be kept up to date on new games, ideas, and activities.

Featured Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna from Pexels


Later Edit

After some thought and considerations, we have come up with several other activities that you and your family can try out for some fun.

Play a Card Game

There are lots of card games for you to choose from, many of which you can find on our website. From all-time classics like UNO to Go Fish, the options are seemingly limitless. And if you’re creative enough, you could also invent your own personalized version of a game with custom rules.

Optionally, you can combine card and dice games to up the ante and give an even newer perspective on classic spin-off titles. It’s up to you to choose a game that everyone in the family can enjoy as a fun activity.

Go to the Beach

We know that sometimes your kids might not be in the mood for in-house activities or for board games. So why not do something a little out of the ordinary? Yes, go to the beach.

Kids love the seaside and the hot sun will make them even happier than staying inside and playing video games. You can also take this opportunity to teach them how to swim. This skill will most likely come in handy on numerous occasions throughout their lives.

Go For a Bike Ride

Riding a bike is one of the most rudimental and basic ways for your kids to have fun and stay in shape at the same time. Consider teaching them how to ride one at a young age so that they can get the hang of it early in life.

It’s also a great way for you to bond with your children and make some awesome memories. Once they’re good enough, take them through a bike ride on a bike trail or somewhere in nature where the road is good enough to handle the two-wheeled vehicles.

Teach Kids How to Garden

At first, it might sound like a menial task. However, gardening is a useful skill and it can quite fun with the right mindset. Get creative and play some games to help your kids memorize all the gardening techniques.

17 Tips on How To Be Funny [Infographic]

How to Be Funny

Have you wondered how to be funny around strangers? Why is it that some people have a good sense of humor and can easily make other people laugh at their jokes? What makes a person funny? In everyday life, these naturally funny people can throw a good joke or punchline in any given situation. Being funny is one of the most desired traits. But not all people have a sense of humor and can be naturally funny.

Being funny is one of the most desired traits. Below you will find 17 tips on how to be funny. These tips, if practiced, are sure to help you become funny.

Life is too short to be serious. We need some good humor in our life from time to time. So, if you are looking to learn more about how to be naturally funny and make the people in your life laugh, we have you covered. Below you will find 17 tips on how to be funny. These tips, if practiced, are sure to help you become funny.

Determine what makes you laugh – If you want to make people laugh, you can start by examining yourself. What makes you laugh? Take out a notepad and start to brainstorm. When’s the last time you laughed? What caused you to laugh? Spend about 15 minutes making a thorough list.

Observe what makes others laughIf you want to learn how to be funny, it’s important that you become observant. When you are with others, and you find someone laughing, take a mental note, or jot down a note on your phone. Keep a “funny folder.” Here you can keep your notes of things that will make others laugh.

Spend more time with funny peopleAre the people that you spend a lot of time with funny? Typically you tend to take on traits of your inner circle. If your friends aren’t funny, start making a list of people that you find funny. Try to intentionally spend more time with them.

Memorize one-liners One-liners are perfect. They don’t take a lot of effort and they can get the job done. “My fake plants died because I didn’t pretend to water them.

Watch lots of comedy shows Besides being fun to do, watching comedy shows can increase your level of funniness.

Watch funny movies Watch funny movies and be intentional about plucking out some of the funniest parts. Take notes and keep it in your funny folder. Sometimes all it takes is repeating snippets of a funny movie get someone laughing.

Read joke books or joke blogs There is no shortage of funny material. Head on over to Amazon and buy some of the highest ranked joke books. Use Google too and type in different jokes or funny keywords. Find a funny blog that resonates with the type of humor that you want to incorporate.

Do use sarcasm Sarcasm can be extremely funny. Use it but don’t overdo it.

Do use sexual innuendos Use your best judgment on this. You want to make sure that your audience is appropriate. When in doubt refrain from using sexual innuendos.

