Best Above Ground Pool: Top 10 Picks

When the summer sun beckons and the temperature rises, there’s no better way to beat the heat and create lasting memories than with a refreshing dip in your above-ground pool. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly oasis, a space to unwind and relax, or a fun-filled aquatic playground, the world of above-ground pools offers diverse options to suit your needs. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the “Best Above Ground Pool: Top 10 Picks” to guide you through the exciting journey of choosing the perfect pool for your backyard. From durable designs to innovative features, our selection encompasses the finest choices in the world of above-ground pools, ensuring that your summer is filled with cool, clear waters and endless enjoyment.

What Is the Best Above Ground Pool?

An above-ground pool is one that is not dug down into the ground; it sits on a foundation of your choosing. You can either add a ladder to the side or hop over it, depending on the size. The best ones are the ones that suit your family’s needs well and fit into your budget.

Above-ground pools are not permanent and, by their nature, susceptible to holes and damage. But if taken care of correctly, it can last many years. Many people add support beams on the sides to help keep it sturdy for longer.

The Difference Between Above Ground and Inground Pools

Well, of course, an above-ground pool is on top of the foundation, and the inground pool is in the soil or a different foundation. However, there are some differences that play into your decision as to which is best for your family.

The inground pool is permanent; it means giving up yard space for good. The above-ground pool can be taken down at any time. There is a lot of preparation when installing an inground pool. Whereas most of the above-ground pools, other than preparing a foundation, you simply set them up and fill them.

The biggest difference is undeniably the price! Inground pool pools have a much bigger price tag than above-ground pools. Also, the in-ground pool can have many different add-ons that the above-ground pool can not, but those add-ons cost a lot more, of course.

The YouTube video below explains another significant difference between inground pools and above-ground pools: the pump! Please take a moment and watch.

How Long Does the Best Above-Ground Pool Last?

Of course, as with most things, if you take care of it and follow instructions, it will last a very long time. The average above-ground pool can last anywhere from 7 to 15 years, but the liner will only last up to 9 years. That’s if you do not have too much rough activity in there. The inground pool can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on which type you have installed.

Do You Need a Permit?

Whether or not you need a permit varies with your city and state. It is always a great idea to double-check before you buy an above-ground pool.

There may be forms that have to be filled out and approved before you can start installing your above-ground pool. Also, it’s quite common to be required to keep the pool behind a fence. There may also be fees that have to be paid for you to have the best above-ground pool in your yard.

Some cities also require specific electrical requirements for certain above-ground pool filters. Of course, for property insurance, you will have specific safety requirements around any pool.

How to Install the Best Above-Ground Pool?

Now, this is completely up to you, but you can choose to have it professionally installed or put it up with your own two hands. Just try to remember how long it may take to put up and the difficulties you may face in the process. Also, there are safety issues and equipment you may need depending on the size of the pool.

Going the Professional Route.

Having the best above-ground pool professionally installed may cost a little extra, but it helps you avoid a headache. Most companies will come out and clean up the area in which the pool will be placed. Then they will level the area by digging up all the old soil and installing some type of draining system.

The company should then frame the foundation with the correct measurements of the pool. After that, they should start to put together the pool and may add extra support items to make sure you get many years out of the pool.

This YouTube video shows an example of how one professional company installs the best above-ground pool.

Keeping the work at home. For all of you who have the know-how and can put up your own above-ground pool, it’s simpler to do it yourself. When we say “simple,” we’re not talking about the labor or putting up the pool, but it is a little simpler on your wallet. So, it’s cheaper to do it yourself.

My husband and I have put up and taken down an above-ground pool many times. It’s not very difficult, but it can be tedious and annoying. It’s important to remember to set up an area that is level, or your pools will not last very long. I know that for a fact, as we have in the past, set up above-ground pools like many people do, simply on a tarp. It didn’t stand up to our four kids, who were rough on it, for four years.

The prep you put into your pool foundation and fill will pay off.

Can A Ground Pool Use Salt Water?

Yes, above-ground pools can be converted to saltwater systems. While traditional above-ground pools typically use chlorine-based sanitation systems, many pool owners opt to switch to saltwater for its perceived advantages, such as reduced maintenance and softer water feel. Converting an above-ground pool to saltwater involves adding a salt chlorine generator (also known as a salt cell or salt chlorinator) to the pool’s filtration system. This device converts the added salt into chlorine through a process called electrolysis, effectively sanitizing the pool water. It’s important to ensure that your above-ground pool is compatible with a saltwater system and to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper installation and maintenance to enjoy the benefits of a saltwater pool.

How Often Should You Change the Water in an Above-Ground Pool?

What a great question. We always drain our pool after the summer and store it. For those of you who keep your pool up all year, this question can be answered in a few ways.

Most of the best above-ground pools should not have to be drained more than every few years. With a good pump, water testing, and chemical treatments like chlorine tab, as long as you keep the water clear of debris, you shouldn’t have much trouble keeping the water nice.

If all of that is not keeping it clean, then you should contact a professional pool company and see if there is another option before you drain it. Usually, you can use a shock treatment to kill algae, though you will need to stay out of the water for as long as the treatment advises to make sure it’s safe.

If they advise you to drain it, then you may want to invest in a better pump, which can help keep it clean longer.

Places to Buy the Best Above-Ground Pool

The best above-ground pool can be purchased at any local store that sells pools, but it may be cheaper or at least give you a lot more options if you buy online. That way, you will be able to see many different options of pools.

How We Chose These Above-Ground Pools

We reviewed by checking real customer feedback and professional and retail purchaser reviews. Nothing is quite as good as the information from people who have actually used these pools. So, we dug through and found the best based on user feedback, specifications, and reliability.

Benefits of Above-Ground Pools

moter and child swimming in a pool

Image source: Flickr

Having the best above-ground pool at your home has so many benefits. A huge benefit is the price; above-ground pools are much cheaper than inground pools. Above-ground pools are much easier to install and quicker. The above-ground pool can also come with slides and waterfalls, just like an inground pool.

An above-ground pool is less maintenance, and it is safer than an inground pool. This is because it is unlikely that small children will fall in and drown in the above-ground pool, and in many cases, you can remove the ladder.

It is also much easier to remove an above-ground pool if you no longer want a pool on your property. The best benefit of having an above-ground pool is swimming. I mean, who does not love to take a dip after a long day? Not to mention the low-impact cardio.

Some of the Best Above Ground Pools out There

The best above-ground pool comes in many different shapes and sizes. We have compiled a list of some great above-ground pools. We did not put the list in any particular order. Please take a moment and go through our pool options.

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set, 10-feet x 30-inch

  • Easy-to-assemble
  • 110-120 voltage DFCI
  • Metal frame pool set with filter pump

This Intex metal frame above-ground pool is easy to assemble and comes in a circle shape. The company includes a filter pump, and it can hold up to 1,185 gallons of water. This company states this above-ground pool can be filled up in as little as ten minutes. The dimensions are 30 inches tall and 10 feet in diameter.

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0- stars on Amazon. Many customers are delighted with their purchase. They say this above-ground pool is the perfect height and very easy to install. A few customers say customer service is awful, and the pump stopped working after a few uses.

Intex Prism Frame Rectangular Pool

Intex 16ft X 8ft X 42in Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set with Filter…

  • Prism frame pools feature strong powder-coated metal frames combined with the strong 3-ply material liner and a…
  • Enhanced floor thickness for more durability
  • Includes 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump flow rate of 1,000 gallons per hour, pool ladder, ground cloth, and…

The Intex Prism oval frame pool set includes a pump with filter, removable ladder, debris cover, and a cloth for under the pool. The company claims the pool will be ready within 60 minutes and holds 2,873 gallons of water. This company makes this above-ground pool with a 3-ply material liner to help keep this pool durable. The Prism pool comes in a rectangular shape and is 16 feet long and 42 inches deep.

The Intex Prism pool has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars. Customers are delighted with how easy it is to set up, and they love the durability. Unfortunately, enough customers to mention found leaks on the main seams right out of the box.

Cornelius Pools Phoenix

Cornelius Phoenix 18′ x 52″ Above Ground Swimming Pool w/Pump, Ladder…

  • Create your own backyard swimming pool paradise with this easy-to-assemble above-ground pool kit.
  • The round above-ground pool features an 18-foot diameter and is 52 inches deep.
  • A fully integrated sand pump filters 2,400 gallons per hour and features a high-quality, transparent debris trap, so you…

The Cornelius company sends the Phoenix pool with a pool net, phosphate removal chemical, a chemical kit, pool ladder, thru-wall skimmer, pool loner, and a sand filter pump. The shape of this pool is a circle, and it is 52 inches deep and 18 feet in diameter.

This pool has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. Customers are very pleased with how easy this pool was to put together and how sturdy it is. A few customers were upset the pool was delivered to either a driveway or curb, and the driver would not deliver to the location in the yard where they needed it.

Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve

Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve 24′ Round Above Ground Swimming Pool |…

  • RESIN COATED STEEL – This elegantly designed above-ground pool features a super strong steel wall that has been hot dipped…
  • BEAUTIFUL BEDROCK PATTERN LINER – Take a dip into the glistening waters of Bedrock and experience the visual of pebbles…
  • ALL YEAR READY – The Meadows Reprieve above-ground swimming pool is designed to remain in place all year round. It…

Lake Effect Pools makes its pool in a 24-foot round shape and 52 inches deep. The galvanized steel is for protection to keep it sturdy. The company makes this product with an overlap liner. You will receive a 25-year manufacturer warranty with this product.

The Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve pool has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. Many customers say the quality of the pool is fantastic. There are a few customers who say it is too hard to set up, and pieces are missing.

Bestway Steel Pro

Bestway Steel Pro 9.8ft x 5.6ft x 26in Frame Above Ground Pool Set…

  • Includes one pool, #58382US filter pump (110 120V), 330-gallon pump water flow rate, 280-gallon integrated pool system…
  • Extra-strong side walls are made with three separate layers of material. The inner layer of polyester mesh is laminated to the 2…
  • Easy to set up and take down for off-season storage

The ​Bestway company makes a rectangular shape pool. It comes with a filter and three layers of materials for sturdy walls. The company claims the pool is easy to set up and tear down. This product also has corrosion-resistant metal frames.

This above-ground pool has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. So many customers are happy with the size of the pool and how easy it is to put together. Customers are upset that the pool has already been damaged and missing parts.

Bestway Power Steel

Power Steel 16′ x 48″ Frame Pool Set

  • Extra strength side walls are made with advanced TriTech material with three separate layers
  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant metal frames
  • Reinforced rope wraps around the bottom of the pool liner to keep the legs firmly in position.

This is another pool by the Bestway company, but it is round. This Power steel pool comes with a ladder, pump, pool cover, and ground cover. The pool has reinforced straps to hold the legs in place.

This product has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Customers love how sturdy this pool is and how easy it is to keep up with. Some customers are disappointed with the pump, saying it is not strong enough.

