Best Racquetball Racquets

10 Best Racquetball Racquets

The year was 1950 when a young man stood between the walls of a YMCA in Connecticut, contemplating a new concept.

With a ping pong paddle in one hand, and a few strings in another, he put the two to good use.

Attaching the string to the paddle, he invented a racquet for a new game that would later be given the name of racquetball.

Not to be mistaken as tennis, the two games are not even to be compared, as there is not even a net involved in the game.

Racquetball can be played indoors or out as long as there is a space available that is 40 feet long, 20 feet wide and 20 feet in height. Red lines are used to illustrate the serve and service areas.

Teams can be played as singles or doubles, and the game is played by hitting the ball to the front wall making it bounce onto the floor beyond the short line, thus allowing the opposing player to take a shot at the ball next. The player or team with the best score of three games wins.

Whether you are new to the game or you are a pro, playing with the proper equipment is essential. The first and most important piece of equipment you will need is a proper racquet.

To help you make the proper choice, the following is a list of some of the best racquetball racquets on the market for you to choose from:

Head CPS Demon Racquetball Racquets

1This lightweight racquet offered by HEAD is a great choice for a beginner.

Built with a Crystal Power System (CPS) and designed with a Powerzone String Pattern, this racquet will be sure to have the ball kissing the wall with every swing.

The Progrip feature offers a tacky texture for easier grip and powerful hits.

HEAD put all the important features into this beginner’s racquet without including a big price.

If you are looking to become a star player, this is one of the best racquetball racquets that you can buy!

MacGregor Scholastic Racquet

2If you are interested in learning how to play the great game of racquetball, then this racquet is a great pick for you.

From MacGregor, this superb racquet can be used for intramural programs or recreation, and it is even a great pick for learning the sport.

The 18 1/4inch long racquet is designed with a powder coated aluminum finish and a tear drop head. The multi-filament string, built-in-bumper and soft 4 inch grip will allow you to hit the wall every time.

The lightweight and easy to handle grip makes it an excellent reason to choose this racquet for both, the novice and experienced players.

Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet

3If you are looking to play in collegiate tournaments, this racquet would be the right choice for you.

This 22 inch, extra-long racquet is made of titanium and graphite. Its ComforTac grip offers a vibration dampening that gives it a light, solid feel with every hit of the ball.

The durability and performance of this racquet definitely stands above the rest making it one of the best racquetball racquets with quality, and an affordable price.

With this racquet, you will be hitting the winning ball each and every time!

Ektelon PowerRing Freak SS Racquetball Racquet

4Great for the beginner is this Power Level 1000 racquet offered by Prince/Ektelon Sports.

Made with Aerolite Alloy, this great quality racquet would fit perfect in the hands of the front court player who needs to make all the quick, well played shots.

This racquet is equipped with a F3/Power Line that will be on your side with every hit.

Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit Set

5Great for the beginner or intermediate player, this starter kit is equipped with everything you will need to get your game going.

Complete with an Ektelon Lightening 190 ESP racquet, two Ektelon Fireball racquetballs, a pair of Python Intro 2000 eye guards and a convenient carrying bag, this set delivers high quality performance at an incredible price.

The smaller handle allows an easy grip for smaller hands and would be great for young teenagers who want the power from a racquet that they can hold with ease.

The amazing price and high quality of this set makes it a great choice to get into this sport.

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

6This racquet offered by Wilson is a big hit for the casual or recreational player.

Wilson designed this lightweight racquet with a T6 heat treated mil spec aluminum alloy, and you will be pleased with the extra power you will get with extra String bed movement that is brilliantly attached to the v-matrix frame.

Show off your strength and power when you are the one plunging the ball to the wall with every swing of this racquet.

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

7This racquet will deliver excellent performance to beginners and advanced players alike.

E-Force designed this racquet with excellence by attaching 22 inch long strings, 10.5 inch cross strings, a bypass stringing system and monster string holes.

With the vibration- dampening tubes that are hidden in the handle of this racquet, you will have more comfort with a great performance in every swing.

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

8This full sized strung racquet offered by Ektelon sits in an aerolite alloy frame that gives excellent performance.

The high quality kit includes one racquet, two premium select balls, a pair of safety approved goggles, a carrying case and completes the package with an instruction book.

Although designed with the beginner in mind, this set will also fit perfectly in the hands of the more experienced, or casual players.

Head Royal Flush Racquetball Racquet

9One of the best racquetball racquets on the list is this Royal Flush racquet offered by HEAD.

This well balanced racquet comes in the standard length of 22 inches long and has a hard hitting reputation.

With the strong grip and the channeled strings, you couldn’t ask for a better racquet for the money.

Get those balls tearing holes in the wall with this high quality, powerful racquetball racquet.

ProKennex Kinetic FCB 175 Racquetball Racquet

10While playing on the front or the back of the court, you will want to be using this great racquet from Pro Kennex.

This standard, 22 inch long racquet was designed with an additional three extra lateral strings on the bottom and is complete with a 22mm cross section.

With all these great features wrapped into one racquet, you will be sure to maintain consistency with a lot of power behind each swing.

With this list of excellent choices, you will be sure to choose the right racquet that is right for your game. So get out there and start slamming the walls!

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