Self-deprecation can work Use this with people that you know well. Self-deprecating humor is when someone belittles or makes fun of themselves. An example of self-deprecating humor would be someone that is overweight making jokes about their weight. Use sparingly or it will have the reverse effect.​

Do NOT use demeaning jokes Demeaning can make you look like more of a jerk than someone of good humor. Don’t belittle other people or groups of people when trying to be funny.

Do NOT use mimicry Mimicking others is annoying, enough said.

Timing is everything When observing other people being funny, take note of their timing. If you are too early or too late, it might lose some of its humor. Practice makes perfect.

Use jokes sparingly Don’t go overboard with your jokes. Joking too often be more annoying than funny. A perfect example of what not to do would be this guy trying to be funny, using puns at Disney. At the end of the video, you could see how fed up she was with the humor.

Don’t take yourself so seriously In short, loosen up.

Animation and energy are the sense of humor’s best friend Try to incorporate energy and animation into your humor. It’s harder to be funny if your monotone and low on the energy scale.

Smile to be funny Smiling is contagious. If you are looking to make others laugh and smile, start by smiling yourself. It’s important to remember, don’t overdo it. Smiling too much can be creepy and have the reverse effect.

The Science of Being Funny

There are several theories behind being funny. No exact answer will be given by anyone because, oftentimes, humor is subjective. Depending on the type of person you are, you might prefer dark humor or you might be disgusted by it, for instance. However, the following theories give us a glimpse into why people react the way they do to certain jokes:

The Superiority Theory

No matter how much of a good human you’re trying to be, deep down you know that other people’s failures make you feel superior. Even if we’re talking about a mistake that you used to make in the past, you have evolved now. And that’s why the misfortune of others makes us laugh. Think of those “funny fail compilation” videos, as they are a prime example of this theory.

The Relief Theory

Sigmund Freud first came up with a version of this theory. It’s the school of thought that says whenever we feel utterly stressed or after we’ve gone through severe tensions, the mind’s natural response is to cope. Often times, this coping mechanism gets translated through humor. That’s why many of us seem to find old gaffes funny after many years. And it’s probably the reason why many people speculate that the funniest humans are the ones who went through some severe traumas.

The Incongruity Theory

Incongruity basically refers to something completely unexpected. Humans, or at least most of us, have the capacity to notice patterns. When that pattern is broken and something seems out of place, sometimes our reaction might trigger a laugh. For example, we all know how cats look. But what if we were to put a toy lion mane on one? Most people would laugh. See for yourself:

funny cat lion mane

Did that make you laugh? No? Well, we’re pretty sure at least a few of our readers giggled. Or so we hope. Please tell us we’re funny.

The Kick of the Discovery Theory

Ok, so this one has a rather peculiar name. But what does it mean? It refers to the fact that people often find it the funniest when their expectations are completely shattered. When something that a normal person wouldn’t even think of occurring happens to occur. Out of a million people that this theory has been tested on, the joke that got the most votes for being the funniest of them all is the following one:

“How many babies does it take to paint a wall red? Just one, but you have to throw it really hard.”

Too dark? Yes, we agree. But it certainly puts a completely unexpected twist on an otherwise regular question. And that’s what made so many people laugh until they dropped.

Final Thoughts on How to Be Funny

There you have it, 17 tips on how to be funny. Remember, being funny can be learned. The more you practice being funny, the more likely you will become funny. At first, you might want to start by practicing on some people you know really well. Don’t let them know that you are practicing. After you start to see some success with the people you know well, start to venture out. Start trying to be funny with complete strangers or groups of strangers. Practice being funny on dates and in different situations.

11 Best River Float Tubes in 2020 | Reviews and Recommendations

Summer is right around the corner! One of our favorite warm-weather pastimes is being out on the water. Float tubes are a great summer recreation activity for many different types of people and age groups. Some people like to float lazily in a pool or down a river in groups. Others seek adventure while fishing out on the lake or in rougher water.

This article will take a look at many different types of float tubes available to help you pick one that suits your style and needs. Check out our five best river float tubes reviews and our six other product recommendations! At the end of this article, you will also find a short river float tubes’ buying guide, highlighting the aspects you need to consider in your purchase decision!

