5 Best Blade Putters

The blade putter has a special spot in the world of golfing. When you think about traditional old-time golfing, you think about a guy with a blade putter in his hand, a small white golf ball hitting the hole with ease. Many people swear by blade style heads as being better than any of the more modern offerings. Others just like the style and challenge that can be behind them. Traditionalists believe they’re more pristine than the other types of putters available. Others just like the old-school look and find it works well with their strokes on the green. No matter why you personally enjoy blade putters, we both know there are a ton of them out there.

Knowing what to choose can be overwhelming for a beginner, and frustrating even for a more experienced player. There are tons of different things to look at such as grip, style, length, inserts, balance, and more. You want a putter that is going to get the ball in the hole and that isn’t always the same answer for every person going out and doing eighteen holes. If you have a certain posture it may affect the direction the ball rolls and require a specific insert to keep it steady and smooth. If you have trouble aligning the ball with the hole you may want a system that helps with that so you can enjoy the other parts of the game.


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No matter what you need on the course, we’ve found five of the best blade putters around. We have something here for the beginner, the seasoned weekend player, and even those who make golf more than just a hobby. We’re sure that if you check out our information you will find the perfect new putter for you and your game.

Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter

Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter (Right Hand, Steel, 35-Inch)

  • Perfect for any golfer, whether you are right-handed, left-handed, advanced or a beginner, the Augusta performs at a…
  • Provides solid response and great touch
  • All weather grip

We start off with a great blade putter that is geared towards beginners and new hobby golfers. This blade putter is really unique in a few ways. The first thing that is really unusual is that the putter is designed in a way where anyone, whether left or right handed. And while it may be affordable and that can equate to catering to beginners, it’s actually extremely solid and will fit many advanced users just as well.

This best blade putter is called the Wilson Men’s Augusta and it’s the most affordable on our list. It is a great all around putter for anyone and can be passed around with no problem if you’re teaching someone or just golfing for fun. It has a really old school design that will make some nostalgic but it kicks it up a notch with the beautiful vertical seam grip, which helps keep that putter in your hands, where it belongs. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles but that’s the point. It does what it does, it does it well, and it does it without making a big fuss over itself. Definitely recommended if you are on a budget and in need of a new blade putter.


  • Fits either hand with ease

  • Brass head, steel shaft, and all-weather grip

  • Extremely affordable

  • Perfect for old school feel and nostalgia


  • Basic style may not appeal to all

  • Only comes in a single length

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter (White), Right Hand, 33-Inch, Standard…

  • The #1 Insert On Tour: A new and improved version of the #1 insert on Tour is highly engineered for more consistent…
  • Proven Head Shape Performance for Every Player: The White Hot Pro line includes a handful of major winning, Tour proven…
  • Mallet Designs: We’ve also developed a few new head shapes including a high MOI mallet with a modified Hi-Def alignment…

We move up the food chain to bring you a sweet offering from Odyssey. If you are involved in golfing, that name should be a staple to you and there’s good reason for that.This particular blade putter has a few exciting things that pump it up and above what you might expect. But before we get to that, let me just comment on the looks of this thing. It’s pretty understated but still very handsome with whites, reds, and silvers adorning the head. It’s going to be a putter that others notice but that doesn’t put too much statement on appearance. That’s left for the actual mechanics.

The Hot Pro 2.0 uses the most advanced White Hot insert from Odyssey. This is something that is seen in usage on pro tours on a pretty consistent basis. The insert in this particular putter is new and improved to give better sound, feel, and performance to you across the striking surface. But that’s not all. A new laser milling insert cutting process is incorporated in this insert to amp it up even more. Definitely a cool putter that will get the job done for pro or beginners.


  • 3 lengths to choose from

  • Features #1 insert on tour

  • Head promotes amazing alignment

  • Well balanced with superb feel


  • Some may find the head a bit light for their taste

Medicus Overspin CB2 Cast Blade Golf Putter

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter (White), Right Hand, 33-Inch, Standard…

  • The #1 Insert On Tour: A new and improved version of the #1 insert on Tour is highly engineered for more consistent…
  • Proven Head Shape Performance for Every Player: The White Hot Pro line includes a handful of major winning, Tour proven…
  • Mallet Designs: We’ve also developed a few new head shapes including a high MOI mallet with a modified Hi-Def alignment…

Coming up as number three on our list is the Medicus Overspin CB2. This putter has a really understated design that isn’t going to win any awards, but since when do we want design awards with a blade putter? It’s a great little putter with a typical traditional look that says a lot about what it is. It’s a putter that sinks that ball and help you work on your game. It isn’t there to look pretty and show off, it’s there to help you win and help you win it will.

Some of the cool things that are incorporated into the Medicus are the OverSpin cut face design, which is intended to help with eliminating skidding and hopping, leaving you with a smooth putt over the grass. It also incorporates an interchangeable weight system which is great for those who like to play around with different settings in order to find the one right for them. Reviews for this putter show great performance, stellar balance, and a nice soft feel that your hands will be thankful for.


  • OverSpin WINN grip for comfort and performance

  • Great for eliminating ball skid and hop

  • Cut Angle face helps strike the ball properly


  • Warranty could not be found for this putter

PING Sigma 2 ZB2

If you’re looking for an elegant putter that will help you bring your game to the next level, you can’t go wrong with this one. For those who feel like they’re playing the wrong length, the PING Sigma 2 ZB2 golf putter is a godsend, as it adjusts to any length from 32 to 36 inches via an intuitive mechanism hidden in the grip. Sleek and versatile, the product boasts pleasing contours and simple alignment features that boost accuracy and confidence at address.

Moreover, the putter sports a consistent pistol shape that naturally fits into fingers for more consistent grip pressure in both hands. At the same time, foam under-listing dampens excess vibration at impact to provide soft, player-preferred response. Not to mention the solid polymer construction which is durable while also promoting comfort, enabling players to put their best foot forward when on the links.

Finally, the putter’s design ensures greater precision for those shorter, more delicate, must-make putts, while also offering the solid feedback and distance control required for longer-range putts. This putter may be on the more expensive side, but it’s well worth the investment.


  • Adjustable length

  • Dual-Durometer PEBAX Insert with True Roll Face Pattern

  • Eye-grabbing design

  • PING PP60 Pistol Putter Grip


  • Expensive

Odyssey Tank Cruiser 1 Wide Blade Golf Putter

Odyssey Red Ball Putter (Right Hand, 34 inches)

  • Red Ball For Easy Alignment
  • Improved Alignment From Versa
  • White Hot Sound and Feel

We come back to Odyssey to give you the last best blade putter around. This one is called the Tank Cruiser Wide and it is a brilliantly made putter. It has the adjustable head weights and counterbalance weights that give you a consistent strike you can count on. It incorporates the White Hot insert from the earlier Odyssey putter, as well. Another great thing that comes on this putter is Odyssey’s own SuperStroke grip. This is designed to take pressure off of you and make putting the ball much easier and more fun in the process.

The design of the tank is nice and it isn’t overly flashy but isn’t entirely traditional either. It offers a color palate of grays, white, and red, which are pretty standard for many putters. However, the looks are hardly what this putter has going for it. It may be a little more expensive than the others we’ve looked at, but it has reviews that explain why that is. The many technology upgrades combined in this little beauty make for a great all-purpose blade putter. If you buy it for no other reason, the weight system is what should sway you over the line.



  • Adjustable counterbalance weighting

  • SuperStroke grip to alleviate tension in wrist and forearms

  • Versa alignment highlights proper face angle for impact

  • White hot insert includes Metal-X roll pattern for a pure roll


  • This one is pretty pricey compared to the competitors

There you have it, some of the best blade putters on the market. If you are not set on a blade putter, you might want to check out the best mallet putters.

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Best Jumping Stilts

Air-Trekkers Adult Model

Are you looking for a new past time that is fun, exciting, and can greatly improve your fitness?  Jumping stilts may be the answer!  Jumping stilts are special stilts that incorporate springs, allowing you to jump to great heights.  You can run while wearing them, leap on top of tall objects, and even perform acrobatics!

They have become incredibly popular in the past couple of years and there are now hundreds of videos online that show the incredible stunts that can be performed.  There are also many different manufacturers making jumping stilts for people of all ages and skill levels.

This guide to jumping stilts will explain how to choose the perfect pair of jumping stilts and use them safely.  Then, we’ll explain how to get started on jumping stilts and highlight five of the best jumping stilts on the market.

Who invented jumping stilts?

Jumping stilts were invented by a German aerospace engineer named Alexander Boeck and patented in the United States in 2003.  They are spring-loaded stilts that are strapped onto both legs.  When strapped in, a person stands approximately 16-20 inches above the ground.

When the wearer jumps and lands on the ground, the springs compress and bounce back, sending them flying into the air!  The harder the user pushes the stilts into the ground, the higher they jump.  Some of the most well known jumping stilt brands include Powerskips, Fly Jumpers, Pro-Jumps, Air-Trekkers, Flying Jumpers and Power Striders.

Jumping stilts are a lot of fun but they can also be used for exercise.  Jogging with a pair of jumping stilts on helps you develop strong legs, core strength, and great cardiovascular fitness.

Choosing the best jumping stilts

There are a number of considerations that go into choosing the right pair of jumping stilts, including your age, skill level, and weight.  Here are some simple tips to help you find the right pair.

Choose stilts designed to support your weight

The springs on a pair of jumping stilts are rated to suit people in a certain weight range.  The precise weight range for each model varies depending on the manufacturer, so take a close look at the product’s website or manual before making a purchase.  Some manufacturers simply have a youth model and a variety of adult models, while other manufacturers have 10 or 12 models to suit users ranging from 40 to 250 pounds in weight.

Consider how you would like to bounce

Some people prefer jumping stilts with a softer or harder bounce.  A harder bounce can sometimes be better for stunts involving great heights and faster speeds while a softer bounce makes hopping onto high objects at slow speeds easier.  However, personal preference also plays a role.  Some manufacturers have models with hard and soft springs.  You can also buy jumping stilts that are slightly out of your weight range to obtain a harder or softer bounce.

Is noise an issue?

If you intend on using the jumping stilts around the home, you might prefer a quieter pair that does not annoy other occupants.  The design and construction materials of jumping stilts determines how noisy they are.  If you would prefer a quiet pair, ask other jumping stilt users for their opinions on noise levels of different products or contact the manufacturer.

Think about comfort

If you will be using the jumping stilts for long periods, look for a pair that has additional padding on the foot rests and calf rests.  This will help you avoid any blisters or bruising.  You can also tie a towel around the stilts to provide a bit more comfort.

Consider the spring type

The springs on jumping stilts are usually made from fiberglass or carbon fiber.  The manufacturers of carbon fibre springs suggest that their products are spongier, stronger and last longer.  Carbon fibre springs are often used by professionals who are performing acrobatics and require very strong springs to handle long jumps.

While the springs on jumping stilts will lose tension, it takes a very long time.  Professionals who are performing stunts often change their springs, but the average user will rarely or never need to change theirs.  Most users will be fine with a fiberglass spring, but if you see yourself really getting into the sport and performing stunts, go for carbon fibre.

Consider the price

In general terms, more expensive jumping stilts have better components and will last longer.  If you are trying out jumping stilts for the first time, you might be better off with a budget pair to start with.  However, don’t go for the cheapest product on the market — remember that safety is a concern.  If you think you will be using your stilts for a long period or you are an experienced jumper, spend a bit more money to obtain better performance and greater longevity.

Make sure you buy an officially licensed product
There are only a handful of companies producing officially licensed jumping stilts.  They make high-quality products that are guaranteed with warranties.  Unfortunately, there are also some shady competitors offering non-licensed imports.  Many of these products are poorly made and can be dangerous to use.  Make sure you check that the jumping stilts are an officially licensed product.

Using Jumping Stilts Safely

Jumping stilts allow you to jump to great heights and perform crazy tricks.  However, it’s important that you always think about safety before using them.  Falls can happen and because you will be so far off the ground there is more risk of an injury occurring.  These safety measures will help you enjoy your jumping stilts without any injuries!

