More FlingSock games can be found in the FlingSock Field Manual.

Drop the FlingSock

Required: FlingSock or handkerchief
Players: Small to large groups

In large circle choose someone to be “it”.

The person that is “it” is to go on the outside of the circle and try to drop the FlingSock behind someone without being tagged. Once dropped he is to race or walk fast around the circle into that person’s position without being tagged. If tagged the “it” person tries again. If not tagged you have a new person that is “it”.


Required: Mini FlingSock
Players: Small groups

A great way to add competition to a simple game of catch. Mark off 2 square areas for a comfortable throwing distance apart. Make the squares large enough so that players can easily throw a Mini FlingSock from one square to land in the other-perhaps 5 yards square. One player stands in each square tossing the Mini FlingSock back and forth. You score a point if the Mini FlingSock lands inside the other player’s square or if the other player throws it so that it lands outside your square. Adjust the size of the squares according to the ability of the players. For example a younger player could be given a smaller box. All throws must be underhand. If set up correctly, this should feel like a game of catch with both players catching it most of the time. If that is not happening you need to adjust the dimensions. That will maximize the fun.

Created by Ken Scheel – Inventor of the FlingSock

FlingSock or Beanbag Baseball

Required: FlingSock or beanbag, and four bases.
Players: Six or more

Divide players into two teams. Mark out bases so they are evenly apart depending on the space you have available. The team in the field must have a catcher and a player at each base any extra’s can be anywhere in the field. The batter stands at home plate and gets one throw anywhere in fair territory. He must reach first base before the first baseman or the catcher has the bag and touches his base (first base or home plate). If the bag is caught before it hits the floor, even if it hits the wall or ceiling, the batter is out. If he throws the bag in foul territory, he is out. After the runner reaches first safely, he runs as in baseball, but there is no stealing or leading off. Innings last until each team member gets a turn at bat. The team with the most runs scored is the winner.

FlingSock or Beanbag Tag

Required: FlingSock or beanbags: if indoors set up obstacle course.
Players: Small to large groups

One person is designated as “it”. All players wear the FlingSock on top of the head. The object is to catch up and tag them others without losing the FlingSock. If indoor obstacle course, the person being chased is to get through without being tagged or losing the beanbag. This would be a great game for wheelchair participants.

Can’t catch? Start with the FlingSock.

FlingSock or Beanbag Toss

Required: FlingSock or beanbags
Players: Each player has one FlingSock

Standing six to eight feet away toss a FlingSock on the floor. Each player tosses his/her FlingSock to see how close it lands to the first without touching. The closest player gets two points and throws first. Variations, anyone that touches you loses a point so watch your tails. But remember the one that is the closest gets to throw first.

Jump the FlingSock

Required: FlingSock or beanbag, and rope
Players: Small to large groups

Attach a rope to a FlingSock that will be long enough to swing for people to jump over. The person should swing the FlingSock in a circle horizontally, no higher than most knees. Once swinger has Flingsock moving the group should move in around the swing and try to jump over the FlingSock. Anyone hit by the FlingSock is out of the game and movement of the FlingSock should continue until there is a winner. Please never swing above waist or over head.

Pass the FlingSock

Required: FlingSock or object
Players: Small groups

All players are in a circle. Have players start passing the FlingSock around the circle until the music stops. The player holding the FlingSock is out and you continue again until one person is left the winner. For different variations have them pass under one leg, toss up in the air then pass, or spin around before passing.

Steal the FlingSock (bacon)

Required: FlingSock or object
Players: Small group

Pick a referee, then divide into two teams. Line up about 20 feet across from each other and spread out about three to four feet apart. The FlingSock is placed in the center of the play area. Have each team count off so that each player has a number – one, two, three and so on. You can even pick topics like wolves, foxes, bears, etc.

The referee will start the game by calling out one set like number one. From both teams a player will come out and try to steal the FlingSock without being tagged. The first one to grab the FlingSock and get back across his/her line without being tagged by the other player earns a point. If you are tagged while stealing the other team receives the point. Play up to 20 – 25 points.

Where’s the FlingSock (button)

Required: FlingSock or object
Players: Small group

One person is to hide a FlingSock. Once this is complete have players return. Players start searching the area and as one gets closer they will be told that they are warmer. If they are not they will be told that they are colder. The person that finds the FlingSock be the next to hide it.

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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