What Should You Know About River Float Tubes

No one knows for sure who the first person to use a float tube was. There is a good chance it was someone from a farm who used an old tractor intertube. As their popularity grew, manufacturers began making specialty float tubes for many different activities. Since its humble beginnings, float tubing has developed into a very popular outdoor activity for many people. Their most popular uses are for lounging in the pool and floating down “lazy rivers” at water parks. After all, summer is coming and water sports – together with some of the best water games out there – are the highlight of hot days, group summertime activities, and overall good summer fun!

People get together in groups and even take guided tours down rivers over long distances. They are also very popular with outdoorsmen and fishermen. They allow access to the best fishing spots and places that would otherwise not be available.

Why is a Specialized Float Tube Better Than a Tractor Tube?

There are many reasons to choose a specialized float tube over an old tractor tube. Safety is the most important thing to consider when being out on the water. Old tractor tubes were not designed with safety in mind. This is very important if you want to use your tube to float down rivers. They also have no features for comfort and relaxation. The different companies that make specialized float tubes put a lot of time and effort into designing a product with important features for both safety and comfort. The construction and materials used to make them is also much higher quality. Don’t trust your safety to an old tractor tube.

Why Choosing the Right Float Tube is Important

There are a wide variety of float tubes available for different types of activities. Choosing the correct style of tube is very important for safety out on the water. For example, you would not want to use a simple tube without safety features while fishing out on an open lake. Rugged construction is important when dealing with the possibility of hitting snags. Likewise, you would not want to purchase a heavy-duty and bulky fishing tube for use in your backyard pool. The information at the end of the article on how to pick the right river float tubes will run down some of the best features of such items that you should factor in your purchase decision.

Now, let’s check out the five best river float tubes reviews we prepared for you!

Top 5 Best River Float Tubes in 2020

Next, we invite you to check out the best five river float tubes we reviewed for you to help you make the best choice when it comes to safe and fun water sports and water games this summer. At the end of this guide, you will also find ten more tubes we consider you should check out this year as well. If you want us to review in-depth the other 10 contenders, let us know in the comments section at the end of this guide!

1. Intex River Run I Sport Lounge

Intex River Run Single Person Inflatable Floating Water Tube Raft with Built-In Backrest, Cupholder, and Mesh Bottom for Lakes and Pools
  • River Run I accommodates 1 rider with 2 separate air chambers and a comfortable backrest, allowing you to...
  • Dual handles allow you to stay in place while the cupholders keep your drink close at hand
  • Constructed of durable 18-gauge vinyl materials for increased durability and has an all-around grab rope...

This is a great all-around float tube. It is extremely durable and made from quality materials. The size and design are simple enough for use in the pool with multiple cup holders and a mesh bottom to keep cool. Its added features like heavy-duty handles, backrest, large 53″ diameter, and grab rope allow you to float comfortably out on the open lake or in a slow river too.

Simple and comfortable design with multiple smart features.
Works in your backyard pool or out on a calm river.
No protective covering and not well suited for use on rough water or in rivers with potential snags.

2. Intex River Run II Sport Lounge

Intex River Run 2 Person Inflatable Pool Floating Water Lounge Tube Raft Float with Cooler and Repair Kit for Pool, Lake and Ocean
  • WATER FUN: The Intex River Run Raft is designed for use in the ocean, in lakes, or in the pool and...
  • SIMPLE INFLATION: Safety air valve and double-welded seams make inflation and deflation a breeze
  • DESIGN: This Intex tube is built with durable 18-gauge vinyl; The mesh bottom and built-in backrest keeps...

This durable tube is designed with two connected lounges and is the perfect tube for couples, friends, and large groups. It has all the same great features as the Intex River Run I and added features like a cooler to keep refreshments on hand, extra air chambers for safety, and the ability to connect it to other River Run float tubes if you are in a large group. It handles rough and calm water with ease. Many people like float tubing in groups and this is a great choice for keeping everyone together.

Two seats and a cooler for extra fun.
Perfect for a lazy day floating down the river.
Added safety features for increased weight load.
Not for single person use.

