Icebreaker Games

Below is a list of free icebreaker games to help make your event a success. If you would rather purchase a game that can help break the ice, I recommend Been There Done That: Think You Know Someone? Think Again. This is a great break the ice game. You ask random questions like “Who’s had a perm? Who’s played in a band?” If you are looking to really get to know people, this is an ideal way. It will have the entire group laughing and having fun.

My Favorite Ice Breaker Game: Cheeky-Cheeky

Required: Lipstick, small washablegrease pencil or markers
Players: Small to large groups

Depending on the number of participants, you may want to pick a few helpers for this icebreaker game. The helpers will all have a small tube of lipstick in their pocket or hidden in their hands before the game starts. They can pretend at the last minute that they decide to join in the game; this helps them to find the person that they would like to stand next to. Have all participants line up in a straight line, side by side, instruct them that they have to look forward and they can’t turn their heads. Tell them that you’re playing the Cheeky-Cheeky game and everyone is to repeat what you do but must not move. Give them an example by lightly pinching the persons cheek on the right of you and say “Cheeky-Cheeky”. You should be at the beginning of the line. Note to them that that person is to do the same and then the next person all the way down the line until it reaches the end. Once demonstrated start out with Cheeky-Cheeky but this time behind your back you have lipstick that you put on your fingertips. After you’ve done Cheeky-Cheeky and the movement has gone down the line then do nosey, nosey. After that do chiny-chiny, eary-eary, heady-heady and right eary-eary. Each time add more lipstick to your finger tips without them noticing. In the process the person next to you should end up with lipstick all over their face. Pick a person that is a good sport to stand next to. If you’ve planted helpers in the line, a few other people should end up with lipstick on their faces also.

Submitted by Amy Sandison, GoTel Ministries

Dress the Mummy

Required: Rolls of toilet paper
Players: Small to large groups

Set up teams with 2-4 players on each team. One person on each team will be the mummy and each team will be given 2 rolls of toilet paper. They will have 5 minutes to complete the game. The team players are to circle around the mummy and pass the toilet paper to each other while wrapping the mummy in it. The leader of the group will be the judge and decide which team has created the best mummy design.

Frozen T’s

Required: Plastic storage bag, freezer and large size T- shirts
Players: Small to large groups

For each team you’ll need one T- shirt and one plastic storage bag. T-ShirtPlace one nicely folded T-shirt in each bag then pour in about 2 cups of water and freeze all of them overnight. If this wasn’t done where the event is taking place bring the T-shirt in >a cooler filled with ice to keep them frozen. Instruct the teams that they’ll be playing an Ice Breaker game. Then hand out the bagged T-shirts to each team. On “Go” the teams will have to get their T-shirts thawed out so that one person from their team can put the T-shirt on. Teams will get creative in their attempts to win. They could run the shirts underwater, put them in the microwave and even pounded the ice out of them. The first team to come back with one person in the T-shirt is the winner.

Submitted by Lindsay Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

Gum Art

Required: Bubble gum, toothpick and index card
Players: Small to large groups

Give each participant a piece of bubble gum to chew, toothpick and index card. Allow them 10 minutes to chew the gum, place gum on index card and then design something on index card using only the toothpick as a tool (No Hands). The person with the best and most creative design is the winner. If you have quite a few players you can have several categories of winners, like “most ingenious”, “most creative” and of course the “What is that?” award. Please send in your ideas of award names and even pictures of your groups playing these games.

Submitted by Amy Sandison, GoTel Ministries

Gum Game

Required: Clean garden gloves, packs of gum
Players: Small to large groups

Set up teams of five. Each team will receive one pair of new garden gloves and one pack of gum (5 pieces per pack). On go, the first person in each team is to put on the garden gloves, open the package of gum, pull out a piece, unwrap it, chew it, and then pass the gloves to the next person. The first team to complete the task wins. You can choose to have two packs of gum per team so that they would have to go around twice.

Ideal gifts for birthdays or Christmas

Ha Ha

Required: Small to large groups
Players: Small to large groups

Teams competing lay down side by side on floor or ground. The first person lays back of hand on next persons stomach and that person lays back of hand on the stomach of the next to him and so on. The first person in line is to laugh one HA. The next person in line is to laugh HA HA (two times). The third person is HA HA HA. And so on. Any person that breaks out into a giggle is out of the game and must get up and the hole is filled in. The last one to giggle, wins.

Ice Cube Hunt

Required: Ice cubes, food coloring and winter weather
Players: Small to large groups

Make up several ice cube trays with food coloring in water. Once you have made ice cubes, distribute into search area. The person to find the most colored ice cubes is the winner.

Ice Cube Hunt

Required: Vaseline or mayonnaise (or anything mushy), chair, stool and blindfolds
Players: Small to medium groups

From the group select a number of persons that you would like to play this game. Send them outside.

Have some one (preferably a man) that has a very ugly toe, sit on the chair with his foot on the stool. Put some mayonnaise or Vaseline on his thumb. Let him bend the thumb and you put it on the jointed area. You also put some on the big toe that is on the stool.

You then invite one of the persons that have already been blindfolded to come in with his/her hands behind him. It must stay behind him as long as he/she is approaching the king. They are asked to bow before the king in respect (keeping hands behind). Take them very close to the king where they can actually kneel right in front of the toe that has the mayonnaise or Vaseline on it. They bow as to kiss the king ring and the king puts his finger out so that the person kisses the finger instead of the toe. The king then puts his hand behind him leaving the toe as the visible object that has been kissed.

The blindfold is now taken off and the person sees the toe and thinks that he/she has kissed this ugly toe. (Make sure that you keep adding more Vaseline to the finger as it will be kissed off, also make sure that enough is on the toe) Continue with the next person until all have come in. Do not tell the person what has happened but encourage the person to watch and see what has happened. He/she will laugh at himself.

The other players must be locked away so that they have no clue as to what is happening, they will hear the laughs and will be curious and anxious to come in. No one in the room is to tell them anything. The last person usually does not know what is happening. You may tell him or her if you choose to.

Submitted by Pat Henry

Memory Icebreaker Game

Required: Subjects for memory, tray, paper and pencil
Players: Small groups

Pick a subject like foods you would eat or crave. Lay them all in a tray for viewers to see and have participants pass tray around. Remove tray from sight and have participant’s list what was on tray. The person that lists the most objects is the winner. You can give extra points or break ties by asking specific questions like what flavor sucker and so ont

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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