People who can’t throw a ball or frisbee 10 yards can throw a FlingSock 30 yards without even trying. Higher skilled people will be stunned at how far it goes with minimal effort. Yet it’s easy to control.

The charm doesn’t wear off. After a year it will still be your favorite toy.

3. Fits in a pocket.

Take it anywhere-beach, backyard, backpacking, parks. Keep one in your car for instant recreation. All rolled up it’s about he size of a lemon.

4. Magnified throwing power.

The Flingsock uses the physics of centrifugal force to provide throwing power instead of a lot of muscle. A lot of muscle, however, can send it into orbit.

5. Consistent throws.

The handle at the end of the tail places your hand in the exact same position for every throw so the spin, timing and release are consistent.

6. Satisfaction

There is something uniquely satisfying in the smooth, fluid motion used in the transition from catching to throwing. It’s hard to describe but obvious when you play. This is one of the most appealing benefits of the FlingSock.

7. Perfect timing is not necessary to make a catch.

You have a huge 30 inch long target. A Grab anywhere from the bean bag to the soft handle will result in a completed catch.

8. Wheelchair accessible.

Since very little body movement is needed to throw it a reasonable distance, the FlingSock works well from a wheelchair. It is easily caught with one hand or can be thrown to gently land in a lap.

9. It’s a great gift.

The FlingSock is the most significant addition to the world of “catch” games since the Frisbee. Yet it is new enough that the chances are slim that your giftee already has one. Everyone is delighted when they receive something truly unique that really works.

10. Best price is right here.

Since we specialize in the FlingSock and want to get as many people playing as possible, we offer it at a lower price than you’ll find in stores or catalogs.