Summer Waves

Summer Waves 14′ x 36″ Active Frame Stone Slate…

  • The Summer Waves pool set comes with all the necessary components, including the filter pump, ladder, and repair patch, making it easy to set up in your backyard without the need for additional purchases.
  • The metal frame with a stone slate print not only adds an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space but also ensures the pool’s stability and durability, promising years of use.
  • With a 14-foot diameter and 36-inch depth, this pool provides ample space for multiple people to swim and play, making it perfect for families and gatherings.

The “Summer Waves 14′ x 36″ Active Frame Stone Slate Print Metal Frame Outdoor Backyard Above Ground Swimming Pool Set” is a comprehensive package designed for easy and enjoyable summer swimming in your backyard. This above-ground pool boasts a spacious 14-foot diameter and a depth of 36 inches, providing plenty of room for family and friends to cool off during hot summer days. The pool features an attractive stone slate print metal frame, adding an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space. The set includes a filter pump to maintain water clarity and hygiene, a ladder for convenient entry and exit, and a repair patch for minor fixes. With this all-in-one package, you can quickly set up your own outdoor swimming oasis for endless summer fun.

Summer Waves Elite Wicker 18ft x 48in Round Above Ground

Summer Waves Elite Wicker 18ft x 48in Round Above Ground Frame Pool…

  • 18-foot diameter round frame above-ground pool with 48-inch pool walls
  • Rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame stands up to heavy use and the elements
  • Constructed of triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material

This Summer Waves Elite Wicker pool is round, 18 feet in diameter, and 48 inches deep. This pool has a galvanized steel frame and is rust-resistant. The Summer Waves company claims this pool can be ready within 60 minutes. The company also sends a deluxe maintenance kit with your purchase.

Elite Wicker Pool has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. Customers love the wicker design and say it is easy to set up. A couple of customers are upset; the filter does not work well.

Intex 12′ x 30″ Metal Frame

Intex 12′ x 30″ Metal Frame Set Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter…

  • Intex Manufacturer warranty: 30 30-day warranty against Factory Defects. The warranty does not cover tears, rips, or holes.
  • Part number: 28031E
  • Intex 12 x 2.5 Foot Metal Frame Above Ground Pool and Filter

This Intex metal frame is round and is 12 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep. The company sends you a filter and cover for this pool. The Intex claims you can fill this pool up in 30 minutes, and the company gives a 30-day manufacturer warranty.

This above-ground pool from Intex has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. Customers say this pool is sturdy and great for all ages. A couple of customers are upset that pieces were missing and the cover had a hole in it.


Bestway: Power Steel 9’3″ x 6’5″ x 33″

The “Bestway Power Steel 9’3″ x 6’5″ x 33″ Above Ground Pool Set” is a versatile and family-friendly outdoor pool designed to provide a convenient and enjoyable swimming experience. With a spacious rectangular shape and a water capacity of 937 gallons, it offers ample room for family fun and relaxation. This pool is built to last, featuring corrosion and puncture-resistant materials, ensuring its durability over time. The set includes a ChemConnect dispenser for easy pool maintenance, a filter, and a pump to ensure water clarity and hygiene. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing dip on a hot day or a place for family gatherings, this pool set offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for outdoor aquatic enjoyment.


Which Is the Best Above Ground Pool for You?


Now, the big question is, which is the best above-ground pool for you? And, let’s be honest, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

First, you would want to decide what shape would look best in your yard. Then, what size is best for you, and if you have kids, can they swim? You may need a shallow pool. Or if you are like me and have a huge family, you will need the biggest above-ground pool ever made.

Also, there are many options for designs on the sides of some above-ground pools. You could also order one with all the supplies you will need, like a pump, ladder, pool cover, and much more.

So, at the end of the day, it comes down to what is best for you and how much you are willing to spend for the best above-ground pool.

Do you own an above-ground pool? If so, what do you love most about it, and what do you like least? Please leave your comments in the section below.

Featured Image via Pixabay


Best Quadcopter Under $100

What is the Best Quadcopter Under $100

Consumer drones have become extremely popular in the last few years!  There are now dozens of drone manufacturers making technologically advanced drones that are a ton of fun to use.

The most popular configuration for a drone is the quadcopter, which features four separate spinning rotors.  This type of drone is highly maneuverable and can reach some blistering speeds!

Most people buy a quadcopter to have some fun, but you can use them for all kinds of activities, including real estate photography, farming, landscape photography, sports photography, virtual reality flying, nature videos, hunting, drone racing, and much more.  You can even use a quadcopter to deliver items to your friends or family!

The best part is — quadcopter drones have become incredibly cheap.  You can now buy a great quadcopter for less than $100.  The key is choosing one with the right features for your intended use.  This article will provide all the information you need to choose the best quadcopter under $100!


  • Tello Quadcopter Drone
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces
  • Camera Resolution: A 5-megapixel camera records JPEG photos and 720p MP4 video
  • Manufacturer: Tello
  • {{content-6}}

  •  Drone with 1080P Camera for Adults and Kids
  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 7.8 x 3.11 inches
  • Weight: 146 Grams
  • Camera Resolution: 1080p
  • Manufacturer: Hiturbo

  • Tizzy Toy Drone with Camera 4K
  • Dimensions: 0.1″L x 0.1″ W o.1″ H
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Camera Resolution: 4k
  • Manufacturer: TizzyToy

  • NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drones with 1080 HD Camera
  • Dimensions: 7.9″L x 7.3″W x 3″H
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces
  • Camera Resolution: 1080p
  • Manufacturer: NEHEME

  • Holy Stone HS260 Drone
  • Dimensions: 12.32″L x 8.39″W x 2.17″H
  • Weight: 5.11 ounces
  • Camera Resolution: 1080p
  • Manufacturer: Holy Stone
Tello Quadcopter Drone  Drone with 1080P Camera for Adults and Kids TizzyToy Drone with Camera. 4K NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drones with 1080 HD Camera Holy Stone HS260 Drone
Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches Dimensions: 10.75 x 7.8 x 3.11 inches Dimensions: 0.1″L x 0.1″ W o.1″ H Dimensions: 7.9″L x 7.3″W x 3″H Dimensions: 12.32″L x 8.39″W x 2.17″H
Weight: 2.88 ounces Weight: 5.15 ounces Weight: 1.6 ounces Weight: 3.7 ounces Weight: 5.11 ounces
Camera Resolution: A 5-megapixel camera records JPEG photos and 720p MP4 video Camera Resolution: 1080 Camera Resolution: 4k Camera Resolution: 1080p Camera Resolution: 1080p
Manufacturer: Tello Manufacturer: Hiturbo Manufacturer: TizzyToy Manufacturer: NEHEME Manufacturer: Holy Stone

Tips for buying a quadcopter under $100

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect quadcopter!

 Consider the flight time of the drone

The flight time refers to the length of time that the drone can remain airborne before it needs to be charged again.  The type of battery that the drone uses and the drone’s weight are the main factors that determine its flight time.  However, the speed, maneuverability, and the flying style you use can also play a role — if you are racing the drone or performing many stunts, the flight time will be shorter.

Most drones have less than 20 minutes of flight time, however, some cheaper models have as little as 5 minutes.  If you are using the drone to capture nature footage and travel long distances, you might prefer a drone with a longer fight time.  If you are only using it for quick races, a shorter flight time might be acceptable.

Do you need a GPS sensor on your quadcopter?

Some drones have GPS sensors, which allow you to track the location of the drone and program your drone to automatically fly to a specific location.  You can even hit a button to make your drone automatically return to you.  Having a GPS sensor can also help you find your drone after it is lost.  If you think you will need these features, spend a bit more on your quadcopter.

Speed, acceleration, and weight

If you intend on racing your drone or pulling off high-speed stunts, you should opt for a drone that has a high top speed, fast rate of acceleration, and low weight.

What quality is the camera?

Most quadcopters under $100 come with a digital camera that is connected to the underside of the body.  The quality of cameras can vary greatly on cheaper quadcopters, but it generally ranges from 720p cameras that can capture 60 frames per second through to 540p cameras that can capture 30 frames per second.  If your primary use for the drone is to capture video footage, purchase a drone with the highest resolution camera possible.

Some quadcopter cameras also have a Wi-Fi capability, where they can stream footage back to the controls, a virtual reality headset, or a smartphone.  If the camera can stream to a VR headset, it is called First Person View (FPV).  If you want to have an immersive birds-eye view of the world through a VR headset, make sure you choose a quadcopter with this feature.

Pilot skill level

Quadcopter drones under $100 can be challenging to fly because they can move very quickly.  If this is your first quadcopter, avoid buying a very fast racing model — you will probably crash it!  You can also choose a drone that has stabilization technology that makes it easier to fly.

The features on the controller

The controller is the apparatus that you will use to move your drone around.  Some controllers for quadcopter are quite advanced and have some useful features like large LCD screens and real-time diagnostics (drone speed, altitude, and battery life).  Make sure you consider the quality and features that the controller has.

Choose a quality manufacturer

It’s always best to opt for a reputable manufacturer when choosing a quadcopter under $100.  Not only will the construction quality be higher, but you will also have better support from the manufacturer if something goes wrong.

What is the best quadcopter under $100?

Because there are dozens of models to choose from, buying a quadcopter can be a little confusing!  Most quadcopter drones have a few similarities but vary greatly when it comes to speed, construction material, weight, and maneuverability.  The best quadcopter under $100 for you will largely depend on how you will use it.  To help you decide, here are five fantastic quadcopter drones that are well-made and packed with features.

Tello Quadcopter Drone

Tello Quadcopter DroneHighly recommended for beginners who would like to learn how to fly around a drone, the Tello Quadcopter lets you easily perform tricks thanks to its lightweight frame, as well as shoot decent video and take great shots.

The 5-megapixel camera records JPEG photos and 720p MP4 video, and the Tello flies up to 10m vertically and up to 100m away. One battery charge can ensure a 13-minute flight. And while that might sound like a short amount of time, rest assured – it will feel like much longer. Or, you can simply pick up an extra battery to keep handy for when you’re not quite ready for all the fun to end.

While this drone is on the more expensive side, the built is worth the investment. The product packs a flight controller powered by DJI and a high-quality image processor. It’s also durable but not too heavy, which makes it easy to maneuver. You’ll learn how to master it in no time, especially given that you can start flying by simply tossing Tello into the air.

We wouldn’t recommend the drone for professionals, but if you’d like to take on this hobby without breaking the bank, the Tello Quadcopter will ensure a smooth start.


  • VR headset compatibility
  • Easy to fly and perform tricks
  • Quality photos and videos


  • It is very lightweight, so it doesn’t perform well in bad weather

Drone with 1080p Camera for Adults and Kids

The “Drone with 1080P Camera for Adults and Kids” is a versatile and user-friendly quadcopter designed for both entertainment and aerial photography. It features a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Equipped with a high-resolution 1080P camera, it allows users to capture stunning photos and videos from the sky. The drone offers several convenient features, including voice control and gesture selfie modes, making it accessible for all skill levels. Altitude hold ensures stable and steady flight, while the one-key start simplifies take-off and landing. The drone is capable of performing exciting 3D flips for added fun. To extend your flying time, it comes with two batteries. This drone serves as an ideal gift for both boys and girls, providing hours of enjoyment and the opportunity to explore the world from a unique perspective.