3. Sevylor Covered River Tube

Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 6-Person Fishing Boat with Berkley Rod Holder
  • 63% more room than our 2014 model
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction is rugged for lake use, it seats 6 people or 990 lbs.
  • Multiple air chambers allow the other chambers to stay inflated if one is punctured

This is another great all-around tube that will last for many seasons. It is designed for heavy-duty lake and river use with PVC construction, multiple air chambers, and nylon covering to prevent leaks and damage. This would work well on the longer trips down the river. It is also simple enough to work just as well in the backyard pool with its 47″ inch inflated diameter. Like the Intex River Run tubes, this has the ability to be connected to other Sevylor tubes and a cup holder to keep your drink close by. When the weather changes to cold some people even use this as a sled!

Lots of added safety features for extra durability.
Can withstand rougher water and situations.
It does not have as many comfort-based features.

4. Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube

Classic Accessories Orion Deluxe Boat Cover, Fits Boats 17' - 19' L x 102" W - Trailerable Boat Cover with Fabric Coating Technology, Model D
  • Teton assembled size: 42.5"L x 40"W x 18.5"H, weight, 8.5 lbs.
  • Hydrodynamic hull shape for improved tracking and steering
  • The durable, sculpted design offers a 250 lbs. weight capacity

This particular tube is a bit different than the first three tubes described. It is suited especially for fishing and other more intense outdoor activities with a rod holder, stripping apron and fish ruler, multiple zipping storage pockets, and D-rings for attaching other gear. The hydrodynamic hull shape allows for great steering and tracking. The heavy-duty construction allows you to safely get to where boats cannot easily go. This provides a huge advantage for the serious fisherman.

Very heavy duty with lots of features geared towards the fisherman.
Good handling in open lakes and rougher water.
Not a great design for use in the backyard pool.

5. Caddis Sports Nevada Float Tube

Nevada Float Tube for Fishing and Angling (Made by Caddis Sports, Inc.)
  • HEAVY DUTY AND VERSATILE: With a classic U-shaped design and versatile size, the Caddis Sports Nevada...
  • DOUBLE-STITCHED: Heavy-duty rip-stop material with double-stitched critical seams reinforces the Float...
  • COMFORTABLE BACKREST: A comfortable backrest bladder and oversized seat add supportive comfort to hold...

This is another tube geared towards fishing and adventurous use. It has almost all of the same features as The Teton Float tube in a simple and sleek design. The outer shell of the tube is made with double-stitched ripstop nylon for added durability. It is lightweight and features carry handles for easy transportation. The U-shape design provides safety and stability in the open water and rivers. Fluorescent safety accents and a stabilizer bar round out this simple and well-designed item.

Nylon cover and other added safety features for maximum durability.
Great for fishing and other more adventurous outdoor use.
225 weight limit with gear.

6 Best River Float Tubes Contenders for 2020

Now that you saw the five best river float tubes reviews of the year, it’s time to list the other 6 products we consider that are worth your while. While they differ in tech specs, features, and prices, they are all coming with great benefits, excellent safety built-in measures, and excellent customer reviews. So, without further ado, let’s see the six best river float tubes you can buy this year! Remember, in case you want us to review one or more particular items on this list, all you have to do is ask!

  1. Tube In a Box the Original Swim and Snow Tube, 45″ XL;
  2. REALTREE MAX-5 Lake Runner X Inflatable Tube;
  3. Tube Pro Orange 48″ Premium River Tube with Handles;
  4. Trans American Swim and Snow Adventure Tube, 40″ Large;
  5. Solstice Super Chill River Tube Double Duo with Cooler;
  6. BigMouth Inc. Beautiful Butterfly River Tube.

These were our eleven river float tubes reviews and recommendations! Now, as we promised, let’s see the short buying guide we were talking about at the beginning of this article.

What to Look For When You Buy A Floating River Tube

As you have seen from the reviews above, we insisted on picking the best floating river tubes capable of offering you a perfect blend of safety, comfort, reliability, and convenience. So let’s see the most important features you should look for when you buy such an item for your future river adventure!