  • Always wear the appropriate safety gear
    You should always wear a helmet when using jumping stilts.  BMX bike helmets are ideal — just make sure it has a strap and you use it.  Optional safety items include wrist guards and shin guards to protect your knees.

  • Be sure to fit them securely
    Jumping stilts have straps that keep your legs attached to the stilt.  Always ensure these straps are well-fitted.

  • Make sure you get jumping stilts appropriate for your weight
    If you wear a pair of jumping stilts with the wrong spring for your weight, they may work poorly and increase the risk of a fall.  You can even damage the jumping stilt and cause a fall.

  • Buy a quality pair of jumping stilts
    There are dozens of different jumping stilts on the market, ranging from children’s versions through to professional jumping stilts.  Stilts can also vary greatly in terms of build quality.  If you are going to be performing large jumps and attempting acrobatics, spend a bit extra to ensure you have a well built product.

Getting started with jumping stilts

Jumping stilts are radically different from almost every other sport.  They share some similarities with using a trampoline, but you will also be running and performing acrobatics while wearing them.  One thing for sure — jumping stilts will test the strength of your legs and your cardiovascular health.  If you are interested in getting fitter, they are a great choice!  Here are a few simple tips for getting started on jumping stilts.

  • Take it slow at first
    It takes some tie to get used to being on jumping stilts.  Resist the urge to try a backflip or other acrobatics until you have spent a good amount of time using your jumping stilts.  You should take some time to get used to the additional weight on your legs and the feel of the springs.

  • Be aware that the use of jumping stilts requires a lot of fitness
    Even if you are physically fit, you may find jumping stilts to be exhausting at first.  They really test your leg strength and cardiovascular fitness.  Start with short sessions for the first month, to gradually build your strength up.  Don’t be surprised if your legs feel a bit wobbly after your first few attempts!

  • Practice walking first
    When you first strap the jumping stilts on, practice walking around before attempting any large jumps.  You can use a high fence or railing to help you balance while you walk around.  Focus on getting a feel for how much the stilts bounce when you press down and how much traction they have.  You can also try a few stationary bounces while using a fence for additional support.  Before long, your confidence will increase and you will feel comfortable running and jumping in your stilts.

  • Checkout some videos for tips and advice
    There are some great video tutorials on YouTube which cover the basics of using jumping stilts.  They are a great resource for perfecting jumps and more advanced moves.

  • Stick to flat surfaces at first
    While you will see many videos of experienced jumpers traversing 6 steps in one leap — stick with flat ground for the first month or so.  There is more risk involved when jumping around steps or on sloping ground.

  • Don’t get carried away!
    Jumping stilts can make you feel like superman!  You will be flying through the air and leaping over high objects before you know it.  Avoid the temptation to perform very advanced maneuvers until you have mastered the basics.  You should spend time getting a feel for how heavy the stilts are on your legs before performing any acrobatics or attempting to leap over objects.  Take your time learning how to use them and don’t rush your progress.

5 Of The Best Jump Stilts

Here are 5 of the best jumping stilts on the market.  They are all well made and guaranteed to provide many hours of fun!

Air-Trekkers Adult Model – Carbon Fiber Spring Jumping Stilts


  • BIONIC-LIKE DESIGN: High performance carbon fiber springs. Leg Cuff & Wide Velcro binding straps for added safety….
  • RUN, JUMP, FLIP: Run Faster Jump Higher. Try parkour, free running, and acrobatic flips & tricks. Hands free POGO…
  • EXERCISE & FITNESS: Cardio, core body strength. Arouses athletic skills ideal for agility, coordination, balance, and…

Air-Trekkers are one of the most well known brands of jumping stilts.  Their products are well made, comfortable to wear and perform well.  This model is designed for adults who weigh between 160 and 210 pounds.  It features high-quality carbon fiber springs, a durable aluminum frame, and well padded knee supports.

This model can handle everything from general fitness running through to exciting acrobatics and parkour jumps.  Because the stilts are so light weight, they are perfect for anyone who wants to perform a backflip or other advanced trick.  The excellent durability of this product means they are very safe to use.


  • Strong and durable carbon fiber springs

  • High standard of construction that guarantees years of use

  • Very lightweight which makes them ideal for acrobatics


  • Expensive

Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts

Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise…

  • -Iconiciris store authorized. Certification: SGS and CE,it indicate the jump stilts is safe to play
  • Load Range:Weight: 66~110lbs/30~50kg
  • Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product’s Supplier

This is a fantastic pair of jumping stilts designed for children.  They measure 23 and a half inches to the top bracket with a foot pad that is 10 inches off the ground.  This makes them the ideal size for an older child or teenager.

These jumping stilts have a flat spring that is controlled under deformation — this means that movement is very straight relative to the ground, making them easy to balance on.  This product is intended for a child who is getting their first pair of jumping stilts and will be performing basic jumps.


  • SGS and CE safety certifications

  • Durable and high-quality construction

  • Designed to be safe and stable for children to use


  • Not suitable for acrobatics

Skyrunner Adult Jumping Stilts

Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness…

  • Certification: SGS and CE,it indicate this jump stilts is safe to play
  • Load Range:Weight: 155~200 Ibs/70~90kg
  • Manufactured By:Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product’s Supplier

If you’re looking for a fun way to reduce stress and lose weight, these jumping stilts from Skyrunner make for a clever investment. SGS and CE certified, the stilts are safe to use for everyone – you can practice tricks or simply jump around to burn calories.

Reliable and high-tech, the jumpers are made from durable materials and come with a double attachment system that holds your feet perfectly on the platform. The entire system is so comfortable that the stilts will actually feel like natural extensions of your legs.

Thanks to their sturdy construction and tight attachment system, the jumping stilts can be used for high jumps, acrobatics, and even intensive running. Despite what the manufacturer’s name suggests, you won’t actually reach the sky. But we’re here to guarantee that you will come close.


  • Meet safety requirements

  • Made from durable materials

  • Double attachment system

  • Great value for money


  • Beginners may experience some trouble tightening the straps at first

Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts

Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise…

  • Certification: SGS and CE,it indicate this jump stilts is safe to play
  • Load Range:Weight: 200-242lbs/90~110kg
  • Manufactured By:Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product’s Supplier

This is another great pair of jumping stilts from Skyrunner.  This pair is designed for heavier adults in the 200 to 242 pound range.  It features a sturdy aluminum frame and well built fiberglass spring guaranteed to deliver years of fun.  These jumping stilts are a great option for adults who want to get fit while having fun.  Most adults can reach 10 miles per hour while running in these stilts and jump as high as 7 feet into the air.


  • SGS and CE safety certifications

  • Durable and high-quality construction

  • Very affordable!


  • None, this is a great pair of jumping stilts that is affordable and well made

Jump-bird Jumping Stilts

Jump-bird Jumping Stilts Pogo Stilts 66-110lbs/30-50kg Black

  • Full Aluminum Frame 6063 Style, Thickness 2.8mm,Nylon Belt,High Quality Fibreglass Spring,Wear Proof & Skid Proof Rubber…
  • Spring: special reinforced glass fiber;Body: aluminum alloy;Step: rubber;Connection: bolt or nut
  • Load Range :Weight: 66-110lbs/30-50kg,CE&SGS Certification

This is a fantastic pair of children’s jumping stilts that is safe and affordable.  They are made from a full 6063 aluminum frame that is extremely durable.  Other features include a special reinforced fiberglass spring, thick nylon straps, skid proof rubber feet and adjustable kneepads.  It is designed to be used by people weighing between 66 to 110pounds.


  • SGS and CE safety certifications

  • Straight vertical bounce, which makes them great for running and bouncing over tall objects

  • Durable and high-quality construction

  • Very affordable — a great present for the kids


  • None!

Our Verdict

Best overall jumping stilts

The Air-Trekkers — Carbon Fiber Spring Jumping Stilts are an incredible product.  They are well-made and designed for both professionals and keen amateurs.  You can do anything with these jumping tilts and they are made to last!

Best value-for-money

For adults, the Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts are great value-for-money.  For kids, get the Jump-bird Jumping Stilts — they are safe, well made and affordable!

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best jumping stilts!  You are going to love this sport, you will get fit while having an incredibly fun time! Make sure you check out our adult obstacle course ideas as well.

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Best Lacrosse Rebounders

The 7 Best Lacrosse Rebounders

Lacrosse has become one of the most popular sports in the United States and it is easy to see why!  It is fast-paced, competitive, strategic, and a ton of fun.  Playing lacrosse will challenge your fitness, improve your agility and increase your tactical decision making.

If you are addicted to lacrosse and want to become a better player, you should invest in some practice gear.  One of the best pieces of practice equipment you can purchase is a lacrosse rebounder.  It will help you improve your stick handling skills and accuracy with the ball.  You catching, shooting, and passing will be more reliable, making you a formidable opponent on the field!

This article will take a closer look at lacrosse rebounders and help you choose the right one.  We’ll then check out 7 of the best lacrosse rebounders on the market.  Let’s get started!

Table of Contents
What Is A Lacrosse Rebounder?

The Benefits Of Using a Lacrosse Rebounder

Lacrosse Rebounder Drills

Choosing The Right Lacrosse Rebounder

7 Best Lacrosse Rebounders

What Is A Lacrosse Rebounder?

If you are a keen lacrosse player and are eager to practice regularly, it can sometimes be hard to find a partner to practice with.  You can throw a lacrosse ball at a wall to practice passing and catching, but it doesn’t feel very realistic and it isn’t very challenging.

The lacrosse rebounder was invented to give players a way to practice lacrosse by themselves.  It consists of a square or rectangular frame with an elastic material in the middle (usually rubber or nylon).  The frame stands perpendicular to the ground, allowing the player to throw their lacrosse ball at the center of the net.

The elastic material of a lacrosse rebounder is quite responsive and deflects the ball at high speeds — allowing players to practice footwork, ball handling, reaction speed, and agility with a high speed ball.  The angle of the net can be adjusted on most rebounders, to give players the desired bounce.  Some lacrosse rebounders also let you adjust the tension of the net, so you can control the velocity with which the ball is returned.

Rebounders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most common size being 3 x 4 foot.  There are also large lacrosse rebounders available starting at around 6.5 x 6.5 foot.  If you are keen to practice you goal shooting, you can even purchase a rebounder shaped like a lacrosse goal.

Some lacrosse rebounders have an elevated net with a gap in the base, while other stretch from the ground to the top of the frame.  The type you purchase really depends on personal preferences and the types of drills you are interested in performing.

The Benefits Of Using a Lacrosse Rebounder

Here are a few of the benefits obtained from using a lacrosse rebounder:

You can practice at home!
Having a way to practice lacrosse at home is invaluable.  You don’t have to drive to a training field to practice and you can make your sessions as long or short as you would like.  Because you are at home, you can grab refreshments or snacks while you are training and train at the pace you feel comfortable.

Spend more time working on the basics
If you have a flaw in your game or a basic technique that you get wrong, you can use a rebounder to fix the issue.  A concentrated session on the rebounder can do wonder for any problem you have with your game.

Having a rebounder is very convenient

If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find time to practice lacrosse.  Having a rebounder means you can simply walk into your backyard and have a short practice session.  All of those little 15 minute practice sessions will eventually add up and greatly improve your game.

Lacrosse Rebounder Drills
To give you an idea of how useful a lacrosse rebounder is, here are a few of the drills you can perform!

Throw and catch using dominant and non-dominant sides
Practice throwing the ball at the target using both your dominant and non-dominant side.  Change how far away you are from the rebounder as you perform the throws to challenge yourself.  After a while, mix it up by throwing on your dominant side and catching on your non-dominant — using quick foot work and stick work to move between positions.

Running throw and catch
You may have to angle the lacrosse rebounder higher to perform this drill.  Run past your lacrosse rebounder, throw the ball at it then catch it.  This will be a challenge to perfect at first, but it will help you learn how to catch balls dropping in front of you.     

Pick a spot
Keeping your stick in a high position, rebound the ball off a segment of the lacrosse rebounder.  See how many shots you can place in the same section of the rebounder as you walk further away.  This will test your racket control and reaction speed. 

