Diving Into The Best Bike Lock Reviews: Buyer’s Guide

Best Bike Lock Reviews

When you invest in a bike, it isn’t cheap. In fact, bikes range greatly in price, but you probably are not going to get a new one for less than $100. If you are not someone who likes to waste your investments freely (and who does?), then you will want to invest in something to protect your bike. The best and most obvious answer, of course, is to buy a bike lock. And, of course, you will want the best bike lock that you can possibly afford.

So, how do you choose a bike lock, or how do you know what the best bike lock is among the many that are out there today?

One way is to read reviews, which can really be helpful. In addition to that, however, you should know what to look for in a good bike lock.

Are “U” Locks for You?


As mentioned above, there are several different types of bike locks that you can choose from.

One of the best bike lock types on the market today, however, is the “U-lock.”

These locks are available from many different companies, but as long as they are well-made, you don’t have anything to worry about. Look for a lock that is strong, sturdy, rust-proof, and weather-resistant. Having these qualities, at the very least, is a good start.

These bike locks are very large and in-charge, meaning that they can be seen from a mile away. Because of this fact, they make your bike a lot less likely to be targeted by a bike thief.

Plus, the way that u locks are made make it very difficult for a bike thief to find a place to insert a crowbar or other tool to steal your bike. For this reason, these locks are very effective against all kinds of bike-stealing tools, such as hammers, crowbars, wrenches, and more.

The key to effectively using U locks, in addition to ensuring that you buy one that you know is quality made, is to choose one that is large enough for your bike. If the lock doesn’t leave enough space for tool insertion or easy theft, then it is probably a wise choice for your bike.

What About Using Chain Locks?


Another very common type of lock that people use is chain locks.

These locks, like u locks, are very common, and many people do consider them the best bike lock around.

One thing people like about this simple product is the fact that a chain lock is easily customizable. It can be as long or as short as you need. In fact, you can even use a longer chain lock to chain multiple bikes at once.

Chain locks work well when they’re thick and strong. Plus, they tend to be quite affordable. With that said, though, they are easy to cut with the right tools. This is especially true with lower quality locks.

So, if you are going to go with a chain lock for its ease of use and easy portability, definitely be sure to choose the strongest one possible in order to protect yourself and your bike.

Don’t Forget About Cable Locks


One other option that people tend to bring up is the cable lock. The cable lock is similar to the chain lock but with a protective cable over the actual locking part and often with a combination to prevent theft.

While cable locks, like chain locks, can work if they are strong enough, they are risky in that, in many cases, they can easily be cut with a bolt cutter or other tool.

Always Consider Where You Live

While u locks and chain locks are some of the best options when it comes to preventing bike theft, something else that you should think about when shopping for a bike lock is where you live.

Your neighborhood, the places you frequent, and where your bike is mostly likely to be parked all play a role in determining the best bike lock to meet your needs.


For people in larger cities and/or high crime areas, a strong u lock is probably the best option. For people in smaller areas or lower crime areas, a chain lock or cable lock may do the job just fine, as long as it is sufficiently strong.

However, for the safest, most secure, and best bike lock possible, a quality u lock is probably your best bet.

As you can see, there are all kinds of locks on the market today and some tough choices to make as you shop for a bike lock.

If, though, you can keep this helpful information in mind and do your research, you should be able to find the right lock to adequately protect your bike no matter where you live.

So, with that said, happy shopping and happy biking to you.


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