Below is a list of fun icebreaker games. These games are sure to help bring the group tension down and enable everybody to have fun. Icebreakers are a great way to get people to feel like more of a team and get everybody interacting with each other. The right icebreaker can make group members feel like they have known each other for years. Pick one that looks right for your group and give it a try.

Messy Twist

Required: Paper or plastic plates, oatmeal, whip cream, chocolate, vanilla and other flavored puddings, paper, pencil, two small containers and clothes to get dirty in
Players: Small to medium groups

What you need for this game is warm weather, so it can be played outside with no shoes on. It’s a game mainly for those youths that like to get messy and enjoy having fun.

(It is played like the game of Twister but with a BIG twist.) Fill up 6-10 plates with the same items like oatmeal and then 6-10 plates of another item, try to have at least 5 different items that would give you 30 to 50 plates. If you have a large crowd have them play in shifts. On a sheet of paper make tags, which will be pulled out of two separate containers. One set of tags will name the items in the plates, like chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, whip cream, applesauce, mashed bananas, oatmeal or other items possibly non-staining items. The other set of tags with will go into another container that will be what they will use, right hand, left hand, right or left foot, head or even bottom. Lay out the plates in rows and have one person draw out a tag from each container. Players are to do what the tags state, example is Vanilla Pudding, Right Foot. The players are to put their right foot in the vanilla pudding and then another tag is pulled. If any player falls or fails to get a plate before some else gets it, they’re out of the game. The last standing player is the winner and you can give him rights to hose off other players if necessary. Messy Twist is a great game for the wild Youth Groups, party game or picnic game if you have a lake to wash off in.

Moo Game

Required:Just people
Players: Small to medium groups

Pick three people to stand outside while the rest of the group gets ready. Form a circle large enough for someone to stand inside. Tell the group that They are going to pick someone from outside to come in and stand inside the circle and when you count to three everyone has to “MOO” as loud as they can. Then tell them on the last time, when the third person comes in to fake a “MOO”. Everyone should look like they are going to “MOO” but don’t. Pick someone from outside and tell them that they are to listen for the person who “MOOed” the loudest. Count to three and everyone “MOOs”. The person in the middle will then pick who “MOOed” the loudest and whomever they pick will be correct. Then tell that person that they have to “MOO” as loud as they can on the next round but to not “MOO” at all on the third round. Now the 2nd person comes in and you “MOO” and they pick who was the loudest and they are of course correct. But don’t tell the 2nd person to not “MOO” on the last round. Now the third person comes in and you tell them to pick the loudest “MOO”. You count to three and everyone pretends like they are going to “MOO” except the 2nd person that came in who “MOOs” really loud all by him or herself. It’s really funny. You may have to explain the joke to the third person though.

Puzzle Piece Search

Required:Precut puzzle pieces and open table
Players: Small to medium groups

You can do this with a pre-made puzzle or use a large unwanted poster and cut into several pieces depending on the number of players. Hide pieces throughout play area while players are out of the room. Have a card table or work area where the puzzle can be reassembled. When a player finds a piece they are to bring it to the table to fit it together with the other pieces. Once they have found where that piece goes they are off searching for another piece of the puzzle. At the end, have the players think about all those pieces, each one a different shape, size and color but they all come together to become one big picture.

Rumor (Game of the Month 9/11)

Required:Blackboard & chaulk (paper & pencil will do)
Players: Small to large groups

The first person from each team is to go out and make up a message together. This message will be used by all teams. Once signaled to start, the first person on each team is to whisper the Rumor to the next person on their team. They will whisper the Rumor to the next – and so on. The last person to receive the Rumor will run to the black board and write the message. The team that is the closest to the correct Rumor wins.

Ideal gifts for birthdays or Christmas

Scavenger Hunt

Required:Just a pencil and paper
Players: Small to large groups

Great game for adult groups, great icebreaker!!!

Make a list of things for teams to look for through their wallets, purses, and possibly What’s on their bodies. Divide into teams by tables, pairs, individuals or what seems best. Here is a list of ideas of what they can look for but modify the list to your liking. Do not list where they might find these items.

1975 Penny, $2 bill, $100 bill, red ribbon (found in a bible), hologram (usually found on a credit card, don’t tell them this!!!), a bird (usually found on a credit card), pick a few states from the new quarters (Delaware, Michigan, Florida), pearl (earring or ring), black sock, roman numeral (found on a watch), Susan B Anthony dollar, picture of a tree, tic tac, paper clip, measuring tape, ruler, peppermint candy, toothpick, the word Moses (if they have a bible), M&M, Tums, children’s Tylenol, thermometer, white button, pink nail polish, screw driver, nose ring, tweezers, mirror, ankle bracelet, red hair, raisin, triangle, charge slip over $200 and so on.

Make a list and copy off the list for each team. Have them check off which items they have, the team with the most checked off, wins!!!! At the end, tell them where they could have found some of the items.