Throw, catch and shoot
This is similar to the previous drill, where you are running past the rebounder.  The main difference is that you will be shooting the ball at a different target after you have caught it.  This drill will help you become accustomed to fast passing with team mates and shooting rapidly.

Choosing The Right Lacrosse Rebounder

Lacrosse rebounders can be quite expensive, so it is important choose one that is appropriate for your requirements.  Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

How big is your yard?

If you only have a small yard, you might need a smaller rebounder or one that has been dampened to reduce the throw back.  You might also need a rebounder with adjustable tension, so you can throw the ball hard at the rebounder without it bouncing into the neighbors yard!

The actual size of the rebounder might be an issue also.  Most rebounders are 7’ tall and 3’ wide, with a rebound pad that is 3’ by 4’.  However, some rebounders can be up to 8 feet wide.  If you choose a goal rebounder, they can be as much as 10 feet across!

Will you be regularly moving your lacrosse rebounder?
Most lacrosse rebounders are well built, with frames made from anodized steel or aluminum.  However, they will still corrode if left in the weather for years.  That is why you many people opt for a lacrosse rebounder that can be easily moved when the weather turns bad.

Other users prefer to store their lacrosse rebounder as soon as they have finished using it, so their yard looks clean and tidy.  After all, having a rebounder in your yard can be an eyesore and kill your grass!  If that is the case, select a rebounder that is portable.

Do you need a heavy duty rebounder?
The manufacturing standard and quality of materials used for lacrosse rebounders can vary greatly.  Most frames are made from steel or aluminum, however some frames are heavy duty plastic.

If you will be using your lacrosse rebounder for many years, opt for a model that uses a thicker steel or aluminum frame.  It should also be powder-coated or anodized to protect it from the weather.

Does the lacrosse rebounder have good reviews?
While most lacrosse rebounders do their job well, some are sub-par.  There are reports of some rebounders being hard to assemble or arriving with pieces missing!  Other rebounders have issues with longevity and fail after only a couple of years.  It always helps to check the reviews of the rebounders you are looking at before jumping in.

What is your budget?
Lacrosse rebounders can range in price from $50 through to $500.  Your budget will determine which rebounders you look at.  However, keep in mind that most well-made rebounders start at around $150 to $250.  If you opt for a budget rebounder, it may perform poorly or only last a couple of years.

What kind of player are you buying this for?
If you are a dedicated lacrosse player who will be using the rebounder for hours every week, spend a little extra and get a well-made rebounder that is highly adjustable.  If your children are just getting into the sport, perhaps consider a more affordable rebounder until you can be sure they are going to stick with it.

How big should the wall be?
The size of the wall often comes down to personal preference and the skill level of the player.  If you are an experienced player, you may benefit from having a smaller wall with high throw back, to really test your accuracy.  If you are purchasing the rebounder for your children, you might prefer a large wall that is easier to hit.

Some walls are off the ground, while others go all the way to the ground.  Experienced players may prefer one off the ground because it increases skill requirements.  If you have young children, a rebounder that goes all the way to the bottom might be a better choice.  As an added bonus, a rebounder that goes all the way to the ground can be used by your kids for other sports like baseball and soccer.

How much can you angle the wall?
This is an important consideration for experienced players.  Being able to angle the rebounder allows you to practice many more types of drills.  Some rebounders have a limited number of angles, while others are fully adjustable.  A fully adjustable rebounder allows you to work on much more than simple passes.

How about storing the wall?
If you intend on storing the rebounder every time you use it, select a low weight product that can be folded flat.  Most rebounders are portable, but some are cumbersome or heavy.

7 Best Lacrosse Rebounders

Here is a list of the 7 best across rebounders.  They are all well-made and guaranteed to provide you with many years of intense lacrosse practice sessions!  These rebounders all have excellent reviews from users, so you can be assured they are great products.

  • Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal
  • Size: 5H x 8W x 4D (Feet)
  • Frame: 2-inch square aircraft grade aluminum tubing
  • Color: White frame with black net
  • Manufacturer: Tekk
  • Check Price
  • Casey Powell Lacrosse Rebounder
  • Size: 4H x 3W (Feet)
  • Frame: Steel tubing
  • Color: Black frame with black net
  • Manufacturer: Gladiator Lacrosse
  • Check Price
  • EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder
  • Size: 6H x 4W (Feet)
  • Frame: 1.5-inch powder coated 17 gauge steel frame
  • Color: Orange frame with blue/yellow net
  • Manufacturer: EZGoal
  • Check Price
  • Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebounder
  • Size: 4H x 3W (Feet)
  • Frame: Heavy-duty 1.5-Inch aluminized steel frame
  • Color: Unpainted frame with black net
  • Manufacturer: Brine
  • Check Price
  • Franklin Sports Lacrosse Rebounder
  • Size: 4H x 3W (Feet)
  • Frame: Heavy-duty 1.5-Inch aluminized steel frame
  • Color: Unpainted frame with black net
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Sports
  • Check Price
Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal Casey Powell Lacrosse Rebounder EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebounder Franklin Sports Lacrosse Rebounder
Size: 5H x 8W x 4D (Feet) Size: 4H x 3W (Feet) Size: 6H x 4W (Feet) Size: 4H x 3W (Feet) Size: 4H x 3W (Feet)
Frame: 2-inch square aircraft grade aluminum tubing Frame: Steel tubing Frame: 1.5-inch powder coated 17 gauge steel frame Frame: Heavy-duty 1.5-Inch aluminized steel frame Frame: Heavy-duty 1.5-Inch aluminized steel frame
Color: White frame with black net Color: Black frame with black net Color: Orange frame with blue/yellow net Color: Unpainted frame with black net Color: Unpainted frame with black net
Manufacturer: Tekk Manufacturer: Gladiator Lacrosse Manufacturer: EZGoal Manufacturer: Brine Manufacturer: Franklin Sports
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal

The Tekk Trainer Rebounders Goal is a versatile and well-built rebounder that can be used for multiple sports.  It is one of the largest rebounders on the market, with 40 square feet of surface area.  The frame is made from 2-inch square aircraft grade aluminum tubing, which is highly durable yet light enough to move around easily.  The frame also uses heavy duty 3 mm steel brackets, which make it quite rigid.  Both the tubing and brackets are powder coated, which makes them extremely corrosion-resistant.

Although the rebounder is one-piece, it has a folding hinge which makes storage easier.  As it only weighs 35 pounds, it is light enough for a single person to move.  The net is highly adjustable and has seven different angles.

– High-speed netting send ball back at high speeds
– Ideal for multiple sports including soccer, baseball, and lacrosse
– Highly adjustable
– Fast setup
– Extremely well built and durable

– Because it sits on the ground, you may get used to shooting too low
– More expensive than some other rebounders

Casey Powell Lacrosse Rebounder

This is an official Casey Powell lacrosse rebounder with a large 4’ by 3’ rebound area.  It is one of the most portable rebounders and folds flat for easy storage.  The frame is made from highly-durable steel pipes that can be adjusted to change the angle of the rebounder surface.

The Casey Power Lacrosse Rebounder is suitable for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.  If you are a beginner, you ill find the training guide it comes with quite helpful.  It demonstrates some of the rebounder drills that Casey Powell uses to  improve his game.

The nylon surface of this rebounder is dampened, which makes it an excellent choice for small yards — the ball won’t go flying into the neighbor’s yard even if you really throw it hard!

– Easy to assemble
– Dampened surface makes it a great choice for small yard
– Heavy duty construction

– Smaller size than some other rebounders

EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder

This lacrosse rebounder is one of the most versatile products reviewed.  It uses a telescoping frame, which allows the user to change the angle to practice different shots, including high pops, line drives, and grounders.

The frame is made from 1.5 inch wide powder-coated steel, which is guaranteed to give you years of use.  Like the other lacrosse rebounders, this product can fold and store flat, which is useful for players with limited space in their back yard.

The nylon mat is quite large on this rebounder, coming in at 6’ high and 4’ wide.  It is a versatile product that is useful for prating many different drills.

– Heavy gauge powder-coated steel frame
– Easy to store and transport
– Large mat
– Versatile configurations thanks to the telescopic frame

– Initial setup can be slow

Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Rebounder

Champion have an excellent reputation for making high-quality sporting equipment and this rebounders no exception.  It features an adjustable steel frame that can provide many different rebound angles.  The nylon rebound mat is 4’ by 3’ and the overall size of the rebounder is 8’ x 3’.

– The large nylon mat has excellent elasticity properties
– The steel frame is durable
– Easy to pack up and store

– The rebound is dampened, which may make it difficult to use for beginners who don’t have strong racket skills

Rukket Lacrosse Rebounder

Rukket Lacrosse RebounderThis lacrosse rebounder from Rukket is a good fit for all skill levels, featuring extra bungees for incredible bounce back strength that should enable you to practice every aspect of the game. Strong and resilient, the 4ft x 7ft rebounder gives you more than 20 square feet of superior ball return surface for whatever curve ball might be thrown next. As a nice bonus, the product is fit for long-term outdoor use thanks to its 1.25 inch powder-coated metal frame and comes with a lifetime warranty.

– Four attack angles
– Lifetime warranty
– Durable and great for all skill levels

– Not very portable

Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebounder

This Brine lacrosse rebounder is a great product — affordable, well-built and portable.  It is a 3’ by 4’ rebounder that can throw the ball back as much as 30 feet.  The heavy duty aluminized steel frame is easy to assemble and will last for many years.  The frame features rubber frame pads and is highly adjustable, allowing players to practice any kind of drill.  It folds flat, which makes storage a breeze!

– Very durable and well-built with a heavy-duty anodized frame
– Easy-to-assemble
– Fully adjustable

– Expensive

Franklin Sports Lacrosse Rebounder

The Franklin Sports Lacrosse Rebounder has an ultra strong 4’ by 3’ nylon target and durable steel pipe frame.  Like the other lacrosse rebounders reviewed, this rebounder can be adjusted to reach many different angles.

– All weather construction
– Easy storage
– Proven design

– Assembly could be easier
– Heavy

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to the 7 Best Lacrosse Rebounders.  Please subscribe to the blog or follow us on social media for more sports equipment reviews! Make sure you check out the best lacrosse sticks as well.

Looking At The Best Baseball Gloves Reviews: Buyer’s Guide

Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

All players want to have the best baseball gloves possible. Unfortunately, though, many players don’t know how to get the best baseball gloves. They just take a chance when they make a purchase.

However, if you know how to shop for gloves and what to look for, you don’t ever have to “take a chance.” You can clearly know the features to look for in a baseball glove and then choose accordingly.

To help you get started off on the right foot (or, rather, the right hand), follow these simple tips for finding the best baseball gloves.

Consider Synthetic Leather for Your Glove


As you shop for baseball gloves, you will notice that these gloves are made from a very wide range of materials.

While most materials have their pros and cons, one of the better options you’ll find is synthetic leather.

Baseball gloves made from synthetic leather tend to be very affordable. Plus, they are lightweight enough for even the youngest players, and they also don’t have a “breaking in” requirement.

These gloves are pretty much ready to play with right from the start, which is great if you want to jump right into the game.

Know What Type of Thrower You Are

Whether you go with a synthetic leather glove or not, remember that the type of thrower you are matters greatly when choosing gloves.

If you are a right hand thrower, you’ll need a glove that fits your left hand, i.e. your non-throwing hand. Left hand throwers will need gloves that fit their right hands.


Obviously, each glove type is made differently, so it is very important to know what type of thrower you are ahead of time to ensure you end up with the right glove.

Aim for Just the Right Fit

Another thing that is important when choosing a baseball glove is choosing one that is properly fitted.


The worst thing is a baseball glove that is too tight. A too-tight glove will not provide you with the flexibility you need and can lead to hand cramps and other issues. As such, aim for a glove that fits securely over your batting glove but still gives you plenty of room to move your hand and fingers around freely.

It’s also smart to get an adjustable glove so you can play with the fit as needed. People often notice changes to the glove and its fit as it ages, so being able to adjust the sizing is a nice bonus.

What About Real Leather Gloves?

Earlier we mentioned some of the many benefits of going for a glove crafted out of synthetic leather.