  • Voice Control- Voice commands provide an intuitive and fun way to control the drone, making it accessible for users of all ages.
  • 3D Flips- The ability to perform 3D flips adds excitement and entertainment value to your flying experience.
  • Two Batteries- The inclusion of two batteries extends your flying time, allowing for more extended flights before needing to recharge.
  • Foldable Design- The foldable structure enhances portability and ease of transport, making it convenient for on-the-go adventures.
  • Altitude Hold- Altitude hold functionality ensures a stable and steady flight, simplifying the process for beginners and aiding in capturing steady shots.


  • Limited Range- Toy drones typically have a limited control range compared to more professional drones, so you may not be able to fly it as far.

TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4k

The “TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K” is a feature-packed quadcopter designed for both adults and beginners, offering an impressive 4K camera for high-quality aerial photography and videography. This drone stands out with its user-friendly features, including WiFi FPV (First Person View) for real-time streaming to your mobile device and Gesture Control, allowing you to control the drone’s movements with simple hand gestures. Its foldable design enhances portability, making it a great choice for on-the-go adventures. LED lights add flair to night flights, while Headless Mode simplifies navigation for beginners. The One Key Start Mode ensures easy take-offs. Whether you’re an adult looking for a versatile aerial camera or a beginner seeking a fun and accessible drone, the “TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K” offers an array of features to cater to various needs and skill levels.


  • LED Lights- LED lights not only enhance the drone’s aesthetics but also make night flights possible and visually appealing.
  • One Key Start Mode- One-key start simplifies the take-off process, reducing the learning curve for new drone pilots.
  • 4K Camera- The 4K camera provides high-resolution photos and videos, delivering impressive aerial photography and videography capabilities.
  • Headless Mode- Headless mode simplifies the drone’s orientation, making it easier for beginners to control and navigate.


  • Toy Drone Build- It’s designed as a toy and may not be as durable as more advanced or professional-grade drones, potentially being more susceptible to damage.

NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drones with 1080 HD Camera

The “NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone” is a versatile and user-friendly quadcopter suitable for both adults and beginners. Equipped with a high-definition 1080P HD camera, this drone enables impressive aerial photography and videography. It offers WiFi FPV (First Person View) live video streaming to your mobile device, providing a real-time view of your flights. The drone features Altitude Hold for steady and stable hovering, even for inexperienced pilots. With Headless Mode, it simplifies navigation for beginners by eliminating the need to adjust the drone’s orientation. The One Key Take Off function ensures a hassle-free start, and with two included batteries, you’ll have extended flight time for more fun and exploration. This upgraded version of the NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone combines convenience and performance, making it an excellent choice for both kids and adults looking to enjoy the world of drones.


  • Foldable Design- The foldable design enhances portability, making it easy to carry and transport the drone to different locations.
  • Two Batteries- The inclusion of two batteries extends your flying time, allowing for more extended flights before needing to recharge.


  • Limited Camera Features- While it has a 1080P camera, it may lack advanced camera features found in more professional drones, such as adjustable camera angles or gimbal stabilization.
  • Short Flight Time- Consumer drones often have relatively short flight times, even with two batteries, so you’ll need to manage your flight sessions accordingly.

Holy Stone HS260 Drone

The “Holy Stone HS260 Drone” is a versatile and user-friendly quadcopter suitable for both kids and adults. It features an adjustable 1080P HD camera, allowing for high-quality aerial photography and videography. With a foldable design, it’s highly portable and convenient for on-the-go adventures. What sets it apart is its advanced features, including a generous 30-minute flight time, Gravity Sensor technology for intuitive control, Voice Control for hands-free operation, and Trajectory Flight for planning and executing custom flight paths. This drone comes with a dedicated storage case for easy transport and protection. In a sleek black finish, the Holy Stone HS260 offers a compelling blend of performance, features, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced drone enthusiasts.


  • Long Flight Time- With a generous 30-minute flight time, this drone offers an extended period for capturing footage and exploring the skies.
  • Advanced Features- Including features like Gravity Sensor technology, Voice Control, and Trajectory Flight adds convenience and enhances the overall flying experience.


  • Limited Features- It has a 1080P camera but may lack advanced features in more professional drones, such as adjustable camera angles or gimbal stabilization.

Our Verdict!

Best bargain
The Drone with 1080P Camera for Adults and kids is cheap, considering the features it has.  If you are on a tight budget, it is definitely a great choice!

We hope you enjoyed reading Best Quadcopter Under $100.  The five quadcopter drones above are all excellent choices and will provide you with countless hours of fun!


How To Winterize An Above Ground Pool

Imagine the crisp air, the scent of fallen leaves, and the anticipation of cozy winter evenings by the fireplace. As the seasons change and the colder months approach, it’s time to turn your attention to a task often overlooked: winterizing your above-ground pool. While it may seem like a daunting undertaking, mastering the art of winterizing your pool is essential for its long-term health and peace of mind. In this article, we will guide you through the intricacies of winterizing an above-ground pool, revealing expert tips and techniques that will not only protect your investment but also ensure a seamless reopening come spring. So, grab your warmest sweater, and let’s embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of a perfectly winterized pool.

Proper Pool Care

If you’re lucky enough to own a pool, you should know how to take proper care of it. When you know how to winterize an above-ground pool, you can save it from the damaging effect of cold air and other elements. Freezing can cause any pool to become useless by the time spring rolls around.

There are right ways and wrong ways to winterize an outdoor, above-ground pool. Therefore, it’s important to follow a step-by-step procedure if you want a functioning pool at the end of winter. That’s not a task to rush through, or you might waste all your efforts.

There might be several misconceptions surrounding the concept of winterizing a pool, so you should be able to clear those up. You can then look at the correct procedure before getting started on your pool winterizing project.

Learning How to Winterize an Above-Ground Pool Protects Your Property

Learning how to winterize an above-ground pool not only safeguards your investment but also protects your entire property. By properly winterizing your pool, you prevent potential damage caused by freezing temperatures, ice expansion, and snow accumulation. This proactive approach ensures that your pool’s structure remains intact, preventing cracks, leaks, and other costly repairs. Moreover, winterizing your pool helps maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. With a securely covered pool, you eliminate the risk of debris, leaves, or branches falling into the water, which can create a messy and unsightly appearance. By dedicating time and effort to winterize your above-ground pool, you not only protect your pool but also preserve the beauty and value of your property as a whole.

So, what are the damages and dangers if you leave your pool exposed to the cold winter air? Knowing this will motivate you to learn how to winterize an above-ground pool:

Clean water to protect the pool

It’s a misconception that you need to drain the water from the pool completely. With no water inside, your tools and pipes won’t be likely to freeze, right? However, it’s now a fact that having clean water in your above-ground pool is a better way to preserve its function.

Before we start with how to winterize a pool, you should know about the chemicals that go into the water first. These include chlorine shock, algaecide, and stain avoidance chemicals.

As the name suggests, algaecide prevents pool algae from growing and blooming. After you dissolve this in the pool water, you’ll use chlorine shock to help the algaecide along. That will improve water clarity and also speed up the destroying process of algae growth.

Finally, you may apply stain avoidance to do away with any stains that might spoil the appearance of the pool. It’s also necessary for maintaining hygiene, as the stains can harden and become permanent if you leave them for the winter.

All these chemicals are suitable for securing your above-ground swimming pool during the winter season. They serve to stabilize the pool water, ensuring that the latter stays in a similar condition before you shut it down.

Knowing how much water to drain

You don’t have to drain all the water inside. The pipes system is among the most important components of any pool. If this system is frozen, you can face a lot of damage.

Naturally, you’d avoid paying for the expensive repairs come springtime. That’s why you should drain the pool to below the level of the skimmer or the filtration system.

Fortunately, most modern pool systems have a detachable pump and filtration system. That makes the steps in how to winterize an above-ground pool much easier, as you may imagine. All you have to do is remove the skimmer and pump, make sure they’re dry, and store them separately.

Those who already know how to winterize an above-ground pool will also be aware of the importance of air pillows. It’s an additional item that we place beneath the winter cover of our pool. The air pillow goes in the middle of the above-ground pool. Its main function is to center any rain, ice, or snow pressure.

If these elements have too much pressure, they will move toward the air pillow instead of damaging the pool. That way, even if you want to drain most of the pool water, a closely-fitting cover will still prevent most of the damage.

The maintenance of swimming pools

equipment for cleaning a pool

A swimming pool of any kind is a great luxury, but this also means that you have to make a lot of effort in its maintenance. If you’re not aware of how to winterize an above-ground pool properly, be prepared to pay through the nose.

Think of your swimming pool as an investment. It can give you a lot of return for the money you spent on construction and water. However, if you don’t want this investment to fail, knowing how to drain its pipes and secure it from damage is a must.

The cold weather can freeze up certain areas of the pool. Additionally, it can also attract twigs, leaves, and other forms of debris into the pool. If you don’t winterize properly, you could end up with a choked and dirty pool that’s unfit for immediate use.

Once you know how to winterize an above-ground pool correctly, you likely won’t have to pay for repairing much damage in the warmer weather. Plus, you can reopen an undamaged pool more easily when the right season rolls around.

Storing the whole pool

Some above-ground pools are not necessarily installed inside the ground but stand above it. This type of pool is more economical and easier to protect during the winter. All you have to do is pull off the detachable parts and store away the whole pool in a large indoor area. Make sure you follow the storage instructions on the package: don’t just wing it.

When Is the Right Time to Winterize Your Above Ground Pool?

The closing time of your above-ground pool will vary according to the temperature in your area. If you want to cut it as close as possible, you should wait until the temperature goes below 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius.

The reasoning behind this is that algae need heat for growing, just like most plants. When the temperature is low, it’s more likely that your pool water is free of infestations.

That’s why we should leave the pool open until the cold season officially starts. An open pool will also give you time for cleaning, testing, and balancing the pool’s pH before closing it for the winter.

Some areas might see a rise in temperatures above 65 degrees during winter. If this happens in your locality, you can use the warm period to test the pool water chemistry. If it’s off, you can try balancing it again.

This testing and balancing will help to clean the water and keep it clear for the spring.

The Step-By-Step Process

We now come to the actual process of how to winterize an above-ground pool. The following steps will make things easier to understand and follow:

Step 1: Remove some parts of the pool

First of all, you need to remove some parts of the pool. You can wrap them up and store them in a shed or any other sheltered place. It will ensure that they won’t rust during the winter season. The first two parts you need to screw off are the step ladder and the filtration system.

Next, remove the pipes. Wash these thoroughly, as they contain a lot of residue and gunk. Finally, dry off all these parts before securing them at a reasonable temperature.

Step 2: Make it hygienic by adjusting the contents

Next, you have to adjust the water inside the pool. That means balancing the levels of alkalinity, water pH, and calcium hardness. Every pool has different levels for these substances, though they’re all necessary. You’ll have to increase or lower the levels as required.

The general rule of thumb here is that the calcium hardness should be between 180 and 220. The pH level should ideally be between 7.2 and 7.4. Alkalinity levels should be at least 80 ppm and 120 ppm at the maximum.

