Activity 2

Read this important safety note!

Drop Zone

Good controlled group game. Does not require catching. Very easy!

Set up 2 large targets in a field, a comfortable throwing distance apart. Use an 8-foot plastic wading pool, a tarp, 5-yard squares marked with pylons or rope forming a large circle.

Teams line up behind each target. Everyone on one side has a FlingSock. When the moderator signals, the entire team throws at once. Score a point for each FlingSock that lands in the drop zone target. The second team picks up the FlingSocks, goes bank to its throwing line and throws when the moderator signals.


This is a great non-threatening introductory game. Weak throwers are not embarrassed because nobody really knows who threw which FlingSock. It creates a striking visual effect with all the FlingSocks in the air at once-especially if they’re thrown high.

For more action, let everyone have a FlingSock and throw at once.

As with all these games, make adjustments to meet the needs of your group. The object is for people to have fun and feel successful. Make the targets bigger and more people will score each time. Ambitious teenage boys may need targets quite far apart for the satisfaction of long throws.

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