And, while the synthetic stuff is definitely a nice option, you may be wondering about real leather gloves.

Real leather gloves are not a bad choice. Understand, however, that they can be a bit pricey and that you have several different options you can choose from.


For example, you could go with softened leather that has been treated with oil. This type of glove is easy to break in and can be played with immediately. Aside from this type of leather, there is mid-quality leather, which does have to be broken in but which works well after this period, and high quality leather, which will be very costly but which will provide a glove that lasts for the long haul.

As you can see, gloves of just about any material can and will work. It’s really just about what you can afford and how quickly you want to start using your glove.

Choose the Perfect Padding Amount


As you shop for a baseball glove, you will likely notice that the amount of padding varies greatly from one glove to the next.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that how much padding you need is just a matter of preference. Instead, you should base your padding amount on the position that you play.

Catchers, for example, will need a lot of padding in order to protect their hands as they catch balls. Wrist padding is necessary for corner infielders, and each other position has its own unique padding needs as well.

As such, before you go shopping for a glove, have an idea of what position or positions you are likely to play and then buy your glove accordingly.

What is Your Webbing Preference?

Finally, one glove feature that you can choose on comfort and preference alone is the amount and type of webbing your glove has. Try on gloves with both open and closed webbing to see which one feels better.


As long as the webbing is strong and firmly attached to the glove, either choice should be just fine.

Do You Need a Glove Made for Your Position?

Although it’s not necessary, having a baseball glove that is made for your playing position can be incredibly beneficial. However, if you go between infield and outfield, you’ll want to choose one that offers you benefits for both positions. But if you’re, say, a catcher, you should choose a glove made specifically for catchers.

Choosing the Best Baseball Gloves

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when choosing a baseball glove. By keeping these tips in mind, however, you should end up with the perfect glove for your game.

5 Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse has a longstanding place in America’s history as well as among the British Commonwealth. The game originated as a sport played by the North American Indians, though it was later picked up and adapted by the French and again by Canadians. Today, the sport is both well-known and well-loved. It is often described as a blend of various sports such as hockey, basketball, and soccer. Although there are men’s lacrosse teams, there are also women’s lacrosse teams, too. Women can enjoy the game just as much as men as long as they have the best women’s lacrosse sticks on hand.

Part of the reason that this game is such a winner among women players is that it does not require the brawn and brute strength that many sports games played by men require. For instance, football requires body strength and brute force whereas lacrosse is more about speed, coordination, agility, and skill. The quicker and more agile you are, the better you will likely be at playing lacrosse. If you have convinced yourself that you would like to enjoy this fast-paced, action-packed game for yourself, the list below will help you get started. The list features some of the best women’s lacrosse sticks available for purchase.

STX Crux 500 Complete Stick [WOMENS] Brine Women’s Mantra Rise Lacrosse Stick STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Lacrosse Stick with Precision Pocket and AL6000 Handle “Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick
Roll over image to zoom in
Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle (Blue)”
Lilly Complete Stick Lacrosse Womens Complete Sticks
Level: Intermediate Level: Entry Level: Entry Level: Intermediate Level: Entry
Position: Attacker Position: Midfield Position: Attacker Position: Midfield Position: Attacker
Sidewall: Lowest Legally Allowed/Deep Pocket Sidewall: Low Sidewall: Lowest Legally Allowed/Deep Pocket Sidewall: Normal Sidewall: Lowest Legally Allowed/Deep Pocket
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
  • STX Crux 500 Complete Stick [WOMENS]
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Position: Attacker
  • Sidewall: Lowest Legally Allowed/Deep Pocket
  • Check Price
  • STX Fortress 500 Complete Stick [WOMENS]
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Position: Defender
  • Sidewall: Normal
  • Check Price
  • STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Lacrosse Stick with Precision Pocket and AL6000 Handle
  • Level: Entry
  • Position: Attacker
  • Sidewall: Lowest Legally Allowed/Deep Pocket
  • Check Price
  • “Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick
    Roll over image to zoom in
    Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle (Blue)”
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Position: Midfield
  • Sidewall: Normal
  • Check Price
  • Lilly Complete Stick Lacrosse Womens Complete Sticks
  • Level: Entry
  • Position: Attacker
  • Sidewall: Lowest Legally Allowed/Deep Pocket
  • Check Price

1. STX Crux 500 Complete Stick

1Whether you are new to the game, or you have been at it for a few years, selecting the perfect stick is an all important aspect of gameplay. Of course, choosing the right stick comes down to various factors such as brand, quality, and price. One of the best decisions you can make is to purchase a complete lacrosse stick, which is described as a combo that includes both the shaft and the head. Lacrosse stick combos can make your shopping experience a little less daunting since you will not have to spend as much time browsing around for a shaft and a separate head for purchase, which is why the STX Crux 500 Complete Stick is the perfect choice for women.

Of course, there are other components of the game that are important, such as the cleats you wear to ensure proper footwork. You also need goggles as protective eyewear. You should even make sure you have a comfortable pair of socks that absorb sweat and keep your feet from slipping inside your cleats. However, your lacrosse stick is essentially the weapon you will use to achieve victory against your enemies. Only rather than using it as an actual weapon to do harm to other people, you will use it to gain control of the ball and score against the opposing team. The STX Crux 500 Complete Stick allows you to do just that and more.

The stick falls within the legal limitations for stick length according to women’s lacrosse or wlax as it is commonly known. According to the rules of wlax, the lacrosse stick, including the entire length of the head, must be between 35 ½ – 43 ¼ inches, which the STX Crux 500 Complete Stick accommodates. Also, the composite stick offers the durability that you need for even the most competitive of games. The launch pocket on the head ensures that you have a better chance of hitting that sweet spot for a score during gameplay. As if that isn’t enough, take into consideration that the head’s top scoop allows for easier pickup and release of the ball.

The pocket of the head is deep enough that it cradles the ball perfectly but not so deep that it will disqualify you since the ball must sit evenly against the head’s sidewalls. As an added benefit, the pocket cradles the ball to keep it from rattling around loosely, yet it has a loose enough fit that you can release it smoothly and instantaneously when necessary. With this stick and head combo, you receive the deepest pocket allowable for legal gameplay. The stick offers 10-degree technology, which provides you greater access to those hard to hit corners to allow you to increase your competitive edge against opposing players on the field.

All-in-all, the STX Crux 500 Complete Stick certainly earns a deserving spot among a list of the best women’s lacrosse sticks. When you take into consideration all this stick has to offer, you almost cannot go wrong. This stick is the perfect choice for women who are either new to the game or are more familiar with the sport.

2. Brine Women’s Mantra Rise Lacrosse Stick

Brine Women's Mantra Rise Lacrosse StickThe Brine Women’s Mantra Rise is a superb choice for players at all levels, but was specifically designed with beginners in mind. If you’re looking for a quality product that won’t break the bank, but still make the player feel like one of the elite, the Mantra Rise fits the bill perfectly.

The stick features a low sidewall design for perfect pocket formation, as well as TruOffset technology for increased ball control. Moreover, it boasts a flatter scoop for easier ground ball pickup, maximizing control of the ball. It’s important to note that the product also meets all required US and FIL lacrosse specifications. However, as the player refines her skills, she might want to invest in a professional stick somewhere down the road in order to have a better chance of flying by the competition.

The Mantra Rise stick offers a quicker release and better feel thanks to quality materials and streamlined design. While Brine has been making women’s lacrosse sticks for a long time, this one remains one of their best as far as young players are concerned. The stick  comes in several vibrant colors, so you can pick the one the player likez best.

All in all, the Mantra Rise stick is a solid choice for women lacrosse players who are looking to improve their game. Add in the reasonable price and you’ve got yourself a winner. The package has both the stick and the head, so you can start using it immediately after it arrives.

3. STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick

3It is often said that lacrosse is a game of skill. You need to have specific skills to play the game well. You also need to have developed a variety of techniques. All of those statements are certainly true, but skills and techniques are nothing without the right stick. If you do not have the proper stick to play your position, then your skills and techniques go right out the window. Fortunately, the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick is just what you need. This stick compliments your skill set and technique to improve your overall gameplay, which in turn gives you a more competitive advantage.

So far, STX seems to have made a relatively well-known name for itself within the lacrosse world and with good reason. Part of what makes STX sticks such a famous, well-loved go-to stick is the fact that they offer precise engineering for the benefit of the lacrosse player. Each stick is engineered to improve a player’s gameplay experience and to enhance the skills that a player has. Also, sticks like this one provide the strength and durability that any lacrosse player would want from a quality stick. This complete set comes with the AL6000 handle and a deep precision pocket that allows you to dominate on the field every single time.

The head is carefully constructed to give you the lowest sidewalls legally possible to give you as deep a pocket as possible. The low sidewalls and deep pocket allow you to cradle and control the ball better as you move around your field in an attempt to score. As if the benefits already listed aren’t enough, the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick offers a forward cant that improves your ability to both pass and catch the ball. In fact, you can pass the ball from greater distances than ever before thanks to the well thought out design of this particular stick.

One thing you need to realize is that the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick is a bit on the heavy side despite the fact that it is constructed of a composite material that usually keeps it lightweight. The weight of the stick may be something you will have to adjust to through plenty of practice before you head out to the field. If you are used to using a lighter weight stick, then this stick might throw you off. Also, you might want to adjust your techniques and skill set to accommodate the weight of the stick accordingly. Once adjusted, you should be back to leveling the field with your amazing gameplay abilities combined with the assistance of your amazing stick.

Keep in mind that although this is a complete set, you can easily swap the head of the shaft to allow you to play various positions on the field. For instance, if you would rather defend one game and attack the next, you may want to swap the heads out accordingly. The bright colors and unique style of this stick are a clear representation of the strength, power, and uniqueness of any female lacrosse player. There is no denying that STX has certainly paid attention to the wants and needs of women lacrosse players as is shown in the careful engineering of the STX Lacrosse Women’s Intermediate Complete Stick.

4. Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick

4Yet again this list features another complete stick for your benefit. Typically when you shop for a lacrosse stick, you find the perfect stick only to have to browse around then for the perfect head. With a full or complete stick profile, you get both the stick and the head. The Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is like a match made in heaven. Both the stick and the head pair well together to help improve your level of skill on the field. Thanks to the design of this stick, you will have the chance to improve your techniques and gain a more competitive edge against your opponents. The features of this particular stick will bring out the best in your capabilities and allow you to gain maximized control over the ball.

The Debeer Lacross NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is often recommended by professional lax and wlax equipment stores. Also, coaches will often recommend this stick for intermediate level players. Although it might not exactly be what the pros are looking for, it is a great selection if you are seeking to upgrade from your entry level stick. As an intermediate player, you will find that this stick accommodates your skill sets, allowing you to show your team what you are made from and just how talented you are. Thanks to this particular stick, you can achieve maximum playability while enjoying the strength and durability you should want and expect.

The Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is highly recommended for intermediate midfield players. As a midfield player, your primary job is to control and shoot the ball. In fact, midfield players typically shoot the ball far more often than other players on the field. Considering that you have to be quick on your passes, you need a stick that will allow you to do just that. This composite stick is lightweight enough that it is easy to handle, thereby improving your passing performance. Furthermore, the 6.5 degree angled stop hits the maximum height legally allowable, which improves your ability to catch and cradle the ball.

If you are in search of a stick that will make your opponents green with envy, this is the one for you. Aside from the fact that it offers plenty of gameplay advantages, it also provides you with plenty of style thanks to various fun color choices and a fantastic design. Although you gain more customization by purchasing your shaft and head separately, the Debeer Lacrosse NV3FS Gripper Pro Pocket Full Stick is a great enough combination of both head and shaft that there is no need to stress over customizations. Another advantageous aspect of this particular lacrosse stick is that the head is relatively easy to break in so that you can use it shortly after unpackaging it.

All-in-all, this is a great stick for the price. Despite the fact that this stick is geared more toward intermediate players, beginners can use it, too. In fact, starting out with this stick will allow you to get used to something more advanced so that there will be no need to trade up later on as you get better at playing lacrosse. If you are a beginner, you can rest assured that this stick will provide you with longevity since it can last you for quite some time before you have to trade it in for something geared more toward professional play.