To prevent the growth of algae as much as possible, it’s essential to measure all these levels precisely. After this, cover the pool as neatly and tightly as you can. This will help to enhance the performance of these substances, which in turn will maintain the hygiene of your pool.

Step 3: Clean it up

dried leaves on a pool

The next step in the process is to clean up your pool. When in use during the warmer months, the pool would naturally have some debris inside it. These include large particles, such as leaves (both fresh and dry). You’ll have to remove these from the pool’s surface as they have organic particles.

After the leaves, try to remove any foreign objects from your above-ground pool. That also includes the tiniest amount of algae.

Step 4: Reduce the water level

While you shouldn’t completely drain the pool, it’s necessary to reduce the water level. At the very least, the pool’s water level should be beneath the filtration system or skimmer line.

This precaution will ensure that there’s no water splashing into the skimmer’s mouth. If there is any water there during a freezing winter, you’ll probably find some frozen water damage in the system afterward.

Step 5: Cover the pool

With the water balanced out and below a certain level, it’s now safe to close up your above-ground pool. Make sure the cover is tight and neat, or a winter wind could blow it out. Cover clips will come in handy for securing the cover to the pool sides.

You should also inspect your pool cover before putting it on. When in storage, covers like these can develop holes. If this is the case, you can use patches for avoiding any snowmelt or rain damage.

If the rips and tears are too much, you might have to invest in a new pool cover. This additional cost would still be lower than expensive repairs for your pool.

An air pillow is also a worthy investment here. It will help to centralize your cover and keep any snow, rain, or ice away from the pool. If the winter is cold enough to form ice, that air pillow will function as an ice equalizer.

Step 6: Remove the filters

The final step in winterizing your pool is to remove the filters or the pump and filter system. Take off these parts, hose them down properly, and leave them out to dry. It’s best if you can leave them like this overnight.

Once these parts dry out completely, you can put the system back together. Finally, store it away for the season in a dry, sheltered place.

Time to Take Care of Your Above-Ground Pool

In conclusion, winterizing an above-ground pool is a crucial step to protect your investment and ensure its longevity. By following the necessary steps outlined in this article, you can safeguard your pool against harsh winter elements and prevent costly damage. Remember to drain and clean the pool, balance the water chemistry, remove all accessories, and cover it securely. Additionally, regular maintenance throughout the winter months will help you maintain the pool’s condition and make the reopening process smoother in the spring. By taking these precautions and implementing the suggested winterization techniques, you can enjoy a hassle-free pool opening next summer and continue to make lasting memories in your above-ground pool for years to come.

Now that you know how to winterize an above-ground pool, you’ll be all set for the cold season! Proper winterizing will help to extend the life of your swimming pool and ensure that you’ll have many more seasons to cherish. Stay on your toes about winterizing and enjoy the fruits of your efforts when spring finally comes around.

Do you have any additional information for those learning how to winterize an above-ground pool? Let us know in the comments section.

Featured Image: Public Domain, by Jonathan Hogue via Wikimedia Commons


Snorkeling 101: Everything You Need To Know

Beneath the shimmering surface of the sea lies a mesmerizing world waiting to be discovered. For those seeking adventure, tranquility, and a glimpse into the wonders of marine life, snorkeling is an extraordinary gateway. With just a mask, snorkel, and fins, you can embark on an exhilarating journey into an underwater paradise. From vibrant coral reefs teeming with tropical fish to the ethereal dance of graceful sea turtles, snorkeling offers a front-row seat to nature’s breathtaking spectacle. In this article, we dive into the depths of snorkeling. We unravel its secrets and unveil the tips and tricks that will transform your underwater explorations into unforgettable experiences. So, slip into your wetsuit, adjust your mask, and prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of snorkeling, where adventure and serenity converge beneath the waves.

​If you’ve been on any beach vacation, you might’ve seen those funky snorkeling masks with tubes and wondered how they work. What exactly are they for, and how are they used? You might be doing some research into snorkeling while you plan your next vacation. Either way, we’re here to give you all the basic information you need to start snorkeling today.

What is Snorkeling?

person swimming in body of water during daytime

Photo by Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash

Let’s start with the basics. Snorkeling is an activity where you swim over the water’s surface while wearing a special diving mask. This diving mask has a snorkel breathing apparatus; that’s how it got its name.

Snorkeling is a way to explore sights under the water’s surface without too much effort. Usually, someone that’s snorkeling will also wear swim fins to make swimming easier.

Using fins is important because snorkeling is most prevalent in warm waters, where there is often much tropical water life to discover. Hence, the swim fins allow someone that’s snorkeling to spend less of their energy swimming through the waves and allows them to enjoy more time observing things under the water.

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity because people of all ages can do it. The relative lack of necessary equipment makes it much more accessible than scuba, which often requires much more complicated equipment. It’s less dangerous than scuba diving because you generally stay in shallower waters and on the water’s surface.

Despite these differences, scuba diving grew out of snorkeling, or rather its predecessor, known as freediving. Even though the snorkel only works at the surface of the water, you can combine it with breath-holding techniques and dives under the water’s surface in what’s known as freediving to get a better look at the things below.

While this article will focus on the recreational activity, technically, snorkeling is done any time someone uses a snorkel and is done by scuba divers when they are on the water’s surface and in some water-based sports.

Snorkeling is a great activity for those that want to:

  • ​Enjoy time outdoors

  • ​See a variety of undersea life.

  • ​Do something active outdoors without being too strenuous.

  • ​Do something special that everyone in the family can do

Snorkeling skills

​Even though it’s very accessible, a variety of basic skills can still be developed to make the activity more fun and enjoyable, no matter your swimming level or comfort with water sports.


finger of a person with sunscreen

​Image via Pixabay

Just because you’re not scuba diving doesn’t mean you won’t run into everyday dangers associated with the beach and water sports. Even though you’re in the water, your skin is susceptible to sunburn, so you’ll want to be sure to wear waterproof sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.

It’s important to remember you’ll be face-down with your back to the sun, so you’ll have to be sure to cover areas of your skin you may not be used to, like the backs of your knees, legs, and ears. It can also be helpful to wear a waterproof shirt to help keep the sun off of you.

You should always enjoy water activities in groups for safety. You want to make sure everyone in your group has the same plans and knows what to do in case of an emergency. If you’re snorkeling with children, you’ll want to go over water safety with them and maybe practice going out into the water without the snorkeling equipment so they can get comfortable in the environment.

It’s also helpful to have new snorkelers practice using the snorkel in shallow waters or even a pool so they can get comfortable with the different breathing rhythms it can cause and they can get used to the angle they need to swim at to prevent water from splashing into the snorkel, which can be very uncomfortable.


two person swims on opposite direction

Photo by Jonny Clow via Unsplash

When you snorkel, it involves quite a bit of swimming, so everyone can benefit from improving their swimming skills. While a small child could be reasonably held and led along through calm waters, it’s still best to have them comfortable in the water. A good way to do this might be by having some lessons at a local pool before going out.

No matter your swimming level, you’ll want to work on your freestyle swimming technique, as the kick used for freestyle swimming is the same one that needs to be used to swim successfully and economically while wearing the swim fins most people wear while snorkeling.

Improving your swimming skills will also give you more freedom in the water. While most wear floatation vests while snorkeling to make observation easier and more relaxing, they aren’t necessary and can sometimes even make swimming harder to swim in a wave or subtle current. If you’re comfortable enough to swim without a vest and have built the endurance to do so easily, you can even access snorkeling areas you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise and can easily transition into freediving if you want to.

An important thing to remember is that you’ll likely be wearing swim fins while snorkeling, so you’ll want to practice swimming in those as well. Even if you’re a strong swimmer, if you aren’t used to wearing swim fins, your muscles can get sore or may even cramp because the extra lengths of the swim fins put more strain on different parts of your leg. It can be helpful to practice using them in a pool or shallower waters before going on a snorkel excursion.

Conserving Energy

woman snorkeling

Photo by Maja Novak via Unsplash

In the previous section, we used the word excursion for a reason. Sometimes you have to travel out to special snorkel spots to be able to see the impressive sea life and reefs. That means snorkel trips can take all day. Think about how tired travel can make you, especially if you have to take a boat in the sun, and then consider snorkeling on top of that! That’s why learning how to conserve your energy while swimming and using a snorkel is important.

Going for a swim while wearing swim fins and a floatation vest might not sound like hard work, but if you do it for long periods in the sun, you can get tired. The most important thing to remember when snorkeling is to let the equipment do the work for you.

Often, new snorkelers will fall back into freestyle swimming, but using your arms burns more energy than kicking alone and usually isn’t necessary for a leisurely snorkel.

Your technique plays a big role in the amount of energy you expend as well. New snorkelers often try to suck air through the snorkel, which can lead to stifled breathing. Remember to take long, slow breaths through the snorkel and trust that it’ll work for you.

Another factor in conserving energy is the thing that will be using most of it, kicking. Because you’ll be wearing swim fins, you don’t need to kick very hard, and kicking too hard can cause splashing that disturbs the beautiful sea life you’re trying to see.

Snorkeling Equipment

We’ve mentioned some of the basic snorkel gear you’ll need to get started, but there are a few things to consider when looking to either purchase or rent snorkeling gear.


diving mask in the sea

Image via Pixabay

The mask is vital to being able to enjoy your snorkeling experience. You want to make sure your mask is appropriate for outdoor snorkeling. That means it’ll be made of tough material that doesn’t deteriorate in seawater. It will also have a relatively low volume in the mask portion. This design will prevent too much pressure from building around your eyes. It will also be easier to clear if water gets in.

You also want to check to see if the straps on the mask are comfortable. Make sure it fits your head size, as you’ll be wearing it for long periods.

An important note: full-faced snorkel masks have risen in popularity because of their full range of view. But there have been a number of troubling reports about their risks, and we don’t recommend them.


snorkeling fins placed in a wooden char

Image via Pixabay

A key factor when choosing fins is knowing what the temperature will be for the water you’re swimming in. In warm water, you’ll want the extra comfort and security provided by a full-heel swim fin. When swimming in cooler waters, you’ll want a half-heel swim fin that can fit over a wetsuit.

If you’re going to be snorkeling in calmer waters or casually, a shorter swim fin is more comfortable. It requires less exertion and is easier to pack if you buy your own.


Like the swim fins, choosing the right snorkel will depend on the kind of snorkeling you want to do. Most people will be best suited to using a medium-length snorkel. While it might be tempting to get an extra long snorkel to prevent splashing, proper snorkels will be equipped with a filter to prevent water from splashing in easily; long snorkels make it harder to draw breath.

Final Thoughts

group of women snorkeling

via Giphy

In conclusion, snorkeling is a captivating adventure that allows us to connect with the awe-inspiring beauty of the underwater world. Mastering the fundamentals of snorkeling and equipping ourselves with the right gear and knowledge opens up endless opportunities to explore. The ocean comes to life with its vibrant coral reefs and fascinating marine life. We have delved into the essential aspects of snorkeling. From selecting the right equipment to practicing proper techniques for a safe and enjoyable experience. We have also explored the importance of environmental conservation and responsible snorkeling practices. Emphasizing the need to protect and preserve the delicate ecosystems, we have the privilege to witness.

