5 Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse has a longstanding place in America’s history as well as among the British Commonwealth. The game originated as a sport played by the North American Indians, though it was later picked up and adapted by the French and again by Canadians. Today, the sport is both well-known and well-loved. It is often described as a blend of various sports such as hockey, basketball, and soccer. Although there are men’s lacrosse teams, there are also women’s lacrosse teams, too. Women can enjoy the game just as much as men as long as they have the best women’s lacrosse sticks on hand.

Part of the reason that this game is such a winner among women players is that it does not require the brawn and brute strength that many sports games played by men require. For instance, football requires body strength and brute force whereas lacrosse is more about speed, coordination, agility, and skill. The quicker and more agile you are, the better you will likely be at playing lacrosse. If you have convinced yourself that you would like to enjoy this fast-paced, action-packed game for yourself, the list below will help you get started. The list features some of the best women’s lacrosse sticks available for purchase.

STX Crux 500 Complete Stick [WOMENS] Brine Women’s Mantra Rise Lacrosse Stick STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Lacrosse Stick with Precision Pocket and AL6000 Handle “Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick
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Lilly Complete Stick Lacrosse Womens Complete Sticks
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1. STX Crux 500 Complete Stick

Whether you are new to the game, or you have been at it for a few years, selecting the perfect stick is an all important aspect of gameplay. Of course, choosing the right stick comes down to various factors such as brand, quality, and price. One of the best decisions you can make is to purchase a complete lacrosse stick, which is described as a combo that includes both the shaft and the head. Lacrosse stick combos can make your shopping experience a little less daunting since you will not have to spend as much time browsing around for a shaft and a separate head for purchase, which is why the STX Crux 500 Complete Stick is the perfect choice for women.

Of course, there are other components of the game that are important, such as the cleats you wear to ensure proper footwork. You also need goggles as protective eyewear. You should even make sure you have a comfortable pair of socks that absorb sweat and keep your feet from slipping inside your cleats. However, your lacrosse stick is essentially the weapon you will use to achieve victory against your enemies. Only rather than using it as an actual weapon to do harm to other people, you will use it to gain control of the ball and score against the opposing team. The STX Crux 500 Complete Stick allows you to do just that and more.

The stick falls within the legal limitations for stick length according to women’s lacrosse or wlax as it is commonly known. According to the rules of wlax, the lacrosse stick, including the entire length of the head, must be between 35 ½ – 43 ¼ inches, which the STX Crux 500 Complete Stick accommodates. Also, the composite stick offers the durability that you need for even the most competitive of games. The launch pocket on the head ensures that you have a better chance of hitting that sweet spot for a score during gameplay. As if that isn’t enough, take into consideration that the head’s top scoop allows for easier pickup and release of the ball.

The pocket of the head is deep enough that it cradles the ball perfectly but not so deep that it will disqualify you since the ball must sit evenly against the head’s sidewalls. As an added benefit, the pocket cradles the ball to keep it from rattling around loosely, yet it has a loose enough fit that you can release it smoothly and instantaneously when necessary. With this stick and head combo, you receive the deepest pocket allowable for legal gameplay. The stick offers 10-degree technology, which provides you greater access to those hard to hit corners to allow you to increase your competitive edge against opposing players on the field.

All-in-all, the STX Crux 500 Complete Stick certainly earns a deserving spot among a list of the best women’s lacrosse sticks. When you take into consideration all this stick has to offer, you almost cannot go wrong. This stick is the perfect choice for women who are either new to the game or are more familiar with the sport.

2. Brine Women’s Mantra Rise Lacrosse Stick

The Brine Women’s Mantra Rise is a superb choice for players at all levels, but was specifically designed with beginners in mind. If you’re looking for a quality product that won’t break the bank, but still make the player feel like one of the elite, the Mantra Rise fits the bill perfectly.