5. STX Lilly Complete Stick

5Despite being last on the list, the STX Lilly Complete Stick is by far the least regarding the advantages it has to offer. This stick is designed specifically for entry-level lacrosse players. Despite having such a cheap price tag, particularly when compared to the other lacrosse sticks on this list, it certainly does not skimp on quality and durability. In fact, the price is the only thing cheap about this complete lacrosse stick. This stick can stand up to the competition no matter how tough they might be. In fact, this stick can handle plenty of abuse whether it be a competitive lacrosse match on the field or hours of grueling practice.

Keep in mind when purchasing this particular stick set that it is only 36” in length. Some would say that this stick is designed for girls rather than women, but in truth, it meets the requirements for a legal stick size as defined by wlax. For women’s lacrosse, sticks must range between 36 to 44 inches. Although this stick falls to the minimum of those requirements, it is still within them. Therefore, it is better to purchase this stick for a shorter woman while leaving the longer sticks to the taller woman. Also, shorter sticks are geared more for attackers whereas longer sticks are for defending players. Therefore, this stick would be the perfect choice for a shorter attacking player.

The STX Lilly Complete Stick is available in several fun colors to match your personal tastes and style. Also, it offers a flat style scoop that makes ball retrieval far easier. Take into consideration that this stick offers lowered sidewalls for a pocket that is as deep as possible, which is something you do not typically find with entry-level sticks. In other words, you can stay ahead of your competition thanks to this sticks unique design and deeper pocket, which provides you with better catch and control opportunities. The pocket keeps the ball from rattling around by protecting it within snug confines. However, it is easy enough for you to release the ball when necessary so you can ensure it reaches that sweet spot.

Bear in mind that you will likely have to replace this stick as you get more comfortable with the game and develop your technique. As you become a more skilled player, you will want to upgrade to an intermediate stick. Although this stick will not accommodate an intermediate player, it is still worth the purchase simply because the price is just right for the quality combined with the fact that it can benefit entry-level players looking to get comfortable with the feel of a lacrosse stick. Overall, it is a highly recommended purchase whether you are seeking to have fun only playing around or you are looking to learn how to play the game.

In truth, lacrosse is a fun game, but it is also one that can be highly challenging. Fortunately, you can make that challenge easier on yourself by selecting one of the sticks mentioned above. The sticks were carefully chosen as the best women’s lacrosse sticks available to you based on some features and benefits that are sure to make the game of lacrosse more enjoyable for you. Furthermore, each of the sticks featured on this list provide both the shaft and the head to make your shopping experience that much easier. Rather than having to hunt around for the perfect shaft and head separately, you can purchase both together to help ease some of the stress of searching.

5 Best Rangefinders for Bow Hunting

Best Rangefinders for Bow Hunting

You just made an investment in your new high-quality hunting bow, so why not extend your investment by adding one of the 5 best rangefinders for bowhunting to experience a successful hunt each and every time you go out into the field.

When you begin to decide which one of these rangefinders are best suited for your needs, you will want to take into consideration many factors that are involved in making your final decision a positive outcome.

You will want to examine the different angles and distance each one provides. An anti-fog lens and rainproof units are the best if you will be hunting in all weather conditions. The durability and weight of the unit should be another factor to consider, along with user friendly features such as the number of buttons that are used to control the rangefinder, and an option for measurements in both yards and meters might be important if you plan to hunt throughout the country. Finally, the additional equipment included with the unit is important as well. Always check the type of batteries that are required, and check to see if they are included. Some rangefinders come with additional items such as a carrying bag and strap. A waterproof case is an added bonus.

When you go out into the field, the only thing you should have on your mind is finding the prize deer. You shouldn’t have to worry about your equipment malfunctioning or your rangefinder to fog up. You shouldn’t have to think about what button you need to push for distance or angles, and the last thing you want to do is to push the wrong button, causing the rangefinder to shut off just as you find your target.

The following is a list of the 5 best rangefinders for bow hunting to make your task easier with more success than you have ever had in the past:

Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Speed, Scan and Normal measurements Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder Bushnell Team Primes The Truth ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder, 4 x 20mm Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Laser Range Finder
4x magnification 6x monocular magnification 4x optical magnification 4x vertical magnification 5x magnification
Maximum range 1400 yards Measuring up to 540 yards with continuous scan Measuring distances of 10 to 600 yards Measuring distances of 7 to 850 yards Measuring distances of 5 to 1000 yards
4x20mm monocular with SpectraCoat anti-reflection coatings for superior light transmission and optical clarity Speed, scan, and hunt technology provides fast measurement with a +/- 1 yard accuracy Tilt intelligence calculates and displays true horizontal distance. Built-in digital inclinometer measures angles from -90 to 90 degrees with a +/- 1 degree accuracy Built in digital inclinometer measures angles from -60 to + 60 degrees with a +/- 1 degree accuracy
Includes battery and padded ballistic nylon case Includes carrying case, lanyard, battery, and micro fiber cloth Includes carrying case and requires one 9-volt battery that is not included Includes carrying case, neck strap, and battery Includes carrying case, neck strap, and battery
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
  • Chafon Laser Rangefinder Waterproof 6x Magnification Power for Hunting, Golf, Fog Measurement–Black
  • 6x monocular adjustable focus
  • Measuring distances of 4 to 656 yards
  • Range accuracy +/-m
  • Includes bag, strap,microfiber cloth, and battery
  • No products found.
  • TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Speed, Scan and Normal measurements
  • 6x monocular magnification
  • Measuring up to 540 yards with continuous scan
  • Speed, scan, and hunt technology provides fast measurement with a +/- 1 yard accuracy
  • Includes carrying case, lanyard, battery, and micro fiber cloth
  • Check Price
  • Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder
  • 4x optical magnification
  • Measuring distances of 10 to 600 yards
  • Tilt intelligence calculates and displays true horizontal distance.
  • Includes carrying case and requires one 9-volt battery that is not included
  • Check Price
  • Bushnell Team Primes The Truth ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder, 4 x 20mm
  • 4x vertical magnification
  • Measuring distances of 7 to 850 yards
  • Built-in digital inclinometer measures angles from -90 to 90 degrees with a +/- 1 degree accuracy
  • Includes carrying case, neck strap, and battery
  • Check Price
  • Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Laser Range Finder
  • 5x magnification
  • Measuring distances of 5 to 1000 yards
  • Built in digital inclinometer measures angles from -60 to + 60 degrees with a +/- 1 degree accuracy
  • Includes carrying case, neck strap, and battery
  • Check Price

Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder

Sig Sauer 4x20 KILO1200 Laser RangefinderIf you’re looking for a product that will offer great value at an affordable price, this model from popular brand Sig Sauer is a clever pick. The rangefinder is extremely lightweight and compact, making it very easy to pack and carry around.

Another great thing about this model is that it’s easy to use, so we would recommended it especially for beginner bow hunters. The user interface only features the RANGE and MODE buttons, keeping things as streamlined as possible.

As for features, HyperScan provides 4 range updates per second in scan mode, while RangeLock reports the last range result when ranging distant targets. Plus, the product comes with SpectraCoat anti-reflection coatings for superior light transmission and optical clarity.

The device also harnesses innovative Lightwave DSP Technology to deliver the quickest and longest reads possible. In short, it was designed to offer precise distances to your intended target for optimal accuracy, enabling you to conserve ammo and make the most of every opportunity in the field.


  • Revolutionary Lightwave DSP Technology for the fastest and longest distance rangefinder engine

  • HyperScan provides 4 range updates per second in scan mode

  • RangeLock reports the last range result when ranging distant targets

  • Sleek design, compact and lightweight

  • Covered by Sig Sauer’s Infinite Guarantee and Electronics Limited Warranty


  • The range text can be difficult to read

Tec Tec Tec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

2This is a rare find that will measure distance and speed of an object up to 540 yards in distance. With the speed, scan and hunt technology, it will provide you a fast measurement with a +/- 1 yard accuracy.

This versatile unit has a two- button design that makes the rangefinder easy to use. The buttons are designed for power and control, and are situated easily so you can control them, even while wearing gloves. The button is also designed to work back and forth between meters and yards, so you can use it no matter what part of the country you you live in.

This Tec Tec Tec rangefinder is complete with a padded nylon case with an attached belt loop, wrist strap, lanyard, microfiber cleaning cloth, CR2 battery and a one year warranty. With all that this rangefinder has to offer, and with the generous price, you will not be disappointed.


  • Measures both distance and speed

  • Fast and accurate reading

  • Measures in both, yards and meters

  • The battery is included

  • It is listed at an affordable price

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The display is not illuminated and causes difficulty reading in a low-light atmosphere.

Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Laser Rangefinder

3This little unit is equipped with a powerful optical 4x magnification with a range of 10 to 600 yards. With the tilt intelligence, it has the capability of calculating and displaying true horizontal distance, making this great for bow hunters.

This rangefinder is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. The weather-resistant housing makes it a great companion in gloomy weather, and the user friendly button makes it a cinch to use.  With one simple click of the button you can control the power, the laser and you can switch from yards to meters, making this piece easy to use anywhere.

It comes with a convenient carrying case and requires one 9- volt battery that is not included.

Overall, this rangefinder works well and you will be taking home dinner every time you hit the field!


  • Measures in both, yards and meters

  • Weather-resistant housing

  • Single button operation

  • Tilt intelligence calculates and displays true horizontal distance


  • The battery is not included

  • Does not resist fog

  • Slower readings

  • The display is not illuminated and causes difficulty reading in a low-light atmosphere.

Bushnell Team Primes the Truth ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder

4For over 50 years, Bushnell has been satisfying consumers with their superior sports optics and imaging products, and this rangefinder is no exception. This Bushnell 4×20 Millimeter laser rangefinder is equipped with Angle Range Compensation (ARC), making this pocket sized unit a great choice for bow hunting.

Fast measuring distance from 7 to 850 yards, accuracy of +/- 1 yards and an angle range of -90 degrees to +90 degrees are only a few reasons that make this one of the best rangefinders on the list.

This Bushnell bowhunting rangefinder is rainproof with an anti-slip, sure grip finish and includes a carrying case, neck strap and battery.  You will never go wrong with Bushnell.


  • Angle compensation with ARC bow mode

  • Fast readings

  • Small and lightweight

  • Rainproof

  • The battery is included


  • Higher in price than some rangefinders

  • The display is not illuminated and causes difficulty reading in a low-light atmosphere.

Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder

5This lightweight, pocket sized rangefinder is also equipped with Angle Range Compensation (ARC) for bow hunting. The ergonomic design of this unit has a rubber grip texture and can be used in wet conditions.

This rangefinder will provide a true horizontal distance from 5-99 yards, and with its built-in digital inclinometer, it is capable of measuring angles from -60 degrees to +60 degrees with a +/- 1 degree accuracy.

With the bullseye, brush and scan modes, you have everything you need to complete your task successfully. The one button trigger allows you to concentrate on the target without getting distracted by looking for additional buttons to press.

Set this rangefinder on a tripod using the installed mount, and you will be able to use both hands for a more sturdy aim at your target.

Complete with a carrying case, neck strap,and battery, this is just one more great product offered from Bushnell.


  • Tripod mountable

  • Measures in yards and meters

  • Rainproof

  • Small and lightweight

  • The battery is included


  • The neck strap is difficult to use

  • It is much higher in price than the others

With the variety of rangefinders on the market, you can never go wrong with any one of these choices. Review them all and decide which one will be the most sufficient for all of your bow hunting needs.

Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles

Five Best Girls’ Lacrosse Goggles

One of the most rewarding and fulfilling groups a girl can be a part of is a sports team. Providing physical, social, and emotional benefits, many girls chose to play a sport from a young age that often continues into adulthood. One of the greatest aspects of playing in team sports is safety – without proper equipment countless injuries would be sustained by players. When playing lacrosse, one of the most – if not the most – important pieces of safety equipment are the goggles worn by players. These goggles offer comprehensive protection, safeguarding not only against significant eye injuries but also shielding the nose and temple regions of the face from stray balls.

