5 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats to Try This Year

The best slowpitch softball bats have a number of features that favor the players’ physique and overall performance. These bats offer their users the right length, weight, taper, material, grip, and barrel size. Sadly, the market provides a variety of softball bats with various designs, shapes, and characteristics; therefore, it is upon a batter to select a bat that combines the best features.

How to Choose a Slowpitch Softball Bat: Short Buying Guide

When choosing the best softball bat, there are no exact recipes or charts. The choice can be out of personal preference or adaptability to the player’s physical characteristics. Settling on the best bat can be a tad tricky and requires careful analysis of the features that improve a player’s performance. However, both softball fans and players agree that swinging different sizes and styles of bats is the best way to arrive at a purchasing decision. Nevertheless, as we said when we presented you with our guide on how to choose the best softball bats to up your ante when you play, here are some pointers you need to factor in your purchase decision:

  • The bat’s color is not important, but the quality and durability;
  • Your height and weight – as they determine the proper bat’s height and weight. You can consult some dedicated charts when it comes to this choice;
  • The bat’s length is crucial for a good game and your comfort;
  • If your hands tend to shake, you should make sure you choose correctly between an aluminum bat and a composite bat, as the latter are firmer and less shaky;
  • The bat’s weight is crucial, so we will reinforce the idea that you should make sure its weight works in your favor and not against you.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats to Choose This Year

We have listed five of the best slowpitch softball bats because users love them and recommend them.

The bats will be analyzed based on their:

  1. Barrel Size
  2. Grip
  3. Bat Taper
  4. Weight
  5. Length
  6. Material
  7. Customers’ reviews

1. Easton Rival ASA/USSSA Slow Pitch Bat

best slowpitch softball bats

This incredible slowpitch softball bat features an evenly balanced 12-inch barrel, along with 100 percent durable aluminum alloy. This Rival slowpitch bat will give you an incredibly fast swing, as well as fantastic control.

It has a one-piece design. This will give you a stiff feel with impact feedback. You will get the maximum ping possible every single time that you swing!

This bat gives you an incredible value. Don’t let its affordability fool you, though. This bat is available at a lower price point because of its single piece, all-aluminum composition. Other slow pitch softball bats on the market are two-piece and composite, which is why they will cost a bit more. Let’s see one enthusiastic customer review!

I just had my first game with this bat today and I hit an absolute bomb down the left field line. It cleared the fence easily and off the bat I knew it was out. The bat had a sweet ping when you barrel it. Awesome bat!

With its 4.3 stars on Amazon reviews and its excellent features, you cannot go wrong with this bat. In case you want to practice your skills and become better and better at this game, we recommend you take a look at our guide on the best softball pitching machines as well. It is true you need to make some room for them in your yard, but if you or your kids are huge softball fans, such machines, together with the bats will become real game-changers.

100 percent aluminum;
Incredible control.

2. Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA End Load Bat


The Louisville Slugger Z-3000 made its debut in 2014 and did not disappoint. The bat recorded great results and set the slow pitch season ablaze with outstanding performance. It gave rise to the Z-4000, which has been giving ASA league players a cutting edge since its inception.

The Louisville Slugger Z-4000 features a patented TRU3 connection system that is able to lock the handle and barrel together to reduce vibrations. This best-in-class carbon fiber material is manufactured with excellent durability while offering the player the best results. The Louisville Slugger will give its users great confidence as they step out to face their opponents.

If you are a beginner, just let us remind you that a good bat is crucial to your softball pitching techniques, so you should give time, patience, and research to choosing the best bat for your practice.

For improved power and performance, the bat has a half-ounce end load construction. In addition, the bat has a 12-inch barrel with the “Z” series sweet spot, the new ‘15/’16 Grit Blast finish, and a 0.875 inches tapered handle.

The Louisville Slugger Z-4000 features significantly as one of the best slowpitch softball bats. The bat is approved for usage in ISA, ASA, ISF, USSSA, and NSA baseball organizations. You can buy the bat in various weights for very affordable prices on Amazon.

And speaking of Amazon, remember that this product has 4.4-stars reviews and customers have nothing but good things about this product. Let’s see one enthusiast customer review right now.

For a low price, it’s a great fungo, nothing beats the sound feel and handle of a wood fungo. If you want a better longer lasting wood look at a maple(or other closed-grain woods) fungo.

Made out of high-quality materials.
Some users claim the bat is heavier than it appears.

3. Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat


The list for the best slowpitch softball bats would be incomplete without a bat from Easton. To attain maximum performance and optimize the sweet spot, the 13.5- inch barrel of the Easton Salvo is constructed from IMX Advanced Composite.

