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A major part of the appeal of the FlingSockis that just about anyone plays reasonably well from Flag Catchthe moment they pick it up. With about 20 seconds of instruction, participants will be immediately having fun.

They’ll be delighted with how easy they can throw and catch this thing. The FlingSockis simple and versatile enough to be used for casual, simple games as well as intensely competitive sports.

This information is designed for physical education teachers, special event directors or anyone introducing the FlingSock to a group. We will suggest a progression of success-oriented games and activities that allow people to become confident in their ability with no embarrassment or frustration.

First… You’ll need 1 FlingSockfor every 2 people so everyone is actively participating right from the start. Some games work even better with a FlingSock for everyone.


  1. Demonstrate how to hold the FlingSockloosely by the handle.
  2. Swing it once or twice underhand and let go.
  3. Show how the beanbag is soft and sinks securely into your hands.
  4. Suggest 2 handed catches to start.

Activity 1

  • People pick a partner
  • Form 2 long lines about 10 yards apart with partners facing each other between the lines.
  • Play catch in this format for awhile with people catching it by the bean bag.


People can throw the FlingSock so easily they normally tend to get too far apart before they’ve become accustomed to throwing and catching consistently. This activity keeps partners close together for awhile and gives the facilitator a chance to make suggestions to individuals or the entire group. Make line long enough so people aren’t crowded together. Challenge players to improve consistency.

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