Fundraisers For Schools, Churches & Organizations

Duck Derby:

Gather together (by scrounging) a lot of rubber ducks. You can do this by asking local companies to buy them or just by asking a lot of relatives. Duck DerbyThen you have to get lots of prizes, well 1st, 2nd and 3rd at least. (make them really good prizes!!) Oh yeah, you need a river to let the ducks swim in!! (seek Proper, Legal authorization for this)

When you’ve got all the prizes and the required number of rubber ducks, all you have to do is get people to sponsor a duck. You can do this by again approaching local businesses, friends and family. Maybe $5 per duck, or more if you need it!! On the big day you can organize other stalls, like a cake stall, hot food bar etc. Maybe even a bouncy castle!! You will have all the ducks numbered with PERMANENT MARKER (so it doesn’t com off in the water) you let the ducks go at the same time. Whoever’s duck gets to the finish line wins first prize and so on!! It really is hilarious seeing about 1000 yellow rubber ducks coming round the bend of a river!! You’ll have everyone in ruptures, never mind the money you’ve made!!! Good luck!!

Submitted by Winifred Dougherty

Exam Care Packages/Baskets for High School or College Students:

On college campuses some schools are offering this but not all of them. There are companies that are supplying this type of service, which means there’s a profit to be made. First figure out what is allowed during exam week in your school that would be helpful during the stress of the big week. Offer two package choices. One that costs about $11.00 and one that costs $20.00. Have the packages pre-ordered during conferences for high school students, order forms can be mailed home and don’t forget to advertise in the local school paper and through announcements prior to exam week. You can include a gift card that will offer encouragement to the student during a very stressful time. Here’s a list of ideas for the care packages:

  • Granola mix

  • Gum
  • Apple
  • Popcorn
  • Protein Bars
  • Sun Chips
  • Chex Mix

  • Corn Chips
  • Water bottle
  • Juice Bottle
  • Rice Crispy Treats
  • Sun Chips
  • Granola bars

  • Bag of Nuts Raisons
  • #2 pencils sharpened
  • Animal crackers
  • Bag of Pretzels
  • Sun Chips

If this is for a college student then add:

  • Stress ball

  • Candy Bars
  • Coffee

  • Dried Fruit
  • Microwave Popcorn

  • Movie Tickets

For High School have these baskets delivered several days before the first exam day, so that the kids can have them in their lockers. College students will need them the week before exams, so that they have something to go on for those late nights of studying.

Submitted by Robin Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

Father – Daughter Dance:

What a wonderful way for a little girl to experience what a date should be like than with her own Father. You can have participants order corsages, which could be picked up after work or receive them at the door. You might want to have pictures taken for a small charge by a volunteer photographer. This works great around Valentines Day.

Flingsock & Fun Gripper Flyer Sale:

When ordering one FlingSock the cost with shipping is $13.86 (tax should be included if in the state of Michigan). If a school orders 10 FlingSocks @ $8.95 each less the FlingSock discount of $1.00 per FlingSock instead of the 5%, with shipping the cost is $94.56. If you sold the FlingSocks for $13.00 each your profit would be $35.44. You can set up a table with the Physical Educational teacher during conferences to sell these or set up a separate table if someone else with the school needs a fundraiser. You can take orders throughout the year and just keep ordering 10 at a time. We have one school that has been doing this for several years. The FlingSock comes with the FlingSock Manual. We do not have any written up instructions on how to do this fundraiser, its just the simple instructions above that are available to you.

If you would like include the Fun Gripper Flyer in your sale, we can give special pricing on these as well. For orders of 10 or more we will take off $1.00 per Fun Gripper Flyer instead of the 5% discount. The Fun Gripper 9″ Flyer is $9.95 plus $5.03 shipping for a total of $14.98. If you purchased 10 Fun Gripper Flyers your cost with shipping would be $105.46, so you would make $44.54. For orders in Michigan, sales tax would have to apply. Note in order to receive the Fun Gripper Flyer special price you must use this code FR9F.

Created by Robin Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

Flower Bulb Sale:

Okay I was tired of the cookie dough sales, candy and jewelry that was very disappointing to sell, Flower Bulb Salelet alone bothering one more neighbor to purchase. So I tried something new that the neighbors all liked. Flower Bulbs for our crew team with a 50% profit fundraiser_flower_bulbs (1)margin. In one week with only half the team helping, we made over $700, which was great. You have two seasons to choose from Spring Bulbs or Fall Bulbs. And the place that had the best deal was the Dutch Bulb Company. It all came in one box with many packages but was truly worth the time sorting. Their products are guaranteed so you can’t go wrong.

Submitted by Robin Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

Free Throw:

If you don’t have a team utilizing the court during half time at a high school varsity basketball game and they allow observers to be on the court floor, here’s an idea that should make you some money. For $1.00 kids and adults can come up to shoot the basketball from the free throw line. If they make it they get a 2-liter of pop. Have at least one person taking the tickets; one person making sure the person is standing in the correct spot, one-person retrieving the ball for each basket. You need only one person to hand out the pop on the sidelines when a basket is made. You can have both basketball hoops going and there’s usually a long line until the players return. You can quite often get 2-liter pops on sale for $.60 to $.80 but check and see if your local store will give you a discount or donate the pop for the fundraiser. Each home game you’ll see the same kids and adults coming out to try to make that free throw in front of their peers. I’ve seen where other schools were giving candy bars away instead of the 2-liter pops. Make sure you have a floor broom ready to clean the court for the players’ second half of the game.