The stick features a low sidewall design for perfect pocket formation, as well as TruOffset technology for increased ball control. Moreover, it boasts a flatter scoop for easier ground ball pickup, maximizing control of the ball. It’s important to note that the product also meets all required US and FIL lacrosse specifications. However, as the player refines her skills, she might want to invest in a professional stick somewhere down the road in order to have a better chance of flying by the competition.

The Mantra Rise stick offers a quicker release and better feel thanks to quality materials and streamlined design. While Brine has been making women’s lacrosse sticks for a long time, this one remains one of their best as far as young players are concerned. The stick  comes in several vibrant colors, so you can pick the one the player likez best.

All in all, the Mantra Rise stick is a solid choice for women lacrosse players who are looking to improve their game. Add in the reasonable price and you’ve got yourself a winner. The package has both the stick and the head, so you can start using it immediately after it arrives.

3. STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick

It is often said that lacrosse is a game of skill. You need to have specific skills to play the game well. You also need to have developed a variety of techniques. All of those statements are certainly true, but skills and techniques are nothing without the right stick. If you do not have the proper stick to play your position, then your skills and techniques go right out the window. Fortunately, the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick is just what you need. This stick compliments your skill set and technique to improve your overall gameplay, which in turn gives you a more competitive advantage.

So far, STX seems to have made a relatively well-known name for itself within the lacrosse world and with good reason. Part of what makes STX sticks such a famous, well-loved go-to stick is the fact that they offer precise engineering for the benefit of the lacrosse player. Each stick is engineered to improve a player’s gameplay experience and to enhance the skills that a player has. Also, sticks like this one provide the strength and durability that any lacrosse player would want from a quality stick. This complete set comes with the AL6000 handle and a deep precision pocket that allows you to dominate on the field every single time.

The head is carefully constructed to give you the lowest sidewalls legally possible to give you as deep a pocket as possible. The low sidewalls and deep pocket allow you to cradle and control the ball better as you move around your field in an attempt to score. As if the benefits already listed aren’t enough, the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick offers a forward cant that improves your ability to both pass and catch the ball. In fact, you can pass the ball from greater distances than ever before thanks to the well thought out design of this particular stick.

One thing you need to realize is that the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick is a bit on the heavy side despite the fact that it is constructed of a composite material that usually keeps it lightweight. The weight of the stick may be something you will have to adjust to through plenty of practice before you head out to the field. If you are used to using a lighter weight stick, then this stick might throw you off. Also, you might want to adjust your techniques and skill set to accommodate the weight of the stick accordingly. Once adjusted, you should be back to leveling the field with your amazing gameplay abilities combined with the assistance of your amazing stick.

Keep in mind that although this is a complete set, you can easily swap the head of the shaft to allow you to play various positions on the field. For instance, if you would rather defend one game and attack the next, you may want to swap the heads out accordingly. The bright colors and unique style of this stick are a clear representation of the strength, power, and uniqueness of any female lacrosse player. There is no denying that STX has certainly paid attention to the wants and needs of women lacrosse players as is shown in the careful engineering of the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick.

4. Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick

Yet again this list features another complete stick for your benefit. Typically when you shop for a lacrosse stick, you find the perfect stick only to have to browse around then for the perfect head. With a full or complete stick profile, you get both the stick and the head. The Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is like a match made in heaven. Both the stick and the head pair well together to help improve your level of skill on the field. Thanks to the design of this stick, you will have the chance to improve your techniques and gain a more competitive edge against your opponents. The features of this particular stick will bring out the best in your capabilities and allow you to gain maximized control over the ball.

The Debeer Lacross NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is often recommended by professional lax and wlax equipment stores. Also, coaches will often recommend this stick for intermediate level players. Although it might not exactly be what the pros are looking for, it is a great selection if you are seeking to upgrade from your entry level stick. As an intermediate player, you will find that this stick accommodates your skill sets, allowing you to show your team what you are made from and just how talented you are. Thanks to this particular stick, you can achieve maximum playability while enjoying the strength and durability you should want and expect.

The Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is highly recommended for intermediate midfield players. As a midfield player, your primary job is to control and shoot the ball. In fact, midfield players typically shoot the ball far more often than other players on the field. Considering that you have to be quick on your passes, you need a stick that will allow you to do just that. This composite stick is lightweight enough that it is easy to handle, thereby improving your passing performance. Furthermore, the 6.5 degree angled stop hits the maximum height legally allowable, which improves your ability to catch and cradle the ball.

If you are in search of a stick that will make your opponents green with envy, this is the one for you. Aside from the fact that it offers plenty of gameplay advantages, it also provides you with plenty of style thanks to various fun color choices and a fantastic design. Although you gain more customization by purchasing your shaft and head separately, the Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is a great enough combination of both head and shaft that there is no need to stress over customizations. Another advantageous aspect of this particular lacrosse stick is that the head is relatively easy to break in so that you can use it shortly after unpackaging it.

All-in-all, this is a great stick for the price. Despite the fact that this stick is geared more toward intermediate players, beginners can use it, too. In fact, starting out with this stick will allow you to get used to something more advanced so that there will be no need to trade up later on as you get better at playing lacrosse. If you are a beginner, you can rest assured that this stick will provide you with longevity since it can last you for quite some time before you have to trade it in for something geared more toward professional play.

5. STX Lilly Complete Stick

Despite being last on the list, the STX Lilly Complete Stick is by far the least regarding the advantages it has to offer. This stick is designed specifically for entry-level lacrosse players. Despite having such a cheap price tag, particularly when compared to the other lacrosse sticks on this list, it certainly does not skimp on quality and durability. In fact, the price is the only thing cheap about this complete lacrosse stick. This stick can stand up to the competition no matter how tough they might be. In fact, this stick can handle plenty of abuse whether it be a competitive lacrosse match on the field or hours of grueling practice.

Keep in mind when purchasing this particular stick set that it is only 36” in length. Some would say that this stick is designed for girls rather than women, but in truth, it meets the requirements for a legal stick size as defined by wlax. For women’s lacrosse, sticks must range between 36 to 44 inches. Although this stick falls to the minimum of those requirements, it is still within them. Therefore, it is better to purchase this stick for a shorter woman while leaving the longer sticks to the taller woman. Also, shorter sticks are geared more for attackers whereas longer sticks are for defending players. Therefore, this stick would be the perfect choice for a shorter attacking player.

The STX Lilly Complete Stick is available in several fun colors to match your personal tastes and style. Also, it offers a flat style scoop that makes ball retrieval far easier. Take into consideration that this stick offers lowered sidewalls for a pocket that is as deep as possible, which is something you do not typically find with entry-level sticks. In other words, you can stay ahead of your competition thanks to this sticks unique design and deeper pocket, which provides you with better catch and control opportunities. The pocket keeps the ball from rattling around by protecting it within snug confines. However, it is easy enough for you to release the ball when necessary so you can ensure it reaches that sweet spot.

Bear in mind that you will likely have to replace this stick as you get more comfortable with the game and develop your technique. As you become a more skilled player, you will want to upgrade to an intermediate stick. Although this stick will not accommodate an intermediate player, it is still worth the purchase simply because the price is just right for the quality combined with the fact that it can benefit entry-level players looking to get comfortable with the feel of a lacrosse stick. Overall, it is a highly recommended purchase whether you are seeking to have fun only playing around or you are looking to learn how to play the game.

In truth, lacrosse is a fun game, but it is also one that can be highly challenging. Fortunately, you can make that challenge easier on yourself by selecting one of the sticks mentioned above. The sticks were carefully chosen as the best women’s lacrosse sticks available to you based on some features and benefits that are sure to make the game of lacrosse more enjoyable for you. Furthermore, each of the sticks featured on this list provide both the shaft and the head to make your shopping experience that much easier. Rather than having to hunt around for the perfect shaft and head separately, you can purchase both together to help ease some of the stress of searching.