String Toss

Required:Ball of string or yarn
Players: Small to medium groups

Set up small groups of 8–12 players and have them sit in a circle for this icebreaker. One person is given the ball of yarn and finds the end of it. They will toss the ball of yarn to anyone within the circle while they are still holding the end of the ball of yarn. Now ask the person that caught it one or two questions. If this is a new group that doesn’t know everyone they are to introduce themselves first before answering the questions at the beginning of the game. Here are some ideas as to what questions to ask; What is your favorite color, music group, the person that has influenced you the most, what are you afraid of, your favorite food, time of the year, or any other question to might pertain to this event. That person then holds part of the yarn and then tosses the ball of yarn to anyone that hasn’t received the ball yet. You repeat this until everyone has had the ball of yarn and you will notice that you have created a unique web that has connected all the players together in one way. You can pass the ball again to ask one – two more questions from each player.

Talking Behind Your Back (Game of the Month 10/13)

Required:Piece of paper, washable markers, tape, pencils
Players: Small to large groups

Each person writes his/her name on a piece of paper lightly in pencil; then help one another tape the piece of paper on each persons back (NAME NOT SHOWING). Using (washable) markers, each person must go around the room and write something about that person on their back. (Children need to be instructed that the comment must be positive – funny is OK, too) Leader removes all the papers and lays them out for everyone to view. How well do you think you know yourself or what others think about you? What would they say behind YOUR back? After reading them, participants may predict which one they think may have been on their back. Then, everyone can turn them over and find their own, and hopefully keep it, feeling great about what others had to say about them “behind their back”.
Submitted by Charla Lindsey, TX

Un-cola Pop Off (Game of the Month 6/02)

Required:8-10 clear types of sodas, small paper cups (bathroom size), paper & pencil and large cups
Players: Small to medium groups

Purchase several different brands for clear sodas and here’s a list of ideas. 7-UP, Sprite, Squirt, Slice, Lemon Lime, Mountain Dew, Club Soda, Ginger Ale, Surge, Fresca, and others that you might find. One can of each type soda should be enough for a group of 8-15 players. Pour each soda into separate large cups, number the cups and make a master list with the number and corresponding name of the soda. You do this before participants arrive or in another room out of view of everyone. Players will be given one sheet of paper and they will number that sheet with the number of selections that they will be tasting. They will also be given one small paper bathroom cup. One at a time, introduce one of the large numbered cups of soda to the participants and pour ½ to one ounce of soda into their cups. You would start out with soda #1 and everyone will list down on their sheet what they think that soda is, without telling anyone else. You will repeat with other sodas until all have been tasted. The person with the most correct answers is the winner and you could give them a 2 litter of soda. You can display on a table the empty cans of the sodas that they are tasting, to help them guess which one they might have, but for a very smart group it wouldn’t be advised.

Created by Mariah (age 8), Fun-Attic, Inc.

What’s in Your Bag?

Required:Felt to make 2 1/2″ bags, safety pins, white permanent marker, items to fill bags
Players: Small to large groups

This game will take a little bit of work but it’s fun for all ages, a great icebreaker.

Ideas for filling bags: (** note for extra points)

  • Penny ** year

  • Screw
  • Birthday candle Ink pen cap
  • Balloon Night light bulb
  • Rubber band Crayon ** color
  • Tea bag Safety pin
  • Button Bottle cap
  • Paper clip Peppermint candy
  • 1 p.c. of Lifesaver candy **
  • Tooth pick

  • AA battery
  • Sewing bobbin
  • Marble ** color
  • Key
  • 10 Penny nail
  • 1 – dice
  • Screw
  • 1 p.c. of Lifesaver candy **

Make a bag for each item that you have collected. Put each item in it’s own bag and number them with corresponding list for correct answers. Example: Felt bag with 1998 penny is marked #1 and a list is started with #1 as 1998 penny. All bags must be sewn completely closed so don’t put anything in that you don’t want to loose. Make a lot of bags so that you can use this again for your next icebreaker idea. If you have 15 players use #1 bag to #15, just pull out the rest. Have each player go around feeling each other’s bag, trying to guess What’s in it and listing their guess on paper. The one who guessed the most correct is the winner, for tie, use extra point ** method.

For those to be engaged, place engagement ring in one of the bags and make plans to have recipient be pinned to bag. At end of contest inform all players that one bag was not correctly identified. Have giver open bag for recipient. Inform me if you use my idea-the hopeless romantic.

Who Am I? (Game of the Month 11/12)

Required:Name tags
Players: Small to large groups

Pre-make tags with each tag having one famous person on it, mainly divas that everyone would know. These tags will be placed on the back of each guest as they arrive. This is done without them knowing who they are. They are to go around the room asking questions as to who they might be. Questions like “am I a singer?” They can only ask one question and make only one guess as to Who they are with each person that they talk to, then they have to move on to another person. They can come visit previous players once they’ve visited another player.

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities. Make sure you check out our other icebreaker games as well.

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