As you embark on your snorkeling journey, always approach the ocean with respect, curiosity, and a sense of wonder. With each dive, you can discover a hidden world beneath the waves. This world will forever inspire and remind you of the extraordinary wonders nature has to offer. So, take a deep breath, and plunge into the crystal-clear waters. Let the magic of snorkeling transport you to a realm of beauty and serenity.

​Now that you know the basics of snorkeling and snorkeling gear, you have all the information you need to get started. Enjoy all the wonderful experiences snorkeling can offer. See you in the water!

​Featured Image: Photo by Carolina Garcia via Unsplash


Organized Kids’ Sports

Put me in, coach! Whether it’s on a field, a court, a rink, or a diamond, kids’ sports are part of growing up.

In 75 percent of U.S. households, at least one child participates in an organized sport, according to Project Play (1).

That amounts to almost 60 percent of the country’s youth ready to play.

Though data is a little harder, sports are just as popular in other countries (2). In India, it’s cricket. In other parts of Asia, it’s badminton. And everywhere, it seems, kids are playing soccer.

If you’re a parent of youngsters, you might be wondering:

What are kids’ sports all about?

Are they right for my children?

What’s the best way to get my kids involved?

And most importantly, will they be safe and pressure-free?

Everyone’s situation is a little bit different. But, before you decide on your kids’ sports, if any, consider the benefits.

In this article, we will explore the importance of introducing your kids to organized sports and guide you through the process of getting them started. From choosing the right sport to fostering a positive and supportive environment, you’ll discover valuable insights and practical tips to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for both you and your children.

By giving your kids the opportunity to engage in organized sports, you open doors to a world of growth and fun. So, let’s delve into the benefits, challenges, and strategies involved in introducing your kids to the exciting realm of organized sports, paving the way for a journey filled with valuable life lessons and unforgettable memories.

Benefits of Kids Sports

Kids have an abundance of energy. They are moving from the time they wake up almost to the time they go to bed.

At the same time, parents want to see that energy diverted toward learning about the way the world works.

Activities such as organized kids’ sports can help.

Let’s take a quick look at how the world of athletics will shape your child’s health and happiness and teach lessons that last a lifetime.

Get them to the field on time. You won’t regret it.

Strong Heart

The screen generation faces many temptations to stay in place, from video games, movies, texting with friends, and other distractions. The lack of activity can create health problems down the road.

But get them involved in sports, and you’ll be activating their muscles — and not just the ones in their arms and legs. The heart is a muscle, too!

Sports means moving your body and moving your body leads to improvements in cardiovascular fitness (3). In the near term, playing a sport will help them grow by strengthening their little hearts.

And the benefits accumulate. Learn to stay active, and you’re increasing your chances of staving off heart disease, high blood pressure, and other ailments.

In part, that’s true because activity during kids’ sports pays dividends in terms of weight loss.

Getting your heart pumping means you’re burning calories — something you cannot do while sitting still on your Xbox or PlayStation.

The fact is, the benefits go beyond the heart. Staying active during sports keeps your lungs in shape and helps by building a solid skeleton with the strongest of bones.

The physical payback from kids’ sports is enormous. But that’s not all.

Strong Mind

Kids’ sports also teach crucial life skills and provide support for emotional development (4).

Playing on a team requires learning not only to get along with others but also how to collaborate positively. Remember, there’s no “I” in team.

a coach and his youth soccer team

In many children, sports also bring out confidence, self-discipline, and leadership skills (5). Not everyone will go on to be captain. But getting through a game or a season successfully goes a long way toward a resilient attitude.

Perhaps you’re worried about putting too much pressure on your little ones. That’s certainly a consideration.

Make sure that the activity you choose is supported by good organization, excellent coaching, and a positive environment.

However, don’t be afraid to see them fall. Great growth comes from experiencing high-pressure situations and failing.

At some point in their lives, every child will go through the experience of a job interview. If you know how to harness the butterflies in your stomach from sports, it will go better for you.

The softer benefits don’t just go to the kids. Being part of the experience can have positives for the entire family (6). Being together, even if it’s just cheering together for your little one, makes for a happy household.

Best Kids Sports to Join

Which sport should you pursue for your child? It’s a good question — and not one anyone can answer for every family.

Every child is different, as is every family’s circumstance. And all sports have their pluses and minuses. Only you will know what’s best in your case.


To help, though, the Aspen Institute Sports and Society Program created the Healthy Sports Index (7). It’s an online tool that looks at the pros and cons of 10 popular sports for the target population.

You can adjust various factors in the tool to account for what’s most important to you. The factors to consider are physical activity, psychosocial benefits, and safety.

The tool allows you to click and read more about each sport. The tracker provided information on the types of physical agility needed to succeed in each and recommended alternatives.

We picked out three from the list to discuss more in-depth. Since we’re focusing on children between the first and fifth grades, we thought it was probably too soon for organized cross country or track and field.


Baseball is America’s pastime for a reason. It’s a rite of summer, drawing millions of kids outside to swing bats, run bases, and field ground balls.

The Health Sports Index ranks baseball tenth out of 10 sports, though mainly because playing the game requires lots of downtime between plays. When there’s activity, it’s intense; however, many times, players are waiting for something to happen (probably two-thirds of the time, HSI says).

Still, the HSI likes that baseball requires balance, reactionary capabilities, hand-eye coordination, and many basic movement skills. The sport is considered the fifth safest on the list of 10 sports.

The analog for girls is softball. That sport ranks ninth best out of 10 for girls but very high for psychosocial development.

In either case, boys or girls get started in the sport by finding a T-ball league. You can probably find one through your local town recreation association or even a church league.

Setting aside the data-oriented approach, what are some of the intangible reasons for choosing baseball?

Well, for one, the teams are big — nine to each side. Anyone can participate and succeed — you don’t need to be the biggest, strongest, or fastest kid on the block.

It’s also hard to resist a sport that is such an essential part of American history (8).


Parents have always considered soccer (or futbol depending on your nationality and country) to be one of the best kids’ sports.

And the Healthy Sports Index agrees.

The survey ranks soccer as the fourth-best sport for boys and the fifth-best for girls out of 10. (9)

little league soccer teams facing off.

Soccer is a sport that requires vigorous exercise about 50% of the time during a game. It rewards footwork, stamina, leg strength, and teamwork, the HSI survey suggests.

A downside:

The injury rates in soccer for girls are the highest of the ten suggested sports and seventh out of tenth for boys (10).

Yet consider also the intangibles of soccer when deciding on which are the best kids’ sports for your family (11).

It’s a game enjoyed around the world that can be played almost anywhere and requires minimal equipment. If you have two goals, a ball, and the right shoes, you’re good to go.

Soccer also enables broad participation.

A full game takes 22 players!


We wanted to include a game that probably doesn’t get enough recognition as one of the best for physical and emotional development.

Lacrosse is also one of the nation’s oldest games, which adds a historical component to the experience. The Healthy Sports Index ranks lacrosse ninth for boys and eighth for girls out of the ten kids’ sports it reviewed.

Youth lacrosse players on the field squaring off.

You should know upfront that lacrosse involves more contact than you might think.

HSI ranks lacrosse as the ninth safest sport for boys and eighth safest for girls out of the ten kids’ sports on the list.

But it also requires maximum activity from participants…

Players are vigorously active about 40% of the time.

Lacrosse is a fast-moving game that calls for hand-eye coordination, endurance, balance, speed, flexibility, and agility, according to the HSI social scientists.

One of the significant intangibles of lacrosse is that it develops the full athlete (12). To be successful in lacrosse, you must build speed, strength, and coordination while calling on various skills utilized more prominently in other sports.

And teamwork is paramount, which is, in our view, one of the best reasons to involve your children in kids’ sports (13).

Here’s the Pitch

Parents have other choices in addition to soccer, baseball/softball, and lacrosse. Running, swimming, wrestling, basketball, and tennis all have attributes to help your little one gain confidence and grow.

Should you take the leap with them or not? That’s a question you’ll have to work through as a family based on what you know about your child’s physical and emotional maturity.

A youth baseball coaching team a young player proper form.

Tools like the Health Sports Index can help but aren’t a replacement for real experience and understanding of the world around us.

If you’re leaning towards getting in, your best bet is to check with your kids’ school, the town’s recreation league, church leagues, or even consult physical education teachers at your local school. They’ll point you in the right direction.

And don’t be afraid to get involved yourself. Our youth need caring parents with perspectives to realize the benefits of organized kids’ sports.

One final word: Our list focuses on warm-weather sports. To learn more about organized kids’ sports in the winter, read our guide (14) to cold-weather kids’ sports.

What sports do your kids play and why? Let us know in the comments below.


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How to Play Basketball the Right Way

Turn on your television and watch a basketball game for a few minutes. In that short time, you will see many playing styles, techniques, and strategies for shooting a basketball. Want to focus on one single player and attempt to emulate their style? Even in that scenario, you may find yourself trying to keep up with the changes they make throughout a season or even a single game.

Basketball is a dynamic and exhilarating sport that captures the hearts of millions worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner stepping onto the court for the first time or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, learning how to play basketball the right way is essential for success and enjoyment. This comprehensive guide will take you through the fundamental aspects of the game, from mastering basic techniques to understanding team strategies and executing them with precision. Whether you aspire to join a competitive league or simply want to improve your game for recreational purposes, this article will equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to excel on the basketball court. So lace up your sneakers, grab a basketball, and get ready to embark on a journey toward becoming a skilled and well-rounded basketball player.

There’s no single right way to play basketball. However, there is a basic set of tips you can use in your practice sessions to help you master the game.

How to Shoot a Basketball:

A Beginner’s Guide

Since you can’t win a game without scoring points, knowing how to shoot a basketball is pretty important.

When taking a shot, you need good form. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. A slight bend in the knees can help give you some momentum and guide the ball to the basket. One hand will hold most of the ball’s weight while the other is placed on the side for stability. Your shooting hand is the one holding the ball. When lining up your shot, align your elbow directly below your wrist.

Square Up The Basket

Before you take your shot, try to square up with the basket. Your feet, hips, and shoulders should face your target to help you easily line up your shot. Finally, once you have your form set, release the ball. A lot of people talk about dipping their hands into the cookie jar. As you release the ball, you want your fingers to follow through the shot like you are sliding them into the top of a cookie jar.

Reading all of that may sound complicated. In reality, setting up for a shot is a speedy process and the movements will become natural as you put in more practice time.

The Layup

Layups often make for some of the best basketball highlight reels. This is the perfect shot when you are driving toward the basket and want to bank the ball off the backboard and into the hoop. If you miss, there is a good chance that a defender may take a foul and allow you to earn points with free throws. A layup may look complicated as you watch the day’s highlights on television, but the process is straightforward. One mantra to remember is “outside, inside, up.”


This describes the footwork as you drive the basket into the air for your layup. “Outside” refers to your first step. If you are attacking the net from the right, your outside foot is your right foot. “Inside” describes your second step using, of course, your inside foot. The “up” portion of the movement is when you use your outside leg to drive your body into the air and bank the ball off the backboard.

