Just Swing It &Fling It

Anatomy of a FlingSock

  • Bean bag end – Sinks securely into the palm of your hand. Double bagged and filled with non toxic polyethylene pellets(the same material used for sandwich bags)
  • Tail section – Made of durable tie dye colored nylon fabric. Trails behind the bean bag when thrown providing a long, easy-to-grab target.
  • Handle– Soft foam enclosed in heavy duty nylon. Provides a specific comfortable place to hold so the spin and timing for release are always the same. That means your throws will be consistent. Keeps the tail from sliding out between fingers so tail catches are automatic.
  • Fun Gripper Surface on bean bag end – Very flexible and comfortable when it lands in your hand. Provides maximum durability.

Top 10 reasons to buy a FlingSock

The FlingSock is so simple anyone can play from the moment they pick it up. Enjoy a casual game of catch or exciting competition. Throws are effortless because centrifugal force magnifies your throwing power. Perfect timing is not necessary for catching, you have a 30 inch long target. A grab anywhere from the bean bag to the foam handle will complete your catch automatically. You are instantly in position to throw.

Effortless throws – Hold the handle. Spin the FlingSock underhand at your side and let go.

Incredible Catches – As you know, bean bags don’t bounce The loose fill absorbs the impact. The FlingSock will sink securely into the palm of your hand. If you only get one finger on the bean bag, you’ll still most likely catch it. Catch the tail by grabbing loosely anywhere along the tail. It will slide through your hand until the handle stops automatically in your hand. These different catching options generate amazing catches.

Check out The FlingSocks’ little brother the Mini FlingSock

Chosen 100 to 0 over the other flying tails…Here’s why.
They have a hard rubber ball at the end that hurts if you catch it.
The FlingSock has a bean bag that is soft, safe and specifically designed to be caught easily.

The tail of theirs tapers to a wispy point that often slips right through your hand.
The tail of the FlingSock has a soft handle at the end to keep it from sliding out of your hand.

We’ve never met anyone who prefers any other similar product once they have tried a FlingSock.

Unlimited Games

The simple versatility of the FlingSock allows it to be used for a wide variety of games. Be sure to vist the FlingSock Field Manual and the Great Game List for some terrific game ideas.