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More Group Games

ASTEROIDS or Bombs Away

Good game for keeping a large group under control.

Set up territories similar to Drop Zone. This game is like Drop Zone except everyone is in the squares trying to catch the Diving Catchincoming asteroids.

Everyone in one square has a FlingSock. When moderator blows the whistle everyone must throw their FlingSocks at the same time.

The throwing team scores a point for every FlingSock that was not caught and landed within the territory boundaries. Throws must be underhand.

When the points are added up, the receiving team throws them back in the same way.

Set an winning score you want.

Five Hundred

Moderator throws FlingSocks to the group. Whoever catches it gets 50 points. First one to 500 wins. If 2 people catch the same sock, the person furthest from the beanbag gets the points.

For experienced or aggressive players they lose 50 points if they touch the FlingSock and they don’t catch it and nobody else catches it. If you touch it and someone else catches it, you do not lose points.

For beginners do not penalize for dropped catches. Use multiple FlingSocks to keep the action moving. The moderator can control the game by either being arbitrary and unbiased or by throwing away from the winning aggressive players.

Add variation to the game by yelling out momentary restrictions on who can catch. I.e. Only girls, only 10 year olds; only those with black shoes; only wearing red; etc.

You can handicap aggressive players by requiring catches by the tail or left-handed catches etc. You can let the winner be the next thrower. Requires honesty in keeping own score and some math skills. Could also score by ones playing to ten but then is wouldn’t be 500.


Divide group into 4 teams. We’ll call them teams A, B, C and D.

There are really two separate games taking place at the same time. Teams A and B are intermingled at one end of the field with C and D intermingled a comfortable throwing distance from A and B. Teams A and B are opponents. When someone from C or D throws a FlingSock, teams A and B both try to catch it. Whichever team catches it gets the points.

Teams should spread out and cover each other one on one or by zone. Throwers should be unbiased because the teams at opposite ends of the field are not competing against each other.

CATCH 10-Competitive Catch

Same game as scuds but you also score a point when your opponent’s throw lands outside of your box.

Play with 1 or 2 people per box. Scoring becomes difficult with more people and more than 2 FlingSocks.

This game adds more of an element of accuracy to the game.

Good for beginners or advanced players. This is a favorite game to play among advanced players. The rules are very simple and the games very intense. Again, an advanced player can play a beginner by adjusting the size of the territories.

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