Fundraisers For Schools, Churches & Organizations

Printer Cartridge Recycling:

If you are a school that needs many ways to help out with the school budget expenses, you can collect used printer cartridges, old cell phones or other items that many office supply places will take in exchange for reams of paper or other supplies. Check with your local office supply locations to see what they are willing to take and what you’ll get for them.

Let your students parents know in the community newsletter that you are collecting certain items that have a value.

Submitted by Robin Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.


Get sponsors to pay for each book or chapter read. Set a date and time for participates to gather and read. You can host a book fair to make additional money while Read-a-thon is in process. Invite parents, grandparents, politicians, school board members, authors, local celebrities and anyone willing to donate time.

Rent a Flamingo:

Get 6 to 10 lawn Flamingo’s, paint in your school colors or what seems best. Have a sign up or sale sheet and take requests to have some one receive a Flamingo in their yard for the day.fundraiser_flamingo Rent a FlamingoYou can charge $10 – $50 a day depending on the area, weekends would be premium time. Let’s see- 6 Flamingo’s X $25 X 14 Days is $2100.00, not bad. Note: You might want to tag your Flamingo’s to identify or in case of flight. This sale doesn’t have to be limited to just taking orders within the school. Teach kids to market this by contacting businesses, radio stations, and other groups. You can also paint them with VERY obnoxious colors and people will sign up their neighbors, teachers or anywhere but their own yard.

Script Program:

Once a month, send home an order form for certificates to be redeemed at stores, restaurants, and companies. We have started doing this at our school and the school receives 3% – 15% depending what certificates is purchased. Check with major stores, gas stations, pizza parlors, restaurants, and even home vendors like health professionals or toy distributors.

Silent Auction:

On the parents night at our school each year, I have a silent auction. I call local businesses and ask if they would be interested in donating an item which we could use to auction off during our annual Open House and tell them the date and what the funds raised will benefit. The night of the open house, I set up in the school cafeteria. Parents, visitors, and teachers come through and bid on any item that they would like to purchase. If someone else comes behind them and is willing to pay more for the same item, they simply write down a higher bid. At the end of the evening the highest bidder is allowed to purchase the item for that amount. I usually raise well over $1000.00 in one evening.
Submitted by Dawn – Ruston, LA

Sports Events:

If you have a minor or a major league sports team in your town, you might be able to capitalize on a sporting event. Contact those teams to see if they offer discount tickets or even discount tickets with donations per ticket to your group. Those teams that might have something to offer you are baseball teams, hockey teams, indoor arena football teams, basketball teams or whatever your area has to offer. If you’re a school, send home flyers for several weeks advertising a special day that was selected for your group to observe a sports event. Make sure that you collect the money in advance for the tickets with a no refund policy. Not only can you make some money for your group but it gives you a chance to bond with your own community.

Submitted by R. Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

The 6th Man:

Okay this has worked for several years and for some reason every year the kids want the new shirt. So you’ll have to change the color or restyle it to get those repeat sales. The basketball team sells a t-shirt every year to help support their team. The shirt has the #6 on the back and on the front states that they are the “6th Man” on the team. These would be very popular if your school has a lot of team spirit and the shirts sells for about $8.00.

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Submitted by R. Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.

Toy Sale:

Advertise for a toy sale and have vendors of antique toys, educational toys, and great product lines to be sold in assigned spaces.

Tree of Lights:

Our youth group has a Christmas tree made of strings of lights. All the money raised is used to pay for our mission trips each year. The center pole is a piece of PVC pipe about 12 feet high. Run strings of lights from the ground over the top of the PVC pipe in the shape of a tree. Place a bulb and a 3×5 file card in a Ziploc bag. Cards should look like this.


Set out a basket full of Ziploc bags whenever your congregation meets. Accept donations for the bulbs. Light the tree during your church decorating night. We call it our “Mission Tree”. Our Church membership is 550 and we raise over $1000 each year. Good Luck.
P.S. Make the tree any size to accommodate your congregation size.
Submitted by Art Henninger – Perdido Bay UMC, Pensacola, Fl

Used Bike Sale:

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Advertise a bike sale at your organization (many families have bikes that the kids have outgrown). You can give people four choices, donated, sell at asking price, selling price then to auction, or auction off at end of sale. You might want to include selling refreshments or baked goods. You would keep 10-20% of each sale.

Valentine Message & Flower:

Show how special a friend is or affection to someone you love by sending him or her a very special valentine message with a carnation. You can make money off this by setting up tables in the cafeteria weeks before Valentine’s Day. Figure out what you will charge for this service and have them delivered by the fundraising committee on a certain date. On the order form have them give you as much information as they can to find the recipient on the given date, along with a message field for them to write the important message that will be sent to the receiver.

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Submitted by R. Scheel – Fun-Attic Inc.


Have kids get donations for a Walk-a-Thon. What works best is to get a donation amount rather than collect per miles they walk. The reason for this is they don’t have to go back and collect the money. Walk-a-ThonHave collection sheets made up for each child that fundraiser_shoeparticipates. You could decide ahead of time with the money collected that a portion of it will go to another charity. You may consider donating 10-20% to a child related illness, disease or Special Olympics. Have a day planned out for event and backup date in case of inclement weather. The time could be 2 hours before the end of a school day. Plan it with shifts walking at an easy pace, resting and refreshments. Have a smaller area designated for kids with disabilities so they can participate as well. In large schools, different grades can walk on different days.

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