Activity 3

Read this important safety note!

  • Demonstrate how to catch it by the tail.
  • Concentrate on grabbing right behind the bean bag with a loose grip so the tail slides right through the hand until the handle stops at your hand.
  • Have people pair up again and go anywhere on the field to practice catching it by the tail. They should stay 10-15 yards apart for this learning stage.


Catching by the tail requires a little more technique than catching by the bean bag but the unique way of catching is very satisfying. The smooth transition from catch to throwing is unique to this sport and with some practice allows for incredibly quick passes.

Group Games


  1. Set up equal sized areas, a comfortable throwing distance apart. The width can vary from 10-50 yards depending on the number of players on each team.
  2. Score a point each time a Sock launched form your territory lands in your opponents’ territory.
    Win at 10 points.
  3. You must throw it from where you catch it or where it lands. Throws must be underhand.

With multiple FlingSocks, you may want a score keeper for each team.

This game works well because the territories are big enough that anyone can easily throw the FlingSock to land in the opponents’ territory. The entire team is needed to spread out far enough to catch incoming FlingSocks.

Also, the size of the territories can be adjusted according to the ability of the players. For instance, adults can play against kids by making the adults’ territory larger. Don’t make the territories so large that many FlingSocks go uncaught. You want people to be catching it most of the time so they feel successful.

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