Submitted by R. Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

Golf Outing:

You can make this an annual event once you’ve set up a game plan. Find a company or a few businesses to underwrite the event. Charge a fee in the range of $50.00 per person or $90.00 per couple, which could include a 9-hole scramble, golf cart, picnic, prizes and contests. You could also offer the picnic dinner only price of $8.00 to $12.00. Contact businesses that would donate items, meals or services to be auctioned at the picnic. Maybe within the group, individuals might have something to donate that could be auctioned. You could also have a 50/50 raffle with plenty of great prizes. You could find sponsors for the golf carts and display their posters on them.

Holiday Child Care:

Set up child care service on a night or two for parents of young children. This could be done around the holidays to give parents time to do Christmas shopping. You can charge parents per child at a rate slightly lower than what they normally pay. Try to determine what age limit, quantity, and length your group is able to handle. Make sure parents sign release forms, notify of any allergies or health concerns, and approximate area they will be going. Provide some type of nutritious snack and creative entertainment (use Fun-Attic Great Game list for ideas).

Karaoke Dinner:

Hosted at the Nanoose hall, we’d charge a flat cost-per-plate such as $10 and would serve a tasty but simple meal consisting of salad, main course (best bet is pasta) and dessert with fundraiser_karaoke (1)coffee or tea. Then, following the dinner, we’d have what I’ve now called “The Loonie-Twoonie Karaoke Night” [my note: here in Canada our one Karaoke Dinnerdollar coin is called a “Loonie”, and we call our $2 a “Twoonie”. I know, it’s nuts!!].

What we’d do is have a sort-of auction way of getting people to get up and sing. Goes like this: Gord (our ‘auctioneer’) has a list of songs we’ve got on disc (particularly goofy songs preferred) and anyone and everyone who’s in the hall that night has had their name secretly put in the ‘draw’. Gord pulls out a name and asks, for example, “what am I bid to hear Roger sing “Feelings”?” Then people begin to call out what they’ll put into the ‘pot’ to hear him sing it; those bids being only $1 or $2. Unlike a true auction, no one person gets stuck footing the whole amount, but rather the youth runs around taking the change from the people and we watch the pot grow and the pressure build for Roger to get up and sing his rendition of “Feelings.” The only way he can get out of doing it is to match the amount in the pot. Hopefully the folks attending the dinner/karaoke night will go away having enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining and funny evening, and will have been glad to help the youth raise the money.

Submitted by Kirsty Chaignon – Jubilee Christian Centre, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

Local Restaurant Night:

Several of those national chained restaurants (BK night or Mickey D’s) in our area help out our groups by holding a fundraiser night. During a period of time like 6-9 PM usually on a weeknight they offer a percentage of sales that goes to the group. Flyers are sent out to all the various levels in the school district to remind them to show up with their family to pick up food or eat that the sponsors’ restaurant. The program has been very helful to large groups such as the Band and Band Teachers in all grade levels.

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Submitted by R. Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

Pancake Breakfast:

Cook pancakes and sausages on rented outdoor grills if you don’t have ample cooking space indoors. Reservations can be made in advance and set up area for non-reservation customers. Serve juices, coffee and tea, charge $3.00 per person, $2.00 for children 4 – 10, and under are free.

Penny Quest:

The object is to collect as many pennies as possible with no silver. With a jug in each homeroom, students put pennies in their homeroom jug but drop silver in all other jugs throughout the day. For each silver coin found in your jug, you deduct pennies. 25 cents =25 pennies deducted, 10 cents =10 pennies deducted, and so on. Remember the object is to collect the most amount of pennies. At the end we count and deduct and the homeroom who has the most pennies gets donuts for a week.


Get bulk pizza boards and bulk candy bars. Attach several different types of candy bars to pizza boards. You can do this by stapling both ends of candy bars or hot gluing the ends. If you don’t want to carry alot of boards around to sell, have an artist draw up what a person is ordering and copy off for brochures. Take orders ahead of time and charge.

Pop Can Drive:

Several states require deposit fees on pop cans. There are people that hate returning the cans, they pile the cans up in their garage and are willing to give them to any great cause. Iffundraiser_pop_can you have a group such as boy/girl scouts, sports team or group that needs funds for an event Pop Can Drivethen try this great moneymaker. First it’s helpful if you send out flyers, if possible several days ahead of time telling them about the Can Drive. It helps letting donors know that you’ll be in the area collecting cans, at what time and for what cause. But you really don’t have to do that. Donors can leave designated bags out for pickup between a certain times. If you have a monthly school newsletter that goes out to the community, this is another way to make donors aware of the Can Drive by stating the date and time. Set up teams with designated residential areas that they will work in. Try to pick a time when you are not waking people up but when they will most likely be home and receptive to your visit. Each team will need a driver with at least 3-4 fundraisers. Drop off one set of fundraiser helpers at the top of the street to collect and the other set at the other end, having them meet at the center. Have a fundraiser helper on each side of the street. It’s helpful if they wear something that identifies that they are with the group such as a uniform or shirt. If you have a large amount of teams you may need to have certain teams go to different locations to cash in the pop cans. It’s helpful if they work in their own neighborhoods where someone knows them. Use caution by not entering a house, only stay outside by the door with partner parallel across the street. You can collect between $400-$1100 in one day which is very helpful when you need funds. A great time to collect is in May/June, due to graduation parties being held with many happy returns.

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Submitted by Robin Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

Fun-Attic has many wonderful carnival game ideas that can be purchased and used year after year. Many of these games have the twist-n-fold feature for easy storage and can be used for indoor recess, youth groups, or parties as well. See all these great new games on our products pages

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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