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Best Sights to See at Bear Lake this Summer

Every family has different summer traditions. Some stay home and enjoy their time together. Others spend lots of money on a big vacation to an amusement park or another adventure. In the west, most families I know take a family trip up to the beautiful blue waters of Bear Lake in Garden City. With so many things to do and see, how can you decide what is most important? Here is our hand picked list of best sights to see at Bear Lake this summer.


With a fun, rustic atmosphere, Zips isn’t one to miss. Known for their famously delicious Raspberry Milkshakes and killer burger and fries, Zips is a favorite in this summer town. Even if the food wasn’t worth 5 stars, the atmosphere certainly is. Decorate with surfboards, old cars, and everything else to make your summer feel like its truly began, this sight certainly isn’t one to miss. Although this place has the occasional long line or wait time, their food, style, and customer service is worth it!

Since Garden City is a summer town, the majority of the workers during the summer are housed students taking some time off. Everyone enjoys their dining experience more when the people who are working are having a good time and want to be there. The employees at Zips are excited and happy to be working and that attitude makes all the difference. Not to mention, their prices are reasonable too!

Best of all, for the sticker collectors out there, they sell stylish and cute stickers at the front to commemorate your vacation at bear lake!

Pickleville Playhouse Theatre

Just down the street from Zips is the beautiful building of the Pickleville Playhouse! With a beautiful rustic and western look, the Pickleville Playhouse isn’t a sight to miss. Aside from the beautiful exterior, there is also a beautiful intereior! And the shows they put on are even better!

Not many families go to the theatre regularly. The movies, maybe, but not the stage. On vacation, however, you might consider branching outside your comfort zone to obtain to best summer experience you can. The Pickleville Playhouse is just the place for you! With different shows every summer, the staff and cast want to show you and your family a good time.

The theatre is a fantastic experience for the whole family. Kids love the shows and parents can temporarily escape the heat. Since their shows are in the evening, its the perfect after dinner activity for you and your family after you’ve enjoyed a full day on the water. Experience something new this summer! You can find tickets here!

Bluewater Bistro and Bakery

The Bluewater Bistro and Bakery is a true hole-in-the-wall. Tucked behind some buildings and a little difficult to find, the search is worth it. This little bistro offers fantastic breakfast and lunch options that are to die for good.

One review said, “This lady is living her best life. Her Danish was fantastic. She is a skilled baker and her prices are super reasonable considering the quality. After we placed our order, she offered to warm them up for us! No extra cost. Nothing. Just plain ol’ good business. She wanted us to have the best. 5 stars.”

Marketed as a small woman owned business, this bakery is not a sight to miss on this summers vacation. Take the time to seek this little shop out. You and your family won’t regret it!

Ideal Beach Resort

The Ideal Beach Resort is a real option to consider if your family doesn’t own a lake house. Their prices aren’t bad, and they offer some deals for buying rooms in bulk. If you are able to get onto this resort, there are a ton of fun things to do.

With a beautiful lakeside sight, their beaches have shells, hammocks, volleyball nets, and more! They offer affordable rentals of paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes right off the beach! They even have a launch bay you can use!

Outside the water they also have an impressive souvenir shop, a convenient mini mart, and a miniature golf course! Their mini golf is not only affordable, but also a lot of fun. The course takes longer than you might expect, and its in a beautiful shady outdoor spot with lots of trees, so you don’t have to stay cooped up inside.

They also offer a pool, in case swimming in the lake isn’t too you or your kiddos liking. Also outside, they have a large deep pool with a shallow end for kids. There is a slide, a hot tub, and even a sweat lodge! Not to mention the grounds are covered with cool water misters for when you can’t beat the heat.

Little Bear ATV Trailhead

For some people, summer means more than just olaying in the water. It also means playing in the dirt! This ATV trail is not only beautiful, but also exhilarating. With a few rental places in town, or if you brought your own, you and your family can bring your ATVs up the mountains and out of town for some down and dirty fun.

Remember to be safe!

Sweetwater Golf Course

For the grandpa, dad, or uncles on your family vacation, this might be just the spot for you. A gorgeous golfcourse with a phonominal view of the lake is just the kind of quiet getaway you need for your summer vacation! Prices may be steep, but the experience and the sights make it totally worth it!

Photo by Peijia Li on Unsplash

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