woman using range finder

Simmons LRF 600 Review: A Rangefinder You Can Depend On


A top-notch rangefinder can do wonders for your hunting experience. In this Simmons LRF 600 review, you’ll find out if this rangefinder is worth buying.

football cleats

How to Break in Football Cleats for a Comfortable Game


It’s common for new players to wonder how to break in football cleats before a game. Cleats are an essential piece of equipment for football players and having them as comfortable as possible affects performance. As a result, learning how to break in football cleats before you play your first game is essential. After all, […]

two man standing beside a pitched tent

How To Set Up A Tent In A Matter Of Minutes The Easy Way


Camping is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, you can’t enjoy this amazing outdoor activity if you don’t know how to set up a tent. While straightforward for some, learning how to set up a tent is often more challenging than it looks. And this fact is especially true if it’s your first time. When […]

three tents pitched by the mountain view

The 8 Best Tent Stakes For Keeping Your Shelter In Place


Staking a tent may seem like a no-brainer, but if you find yourself camping on terrain that is less than optimal, it can be frustrating. Rocks, hard-packed earth, or even soft earth like sand can lead to bent stakes, loose lines, and stress. This kind of pressure does not pair well with getting close to […]

pool pump

How Long Should I Run My Above Ground Pool Pump?


If you’ve sprung for a new model, you may be wondering, “How long should I run my above ground pool pump?” It takes some math, but the easy answer is: It depends. First, you’ll need to figure out the volume of water your pool holds as well as your pump’s capacity to figure out how […]

Ball beside yellow raquet

What Is Racquetball? The Origins and History of the Court Sport


What Is Racquetball? ​Racquetball, sometimes called paddleball, is a super fun racquet sport played on an indoor court with a hollow rubber ball. Unlike most racquet sports, racquetball is played without a net or out of bounds areas. All four of the court’s walls along with the floor and ceiling are all legal playing surfaces […]


What Is Lacrosse? The Origins and History of the Sport


What is lacrosse? While it might just seem like any other sport to somebody who isn’t really into sports or the history behind them, it’s not. Lacrosse is a sport rooted in tradition, which we seem to have forgotten over the years. What is Lacrosse? image by pexels Lacrosse is a game where the players […]

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Hit the Court with the 8 Best Racquetball Shoes


Racquetball is a very technical sport, and having the best racquetball shoes could drastically improve your performance. It’s a sport where you usually play one on one against another person, so there’s no one to rely on but yourself. As a result, getting every edge you can from your equipment is necessary. To succeed in […]

How to Train for a Spartan Race and Come out on Top


It spans 30 countries, features over 200 events, and is an ordeal consistently sold as something that will change your life. If you haven’t heard of it, this is the Spartan Race. And, if you have and you’re trying to learn how to train for a Spartan Race, you need to understand that it’s both […]

children in the room

Two Player Games for Kids: Best and Most Exciting Ones (Updated 3/2020)


Let's be honest, being stuck at home, especially when worried about a quarantine, means we need to give our kids something to do other than play on a device. We can't fix the toilet paper shortage, but when it comes to games your kids can play, we've got you covered. Parents all over the world […]

Best Frisbee Disc Golf Baskets

5 of the Best Frisbee Disc Golf Baskets Frisbee golf is becoming…

Best Kayak Rudder Kits


4 BEST KAYAK RUDDER KITS Kayaking is an incredible and rewarding experience that offers several health benefits. For instance, you have to put in physical effort to get your kayak moving, which improves cardiovascular functions. However, even the most physically fit person sometimes struggles to keep their kayak on course. Luckily, just because the going […]