We’re at a disadvantage trying to present these balls to you with words and pictures. Feeling them for yourself is the only way you can really appreciate why people are getting so excited about these balls. At Physical Education conventions gym teachers scoop them up fast.

It’s a ball you pick up and don’t want to put down. We’ve heard from people who carry their Gripper Ball around the house just flipping it up in the air all day long. The texture is really that compelling.

The magic in these balls is the patent pending foam mesh gripper material. It is bonded to durable nylon fabric with tie dye coloring. Under the nylon fabric is a thin layer of foam padding and a butyl bladder with a standard inflation valve.

They are unbelievably easy to hold on to, catch and throw. Soft and sting free- these balls make sports non threatening. Its a great way to introduce kids to sports.

Fun Gripper Volleyball- Won’t sting tender forearms when bumping. This is the most common compaint of novices. The Gripper surface makes setting incredibly easy. Your fingertips get a great feel for the ball. This is by far the best volleyball we’ve ever seen for backyard volleyball and people who just play for the fun of it. This gentle ball will make you the hit of your next picnic.
The Multi Trainer is a larger version of the volley ball that is easier for beginners to hit.

Fun Gripper Soccer Ball- These lightweight balls are great for introducing young children to soccer. Use them for dodgeball, for teaching basic ball skills or other adaptive games. Once again, they won’t sting so kids aren’t afraid to play goalie or block a ball. Teach headers without fear or pain.

Fun Gripper FootballFor large or small hands. Wrap your hands around it to understand the appeal. Even my wife likes playing catch with it. These fly truer and catch easier than foam footballs. You’ll throw perfect spirals and be making one handed Superbowl catches. Don’t be fooled by the torpedo finned vortex footballs and their arificial spirals. Get a real Gripper Football that you can punt and kick as well as throw. You will love this football.

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