The 5 Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitts

Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitts

Softball season is near, and you just realized that your old glove has seen it’s last days. You loved that old glove, and now you know that you won’t have much time to find another one that compares.

You get online to buy a new one, but with all the choices, how do you know which one is right for you?

With your experience, and not much time left, you know that you definitely will need to purchase one that won’t take an entire season to break in. You also know that you really don’t like the sting that comes from a thin glove. Knowing that you have smaller hands will make all the difference when finding the proper size, and you certainly want one that will be snug on your hand. Having a little knowledge of leather will help you in knowing which one is softer and which one will be a little stiffer.

Who knew that choosing the right fastpitch catcher’s mitt would be so difficult?

To ease some of your stress, and to help you narrow down your choices a little easier, here is a list of the 5 best fastpitch catcher’s mitts on the market:

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s MittMizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catcher’s MittEaston Core Series ECGFP2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s MittEaston Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Catcher’s Mitt
Size: 34″Size: 34″Size: 33″Size: 33″
Para Shock palm padPara Shock palm padStrong protection in the palmVRS Shock Absorbing pallm pad
Flexible and soft with a broken-in feelHigh quality, pre-oiled thick Java leatherPre-oiled Pro Steer hidePre-oiled hog hide
Great fit for a female handGreat fit for smaller female handsGreat fit for a man’s handGreat fit for a female hand
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
  • Mizuno Prospect GXS 101 Youth Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 32.50 Youth Size
  • Para Shock palm pad
  • Flexible and soft with a broken-in feel
  • Youth sized fit
  • Check Price
  • Mizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 34″
  • Para Shock palm pad
  • High quality, pre-oiled thick Java leather
  • Great fit for smaller female hands
  • Check Price
  • Easton Core Series ECGFP2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 33″
  • Strong protection in the palm
  • Pre-oiled Pro Steer hide
  • Great fit for a man’s hand
  • Check Price
  • Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 33″
  • VRS Shock Absorbing pallm pad
  • Pre-oiled hog hide
  • Great fit for a female hand
  • Check Price

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove

BEST FASTPITCH CATCHER’S MITTSThe Wilson A2000 catcher’s mitt is one of the best fastpitch softball gloves currently on the market. Wilson consistently updates this mitt every year, so you know that the quality is up to the latest standards.

This model has a modified web, making it ideal for any catcher. The comfort Velcro wrist closure allows for a secure and comfortable fit throughout the entire game. Additionally, the glove features honeycomb-style cell padding that allows for a no-sting catch zone.

If you’re still wondering just how strong this glove is, it features a grey SuperSkin, which is twice as strong as regular leather. However, it ends up being half the weight of real leather! So, you end up having the best of both worlds.

The Pro Stock leather in this Wilson glove allows for a long-lasting glove. It has a great break-in ability, as well as dual welting for a comfortable pocket. You really cannot go wrong if you choose the Wilson A2000!


  • Strategically placed padding
  • Quick break-in time
  • SuperSkin technology is durable and lightweight


  • Higher cost than other options on the market

Mizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

51aJ0LnTi7L._SL250_This high quality, thick Java leather catcher’s mitt is already pre-oiled and ready for longtime use.

No more sting from those fastballs with the Para Shock palm pad, and be at ease with the flexibility and security in the design of this easy closure glove.

Offered in a 34-inch size, Mom can practice with the children because this glove is designed to fit the smaller sized female hand. Your youngster can grow with this glove, making it a great glove for longer usage.

At an average cost of this higher quality glove, and with the perfect size, you can be confidant in knowing that your child will be able to use this glove for several seasons.


  • Para Shock palm pad
  • Pre-oiled and ready for use
  • Flexible and easy closeure
  • Sized for a youth’s longer usage


  • Fits best on a smaller female hand or youth

Easton Core Series ECGFP 2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

51youNo8q-L._SL250_Dad, this one is for you. If you want to get out there and practice with your daughter, but you can’t find a glove that fits, try this one on for size.

The 33 inch fit of this pre-oiled steer hide glove makes it a better choice for Dad, and your daughter can grow up with this glove, giving her longer lasting usage into her college softball days.

With the strong protection in the palm, Dad will be confidant in knowing that his little girl’s powerful swing won’t leave him with a powerful sting.

This glove is sure to offer long lasting usage, and it won’t break the bank!


  • Perfect choice for Dad
  • Pre-oiled steer hide leather
  • Strong protection in the palm


  • Might be a slight bigger for the smaller youth player

Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Catcher’s Mitt

51JyKeTcU2L._SL250_This catcher’s mitt was made with a fastpitch ball league in mind.

It has a VRS shock absorbing palm pad to avoid the sting from those fast throws, and the pre-oiled hog hide makes it easy to start using right from the box.

The 33-inch size of the glove is an easy fit for the female hand, and the comfort from the super soft sponge-tricot finger lining relieves the stress from a game that has gone way into overtime.

Extra security was added into the glove with the lock down wrist strap.

An average cost makes this glove affordable, while the quality will also make it last for many years to come.


  • Super soft sponge- tricot finger lining
  • VRS absorbing palm pad
  • Pre-oiled hog hide


  • Best only for youth or female hands

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series 34.5 Inch GXS33 Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt

51zK3rFyXXL._SL250_This glove is above average in cost from the rest, but it is well worth the extra dollars spent.

With the ParaShock palm pad, the Power Lock closure, and the larger size, you have the complete package in one glove!

The glove holds true to its classic name with the pre-oiled throwback leather and classic stitching.

The built-in Power Lock closure will keep the glove secure while the deep pocket holds the ball in place.

With this 34.5-inch full sized glove, it is definitely the best choice for a high school or college female and well worth the investment!


  • Full sized glove
  • Parashock palm pad
  • Pre-oiled throwback leather


  • Fits better for high school or college aged females
  • Higher in price

With these five choices, you will be sure to pick the right catcher’s mitt for your needs.

Good luck and happy softball playing! Make sure to check out our softball bat reviews andpitching machines.

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