5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats to Get this Year

The Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

When it comes to finding the best ultimate frisbee cleats, things may get a bit tricky. As we all know, high-quality equipment is crucial for any sport, especially a challenging one like ultimate frisbee. Today, we will discuss the best cleats for ultimate frisbee. Check out our reviews and buying guide to boost your game performance!

What is Ultimate Frisbee and Why Does Equipment Matters?

Ultimate frisbee has become one of the most popular sports in the United States and there is no wonder why. It is a fun sport that combines fitness, throwing skills, and strategy.  People of all ages are taking it up as an alternative to contact sports like football.

If you are starting to get serious about ultimate frisbee, you should buy equipment that helps you perform better on the field.  One of the most important purchases you will make is a pair of ultimate frisbees cleats.  The quality of your cleats will determine how much traction you have on the field and how fluid your movements will be. Just like in the case of best football cleats, the best cleats for ultimate frisbee can make or break your game and your performance.

This article will offer some advice for choosing the best ultimate frisbee cleats and suggest five cleats that are perfect for ultimate frisbee!  Let’s get started!

What Types of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats are Available?

Most ultimate frisbee players wear soccer, football, or lacrosse cleats.  While they all have raised nubs on the sole of the shoe designed to improve traction on grass or synthetic surfaces, there are some key differences.

  • Football cleats usually have a toe stud

    Because football focusses more on forward movement, football cleats usually have a front toe stud.  This is to help the player gain solid traction before pushing forward.  Most soccer and lacrosse cleats don’t have a front/toe clear.

  • The length of cleats are different

    Football cleats usually have longer studs that are designed to really dig into the field.  Soccer and lacrosse cleats are shorter, so they have a stronger focus on making quick turns.

  • Molded soles

    Soccer and lacrosse cleats often have hard molded soles that work well on hard surfaces like artificial grass.  These molded cleats are usually less expensive than shoes with screw-in studs.

  • The type of studs

    The studs on the bottom of the soles are typically bladed, hard ground or round/conical.  Bladed studs are often used on football cleats — offering excellent traction and speed.  Rounded or conical cleats have more stability and less risk of injury.  Hard ground cleats are great for playing on compacted soil or artificial surfaces. No matter what types of cleats you choose, make sure they are comfortable for your wide feet if this is a problem. It is crucial to have the best cleats for ultimate frisbee if you want to improve your style and performance on the field.

  • Permanent vs screw-in cleats

    Most molded cleats are a permanent part of the shoe, while football cleats are often detachable.  Football cleats are usually made of metal, rubber or hard plastic

  • Low-cut vs high-tops

    Soccer and lacrosse cleats are usually low-cut and designed for maximum maneuverability.  Football cleats come in a variety of styles to suit different positions on the field.  High-tops that are built to support the ankle, mid-cut shoes that offer partial support, and low-cut shoes which are similar top soccer shoes.

  • Weight differences

    Soccer and lacrosse cleats are usually lighter than football cleats because those sports involve more running.  They also have a thinner midsole, so players maintain a low center of gravity.  Football cleats usually have a midsole and thicker outsoles that focus on durability.

In addition to these broad categories of cleats, there are many different types of cleat designs available, with different patterns, sizes, materials, and treads.

Tips for Buying The Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

Here are a few simple tips for choosing the right pair of ultimate frisbee cleats!

Determine your play style

The position you play in ultimate frisbee games will often determine what kind of ultimate frisbee cleats you should buy.  If you often play as a cutter you may prefer a cleat that is designed for sprinting forward (football cleats).  Handlers may prefer a cleat that offers better agility and lateral movement speed (soccer cleats or mid-cut football cleats).

Consider the type of surface you play on

Choose cleats with studs that are appropriate for the surfaces you often play on.  If you often play on dry fields, bladed studs may be the best option.  The space between the studs offer you more traction on dry ground.  If you require cleats that work well on wet fields, rounded or conical cleats may be a better choice.  Rounded cleats allow your foot to pivot more, which can also reduce the risk of injury on soft surfaces.

Choose shoes with the right type of flexibility

Ultimate frisbee is a game that requires rapid acceleration and lateral movement.  A good pair of ultimate frisbee cleats will have a rigid soleplate for power transfer and some flex in the forefoot to help you remain agile.


Because soccer cleats are designed for kicking soccer balls, they have a soft upper.  Football cleats have a very rigid upper and thick midsole.  The additional durability of a football cleat may mean you get an extra couple of years of use from them.


Soccer cleats tend to weigh less because they have that soft upper and a narrower midsole.  Football cleats tend to weigh more, but you can find low-cut football shoes that are almost as light as soccer shoes.  The amount of weight you feel comfortable with often comes down to your play style and personal preferences.

5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats to Get This Year

Here are 5 of the best ultimate frisbee cleats currently on the market!

  • DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes
  • Materials: Synthetic uppers and soles
  • Weight: N/A
  • Studs: Molded rubber studs
  • Cushioned insole for added comfort
  • Premium DP combination upper offers comfort & maximum durability
  • Rubber molded cleats with Rotational Traction configuration
  • Colors: 15+ options
  • Check Price
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe
  • Materials: Leather upper with a synthetic sole
  • Weight: 11.7 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Check Price
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeed Low Football Cleat
  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Blue and White, Black and White or Red and Black
  • Check Price
  • Under Armour Men’s Speed Phantom Low MC Football Cleat
  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Black Grey and White
  • Check Price
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe
  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Studs: Rounded studs
  • Colors: Yellow
  • Check Price
DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeed Low Football Cleat Under Armour Men’s Speed Phantom Low MC Football Cleat Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe
Materials: Synthetic with leather upper and rubber sole Materials: Leather upper with synthetic sole Materials: Synthetic Materials: Synthetic Materials: Synthetic
Weight: 8.4 ounces Weight: 11.7 ounces Weight: 9.4 ounces Weight: 10.5 ounces Weight: 9.8 ounces
Studs: Bladed studs Studs: Rounded studs Studs: Rounded studs Studs: Rounded studs Studs: Rounded studs
Colors: Crimson, Black, Platinum, Green Colors: Black and White Colors: Blue and White, Black and White or Red and Black Colors: Black Grey and White Colors: Yellow
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Reviews

Let’s see each entry on our top best cleats for ultimate frisbee, discuss its features, and learn if any of the products below are what you need to boost your game performance and comfort levels while playing!

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes

best ultimate frisbee cleats

As you can probably tell from some of our other options for the best ultimate frisbee cleats, soccer shoes can get somewhat expensive. If you want a budget-friendly option, then DREAM PAIRS may be the right choice. They are a fraction of what you’ll pay for some of the major brands. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or performance.

The uppers and soles of these shoes are incredibly lightweight. They have rubber-molded studs on the soles that are meant to give you rotational traction throughout fast movements, such as the movements you make playing ultimate frisbee. Your feet are sure to stay incredibly comfortable in these shoes, too. In case you feel some worries on how to make cleats work in your favor, we recommend you check out our guide on how to break in football cleats for a more comfortable game.

Many reviewers say that these cleats tend to run large and the toe box is incredibly roomy, which is unlike many other cleats on the market. If you have wide feet, you will definitely fall in love with the accommodating fit of these. Likewise, if you have narrow feet, you may just want to size down.

You are sure to stay stylish in these shoes, as there are numerous color options, as well as a wide range of sizes. These are technically men’s shoes, but women can certainly wear them as well.

For the price, you won’t regret these shoes. They are an incredible value!

Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

This is a classic Adidas soccer shoe with a design that has been in use since the 1970s.  It remains very popular thanks to its rugged construction, comfort, and solid performance.  These soccer cleats feature a beautiful full-grain kangaroo leather upper with the classic Adidas stripes.  It has a durable EVA-injected synthetic sole with rounded studs and a synthetic lining for additional comfort.  It is a versatile pair of shoes that will perform well on all surfaces.

You should also know that these cleats feature a shaft that measures approximately 6-12 inches from the arch, a platform measuring approximately 0-3 inches, and a boot opening measuring approximately 0-3 inches around.

These are among the best cleats for ultimate frisbee in terms of comfort. The leather upper with premium K-leather in the forefoot adds a boot of comfort and flexibility, while the soft, durable synthetic lining will make you feel like walking on air.

Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeed Low Football Cleat

This pair of lightweight football cleats feature long studs that provide excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.  This shoe uses detachable sprintcleat studs that are very light.  The Filthyspeed Low Football Cleats have a synthetic upper that is very hard-wearing.  The sole uses a lightweight injected thermoplastic polyurethane plate with seven holes for detachable studs.

The insole is very comfortable and made from long-lasting ethylene vinyl acetate.  They are available in a range of bright designs guaranteed to make you stand out on the field! The price of these cleats is more than affordable. With many users feeling happy with the purchase, you can consider these cleats among the best ones for the youth.

Under Armour Men’s Speed Phantom Low MC Football Cleat

This pair of low-cut football cleats from Under Armour is light weight and very durable.  They are perfect for ultimate frisbee because of the excellent foot support and comfort they provide.  Lateral movements are easy to perform, with the raised heel and Die-cut 4d foam® footbed providing additional protection for the feet and ankles.  The sole has seven extended studs on a molded TPU soleplate.  This provides excellent traction on all surfaces.

You will also enjoy the engineered synthetic upper that offers a smooth feel and great support that keeps you comfortable all game long. Moreover, the secondary cleats engage to provide an added bite for razor-sharp cuts and explosive acceleration. As you know, we also reviewed the best UnderArmour football cleats available on the market today. If you want more models for men and women alike, do check out the reviews and buying guide!

Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe

This is a pair of high-performance soccer shoes that work well for ultimate frisbee.  They are designed for high-speed control and stability on firm ground, which makes them a great choice for any sports played on any hard or artificial surface.  The synthetic sole is packed with studs for improved traction and uses a solid molded sole that can tolerate years of abuse! The soft lining adds to comfort, while the shoes allow you to move with high-speed control and stability on firm ground (dry natural grass), artificial grass (long-bladed synthetic fiber), and hard ground with the flexible ground outsole.

Ultimate Frisbee: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wish you an excellent Ultimate Frisbee game and leave you to choosing the best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions coming from players and users alike.

What Is Ultimate Frisbee?

For those of you who don’t know it yet, Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport mixing elements of football, basketball, and soccer but replacing the specific ball with a Frisbee flying disk. The sport requires the presence of a referee as well. As will other sports, the goal of the game is to gain points for the team by scoring goals. The sport is also played on a large field with two end zones. To score a goal, a player needs to catch the Frisbee in the end zone.

What Type of Equipment and Gear do You Need to Play Ultimate Frisbee?

To play Ultimate Frisbee, a team needs the following equipment, gear, and accessories:

  • The Frisbee disk – it should be 175 grams;
  • The best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee;
  • Ultimate Frisbee gloves;
  • Comfortable athletic clothing and apparel, etc.

What Other Sports and Games Can You Play with a Frisbee?

Besides Ultimate Frisbee, you can also play Frisbee golf – a very popular sport you can actually play on a golf course if you encounter upgrades to the already existing 18-holes field. To play Disc Golf you also need Frisbee Golf Disk Baskets. Other types of Frisbee sports and games you can play (including the kids & teens if you want some outdoor summer fun this year) include Flimsee (or “Cups”), Frisbee Hoops, and Kan Jam, among others.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to the Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats.  These cleats will improve your performance and help you remain comfortable in the field! Make sure you check out our best obstacle course shoes

Now, it is your turn to tell us a few things. Are you playing Ultimate Frisbee? What are the best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee in your opinion? In case you do use one of the cleats reviewed in this guide, tell us more about your experiences with them! Use the comment section below and let’s keep the conversation going!

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