Selecting the right girls’ lacrosse goggles to purchase can be a challenging decision. With all of the various brands, paddings, and designs to choose from, it’s easy to find yourself confused and overwhelmed. You’re seeking goggles that offer top-tier protection while also being stylish and comfortable, without causing issues like acne or discomfort due to tightness. To ease the process, we’ve created a list of the top five best girls’ lacrosse goggles.

All of our goggles are popular among casual and professional players. They can fit almost any budget and style. From those made with lenses to those with metal wiring, you can be sure that you’ll find a pair that will complement your jersey and team colors perfectly.

How Are Lacrosse Goggles Supposed to Fit?

Lacrosse goggles are built with an adjustable strap to conform to a variety of face sizes and shapes.

Otherwise, the front-end is made to fit most. There is only one simple distinction in size relative to age: one style of goggles for ages 12 and under, and another for ages 13 and older.

To fit your goggles, simply put them on and adjust the strap until they feel comfortable and don’t shift around when you move your head.

This video gives a good demonstration of sizing goggles for youth!

Can You Wear Lacrosse Goggles with Glasses?

Simply put, yes! But, like most things in life, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Because lacrosse is a contact sport, wearing glasses during play – even underneath goggles – poses the threat of shattered glass in eyes. Contacts are recommended for visually-impaired players if at all possible.

If not, another hurdle is comfortability. Let’s look at some advice from Reddit:

“10U girls’ coach and parent here – I have several girls on the team who wear normal glasses under lacrosse goggles (all STX 4Sight or Rookie, because that’s what is carried at the local Dick’s). They all complain mightily about the goggles pressing against the earpieces of the glasses. One of my new players got the Bangerz over-the-glasses model and it seems to be working out OK for her, although they’re huge on her face and slip around a lot.

Our 8 year old is nearsighted enough that she now needs to wear glasses to play, and contacts aren’t an option until she’s older. We got her set up with a pair of Rec Specs underneath adult STX 4Sight+S goggles (more clearance than youth). The Rec Specs alone are US Lacrosse approved for youth play, but we want we want more protection for her nose and orbital bones and don’t want her getting used to playing without the ‘cage’ in her line of sight. She’s adjusting well enough and is way more comfortable than the girls who wear normal glasses under goggles.”

In summary, wearing lacrosse goggles with glasses can be uncomfortable unless you find the right ones. Along with this Reddit user, many recommend the STX 4Sight+S goggles for glasses wearers.

How Do You Clean Lacrosse Goggles?

There is no particularly special way to clean lacrosse goggles. Most are made from silicone or rubber, which can be cleaned with a warm cloth and dish soap. You can also use disinfectant wipes or spray, just make sure to rinse the goggles afterwards so the residue doesn’t eventually make it to your face. The straps and wiring can be cleaned likewise.

Our Picks

Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles/Protective Eyeguard STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggles STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles STX 4Sight Plus Women’s Lacrosse Goggles Harrow X Vision Field Hockey Goggles
Padding: None Padding: Form-fitting silicone Padding: Vented silicone Padding: Form-fitting silicone Padding: Rubber
Headstrap: Adjustable, washable Headstrap: Adjustable, washable Headstrap: Adjustable, washable Headstrap: Adjustable, washable Headstrap: Adjustable, washable
Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacrosse Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacrosse and ASTM F213-09 for field hockey Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacrosse and ASTM F213-09 for field hockey Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacrosse Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacrosse
Protective lenses design Compact, low folded design Patented low-profile design Patented low-profile design Cat-eye style wire design
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

  • Bangerz HS-3000 Shatter-Proof Goggles
  • Padding: None
  • Headstrap: Adjustable, washable
  • Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacross
  • Rainbow tinted lense design
  • Value ”
    button” is not supported.

  • STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggles
  • Padding: Form-fitting silicone
  • Headstrap: Adjustable, washable
  • Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacross and ASTM F213-09 for field hockey
  • Compact, low folded design
  • Check Price

  • STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles
  • Padding: Vented silicone
  • Headstrap: Adjustable, washable
  • Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacross and ASTM F213-09 for field hockey
  • Patented low-profile design
  • Check Price

  • STX 4Sight Plus Women’s Lacrosse Goggles
  • Padding: Form-fitting silicone
  • Headstrap: Adjustable, washable
  • Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacross
  • Patented low-profile design
  • Check Price

  • Deeber Larosse VSTGSW Women’s Goggles/Eye Mask
  • Padding: Silicone comfort gel.
  • Headstrap: Adjustable, washable
  • Meets ASTM F803-03 requirements for US women’s lacross
  • Cat-eye style wire design
  • Check Price
Girl's Lacrosse Goggles Price Comparison

The least expensive option for girl’s lacrosse goggles are the Bangerz HS-OTG. Most options, however, are around $50.

Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles/Protective Eyeguard

Bangerz HS-OTG GogglesThese sturdy goggles offer maximum protection and support. They come with crystal-clear polycarbonate lens, which fit nicely even over prescription glasses. They are designed to keep players safe from eye injuries without compromising the field of vision. The only downside is that they’re not particularly stylish, making them a not so great choice for lacrosse players who want to impress. Still, they excel in the comfort and protection department, which at the end of the day is what matters most.

Besides lacrosse, the Bangerz glasses work for a variety of contact sports, including basketball, soccer, hockey, racquetball, and more. Anti-shock and shatter-resistant, the goggles are lightweight and feature supportive padding that absorbs shock from impact, ensuring excellent stability. Anti-fog, anti-scratch, and fully adjustable, the eyeguard meets all the necessary standards for lacrosse.


  • Anti-fog, anti-shock, shatter-resistant, adjustable
  • Meet ASTM F803-03, US Lacrosse and PECC certified lab requirements for Youth Lacrosse
  • Optimal protection for players who wear prescription glasses


  • Not very flattering

STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggles

41O3R9TsFTL._SL250_Now we know what you’re thinking; “the title says field hockey goggles, what are they doing on a list for girls’ lacrosse goggles?” These goggles also conform to ASTM F803-03 guidelines for US lacrosse! Made from comfortable, form-fitting silicone, the formed frame molds to your face for the best possible comfort and fit while providing great protection. An amazing feature of the silicone molding is that it does not absorb sweat or moisture. This prevents any breakouts that may occur while playing an active sport.

When seeking to score the game-winning goal, you need to make sure you have the best vision possible. With a low-profile design, the STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggles remove most visual disturbances. Also including an adjustable, washable headband, you can take a sigh of relief knowing that there won’t be any bad odors coming from your band. Coming in at $34.99, these goggles are a great alternative for players who prefer metal wiring,


  • Comfortable padding that conforms to the shape of your face
  • Compact, lightweight, low-folded design
  • One of the highest-rated goggles currently on the market


  • Highest priced

STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles

41rpVCxj94L._SL250_ These goggles also meet ASTM F803-03 rules for US lacrosse and ASTM F2713-09 rules for field hockey, which allow them to be used for either sport. A smaller version of the most popular goggle, these provide a better fit for younger players. With a patented low-profile design protecting your eyes and face, these goggles allow for the lowest amount of visual disturbances. We all know how important it is to be able to see the entire game field during a big game. That will never be a problem when using these goggles, as they make it easy to see everything without a glare or reflection.

With vented silicone padding, the goggles add an extra layer of comfort when touching your face. Easily adjusted to fit the size of your head, these goggles are an economic choice for any player whether just starting out or getting ready to go pro. These goggles are one of the most suggested for younger players.


  • Patented, low-profile design for minimal visual disturbance
  • Smaller version of the popular larger design to fit smaller heads
  • Mid-range price with luxury features


  • Only available in three colors

STX 4Sight Plus Women’s Lacrosse Goggles

41syh1M0JuL._SL250_ Crafted with the signature low-profile design synonymous with STX, the 4Sight goggles proudly bear the ‘Made in the USA’ label. Their oval shape, now the preferred choice among players, enhances comfort and visibility. The matte-finish wires eliminate any potential sun glare. Moreover, the silicone padding is treated with an anti-microbial coating to ward off breakouts, making it one of the most hygienic and easy-to-maintain options available.

Being the choice goggles among many players, the STX 4Sight Plus Women’s Lacrosse Goggles also have an adjustable headband that provide the best fit possible. Many of the best college lacrosse teams use these exact goggles, meeting all ASTM F803-03 rules for US Lacrosse.


  • Anti-microbial coating for easy cleaning and no breakouts
  • Matte-finish battles the natural glare caused by the sun
  • Trusted model of goggle used by top Women’s Division I lacrosse teams


  • Larger-framed eyeglasses will not comfortable fit underneath goggles

Harrow X Vision Field Hockey Goggles

Harrow X Vision Field Hockey GogglesIf you’re looking for a posh pair of protection goggles, you can’t go wrong with this model from Harrow. The goggles are available in a variety of colors, including pink, red, navy, and royal blue. But besides being flattering, they also offer optimal protection, so players can feel both safe and stylish when playing the game.

Well-suited for both lacrosse and hockey, the goggles are made from high-quality materials and offer great visual range. The product meets requirements and boasts a streamlined design which makes them lightweight and comfortable. The goggles also feature rubber padding which enhances the grip to the face, while also blocking sweat from getting in player’s eyes during play. All in all, an excellent choice for lacrosse players if you’re willing to spend a little more.


  • Rubber padding
  • Streamlined design
  • Very stylish


  • Expensive

Final thoughts

In the realm of girls’ lacrosse, where safety, performance, and style converge, the choice of the right goggles is paramount. Whether you prioritize impeccable eye protection, cutting-edge design, or a comfortable fit that won’t compromise your game, there’s a pair of goggles that suits your needs. Remember, the best girls’ lacrosse goggles not only shield your eyes but empower you to play with confidence and flair. So, as you embark on your lacrosse journey, equip yourself with the knowledge and the gear that will elevate your game to new heights.Goggles aren’t the only important lacrosse equipment – make sure you check out our best women’s lacrosse sticks .


5 Best Mallet Putters

Best Mallet Putters

When it comes to choosing a new putter to up your golf game, there are a lot of choices to be made. The first choice is often related to price and quality. There may be a certain price point you are looking to stay under in order to avoid breaking the bank. Then there’s the choice of a conventional, belly, or long putter. This is mainly based on posture and physical type, with one person’s perfect choice being horrible for someone else. After that, you want a loft that works for your style and type of golfing. From there, choosing an alignment type is often a personal decision. You may feel like at this point you have a lot of answers and you can certainly narrow down your options once you have these things worked out.

However, you still have a few choices to make. One of the most important is putter head style. Cavity backs have a hollow area in the middle back of the putter, which gives you an enormous sweet spot. Blade style have most of the weight on the heel or toe, leaving a sleek line look when hitting the golf ball. Finally, mallet putters are quite large putters with various shapes. These give you a straight through stroke which minimizes your chances of missing the ball.

If you have decided on a mallet putter for your putting choice, you’re halfway to having a great golf putter in hand. Choosing a grip and weight, face inserts, and shaft offset will have you ready to head to the green. For those who don’t want to look up a million putters on their own, we’re here to help. Research on the five best mallet putters has been done for you and you can merely utilize the information to make sure you get the right piece of equipment. Following are the best of the best when it comes to a mallet style putter.

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Putter Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 6.5 Putter Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Golf Putter
Loft: 3 Loft: 3 Loft: 3 Loft: 3 Loft: 3
Lie: 70 Lie: 90 Lie: 70 Lie: 70 Lie: 70
Length: 33″, 34″, 35″ Length: 34″ Length: 33″, 34″, 35″ Length: 33″, 34″, 35″ Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
Two year manufacturer One year limited warranty One year limited warranty One year limited warranty One year limited warranty
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Center Shafted Mallet Putter
  • Loft: 3
  • Lie: 70
  • Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • One year limited warranty
  • Price: $
  • Check Price
  • Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter
  • Loft: 3
  • Lie: 90
  • Length: 34″
  • One year limited warranty
  • Price: $
  • Check Price
  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Putter
  • Loft: 3
  • Lie: 70
  • Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • One year limited warranty
  • Price: $$
  • Check Price
  • Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 6.5 Putter
  • Loft: 3
  • Lie: 70
  • Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • One year limited warranty
  • Price: $$$
  • Check Price
  • Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Golf Putter
  • Loft: 3
  • Lie: 70
  • Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • One year limited warranty
  • Price: $
  • Check Price

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

TaylorMade Golf Spider X PutterTaylorMade is a name known for always delivering quality, but the Spider X Putter truly is game-changing, from its posh design to its amazing functionality. The product offers optimal stability and alignment thanks to a newly reengineered head and the brand’s True Path Alignment System. The head comes with a steel frame that is 30% heavier in order to minimize twisting. Plus, the putter utilizes a heavy 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting which boosts stability.