As you take off, use your inside hand to hold and release the ball while your outside hand protects the ball from being blocked or knocked away by defenders. At first, you may find yourself having trouble with the movements. It sometimes helps to say, “outside, inside, up” while practicing your footwork. As you become more experienced, the movements will come naturally without a second thought.

Moving the Ball: Dribbling Basics

Before you can take your shot, you need to advance the ball from your end of the court to the opposite end. Passing with your teammates is one way to advance the ball, but at some point, you will have to dribble the ball. Dribbling is bouncing the ball off the floor repeatedly with your hand. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. There are a lot of rules concerning dribbling that you must keep in mind. First, you can only dribble with one hand at a time. You can alternate between hands, often known as a “v dribble.” However, dribbling with both hands at once will result in a turnover to the other team.

Push The Ball

When dribbling, you must “push” the ball straight back down. Use your hand on the top of the ball and push down to bounce the ball off the floor. You cannot hold the ball and then start dribbling after you were previously dribbling. Again, this will result in a turnover to the other team. If you stop dribbling, you must shoot or pass to a teammate.

Also, you cannot move without dribbling. The only case where this does not apply is when driving the net for a layup. In that case, you can take three steps without dribbling if you release the ball for a shot.

Practice Makes Perfect

All of that probably seems a little bit complicated. Now you know how to shoot a basketball and some dribbling basics. Get out there and practice your new skills so they come naturally the next time you hit the court.

The old adage, “practice makes perfect,” holds true in the world of basketball. The more time and effort you dedicate to honing your basketball skills, the greater your chances of achieving excellence on the court. Practicing basketball consistently allows you to develop muscle memory, refine your shooting form, enhance your ball handling, and improve your overall athleticism. Through focused practice sessions, you can fine-tune your footwork, improve your decision-making abilities, and strengthen your defensive techniques. Additionally, regular practice helps build stamina, agility, and endurance, ensuring that you can perform at your best throughout the duration of a game. By embracing the value of practice and dedicating yourself to continuous improvement, you can unlock your true potential as a basketball player and elevate your game to new heights.

Featured Image via Pixabay

How to Play Disc Golf and Disc Golf Rules

Disc golf is a thrilling and rapidly growing sport that combines the precision of golf with the fun and accessibility of throwing flying discs. Whether you’re a beginner curious to learn about the game or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, understanding the fundamentals and rules of disc golf is essential. In this article, we present a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the basics of playing disc golf, from selecting the right discs to mastering various throwing techniques. Additionally, we’ll delve into the rules and etiquette that govern the game, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. So grab your favorite disc, head to the nearest course, and let’s explore the exciting world of disc golf, where precision, strategy, and camaraderie intersect for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Disc golf is a great game. It is something that you can play recreationally with friends or that, believe it or not; you can play seriously and competitively. No matter what your goals with the game may be, you will find that learning how to play disc golf is actually quite simple, especially if you know and understand the basic rules.

The Basic Rules of Disc Golf

The first thing to know, disc golf is a game of respect and courtesy. And you are asked to treat your fellow players, opponents or not, in a friendly manner.

For example, you cannot distract another player when he is throwing. Nor can you throw your disc without ensuring it will not cause a problem or distraction for another player.

Aside from general courtesies, each golf hole begins with a tee-off and then throwing until the players have all reached the basket, just as in golf. Scoring is also the same as golf. Every time you throw your disc that counts as a “stroke.” Penalties that you incur as you play also count as a stroke. At the end of the game, the player who took the fewest strokes or throws wins. It’s as simple as that, but so much more fun than you could ever imagine!

Make Your Final Shot Your Easiest Shot

As you learn how to play disc golf, you will quickly find that the desire to win is real.

Even though the sport isn’t always super competitive, winning is the kind of thing that players seem to get into. So, even if you are not playing for serious reasons, you’ll likely still find yourself wanting to win…big time.

Tips to Remember:

If that’s you, one key tip to follow is to remember not to get too hung up on distance. All too often, players, especially beginning players, want to throw their discs as far as they can from the first throw onward.

And, while throwing far is helpful, it’s not the important part of winning the game.

You’d be much better off by seeing the big picture and trying to make as few progressive throws as you can to get your disc into the net. You also want to make it so that your approach shot is easy and so that your final shot is your easiest one yet.

This is the point where you should be wrapping things up and getting that disc into the net. So don’t make it hard when you don’t have to.

Take the Proper Stance and Use Good Technique

Another thing that can help you to get better at disc golf is to remember that stance and technique matter. As such, always try to keep these things in mind when you play.

Always begin with a stationary throw. Once you have mastered that, you can do a run-up or at least work your way up to one

When throwing, reach back with a full extension of both the arm and the elbow. Then, when you’re ready, bring the arm forward by pushing the elbow and maintaining strength and power until you are ready to release the disc.

Remember while you throw to keep the rest of your body as still and firm as possible. This will help you to control your shot and will give you a better chance at landing your disc in the net.

Follow the Rules of Tee Off Order

While disc golf may be largely about fun, it’s also about following the rules. This is especially true when it comes to the rules of tee off order.

Always remember that the first tee is decided upon by flipping discs. If you’re not playing as serious of a game, though, you can simply decide who goes first.

If you are flipping discs, use the printed side of the disc as “heads.”

This flipping is only done on the first tee off. For all other holes, allow the player with the lowest score on the previous hole to go first.

Use Quality Equipment

In addition to following these tips and the rules, ensure you are using quality equipment.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, and playing at a local park is just fine, but you should have quality discs and other materials to help improve your game.

Using quality disc golf equipment is paramount to improving your game and enhancing your overall disc golf experience. Just like in any sport, having reliable and well-designed equipment can make a significant difference in performance and results. High-quality discs are engineered to offer better flight characteristics, such as distance, stability, and control. They allow you to throw with more accuracy, consistency, and confidence, enabling you to navigate various obstacles on the course more effectively. Additionally, quality discs are built to withstand the rigors of the game, ensuring longevity and durability even with regular use. Alongside discs, investing in reliable disc golf bags, targets, and other accessories can provide convenience and organization, making your practice sessions and tournaments more enjoyable. Ultimately, using top-notch disc golf equipment allows you to focus on honing your skills, pushing your limits, and enjoying the sport to its fullest potential.

As long as you can follow this tip and the others presented here, you should get great enjoyment from disc golf.

Featured Image via Pixabay


Best Dehydrated Camping Food

5 of the Best Dehydrated Camping Foods

So, you are planning a week-long camping trip in the woods with your family. You have already gotten out of the family tent, and you have cleaned up the sleeping bags. The only thing you have left to do now is pack everything you will need.

As you begin to think about your family of four, you wonder how you will pack everything lightly enough to get up the hill without making several trips. Not only that, but you know you will have to feed the family too, which means even more weight.

If this sounds like you, why not consider dehydrated camping foods? Not only are they a healthier choice, but they are convenient and delicious too. Below you will find some of the best-dehydrated camping food available.

Regarding dehydrated foods, the shelf life can be indefinite sometimes, and they are stored in convenient, easy-to-carry pouches. Most of the foods will only require adding water, and in most cases, the water can be added right to the pouch, so that means less mess and fewer supplies to carry in your backpack.

To know which foods to choose, check out the following list of the best-dehydrated camping food. Most of the choices are available as individual pouches, or they can be purchased in a bundle. There are plenty of choices to feed a hungry brood, and not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing that they are eating healthy, but they will also enjoy them!


  • Backpacker’s Pantry Organic Blueberry Walnut Oats & Quinoa
  • Shelf Life: Approximately 4-5 years
  • Individual Pouch
  • Breakfast
  • Check Price

  • Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy
  • Shelf Life: 30 years
  • Individual Pouch
  • Breakfast
  • Check Price

  • Harmony House Foods, The Backpacking Kit, 18 Count, 1 Cup Zip Pouches
  • Shelf Life: 12-24 months
  • 18 Pouches
  • Mix of Dried Vegetables, Lentils, and Beans
  • Check Price

  • Good To Go 5-Day Emergency Food Supply
  • Shelf Life: 30 years
  • Kit
  • Mix of Breakfast and Dinner
  • Check Price

  • Good To-Go Mushroom Risotto
  • Shelf Life: 4 years
  • Individual Pouch
  • Dinner
  • Check Price
Backpacker’s Pantry Organic Blueberry Walnut Oats & Quinoa Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy Harmony House Foods, The Backpacking Kit, 18 Count, 1 Cup Zip Pouches Good To Go 5-Day Emergency Food Supply Good To-Go Mushroom Risotto Camping Food
Shelf Life: Approximately 4-5 years Shelf Life: 30 years Shelf Life: 12-24 months Shelf Life: 30 years Shelf Life: 5 years
Individual Pouch Individual Pouch 18 Pouches Kit 6 Pack
Breakfast Breakfast Mix of Dried Vegetables, Lentils, and Beans Mix of Breakfast and Dinner Mix of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Backpacker’s Pantry Organic Blueberry Walnut Oats & Quinoa

Just add boiling water, and this nutritious pouch will sprout a warm, delicious, and wholesome breakfast.

Although this pouch will only serve one, it is hearty enough to satisfy you for hours.

It is filled with blueberries, walnuts, oats, and quinoas, making it completely vegetarian and USDA organic.

It is easy and quick to prepare, it will take up little space in your backpack, and it has a shelf life of approximately four to five years.

Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy

Mountain House Biscuits & Gravy is a freeze-dried backpacking and camping food option that comes in a convenient 4-pack. The product offers a delicious and satisfying meal of fluffy biscuits smothered in creamy gravy. With its lightweight and easy-to-prepare nature, it is ideal for outdoor adventures, emergency situations, or simply enjoying a quick and tasty meal on the go. Mountain House is known for its high-quality freeze-dried meals, which retain their flavor and nutritional value while providing a long shelf life. The Biscuits & Gravy 4-pack offers a convenient option for individuals or small groups looking for a hearty and flavorful breakfast or brunch while exploring the great outdoors.

Harmony House Foods, The Backpacking Kit

If you feel like getting creative on your camping trip, you might want to consider this kit filled with all kinds of options.

This kit comes with a variety of quality mixed vegetables, lentils, and beans allowing you to be creative and stay healthy while having fun.

You can make soups with these pouches, and if you really want to add some zest to your meal, you can easily add bouillon cubes, meat, or cheese to the recipe.

One thing people have praised with this kit is the lightweight packages and they also enjoy the quality and flavor of the food.

This will give you a variety of meals for the family, and maybe you will enjoy eating the dried vegetables right out of the package.

Eighteen one-cup zip pouches are included, and the shelf life is twelve to twenty-four months, so you might even consider this kit as a survival package or a long winter package.

