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Indoor/Outdoor Games

The FlingSock can be used for most traditional beanbag activities and games such as balancing it on different body parts, relay races, hot potato, floor markers etc. Roll the tail around the beanbag for simple short range underhand tossing.

Games such as Drop Zone and FlingSock Jarts can be scaled down to size for indoor dimensions tossing the rolled up FlingSocks like traditional beanbags.

Armpit Tag

Each player places the handle of the FlingSock under an armpit so the beanbag is hanging at the side. Within defined boundaries, the object is to snatch other players’ FlingSocks without losing your own.

Play as teams, (perhaps by color of FlingSock) or individually. Many different strategies will evolve. gotm498

Tiger Tail Tag

Each player balances a FlingSock on his head with the tail hanging down. Within defined boundaries, the object is to snatch other players’ FlingSocks without losing your own or letting your fall off. This game is similar to armpit tag but requires more balance and finesse than speed.

Changing the size of the boundaries will alter the nature of the game.

Snatch the Jewels

Scatter FlingSocks (jewels) around on the floor in an area about 20 feet across. Choose 1 or 2 Dog Catching FlingSockpeople to guard the king’s jewels. When the moderator starts the game, the remaining players try to snatch jewels. Anyone tagged by a guard is out and sent to the dungeon. A thief tagged while carrying jewels must drop the jewels where tagged.

Jewels scattered close together makes it easier for the guards. Further apart helps the thieves. Guards can be aided by foam swords if you have them. Foam swimming noodles work pretty well as swords and they’re cheap. Remind the guards that the swords are magic and only need to lightly touch someone to stop them. In other words, don’t clobber people with the swords.

Single Swing Fling

Two players face each other about 10-15 yards apart. Each player must catch the FlingSock by the tail and throw it back in a single fluid motion.

With a little practice you can make lightning fast passes. For competition, see how many times you can pass it back and forth in 30 seconds or a minute.

FlingSock Jarts

A nice, calm game. Play it just like lawn jarts. Targets can be large and further apart than regular jarts. Each player gets 2-3 FlingSocks of the same color. You can play with 2 players and walk back and forth or with 4 players with a pair staying at each end.

FlingSock Golf

Play just like disc golf but beware of trees. Best played in open fields unless you like to climb trees.


Behind the back and between the legs throws are pretty easy with just a little practice. Trick catches take a little more time.

Ninja FlingSock

A one-person pastime. Swing the FlingSock between your legs and catch it with the opposite hand. Keep it spinning and passing back and forth between your hands and between your legs. Bruce Lee vocals are optional but helpful.

Remember– The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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