The Durability of the Tubes

An outer tube’s guaranteed durability is what you should look for in such a product, as it makes the difference between staying afloat and not. You should look for tubes featuring high-gauge PVC rubber, double-stitched ripstop nylon, and good thickness to protect the inner tubes. When it comes to the inner tube, it is vulnerable to all the debris commonly found in water that can lead to tears, hole punctures, and scraps. You should look for a floating river tube with a canvas-covered polyester bottom, although a sturdy mesh denier bottom will do its job just fine.

A Canvas Bottom

Floating river tubes with canvas bottoms ensure your safety. They ensure no one slides out of the tube. A triple-stitch design is what you should be looking for in a river tube to ensure heavyweight support and safety.

A Mesh Bottom

Mesh bottoms allow comfort and keep you stay cool for a long day on the river. Look for a strong knit structure with adherent properties to withstand a river picnic (while on the tube), plenty of comforts, and a cooling sensation you most certainly need during a summer day on the water.

Safety Valve Stem and Cap Made of Rubber

Make sure you get a floating tube with rubber safety valve stem and cap while avoiding metals at the same time. Rubber valve stems are there to protect you from scratches, cuts, bruising, and other similar accidents and injuries. As you can easily figure out, a modern rubber cap cover is capable of smoothly reinforcing the air to stay in the tube with no leaks, thus contributing to the inflatability of the tube.


Handles are a safety feature you should not ignore, especially if you are into water sports on wild rivers. Rapid rivers can knock you out of the tube in the blink of an eye, so having handles is for both protection and comfort.

Comfort Features

Speaking of having a relaxed day on the water and in the sun, here are some comfort features that are not mandatory for a safe ride on flowing water, but it is always great when they are around:

  • Cup holders;
  • Mesh bottom for cooling and better sitting;
  • Back support for rest, relaxation, and a more natural position for your spine, especially if you plan to spend the entire day on the river;
  • Tube covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How dangerous is river tubing?

Tubing is a lot of fun but we also advise you take caution when engaging in this activity. Avoid tubing on rivers that have falls or on big rivers where reaching the shore takes too much time in case of an emergency. Back in 2014, a girl named Emily Fedorko was killed by the propeller of a boat when her friend tried to circle back to her after she fell off the tube. Practice safety first and always pay attention to what your instructor has to say depending on your weight, height, and body type.

What do you wear to a river tubing?

Before thinking about clothes or gear, first thing’s first: use sunscreen. good waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 50 will protect you from frying. Secondly, wear a hat with a brim and sunglasses to cover your face and keep the sun out of your eyes. Next, you’ll want clothing that is water-safe and dries easily for when you get out or walk back. Avoid baggy clothing or jackets. Your best bet are swimsuits and a white shirt over them to further protect from the heat. However, even in the hottest summer days, the water might still be cold. In this case, bring a wetsuit and water shoes or socks. If you don’t want to invest in a pair of water socks, an old pair of sneakers or hiking sandals will work just fine

How far should a tube be behind a boat?

The bare minimum safe distance between a tube and a boat should be no less than 100 feet. Anything less than that and you can land face-first in the propeller in case of an accident.

What kind of boat is good for tubing?

There is no specific type of boat that’s great for tubing. Almost any motorized boat will do a great job as long as you follow the other safety guidelines.

Bottom Line

Floating river tubes or inflatable kayaks should clearly be on your mind this summer if you want to spend a few days far from the maddening crowd. Either you take a fishing vacation with the family or embark on an adventure trip with your group of wild friends, water sports and activities are the best way to have fun, test your strengths and skills, relax, and make memorable memories.

We hope that you really enjoy water sports and activities and that these best river floating tubes reviews and recommendations helped you make the best choice. On the other hand, if you are not the watery adventurous type, you can always check out some of our fun lawn games as well!

Hopefully, the information provided in this guide will help you make the right decision and keep you having fun out on the water all summer long!

Featured Image via Pixabay