Being stuck indoors during the holidays isn’t fun for anybody. It is only natural that you might want to visit your family, your teens may want to go out with friends, and your little ones will surely want to go outside and play in the snow. Not being able to do any of those can be quite discouraging, however, buying gifts for your loved ones is still on the table! Here are a few affordable Christmas presents ideas and some tips for keeping your finances under control this holiday season.

6 Gifts for Family and Friends

1. Advent Calendars

They are a month-long investment, but they will keep everyone excited with one little present every day! And they can be filled with anything: mini bath bombs and hand cream, face cream or body wash for mom, fancy tea and coffee samples for dad, little toys for the kids, and makeup samples or tabletop games figurines for the teens! With an advent calendar, you will keep the recipient of the gift always curious to know what they’ll find the next day.

2. Games for the Kids

If you have two or more children, the easiest way to get a little time for yourself in the middle of the holiday excitement is to give them something to do. And a new two-player game is a great way to keep the kids busy and relatively quiet for… well. We do not guarantee more than half an hour. But even that can be enough sometimes. Pick something that is age-appropriate and captivating, but beware: you might find yourself sucked into the gameplay too!

3. A Gaming Console

This is the kind of investment that could really cover gifts for the entire family. It would be a house gift that anyone can use as they please. It is indeed a big expense, but you will have unlimited fun and a go-to present idea for years to come. If you feel that your budget does not stretch that far, you can use a digital app to help you save money for the things that really matter to you! Plant a couple of individually wrapped games for each member of the family, along with a “daily gaming timecard” to hint at the main present and to ensure everyone gets some, but not too much playtime.

4. Teaching Time

It is never too early to start teaching children about giving and being generous. Nor is it too late. And seeing as they have most likely interacted with their grandparents, neighbors, and teachers this year, you can take this opportunity to reverse the roles a little. Explain to the little ones that teachers deserve a little “thank you” gift this year and decide together what to send them. Use this handy guide to pick out a great present for your kids’ favorite teacher!

5. Something You Made

For older kids, teens, and even young adults, a fun holiday activity is a DIY project. Reuse materials you have around the house and let their imagination run wild. You can join in too; after all, it is a fun and relaxing activity. And the resulting projects can be offered as gifts for grandparents. You get bonus points if you are a teen yourself and surprise your parents with something you have crafted yourself. Decorations are always a win, but you can try jewelry (or other small items) boxes, bookmarks, or even paintings and sculptures!

6. A Plush Toy

I have yet to meet a person, child, adult, or elder whose heart does not melt at the sight of a cute, fluffy, cuddly toy. They have many psychological benefits as well, the soft texture can help with anxiety, and hugs, even plush ones, are known to relieve stress. At best, a plushie will create a corner of safety and relaxation, and at worst, it can be a cute replacement for a throw pillow. Either way, that’s a win!

Plan Ahead and Stick to Your Budget

As demonstrated through past years, some of us may tend to go a little overboard with the Christmas presents. Nevertheless, December is all about showing your appreciation and making sure that you have a gift prepared for your loved ones.

Whereas some have a natural talent for putting money aside, others find it difficult to keep track of their finances. Digital apps can really come in handy in such cases. For example, Qube Money is a digital wallet that will not only give you an overview of your daily spendings but will also help you prioritize your finances and see which areas could benefit from a budget cut. When it comes to ticking off your gift list, planning makes perfect!

Bottom Line

So, here you have it! Six great ideas for affordable Christmas presents that are not mugs, ties, and gift cards. Have fun this holiday season and happy giving! Merry Christmas everyone!