Additionally, the Spider X boasts redesigned weight ports (2g, 6g, or 12g) that enable personalization of feel and stability. It also looks very elegant, especially if you pick up the copper model. If you were looking to be the envy of everyone on the links, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s more expensive, sure, but it’s also worth every penny. Models for left and right handed golfers are available and you can choose the dimensions of the shaft between 33 inches, 34 inches, and 35 inches.


  • Amazing design and functionality
  • New True Path Alignment System meant to improve accuracy
  • Durable and elegant
  • Redesigned weight ports


  • Expensive

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

41ykEOpSrGL._SL250_The PInemeadow is quite different from the preceding putter, yet it’s one of the top five mallet putters on our list. The look of this putter is clean with the biggest portion being a slick white. The insert is a black color and the accents are black and green. It’s a really nice looking putter and something that will be fun to use on the green. It stands out and allows the grass to be the focus while using the traditional alignment lines. It’s definitely beautiful but also useful and you can’t beat that. Especially when you’re looking at a putter that’s under forty bucks. That’s a serious bargain.

This putter comes with a headcover and in this case, it’s needed. You can easily end up with dings and scratches on the head, otherwise. However, any of these cosmetic issues will not affect how well this putter works and that’s a good thing because it putts like a dream. It has a loft of 3 and a lie of 90, which is a bit different from some of the others on the list. The weight is a typical tour weight and will work best on faster greens. It produces a forward spin when hitting it with stability to avoid going off course.


  • Beautiful look
  • Traditional line alignment style
  • Great price for a great putter


  • Some found it inconsistent when close to the hole

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Putter

318R6VKSD5L._SL250_The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 is a great putter. This insert results in consistent sound, feel, and performance. By using a laser milling process to cut this putter this also increased the consistency you will find when using this beautiful putter. In addition to that, it used an EyeFit system that lets you choose a head shape based on your setup to the golf ball. This system is mirror based and helps dictate the shape of your stroke.

The look of this particular putter isn’t that special but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a nice silver head with some red and black writing on it. It’s very understated but it doesn’t need to be flashy, it does what it needs to do without showing off. Another great thing about the Hot Pro 2.0 is that it comes in various lengths from 33” to 35”. This allows everyone to find a putter that fits their style and posture. Reviews state that this putter is easy to align and gives a solid impact that you can trust.


  • Number one tour insert
  • EyeFit system to shape stroke
  • Various lengths available


  • Understated design

Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 6.5 Putter

31TdFTHQHOL._SL250_Cleveland Golf has a second entry in the top five best mallet putters and it isn’t hard to see why. The TFI 2135 is a beautiful putter that also has a great performance to it. The 2135 refers to an alignment system that is intended to work no matter what setup you prefer. This is done by raising the alignment line to the radius of a golf ball, 21.35mm, creating an accurate alignment that is nearly unheard of. No matter how you putt or what changes you make, this Cleveland will hit the spot and help you get the ball right where it needs to go.

In order to provide a consistent feel and performance, True Feel Innovation is a part of this putter, as well. This refers to the milled copper face cap over the top of a copolymer insert which gives a special feel when using this putter. In addition to the great performance you’ll get from this putter, there’s also a lot to be said about the design. This is one of the most beautiful putters out here. It consists of a black putter, with the putter edge a bronze color. There is some text in white. It’s not overly flashy nor is it completely boring. It’s sleek and looks professional, which will make some people very happy.


  • Beautiful design
  • 2135 alignment system
  • Various lengths
  • True feel innovation performance


  • More expensive than other putters on list

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Golf Putter

41kgnvqoPiL._SL250_The final putter on our list is by Ray Cook and is called the Silver Ray SR 500. It’s an example of a gorgeous putter for a great price. The design is an interesting one and hard to explain without seeing it. It has a charcoal gray finish with lines and dark undertones that are not only attractive but help in aligning your shot. It’s easily the most interesting looking putter on the list and worth looking at if only to see if the style is something you enjoy. It’s not common but will appeal to some in a big way. And that’s just the design. This is a Ray Cook so you know there’s performance there too.

Speaking of which, this is a dream putter. It’s beautifully balanced and has great stroke follow through. The lines on the putter make aligning impossibly easy, even for someone who isn’t savvy with golf. This putter is fantastic for those who have a straight back and forth putting stroke. It has quality that you desire while not having the price that many others would. You will be happy with performance, design, and price when it comes to the SR 500.


  • Cheap for the performance
  • Interesting design you won’t see elsewhere
  • Alignment aid is easy to use


  • No insert or special technology

The 5 Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitts

Softball season is near, and you just realized that your old glove has seen it’s last days. You loved that old glove, and now you know that you won’t have much time to find another one that compares.
You get online to buy a new one, but with all the choices, how do you know which one is right for you?

Softball season is near, and you just realized that your old glove has seen it’s last days. You loved that old glove, and now you know that you won’t have much time to find another one that compares.

You get online to buy a new one, but with all the choices, how do you know which one is right for you?

With your experience, and not much time left, you know that you definitely will need to purchase one that won’t take an entire season to break in. You also know that you really don’t like the sting that comes from a thin glove. Knowing that you have smaller hands will make all the difference when finding the proper size, and you certainly want one that will be snug on your hand. Having a little knowledge of leather will help you in knowing which one is softer and which one will be a little stiffer.

Who knew that choosing the right fastpitch catcher’s mitt would be so difficult?

To ease some of your stress, and to help you narrow down your choices a little easier, we’ve made a list of the 5 best fastpitch catcher’s mitts on the market. But first, let’s dive a little bit into the world of softball mitts.

Is a Softball Glove Different From a Baseball Glove?

Put simply, yes. There are four key differences between softball and baseball gloves:

  1. Pocket width: Baseballs are smaller than softballs, so baseball gloves have a smaller palm.
  2. Hand size: Softball is more commonly played by females, who more commonly have smaller hands. Therefore, softball gloves come in smaller hand sizes.
  3. Length: Softball gloves are historically longer than baseball gloves.
  4. Adjustability: You’ll find that many softball gloves have an adjustable wrist strap, which is not found often on baseball gloves.

Still, some models of softball and baseball gloves are very similar. Can you use a softball glove to play baseball or vice versa? Yes, no matter the intended sport, the glove will do an adequate job protecting your hand. But, obviously, it will be more difficult. Some baseball gloves, which are built for a smaller baseball, might not be able to fit the larger softball inside.

How to Pick the Right Size Softball Mitt

Image by Pexels

To know your correct size, measure from the tip of your index finger to the beginning of your wrist.

Another consideration when choosing size and style of your mitt is which position you will be playing: infield, outfield, 1st base, etc. Softball mitts are tailored to the proper specifications of a certain position.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a softball catcher. Thankfully, Scheels.com shows simple recommendations for the size you should consider based on your playing position. They recommend a teen or adult catcher use a 32.5″–34.5″ glove size.

How to Break in a Softball Mitt

A good softball mitt, just like a good pair of shoes, will take some breaking in. There are a few strategies that you can try to make that leather more flexible and preserve a desired shape.

Although it may not be elegant or immediate, the best way to break in your mitt is to use your hands to wiggle every part of it as much as possible. In the car, on break at practice, during lunch, mess with your mitt.

Place a softball in the pocket (not the webbing) and tie a rubber band around your mitt to make it bend to the shape of the ball.

Repeatedly beat the pocket with a ball, bat, mallet, etc to mimic weeks of catching and loosen up the leather.

When you’re not holding your mitt, always lay it down on the palm (like a cage for catching a bug) rather than the side. Laying your mitt down on the side will, over time, create a pinched shape at the top, which is not ideal for catching a ball.

5 Best FastPitch Catcher’s Mitts

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt Mizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt Easton Core Series ECGFP2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Catcher’s Mitt
Size: 34″ Size: 34″ Size: 33″ Size: 33″
Para Shock palm pad Para Shock palm pad Strong protection in the palm VRS Shock Absorbing pallm pad
Flexible and soft with a broken-in feel High quality, pre-oiled thick Java leather Pre-oiled Pro Steer hide Pre-oiled hog hide
Great fit for a female hand Great fit for smaller female hands Great fit for a man’s hand Great fit for a female hand
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

  • Mizuno Prospect GXS 101 Youth Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 32.50 Youth Size
  • Para Shock palm pad
  • Flexible and soft with a broken-in feel
  • Youth sized fit
  • Check Price

  • Mizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 34″
  • Para Shock palm pad
  • High quality, pre-oiled thick Java leather
  • Great fit for smaller female hands
  • Check Price

  • Easton Core Series ECGFP2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 33″
  • Strong protection in the palm
  • Pre-oiled Pro Steer hide
  • Great fit for a man’s hand
  • Check Price

  • Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Catcher’s Mitt
  • Size: 33″
  • VRS Shock Absorbing pallm pad
  • Pre-oiled hog hide
  • Great fit for a female hand
  • Check Price

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove

BEST FASTPITCH CATCHER’S MITTSThe Wilson A2000 catcher’s mitt is one of the best fastpitch softball gloves currently on the market. Wilson consistently updates this mitt every year, so you know that the quality is up to the latest standards.

This model has a modified web, making it ideal for any catcher. The comfort Velcro wrist closure allows for a secure and comfortable fit throughout the entire game. Additionally, the glove features honeycomb-style cell padding that allows for a no-sting catch zone.

If you’re still wondering just how strong this glove is, it features a grey SuperSkin, which is twice as strong as regular leather. However, it ends up being half the weight of real leather! So, you end up having the best of both worlds.

The Pro Stock leather in this Wilson glove allows for a long-lasting glove. It has a great break-in ability, as well as dual welting for a comfortable pocket. You really cannot go wrong if you choose the Wilson A2000!


  • Strategically placed padding
  • Quick break-in time
  • SuperSkin technology is durable and lightweight


  • Higher cost than other options on the market

Mizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

51aJ0LnTi7L._SL250_This high quality, thick Java leather catcher’s mitt is already pre-oiled and ready for longtime use.

No more sting from those fastballs with the Para Shock palm pad, and be at ease with the flexibility and security in the design of this easy closure glove.

Offered in a 34-inch size, Mom can practice with the children because this glove is designed to fit the smaller sized female hand. Your youngster can grow with this glove, making it a great glove for longer usage.

At an average cost of this higher quality glove, and with the perfect size, you can be confidant in knowing that your child will be able to use this glove for several seasons.


  • Para Shock palm pad
  • Pre-oiled and ready for use
  • Flexible and easy closeure
  • Sized for a youth’s longer usage


  • Fits best on a smaller female hand or youth

Easton Core Series ECGFP 2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

51youNo8q-L._SL250_Dad, this one is for you. If you want to get out there and practice with your daughter, but you can’t find a glove that fits, try this one on for size.

The 33 inch fit of this pre-oiled steer hide glove makes it a better choice for Dad, and your daughter can grow up with this glove, giving her longer lasting usage into her college softball days.

With the strong protection in the palm, Dad will be confidant in knowing that his little girl’s powerful swing won’t leave him with a powerful sting.

This glove is sure to offer long lasting usage, and it won’t break the bank!


  • Perfect choice for Dad
  • Pre-oiled steer hide leather
  • Strong protection in the palm


  • Might be a slight bigger for the smaller youth player

Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Catcher’s Mitt

51JyKeTcU2L._SL250_This catcher’s mitt was made with a fastpitch ball league in mind.

It has a VRS shock absorbing palm pad to avoid the sting from those fast throws, and the pre-oiled hog hide makes it easy to start using right from the box.

The 33-inch size of the glove is an easy fit for the female hand, and the comfort from the super soft sponge-tricot finger lining relieves the stress from a game that has gone way into overtime.

Extra security was added into the glove with the lock down wrist strap.

An average cost makes this glove affordable, while the quality will also make it last for many years to come.


  • Super soft sponge- tricot finger lining
  • VRS absorbing palm pad
  • Pre-oiled hog hide


  • Best only for youth or female hands

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series 34.5 Inch GXS33 Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt

51zK3rFyXXL._SL250_This glove is above average in cost from the rest, but it is well worth the extra dollars spent.

With the ParaShock palm pad, the Power Lock closure, and the larger size, you have the complete package in one glove!

The glove holds true to its classic name with the pre-oiled throwback leather and classic stitching.

The built-in Power Lock closure will keep the glove secure while the deep pocket holds the ball in place.

With this 34.5-inch full sized glove, it is definitely the best choice for a high school or college female and well worth the investment!


  • Full sized glove
  • Parashock palm pad
  • Pre-oiled throwback leather


  • Fits better for high school or college aged females
  • Higher in price

With these five choices, you will be sure to pick the right catcher’s mitt for your needs.

Good luck and happy softball playing! Make sure to check out our softball bat reviews and pitching machines.

5 Best Lacrosse Sticks

Best Lacrosse Sticks

Looking for the best lacrosse sticks? Below you will find 5 of the best available on the market. Although lacrosse is not quite as televised as games like soccer, basketball, or even football, it is still a popular sport in both the U.S. and the U.K. Unlike many other sports, lacrosse is not a game that demands brute strength. Instead, players must possess agility and speed to master this game and overthrow their opponents. Players must also have the right equipment, namely a lacrosse stick.

Although it is good to have the right protective pads, eye gear, and uniform, your lacrosse stick is the most of important piece of equipment you will own because it is your weapon on the field. Your lacrosse stick is what allows you to capture and cradle the ball so you can protect it from your opponents. Your stick is also what allows you to ensure that you land the ball in the goal so you can score winning points for your team. Without a good lacrosse stick, you are like a fish out of water.

Of course, there are so many lacrosse sticks to choose from, each with their own set of pros and cons. Given the fact that there are so many sticks available on the market, it can be difficult determining which one is the best one for you. Whether you are new to the game or you have been an avid player over the last few years, the list below can help you choose some of the best lacrosse sticks available for purchase.

1. StringKing Complete Lacrosse Stick

best lacrosse sticksThe StringKing Complete is the first performance-driven complete lacrosse stick, and it shows. It is ready to pass and catch without the need of any adjustments or replacements. You don’t even need any time to break it in! Players who purchase this stick will get to enjoy the game with it right away.

This is the only complete stick that you will see in both youth practice games and Major League Lacrosse games. At a beginner level price, it offers advanced level capabilities.

Each part of this stick was engineered to work together. This gives you an ideal balance of durability, weight, and performance. You won’t have to sacrifice any of these components for another. Plus, if your stick happens to break within StringKing’s warranty period, they will replace it at no additional cost to you.

There are various versions of the Complete stick for different age levels, so be sure that you’re purchasing the correct one for your level of play.

2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Stick

21GF6EMk1bL._SL250_The STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Stick is great choice for men looking to get started in the game of lacrosse. Part of what makes this head and shaft combination so great for entry level players is that it is designed specifically to help players develop the fundamental skills needed to play the game. The shaft is made from a high-quality, durable aluminum material so that it is capable of withstanding a beating. The head is made of a softer material so that it captures and cradles the ball more efficiently. The pre-strung head also consists of a harder, far more consistent mesh material that increases skill-building capabilities.

Although this stick is specifically designed with the entry level player in mind, even the more experienced players are likely to find that the durability and design of this stick makes it a good choice for practice or even for use as a backup stick. Considering that this particular stick comes with a cheaper price tag than many other sticks on the market, you don’t have to spend an arm or a leg or perhaps even sell an organ just to purchase a quality stick. You can purchase the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Stick without having to break the bank.

Before you purchase this particular stick, keep in mind that it is designed more for attackers or midfield players rather than goalies or defenders. You should determine which position you are most interested in playing to ensure you purchase the proper stick. If you are interested in playing the role of the attacker, this is one of the best lacrosse sticks for you. Keep in mind that attackers have a very active role on the field. It is your job to take possession of the ball back from the opposing team. As an attacker, ball pick up is a big deal as is passing the ball to defending players.

Fortunately, the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U is designed specifically to ensure fast pickup and easy passing. In fact, the design of this particular stick is specifically intended to help you along as you develop your skills and gameplay techniques. As an added benefit, the head of this stick comes pre-strung, meaning it is ready for you to enjoy straight out of the box. Although it is typically advised that you purchase you string your head yourself, that recommendation is geared more toward intermediate and advanced players. As an entry level player, a pre-strung head is a great choice.

As you become more familiar with the game and develop your skills, you will be able to determine what you want and need out of a lacrosse head. In other words, you will be able to figure out how you want your head strung later on down the road. Considering that this stick is of such a high quality and so often recommended by lacrosse professionals, you can just as easily restring the head that comes with this stick as you advance your skills and become more comfortable with the game.

3. Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick

21DWOhSbYsL._SL250_When it comes to the game of lacrosse, no one knows what you need better than the professional players themselves. They can identify the type of gear you need whether you are a pro player yourself or just getting started. That is why the Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick is an optimum choice for entry level players. Aside from the fact that it is a quality stick with plenty to offer, it features graphics designed by Paul Rabil himself. Paul Rabil is a professional lacrosse player and perhaps one of the most well-known in his profession.

As a professional player for the New York Lizards and Team USA, Rabil understands the importance of a stick that looks great, feels great, and allows you to play great. The Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick features graphics thought up by Rabil himself, hence the name. In other words, you can enjoy playing with a stick that is approved by a professional player. Although this is a great entry level stick, it offers the look and feel of a high-end, professional stick.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick is the fact that it was specifically engineered to help beginners learn to play the game and develop their skills and techniques. The widened face of the head provides swift, throwing and competitive, easy catching when necessary. The EZ scoop ensures that you are able to retrieve the ball quickly and efficiently to keep your opponents on their toes.

Another fantastic feature of this stick is that it doesn’t break the bank. You do not have to sell your soul or give up your first born child just to get your hands on one of the best lacrosse sticks available for you to purchase. If that isn’t enough to whet your whistle, take into consideration that the price is for a complete stick, which is both the shaft and the head. This stick comes ready to play straight out of the box.

Although intermediate players and pros typically prefer to buy their head and shaft separate so they can string the head to meet their preference, a complete stick such as this is highly recommended for entry level players. Intermediate and professional players understand how best to pair their head and shaft preferences whereas entry level players need to learn the basics of the game before worrying about such details.

All-in-all, the Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick is a great choice because it combines so many incredible features into one fantastic lacrosse stick. You have a combination of looks, feel, ease of use, technique development, and price all rolled into one complete package. You will be able to keep up with the competition while enjoying a shorter learning curve the minute you pick up this lacrosse stick.

4. STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick

31g1QzeCntL._SL250_In the game of lacrosse, every member of the team is important. However, the goalie is perhaps one of the most important players. It is the goalie that can make or break a game. If an experienced goalie were to play the perfect game, the worst the team can do is tie the game. The goalie is the one that blocks the opposing team from scoring. That is why it is important for the goalie to have a shaft and head combination that is capable of getting the job done and the STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick can do just that.

For years, STX has dominated in the field of lacrosse equipment, which includes the production of some of the best lacrosse sticks money can buy. Part of what makes the STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick such a formidable stick for any goalie player is the fact that it is made by a company that has a history of providing highly recommended heads and shafts. The Eclipse offers visual appeal as well as improved playability. If you’re going to play good, why not look good doing it, too?

The head that comes with this complete stick setup is one of the most popular selections for lacrosse goalies. In fact, it is perfect for players who are new to the game as well as those who are pros with developed skills and techniques. The head of this complete stick features an open sidewall. In fact, the STX Eclipse head was the first of its kind to have the open sidewall feature. It also has an almost oval shape to it, which provides one of the largest surface areas for any legal NCAA stick. The larger surface area is beneficial to you because it translates into the potential for more saves.

Despite how large the head of the STX Lacrosse Eclipse Complete Goalie Stick is, it is one of the most lightweight heads available on the market. Without the mesh, it weighs just 11.3 ounces. The lighter weight of this stick and head combination allows you to feel when the ball has nestled into the pocket without having to take your eyes off the field to keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, heavier heads and sticks may have you averting your attention to ensure the ball is where it belongs.

Another benefit of this stick is the fact that the head offers a number of holes so that you can customize your stringing options, which is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced players. If you opt for customized stringing, choose a lighter weight string such as 12 diamond mesh to improve ball throwing and wind resistance. Since this stick features a larger head than most, it can make it a bit more challenging to throw the ball when necessary and wind resistance tends to be an issue.

The head has a thinner plastic top which makes scooping balls off the ground rather simple, even from sharp angles. Combine that with the head’s incredible flexibility and you have yourself a lacrosse goalie stick that will make the opposing goalie green with envy. Flexibility allows the head to cradle the ball so that it stays in place. However, you should also be aware of the fact that flexibility may cause you to lose a fast shot as the head is likely to bend and send the ball continuing on its trajectory.

Overall, this complete stick package certainly has its pros and cons, yet it remains one of the best lacrosse sticks available for purchase. In truth, the pros far outweigh the cons, particularly when you consider the fact that the price is far less than some of the other well-known goalie sticks available on the market. That is not to say that this is the cheapest stick for purchase, but it is certainly easier on your wallet than more expensive lacrosse sticks that you can buy.

5. Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick

21mmxsylu4L._SL250_For attackers or midfielders looking for the right stick to keep their opponents at bay and the ball within their control, the Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick is the way to go. This stick features a number of features and an incredible look and field that will have entry level players walking out onto the field like they are lacrosse pros. This stick is highly recommended for JV players looking to increase their skills and techniques on the field. Given its quality design and recognizable manufacturer, this stick is sure to please even those who are more comfortable with the game as well as those who are just starting out.

To begin with, if you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing, this stick will not disappoint. The stick is available for purchase in red and white, white and black, or black and grey, which makes it look just as great as it feels. In your hands, the stick is lightweight and easy to manage. The head of the stick features a medium mesh that is not quite hard and yet not quite soft. However, the string softens up for great gameplay rather quickly. The fact that you can break-in the pocket so quickly means you can get out onto the field and begin dominating in no time.

This complete stick set comes with a pre-strung head, which is ideal for entry level players. If you are not familiar with the game or you are just developing your skill set, then you should not worry over stringing your own head for the time being. However, as you grow more comfortable with the game, you may want to consider restringing the head to suit your purposes and style a little better. Although this stick works well for entry level players, it is also a great choice for intermediate players.

Since the stick and head combination are so incredible in terms of how lightweight they are, the flexibility of the pocket and the fact that you can control the ball more easily, it is best to just restring the pocket rather than opting to replace it as your skills develop. You should also take into consideration that the Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick will not have you emptying your bank account just so you can purchase it. It is a relatively affordable stick compared to most, which makes it a top-of-the-line choice among the best lacrosse sticks available for purchase.

Overall, there is not much that can be said about this stick that would seem negative. Upon arrival, the pocket might not be as deep as you like, but you can always adjust the mesh to accommodate what it is you are looking for. Otherwise, this stick has just about everything you could ask for in an affordable, high-quality stick. As an added benefit, the shaft features a textured, ruff grip design that gives it an expensive, high-end feel without the high-end price tag. The texture shaft allows you to grip the shaft far more easily so you can keep control of the ball when you need it most.

Although it may still be hard to choose which stick works best for you among the sticks features on this list, narrowing it down to a top 5 will make your decision far easier compared to a seemingly endless list of sticks. The fact that each stick on the list is a complete stick featuring both the head and the shaft is an added bonus as they will accommodate players of varying skills from entry level on up. Check out some of the best women’s lacrosse sticks.