67 Funny Cornhole Team Names

67 Funny Cornhole Team Names

Cornhole is a game that has become rather popular as of late. It is a rather ridiculous name, but is just as fun as it sounds. Cornhole can be enjoyed at almost any age and by any sex or gender. It can also help with hand-eye coordination. It consists of a board posted at certain angle so that the players can see. There is one of these set up on each competitor’s side. There is one hole in the upper middle part of each of the boards.
The point of this game is to ring the whole with the bags of corn (beans are also sometimes used) this is a common game played at children’s events as well as adult events. There is a point system, for which a player receives less points for landing on the board rather than ringing the hole in the board. In retrospect, the player receives more points for ringing the hole. The player or team with the most points wins. Usually, in each game, the players decide what top score to play to. In this case the player or team that reaches this amount of points first, wins. This game can be played one on one or in teams.

The Team Name

The most creative part of playing this game is coming up with a name for your team. The name of the game itself (cornhole) is funny in itself and allows for a lot of puns, jokes, and innuendos. The possibilities are endless for choosing team names and can be a rather comical event to witness as well. There can be a play on the words: corn, hole, maize, bag, kernel, and of course, hole. Some of the names can be a bit graphic, and inappropriate, but there are also some funny team names that are a bit cleaner. In any case, the game of cornhole allows for some very interesting and comical names to be born. It gets the creative juices going without even trying. Sometimes the simplest things can be the funniest, and in this case, it’s awesome to be corny! Below is a list of some possible cornhole names that have been gathered in one place for viewing and/or choosing.

1. The corn holers
2. The whole kernel
3. The Corn thugs
4. The corndogs
5. The beanie weanies
6. The Cornholios
7. The Corn cobs
8. Corntopia
9. The Cornbread fed
10. The Corn barbarians
11. The Corn maizers
12. Corn air
13. The Corn tossers
14. The Bean tossers
15. The corn bags
16. U make me so corny
17. The Corny jokesters
18. The Flying corn holes
19. The Pop corn holers
20. The Candied corns
21. The Corny masters
22. The Hole masters
23. The Masters of the game
24. The Holey kings
25. The Holey queens
26. The Holey o’s
27. This Bag of awesomeness
28. Team of baggers
29. Team of hole ringers
30. The ringers
31. The Bags of terror
32. The Cory bags
33. These bags are real
34. I paid for these bags
35. The Bags of joy
36. The Playful corn holers
37. The Corn holers duo
38. The corny heros
39. The corny fellas
40. The corny chicks
41. The best corning team
42. The Cornhole masters
43. Maize on this
44. Cant corn this
45. Cant touch this corn
46. The Maizettas
47. The Corn-ettas
48. The unicorns
49. Ring the hole
50. Find the hole
51. The greatest corn holers
52. The Number 1 cornholers
53. The Team of master cornholers
54. In the bag
55. The tp’s (toilet paper)
56. Tea baggers
57. The whole enchilada
58. Which hole
59. The Corn stars
60. The Last bag standing
61. The Corn cops
62. All in
63. The Cornadoes
64. The Magic hands team
65. The Hands of fury
66. The Hole denominators
67. The Corn crackers

The Game of Cornhole

Hope this list was insightful and entertaining. Cornhole is a great party game. Anyone who has not tried it, should definitely play a game of cornhole with their friends. It can be a great game to be shared with those you know. Cornhole can bring people together for the possibility of new relationships and friendships. Imagine inviting a stranger over to play a game of cornhole. If they didn’t know what you were talking about, it could be a great conversation starter. This conversation could also eventually lead to a new partner in a future game-you never know! Then you can choose a name together, or choose from this list of funny cornhole team names. Coming up with the name is fun and is crucial to the game, but the game itself is pretty awesome as well, so don’t forget to check it out.