Fun Family Activities

American Flag Beaded Pin Required: Red beads, white beads, and blue beads 1″ Safety Pins (10 total per craft) Needle Nose Pliers Each pin will take 9 safety pins and you can use either all gold or silver. Make four of the pins with 5 blue beads on first then add one white then red […]


17 Tips on How To Be Funny [Infographic]

How to Be Funny Have you wondered how to be funny around strangers? Why is it that some people have a good sense of humor and can easily make other people laugh at their jokes? What makes a person funny? In everyday life, these naturally funny people can throw a good joke or punchline in […]

11 Best River Float Tubes in 2020 | Reviews and Recommendations


Summer is right around the corner! One of our favorite warm weather pastimes is being out on the water. Float tubes are a great summer recreation activity for many different types of people and age groups. Some people like to float lazily in a pool or down a river in groups. Others seek adventure while fishing […]

50 Fun Challenges for Teens to Try This Summer


If you’re looking for fun challenges for your teens, you have come to the right place. It’s that time of year again when the kids are home and they’re throwing out those famous “I’m bored” lines throughout the day. Chances are that your teen is too old for camp, but not quite old enough for a […]

220+ Newlywed Game Questions for Large Groups


When it comes to hosting parties it’s not always easy to come up with different themes, much less food that will have everyone going back for more and games that will keep everyone entertained. A great party to host is a game show party, but which one should you start with? Think about the friends you […]

The Best 333 Truth or Dare Questions For Any Occasion


301 Truth or Dare Questions; The good, the Funny, the Embarrassing So, you’re planning a party, and you need something great that will keep your guests entertained for a long time. How about a fun game of Truth or Dare questions? This game fits the bill for anyone: It’s a great way for new friends […]

7 Board Marble Games


Do you feel like you’ve lost your marbles as of late? Have you sat around feeling bored and wondering what could possibly keep you entertained while challenging our brain at the same time? Perhaps you’ve lost your marbles over the fact that your kids are equally as bored and in need of something to do. Luckily, […]


9 Icebreaker Games for Adults


Icebreakers are group facilitation techniques which can help people communicate, learn more about one another, relax and enjoy themselves.  They are an excellent way to foster a creative and friendly environment that is ideal for learning or collaboration. Groups of adults can really benefit from icebreakers, particularly if participants are meeting for the first time.  […]

5 Best Splitting Maul Reviews and Recommendations

5 Best Splitting Maul Reviews of 2020 In case you wonder…

120+ Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend This Year


Terms of endearment have been used throughout history to connect people on an exclusive level. If you’re looking for some cute nicknames for girls or for your girlfriend, chances are you feel pretty strongly about that person. After all your putting forth more effort than most by doing research and trying to find the perfect cute […]


20 Fun Dice Games to Play with Friends and Family this Year


What with all the latest technology such as video game consoles and smartphones taking over the interests of children and adults alike, it can be easy to forget things of a simple nature such as dice games. Dice games are not only simple, but actually a lot of fun, regardless of whether you’re a child or an […]

15 Fun 80th Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Loved Ones


There is plenty of reason to celebrate when someone turns 80 years of age. Of course, if you have never planned or even attended an 80th birthday, there are some things you need to know. Some helpful tips and ideas regarding 80th birthday party ideas can go a long way. 1. Feature the Year of Birth Feature center pieces […]