Good To Go 5-Day Emergency Food Kit

The GOOD TO-GO 5-Day Emergency Food Kit #2 is a comprehensive survival food option designed for emergencies, camping, backpacking, or any situation where convenient and nourishing meals ar

e needed. This kit offers a variety of dehydrated meals that are easy to prepare by simply adding water. The meals are thoughtfully crafted to provide delicious flavors and satisfying nutrition. Unlike freeze-dried meals, which are known for their long shelf life, the dehydrated meals in this kit are claimed to offer better taste. With a focus on quality and taste, the GOOD TO-GO 5-Day Emergency Food Kit #2 provides a reliable and enjoyable food option for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preparedness, or any situation where convenient and flavorful meals are essential.


Good To-Go Mushroom Risotto

Good To-Go’s Mushroom Risotto packs come in single-serving sizes and double-serving sizes, offering enough food to fill you up plenty while you are out on the trail.

Each of these packages has an overall shelf life of four years, so they are not likely to go bad before you need to make use of them.

On top of being tasty, these packages of mushroom risotto feature entirely organic and vegan ingredients to accommodate the environmentally conscious.

As for the preparation process for this pack of edibles, reviewers report minor discrepancies in total cooking time, ranging from an additional 10 to 15 minutes total. The process is simple – pour in hot water, mix ingredients, seal the bag, and wait. The results, however, are largely consistent among user reports – generally positive and filling without being overly seasoned or off in texture.

Well, with these choices you should be able to make a precise decision as to which package or packages would best fit the needs of your family. Now that you have now discovered this option, why not stock up on extra meals for your enjoyment at work and at home?

With these dehydrated camping food options, the family will want to stay close to the campsite in anticipation of the next meal. We hope you have found the best-dehydrated camping food that is right for you and your family.

Happy camping! Make sure you check out these great camping hammocks as well.


Best Beach Toys For Your Young Ones!

You work hard for your annual family vacation. While you soak up some much-needed sun, you want to be sure you have the best beach toys possible to keep the kiddos entertained and give you peace of mind.

It feels like we work harder and harder every year just to let our few days of vacation pass by us all-too-quickly. In order to make sure your whole family has the best vacation possible, you do all your research in advance. You’ve researched family-friendly hotels, local attractions, and the top-rated restaurants in the area.

What you really want is a few hours of solitude on the beach, listening to the waves crash upon the sand — not the shrill screams of your children who are picking fights with one another to occupy their boredom. We’ve got you covered. Pack along a few of the best beach toys known for keeping your kids entertained, and dive back into your indulgent summer reading.

Comparison Table​

What Are The Best Beach Toys For Your Young Ones?

sand castle, star fish and some beach toys

Image source: Pixabay

Beach toys have come a long way since we were children. Toy designers have stepped up their game and have started producing a multitude of new games and toys that are beach-friendly. The market has become flooded with so many new products it’s hard to tell the best beach toys from the sub-par ones. Just because something looks entertaining and well-made doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. While looking for our list of the best beach toys, we took many factors into consideration, such as price, durability, age-appropriateness, and the various skills they can help your child develop.

The Benefits Of The Best Beach Toys Today

Beach ball on a shore

Image Source: Pixabay

Vacation is a time to relax, but being at the beach is the perfect opportunity to get your kids away from those video games. When it comes to purchasing the best beach toys, you should find products that engage your kiddos on multiple levels. They’re more likely to stay entertained and out of your hair.

Cognitive Development

Your child’s brain is developing every day. During their first three years, in particular, they develop more than any other period in their lives. Contrary to popular belief, toys with flashy lights can be harmful. Improvised toys or toys that help build motor skills are much more beneficial. The best beach toys can help with cognitive development. Such toys help your child understand concepts such as grasping and dropping objects, cause and effect, and problem-solving.


Many parents complain that it’s harder and harder to get their kids to go outside and play. Smartphones, computers, and video games are becoming more intertwined in our lives every day. Going to the beach already pulls your kids outside. Engaging them with the best beach toys to make them active helps increase their athleticism and general well-being. There are so many known benefits to increasing the number of sports in your child’s life. For one, your child will have a reduced risk of obesity and cardiovascular problems. Your child being active results in improved coordination and balance, as well as a general increase in one’s mental health. Best of all, your child will sleep better after a long afternoon of being active, giving you a few quiet moments to yourself at the end of the day.

Social Skills

Play is one of the best ways to help your child develop social skills. It allows them to learn how to share with others, think creatively, and be a team player. Playing with new kids on the beach, it teaches them how to interact with strangers. They also learn how to play competitive games and, more importantly, how to practice good sportsmanship. By investing in the best beach toys, you can assure that your kids will make plenty of friends on the beach and work on developing their social skills.

How We Reviewed

toddler playing with toy truck on a beach

Image source: ​Pexels​

You are too busy planning the rest of the details for your family vacation to wade through the thousands of products available these days. It takes so much time to search through blogs, look at lists of the best beach toys, read the reviews, compare prices, and narrow down the list. We’ve done all the hard work for you. We read many 2019 blogs, like this one from Business Insider, to see what’s hot this year. We read blogs to see what other parents had to say and search the internet for the best-selling toys.

After compiling all of those lists, we compared each item to customer reviews and ratings to make sure we got the best of the best beach toys for this summer.

The Best Beach Toys

With no further ado, we present our list of the top 10 best beach toys today. Go ahead and get your credit card ready. We know you’re going to fall in love with these as quickly as we did. So you’ll want to have them ready at hand for your next trip to the beach.

Click N’ Play 18-Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

Top Race Beach Toys, Sand Toys, 16 Piece Ice Cream Mold Set for Kids…

  • Top Race, Unique ice cream cupcake beach pails beach set made of the highest quality plastic
  • 16-piece ice cream beach pails, ice cream beach-themed play set
  • Large 9-inch beach pail with ice cream and cupcake sand molds with beautiful colors

If you are looking to keep your child entertained for hours while enriching their development, this beach sand toy kit is the way to go. These are some of the best beach toys out there to develop essential skills like hand-eye coordination and critical thinking. They come in a multitude of shapes and bright colors, perfect for stimulating your child’s imagination. This 18-piece set comes with a bucket, two shovels, three rakes, two sand sifters, and a watering can. It also includes sand molds in the shape of a sea horse, turtle, octopus, seashell, duck, starfish, boat, and castle.

Each piece is hard, durable, and easy to clean. There’s no need to worry about losing a piece because these pieces are all packed in a mesh storage bag that allows you to shake out any excess sand. Amazon customers gave this beach set a 4.5 out of 5.0-star rating. Some customers were concerned about the size of the pieces, saying many of them seemed too small. This is a set designed for little people, after all.

Sand Castle Building Kit

Sand Castle Building Kit, Beach Toys, Beach Bucket, Sand Castle Molds…

  • Set of 4 sand castle molds beach pail buckets, pink, yellow, blue, and green.
  • 2 in 1, perfect beach pails for kids; at the same time, create beautiful castle molds with this sandcastle building kit.
  • Hard plastic castle buckets are easy to play with and easily stackable to put away.

Nothing says a day at the beach is quite like building a sandcastle. With this pack of four molds, you have plenty of materials for designing the castle of your dreams.

Each castle mold doubles as the perfect beach pail. They are made of hard, durable plastic that can endure sun, sand, water, and hours of play.

These brightly colored castle buckets will be the envy of all builders along the beach. Amazon customers gave these buckets a 4.7 out of 5.0-star rating. Though the number one concern was that all four molds were identical, some said this hampered the creative spirit.

Surfer Dudes Wave Powered Mini-Surfer

Surfer Dudes 2020 Edition Wave Powered Mini-Surfer and Surfboard Beach…

  • Award winning surf toy – Just toss it into the waves and watch them go! The perfect beach toy for outdoor fun
  • Patented self-righting design means they catch a wave every time! The ultimate mini-surfer
  • The perfect beach gift comes with gnarly graphics and an unsinkable board.

It’s time to get the kids out of the sand and into the water. The Surfer Dudes Waved Powered Mini-Surfer is just the toy for you. Toss your dudes directly into the surf and watch as they turn around and catch a wave! These toys are easy to assemble and ready to ride the waves — no batteries are needed for these little guys. They even come in a variety of vibrant colors to suit the likes of any picky child.

We added these surfers to our list of best beach toys because of their ability to keep your child busy for hours. As long as the waves come crashing onto the beach, each little surfer will keep coming back to you. This toy is great for kids who may be scared to get into the water but are eager to play in the surf. It lets them test their relationship with the water in a safe way. Amazon customers gave these surfers a 4.6 out of 5.0-star rating. It’s hard to find a bad review on these toys.

Green Toys Seacopter

Green Toys Seacopter, Blue/Orange

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe

Does the thought of buying another piece of plastic make you cringe? Are you concerned about the future of our planet but still want your kids to have a good time? Green Toys has found a way to solve both of your problems, giving them a secure spot in our list of the best beach toys. This child-friendly helicopter is made of hard, durable plastic that was recycled from milk jugs. It is friendly to the Earth, as well as to your kids.

The Seacopter is designed to float on its two oversized pontoons, so it won’t capsize or get lost at sea. All Green Toys products are BPA-free and contain no phthalates, PVC, or external coatings, ensuring each product is free of toxins and lead paint. As an added bonus, they are all made in the USA and are dishwasher-safe. The Seacopter has earned a 4.7 out of 5.0-star rating from Amazon customers.

Intex Inflatable Beach Ball

Intex Inflatable Beach Ball

  • You get 3 Intex small beach balls for three times the fun!!!
  • Glossy white panels alternate with traditional bright red, yellow and blue.
  • Beach ball measurement 20″ (1/2 circumference. See image)

The Intex FBA_59020Ep 3 Pack Glossy Panel Colorful Beach Ball Inflatable Pool is a set of three beach balls designed for pool and beach play. Each beach ball has a diameter of 20 inches (50.8 cm) and features a glossy panel design with vibrant colors.

These beach balls are made from durable and lightweight materials, making them easy to inflate and carry around. They are designed to be inflated by mouth or with a pump, and once inflated, they provide hours of fun in the water.

The glossy panel design adds a touch of style to the beach balls, making them visually appealing. The vibrant colors make them highly visible in the water, making them easy to spot and play with.

These beach balls are suitable for both children and adults, making them a versatile choice for family outings or pool parties. They can be used in pools, at the beach, or even in backyard water play areas.

Overall, the Intex FBA_59020Ep 3 Pack Glossy Panel Colorful Beach Ball Inflatable Pool is a set of durable and visually appealing beach balls that provide endless fun and entertainment for both kids and adults during water activities.

Pacific Sports Smashball Set

Pacific Sports Smashball Set

  • The “Original” wood paddleball set
  • Comes with a ball
  • Best Selling Beach Paddleball Set in the World

You’re ready for your kids to burn off a little of that extra energy they seem to be storing away. Try this paddle ball set from Pacific Sports. You’ll see people playing this game across the beaches from one end of the Mediterranean to the next. Whether it’s French families on holiday in Morocco or Moroccan families on holiday in Turkey, this is the go-to beach sport for millions of families.

Paddleball is easy to learn and suitable for kids of all ages. You can play in any open space and don’t need a lot of materials to have a good time. The paddles are made of thick wood and have yellow plastic handles, so they are comfortable to grip and keep a hold on. Amazon customers gave this game a 4.3 out of 5.0-star rating. It seems customers were disappointed with the weight of the ball, so you may want to buy a heavier rubber ball separately.

