5 Romantic Picnic Ideas

The picnic is one of the most romantic ways to spend your time, without any additional ingredients needed.  Two people, sat together, by a trickling stream, alone but for the butterflies that flutter around like tissue paper in the breeze and the odd cow chewing cud in the corner.  But, how can you make sure your partner is alive with love over your picnic blanket.

Location is Key

The location of your picnic can make or break your romantic picnic, so choose well. Look out for ant hills and wasp nests. There is nothing more likely to ruin a romantic picnic than an insect bite in a compromising place. You need to create the perfect scene.  Find somewhere that is isolated but where there is the sound of water and the chance of sunshine with a cooling breeze. A backdrop of beautiful wildflowers and the privacy that tall grass can offer is key. Remember to let nature be your soundtrack – with a river or the sea to serenade you.

Just Like in the Movies

Photo by Tim Collins on Unsplash

Find an old oak tree, that has lived through many ages before yours, and carve your initials into the bark and surround it with a love heart.  Take it in turns to carve each other’s initials.  Make this your place, the place where you had that picnic that was so romantic.  Then, in years to come, you can come back to this tree and remember this moment and the romance will return. And don’t limit yourself to just the nearby locations. If you have a car and you can afford gas, take your partner to a more popular place, one that you can keep coming back to years and years after the picnic and remember the event that started it all.

Don’t be Shy

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Sit on the same side of the picnic blanket. Come on, you say, surely this is obvious. Well, for those who are romantically awkward, it is sure to be news to them that they sit on the same side as the one they love.  Normal human rules suggest we sit facing each other to eat… but not at a romantic picnic… surely you chose the picnic over the restaurant so you can sit side by side…You will begin with a small gap and then your hands will touch and then you will lean into each other.

The picnic is the most amazing way to get close and to relax in each other’s company without the formality of a restaurant and the darkness of the cinema. Of course, every person is different, and if your partner is the shy type you might want to take it a little slow. Unfortunately, there’s no one winning formula to win their heart over, but shyness will cause more problems. So don’t be afraid to get close as long as you’re not making them feel uncomfortable.

Watch What You Eat

Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash

Avoid onions and garlic in any of the food in the basket… unless you have some handy mints in your pocket, the smelly breath could kill off any romance!  You never know what message you are sending by snacking on food that repels – avoid thoughtless food errors! Instead, focus on more fancy ordeals such as caviar. Or why not try some sweets? We recommend asking your partner beforehand what foods they enjoy so that you don’t embarrass yourself. You might be surprised to find out that not everyone is the same and some might even prefer a more modest approach. Younger couples don’t even care that much about the food they consume as much as they care about the person that they’re spending time with. So show your interest and give them exactly what they like.

Romantic Picnic Foods

Photo via Pixabay

Include strawberries and champagne in your basket.  Strawberries bring out the taste of champagne… surely you saw Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and her carpet picnic in Richard Gere’s penthouse suite.  Clinking two champagne flutes together and holding out a strawberry for your partner to bite. Also, the champagne will add that moment of luxury and a feeling of warmth rising from within.

The perfect picnic with a loved one needs planning.  You need to cover each detail to make sure it is as romantic as possible. Except, there are those relationships where an impromptu picnic is possible – you bundle each other into the car with some hastily bought food – sit in your favorite spot and just sit together, outside, enjoying some warm weather.  These too can become the moments of legend without any thought whatsoever – just because you are both there. It all depends on your chemistry and preferences. Make sure to be thoughtful and consider your partner’s preferences. Even if both of you have different tastes, you can still compromise and find something that both of you will find enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found at least a few interesting pieces of advice to take into consideration for your following romantic picnic. In any case, we wish you the best of luck in finding your true love. And even if your following date turns out to not be the one, you can still remain friends if you’re not compatible. Some couples have been friends for years before getting romantically involved, so it’s not the end of the world if you get inside the friendzone.

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