8 Fundraising Ideas for Teens

Most ideas for fundraising centered on teens always require some injection of fun in the right areas. It’s of most importance to find something that wakes up their zeal and gives them a chance to work together with other youths for a wonderful and fulfilling fundraising. As a parent what you want for your teen is a lesson in responsibility and to be inspired positively, particularly while interacting with other teenagers. This is where teen fundraising ideas come in. Of course, there are many ideas teens could run with and raise some money for a cause they are very passionate about. You can also read about some great fundraising ideas for college aged students.

Why Getting Teens Into Fundraising is Important

Teens are the future of our planet, and we need to teach them empathy and other characteristics that have made the human race survive for so long. Fundraisers are also a great way for them to meet new people and get the satisfaction that they had the opportunity of helping those in need. Getting them involved directly in issues affecting our society will also teach them the lesson of responsibility.

Regardless of what your goal is as a parent, getting your teen son or daughter into fundraising will teach them several valuable life lessons. Without further ado, here are the best fundraising ideas for teens:

Teen Help Squad

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Those fundraising ideas that work should get the teens out of their comfort zones and get them working with their minds, hands, and with others. One of the oldest and always effective ways of making extra money for teens has always been helping around people’s homes for all kinds of things. As a squad of teens comes together they can come up with all kinds of services to offer their community, from dog walking, cleaning around, offering child care services, raking and trimming other people’s fences, and many others. If the fences around the neighborhood look worn out and dull you can offer to repaint and repair them for a fee. Bring different teenagers together and give them those tasks appropriate to them and raise the cash you need for your cause. It’s a good way to both socialize and do some good for the community at the same time.

Cookie Event

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Everyone loves some cookie and the jury is out there on the best shape for this crunchy delight. As a group, teens can come together and set up a cookie party or cookie selling event by baking all sorts of cookies in different shapes and sizes, from geometrical shaped, haphazard, large to small cookies, and sell them to everyone, perhaps even with a cup of Joe or some freshly made lemonade for more profits.

Community Movie Night

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After seeking the proper permissions teens can come together and create a movie night perhaps in their church, school, community hall and other areas in the evening perhaps on a Friday or weekend. Before the weekend they can popularize the event all over social media, through flyers or word of mouth and sell tickets days before the event. You can come up with a classic picture people have probably forgotten about, a film that was probably made in your area or an educational or faith based film with lots of lessons and entertainment to boot.

Retro Game Day

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Teens today and computer games are inseparable and most of them have forgotten there were board games before the screen took over. Bring all those board games from chess, scrabble to monopoly and many others and make it a family day out where families play each other or individuals earn special points for specific gifts. Find those games that bring children and adults together, particularly those that no one plays any longer. Ask people to donate prizes and charge a fee as the entry to the great retro game day challenge putting families and friends against each other.

Child Care

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Individually, offering time to babysit a child is the best thing any teen can do. Teenagers rarely have time for small children and this gives them a whole new perspective on things. Individually or as a group, teens can come together and offer two hours of child care on a particular day for a month full of fun and all sorts of activities that kids love at night, during the day or evening when grownups want to go out for a date or have some time alone without the noise and bustle of kids around the house. It’s not a small undertaking and teens need to come up with child friendly games that do not bore children easily and a keen eye to keep them around the place the event will be taking place. Plan accordingly.

Gift Wrapping

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Of course, every person loves gifts and at specific times of the year, there’re lots of them moving around. As a teen, deciding to offer a gift wrapping service at a local store or around the neighborhood at a time such as Christmas or Thanksgiving makes just about anyone happy. As shocking as it might seem, not many people know how to wrap gifts properly. This is where such a talent can come in handy, especially for the holidays.

Come Up with a Marathon

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Possibly one of those ideas you probably don’t have to invest much, a marathon is a long standing way of raising money, creating awareness, and bringing athletes, families, and communities together. If you intend to raise money for Hemophilia or some other condition affecting your community you can incorporate a marathon and come up with a course that will not affect traffic flow, perhaps on a trail around the hills and mountains in your locality.

Talk to other teens, the sheriff’s office for guidance and support particularly with some security, and use as many teens as possible to spread the word around. If there’s just no road or trail for a marathon approach your high school and make it an athletics challenge day where all types of people compete in all manner of disciplines. To participate one would have to buy a ticket including anyone who wants to be involved. Let parents and their kids fight off in relays, sprints, long distant races among other athletic disciplines. At the end of the day, you’ll end up with the funds you wanted and a very happy community.

How Marathons Started

The legend goes that an ancient Greek messenger ran from Marathon to Athens, about 25 miles, to deliver a message about an important Greek victory over an invading army of Persians in 490 B.C.

From that legend, in modern times, the marathon first came to fruition at the Olympic Games in 1896, which were held at Athens. Originally, the Olympic Games organizers never even thought about holding such a long race. Yet, here we are now with one of the most celebrated sports in human history.

Garage Sales like Never Before

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Everyone knows about a garage sale and probably has tried one in their lives. As teens this is one of the most effective fundraising ideas out there, more so if done as a team. The golden rule is that another person’s junk is another guy’s treasure and you’ll never go wrong. As a group goes around the neighborhood asking neighbors, family, and friends to donate those things in their closets they no longer use. Don’t leave anything provided but receive all, run through them, and repair or clean each if the need is to make them very presentable.

You can even ask if you can help clean attics as you rummage through clatter to find things for those neighbors who might be happy about that. Once you have everything and improved them as you deem fit find tables and have all the items displayed in all manner of categories for ease of choice and purchase. You can create posters, flyers, send word around, post on Facebook, and even Tweet about it if the need be. Talk to children and church members about it and create some buzz as much as you can.  Always remember to indicate to everyone you pass the information to that it’s all about raising money for a charity, a cause, or just new equipment for your high school’s drama club.

If you have a lot of items and you’re sure through the commitments you’ve received the crowds will be huge tie the event with another, such as having a soda, fresh juice or water stand to sell to the people who will turn up if the day is a hot one. Take to the local grocery store or supermarket-they might just donate a couple of cookies and drinks.

Final Thoughts

Got any other fun fundraising ideas for teens? Make sure to leave us a comment with your proposal and we might update the article in the future. And don’t forget to share the article with other people interested in this topic. It’s what makes our community here at Fun-Attic so engaging.

Featured Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash