22 Christian Icebreakers for Groups of All Ages (Updated 2024)


Pastors, Christian youth groups, and women’s and men’s fellowship leaders at one time or another need quick ideas or activities to provide a little relaxation, inspiration and stimulation for their members or group participants. Icebreakers are one way to get the juices flowing no matter the makeup of the group or the topics to be studied or covered. There […]

best lacrosse helmets

Prevent Concussions With the 8 Best Lacrosse Helmets


Are you or your child thinking about playing Lacrosse, and you want to know which are the best lacrosse helmets out there? Well, you are in luck; we know a thing or two about the best lacrosse helmets everyone should be wearing. Almost every sport wears some type of helmet but making sure you get the correct […]

Tips for Your Lunch: Stay Healthy and Pack!


Eat Lunch or Skip It? Do not skip it; eat lunch! If you think skipping lunch will help you lose weight, your thinking is on the wrong track. Skipping lunch can potentially lead to weight gain. When your stomach is empty, your brain lets your cells know to conserve energy — thereby slowing down your […]

Keeping up with Yourself: Staying Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle


How often do you think to yourself, “I’ve got to eat better,” “I’ve got to get out and exercise more often,” or “I really should be drinking more water”? Chances are it’s more than you’re comfortable with, and for good reason: Americans work anywhere from 44 to 50 hours per week, leaving us precious little […]

One of the best lunch boxes for men - ZUZURO Lunch Bag Insulated Cooler Lunch

Best Lunch Boxes for Men: Top 8 Brands


The best lunch boxes for men help keep their tummies full, their brains working, and money in their wallet. How to pack them and what to include.

flying Tello Drone

Tello Drone Review


See why kids and adults alike have fallen in love with all that at the Tello drone has to offer in our Tello drone review.

Hubsan X4 Review

Hubsan X4 Review: Your New Favorite Quadcopter


If you love taking aerial view photos and videos, the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter might help. This Hubsan X4 review will walk you through every detail about this drone, showing you whether it’s worthwhile. Overall, quadcopters have become reliable gadgets when it comes to capturing images. People no longer have to rely on heavy and capital-intensive […]

do kayak paddles float

Do Kayak Paddles Float? – Learn the Basics


Before you head out on the water, you may ask the question, do kayak paddles float? It’s an important question to ask as you need to know how careful you need to be with your paddles. If they float, you won’t have to worry about losing your propulsion device to the depths of the lake. […]

90-Degree Turn: When Trends and Objects Come Back Into Fashion


The 20th century brought us many wonderful things: nuclear power, Birkenstock sandals, personal computers, SPAM.  But it also gave us a unique idea: the decade.  Before the 20th century, a decade was just a chunk of ten years. But in the 1900s, people began to get the sense that these ten-year periods could be defined […]

kid writing on a piece of paper

9 Simple and Meaningful Teacher Christmas Presents for This Holiday Season


With the Christmas season fast approaching, many parents out there are starting to think about gifts for all the important people in their lives and their child’s lives. It can be hard to spend the time and energy on a teacher’s Christmas present when you have to wrap your presents for the kiddos under the […]

man using range finder

Bushnell The Truth Rangefinder Review


Are you looking for a Bushnell The Truth Rangefinder review you can trust? A rangefinder is crucial for every serious hunter. Whether you’re a long-range rifle shooter or a bowhunter, you need one to give you a good look at how far your target is. It keeps you from making unsound guesses and lets you […]

underarmor football cleats

Under Armour Highlight Football Cleats: Athletic Footwear the Professionals Trust


American football is one of the most physical sports ever created. To play the game at the highest level, with speed, strength, agility, and resilience, you need the right cleats. Under Armour Highlight football cleats could well deliver what you need to become a gridiron great.