Waboba Splash Water Bouncing Ball

Studies show that some of the best games for helping your kids build cognitive skills are the ones they invent themselves. The best thing you can do for your children is provide them with simple toys that let them use their imagination to come up with their own games. Therefore one of the best beach toys you can buy is a simple ball. The Waboba Splash is the perfect ball for the beach. The material on the outside is similar to swimsuit material, and the inside is soft and squishy. You can throw this ball around without fear of anyone getting injured. Amazon customers gave these balls a 4.5 out of 5.0-star rating.

SINGARE Large Octopus Kite

SINGARE Large Octopus Kite Long Tail Beautiful Easy Flyer Kites Beach…

  • STYLISH OCTOPUS KITES: Designed with a cool stylish pattern. It will be attractive when you fly it in the park, beach or…
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: This is an entirely software-made kite; it takes only a minute to get a new kite; you take it out of the…
  • EASY TO FLY AND CONTROL: Try to control the kite to make it fly smoothly. Your kids will experience the thrill of the…

The beach is the perfect place to fly a kite. Kites are one of the best beach toys because kids of all ages love flying a kite. The Singare Octopus Kite requires no assembly. These large, lightweight kites catch any breeze with ease, soaring high with minimal control. Even as they fly to their highest reaches, the multiple bright streamers that stretch out nearly 8 feet behind the “body” of the kite make them easy to see.Each colorful kite comes with a 200-foot line which allows you to send your bright octopus high in the sky. The line is attached to a solid plastic handle that’s easy to hold onto and lets you control your kite effortlessly. These googly-eyed kits have a 4.5 out of 5.0-star rating from Amazon customers. They were pleased with these kites’ ease of use and cheerful colors.

Dry Branch Sports Design Catch and Release Beach Aquarium Kit

Dry Branch Sports Design Catch and Release Beach Aquarium Kit

  • Educational – promotes curiosity and learning
  • Catch & release encourages good stewardship of nature
  • Screen lid allows submergence and underwater exchange for the benefit of sea creatures and fresh air exchange for land…

For your budding scientist in the family, we recommend something more suited to their inquisitive nature. This catch-and-release aquarium lets you get closer to the water and experience nature in-depth, making them the best beach toys to bring the classroom outside. Dry Branch made this aquarium with a see-through plastic globe and a screen that is removable. First, you can fill it with water and capture a sea creature or two. The handle is a built-in flotation device that is attached to the lid so that neither gets lost. The design lets your little one admire their catch, then release it safely back to its home. It teaches your children about conservation and being kind to the environment. Amazon customers gave this aquarium a 4.5 out of 5.0-star rating. Be aware that the lids are very secure, so your kids can lose their catch if they aren’t careful.

Water Soaker Blaster

Water Soaker Blaster Gun

  • Big Size – High Capacity: This water gun is as long as 16.54″/45cm, holds up to 900cc water, and super players can unleash a massive blast in moments to overwhelm opponents with high-pressure pump water shoot action. Your opponent would be timid, fighting with you. REMEMBER to avoid eyes and faces!
  • Quick Soaking Pump – Long Range: Just pull and push the pump, and you can easily shoot and save your energy. The more pump pressure you give, the farther you can shoot, up to 26 feet. No matter where your opponents are, you can easily drench them within the range. Perfect summer water fight and family fun swimming pool and outdoor activity toys.
  • 4 Shooting Modes – No-slip Handle: Our water guns with four shooting Modes, 360° free rotation to change it. Then you can choose the different modes according to your needs. The No-slip Handle design, after you refill water from a swimming pool, makes you hold them steady to go on fighting. Have fun cooling your summer!

The Water Gun for Kids, Super Squirt Guns Water Soaker Blaster, is an exciting and fun summer water toy that brings joy to kids, adults, and the entire family. With its impressive features, this water gun guarantees hours of thrilling outdoor play.

Equipped with four shooting modes, the Super Squirt Guns Water Soaker Blaster offers versatile gameplay options. Whether you prefer a single powerful stream or multiple sprays to drench your opponents, this water gun has got you covered. The ability to switch between shooting modes adds an element of surprise and strategic gameplay to water fights.

One of the standout features of this water gun is its impressive shooting range. With a reach of up to 26 feet (7.92 meters), you can soak your targets from a distance, ensuring exciting and dynamic water battles. This extended range allows for creative tactics and enhances the overall experience.

Designed with durability in mind, the Super Squirt Guns Water Soaker Blaster can withstand rough play and last through multiple summer seasons. The sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of intense water fights and provide endless entertainment.

This water gun set includes two guns, making it perfect for interactive play with friends, siblings, or parents. It encourages social interaction, teamwork, and friendly competition, promoting a sense of camaraderie and creating lasting memories.

Whether you’re planning a pool party, a day at the beach, or simply want to cool off in the backyard, the Water Gun for Kids Super Squirt Guns Water Soaker Blaster is a fantastic choice. Its versatility, long shooting range, durability, and multiplayer capabilities make it an excellent summer toy that guarantees fun-filled water adventures for everyone involved.

The Final Word On The Best Beach Toys

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Truth be told, there is no right combination when it comes to the best beach toys for your kids. You know them better than anyone else. Choosing the best beach toys for your family comes down to knowing what kinds of games they like to play, how old they are, and what will keep them entertained. We hope that this list sparked some ideas to get you started as you plan the entertainment portion of your relaxing family beach holiday. What do you think are the best beach toys? Would you add something else to the list? Let us know which toys worked for your family. Featured Image Source: Pixabay


The Best Rectangle Trampolines To Buy

5 Best Rectangular Trampolines

Who doesn’t love jumping on a trampoline? Below is information to help you find the best rectangular trampoline.

Not only is it fun and mentally therapeutic, it’s one of the best low-impact exercises you can do! Whether you are 1 year old or 101 years old, you can reap the benefits of recreational fun bouncing on a trampoline.

There are hundreds of trampolines on the market, covering every criteria from specific color, size, enclosed or not, type of trampoline mat, etc. The possibilities are endless! And although all trampolines provide infinite fun, some are superior to others in regard to your specific needs.

Listed below are five fantastic rectangular trampolines, perfect for your backyard!


  • Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Jump N Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure
  • Weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Net? Yes
  • ASTM certified? Yes
  • 180″L x 108″W x 111″H
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  • 10×17 FT Rectangular Trampoline with Basketball Hoop
  • Weight Capacity:  350 lbs
  • Net? Yes
  • ASTM certified? Unknown
  • 204″L x 120″W x 141″H
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  • JumpKing Pro-Series Rectangular Trampoline
  • Weight capacity: 400lbs
  • Net? Yes
  • ASTM certified? Yes
  • 192″L x 120″W x 32.28″H
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  • Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System
  • Weight Capacity: 500lbs
  • 180″L x 108″W x 106″H
  • ASTM certified? Yes
  • Check Price

  • Happy Trampoline Rectangle Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure Feature, 9 x 15
  • Weight Capacity: 750lbs
  • Net? Yes
  • ASTM certified? Unknown
  • 192″L x 168″W x 42″H
  • Check Price

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Jump N Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure

The Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure is a high-quality and exciting recreational product designed for outdoor use. This trampoline features a rectangular shape, providing a larger jumping surface compared to traditional round

trampolines. It comes with a durable and sturdy steel frame that ensures stability and safety during use. The trampoline also includes a safety enclosure, featuring a netting system that surrounds the jumping area, preventing users from falling off. One unique feature of this trampoline is the basketball hoop attachment, allowing users to enjoy a fun game of basketball while bouncing. The trampoline is designed with safety in mind, incorporating padded springs and a thick foam pad to minimize the risk of injuries. Overall, the Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure offers an enjoyable and safe bouncing experience for individuals and families alike.

10 x 17 FT Rectangular Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

The 10×17 FT Rectangular Trampoline with Basketball Hoop is a versatile and feature-packed outdoor trampoline designed to provide hours of fun for both adults and kids. This trampoline comes with a rectangular shape, offering a spacious and expansive jumping area. It is ASTM certified, ensuring its safety and durability. The trampoline is equipped with a sturdy steel frame supported by three strong W-shaped legs, providing stability and strength during use. It includes a safety enclosure net that surrounds the entire jumping area, preventing accidental falls. Additionally, this trampoline features a basketball hoop attachment, allowing users to engage in an exciting game of basketball while bouncing. The package also includes a wind post, enhancing stability during windy conditions, and a non-slip ladder for easy access to the trampoline. With its excellent safety features and additional accessories, the 10×17 FT Rectangular Trampoline with Basketball Hoop offers an enjoyable and secure bouncing experience for the whole family.

JumpKing Pro Series Rectangle Trampoline

The JumpKing Pro-Series Rectangular Trampoline 10′ x 16′ is a top-of-the-line trampoline that stands out from the competition with its exceptional features. This trampoline is designed with a rectangular shape, providing a larger jumping surface and better control for users. One standout feature is the double number of springs compared to other trampolines, resulting in a higher bounce and increased performance. The patented V-shaped spring arrangement further enhances the trampoline’s jumping capabilities, ensuring a consistent and smooth bounce across the entire surface. The trampoline is constructed with a durable and robust frame, capable of withstanding rigorous use and ensuring long-lasting durability. Safety is a top priority, and the JumpKing Pro-Series includes a safety enclosure net that encloses the jumping area, minimizing the risk of accidents and falls. With its superior design, double springs, and patented spring arrangement, the JumpKing Pro-Series Rectangular Trampoline offers an unmatched bouncing experience that will thrill both children and adults alike.

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System

The Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System is a high-quality outdoor trampoline designed for both kids and adults. This rectangular trampoline offers a spacious and versatile jumping surface, perfect for gymnastics and various other activities. The trampoline features a premium top-ring enclosure system, providing a secure and safe jumping environment. The enclosure system consists of a sturdy net that surrounds the entire jumping area, preventing users from accidentally falling off the trampoline. One impressive feature of this trampoline is its remarkable weight capacity, supporting up to 500 lbs, making it suitable for multiple users at the same time. The trampoline is constructed with durable materials, including a strong frame and rust-resistant springs, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. Whether it’s for recreational bouncing or gymnastics training, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set offers a reliable and enjoyable jumping experience for users of all ages.

 Happy Trampoline Rectangle Trampoline

The Happy Trampoline Rectangle Trampoline is a premium and heavy-duty outdoor trampoline designed for both recreational use and gymnastics training. This trampoline boasts a large rectangular shape, providing a spacious and expansive jumping surface. It is built with commercial-grade quality, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. With an impressive jumping capacity of 750 lbs, this trampoline can accommodate multiple users at once, making it perfect for families or gymnastics enthusiasts. The trampoline includes a net enclosure system that surrounds the entire jumping area, providing a safe and secure environment. The frame and springs are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring superior strength and stability during use. The Happy Trampoline Rectangle Trampoline is designed to withstand heavy usage and is suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Whether you’re looking for a fun backyard trampoline or a professional-grade gymnastics trampoline, this model delivers outstanding performance and durability.

There you have it; you should now be able to choose the best rectangular trampoline.