The balanced weight offers excellent bat control and gives the user more control. The ultra-thin 29/32 handle and Single System Composite Design also enhance control and provide more room for an extra whip. The handle has a gauze grip to increase comfort.

This is one of the best slowpitch softball bats on the market today, although it is pretty hard to find. However, this product comes with 4.1 Amazon stars reviews and a handful of happy customers who vouch for these bats. In other words, you might want to go a step further and find these slow pitch softball bats online to boost your skills and game technique. Here is one customer review to see why people are so hay with this bat!

I get amazing pop with this bat right out of the wrapper. Been playing 10 years in leagues and this is by far the best bat I’ve hit with such big pop with not much effort. I’ve hit juggernauts and borrowed a lot of bats but this has EXCELLENT balanced feel!

Great pop, well balanced, looks cool, can be utilized by a variety of players, has a great swing, more bat control to aim shots.
Some users insist the pop is not comparable to the initial salvo, does not have a good grip.

4. DeMarini DXUWE Ultimate Weapon Slow Pitch Softball Bat


We now have another work of art from DeMarini on this list of best slow pitch softball bats. DeMarini is mainly known for making some of the best softball bats, and it is no surprise seeing another model from the same brand.

This bat stands out from other DeMarini models because it is a single-walled one non-composite bat. The DeMarini DXUWE is made out of C405 alloy, which provides better and consistent performance due to the heat treatment that it receives during the manufacturing process. The C405 performance also maximizes the sweet spot.

The bat mostly comes with a length of 34 inches and has a positack grip to reduce hand fatigue and vibration. The bat can be bought in a variety of weights: 30oz, 28oz, or 26oz. DeMarini DXUWE is approved by USSSA and ASA, for some cases.

In case you want to boost your game and complete your softball attire, we also recommend you to look at some of the best cleats for softball pitching. The proper cleats help you grasp the traction you need to play the game successfully.

DeMarini 26-Ounce Ultimate Weapon Softball Bat (34-Inch) is an excellent product coming with outstanding reviews. It scores a whopping 4.3-star rating on Amazon. Here is one enthusiast customer review to give you a good image of what this bat is all about:

I’m not an “over the fence” hitter, but I have been lining some really good shots that do make it close to the fence and otherwise have been making really good contact with this bat. If you’re looking a good solid bat to place the ball with some occasional pop, then this is a good bat.

Provides decent pop, has a nice grip and handle, pleasant contact sound, the sweet spot is wide.
Can be light for batters who prefer heavy bats, not durable, some users hate the plastic nub on the handle, some users claim the bat mostly turns ball down and not up, scratches easily.

5. Miken 2019 DC-41 ASA Supermax Slowpitch Softball Bat

miken softball bat 2019

A Miken bat will easily find its way to the top among the best slow pitch softball bats, and the Miken 2019 Supermax softball bat is no exception. The bat gives a good swing and can significantly improve a player’s performance. This 2019 model comes with the stiffest barrel, meaning it has one of the strongest handles to sustain aggressive hits and to enable players to hit the ball without feeling fatigued.

The bat comes with a 14-inch barrel that is manufactured using revolutionary 100 COMP composite fibers. The composite uses high amounts of carbon fiber to create a high-end product of high quality and performance.

The dish end cap provides maximum stiffness when hitting the ball while the end-loaded swing offers maximum power during a hit. The bat is approved by ASA, ISF, NSA, and USSA baseball organizations.

This 2-piece composite, black and brown camo bat with 2.25-inch barrel diameter and 14-inch barrel length is a superstar among its peers. With its 4.3 stars on Amazon and excellent customer reviews, this is a beast of a bat that will propel you in your league or turn your hobby playing into a work of art. Let’s see what users are saying about this bat!

More teammates are starting to pick this up and are having huge success with it as well. Can’t wait to see what it does when it’s fully broken in. I definitely recommend this bat.

Provides amazing pop, ideal for control hitters, excellent control, balanced swing, the sweet spot is large, durable, hits both 300/52 and 375/44 balls very well, maximizes bat speed and hitting distance.
Some users claim the batneeds breaking in when still new, can take some time to break in (around 300-400hits), does not provide sound when hitting the ball (some people prefer to hear some sound), hurts if you do not hit the ball on the sweet spot.

Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats: Bottom Line

Now that you saw our top picks in the best slowpitch softball bats on the market today, it is time for you to share your thoughts! Do you enjoy your current softball bat or are you looking to upgrade? Have you ever used any of the slow pitch softball bats on this list or do you prefer other brands? What are the best slowpitch softball bats in your opinion? We, for example, are huge fans of the DeMarini, Easton, and Miken brands. Share your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us about your experiences with softball bats, cleats, or even helmets!

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