Dress-up Torture (Game of the Month 1/01)

Required: Rope, donuts, lipstick, marker, cups, sponge rollers, clip earrings, water bombs or water balloons, nail polish, table, envelopes and chairs
Players: Small to large groups

Here’s a new game for the youth groups to play. Divide up into teams of eleven and pick one person willing to go through the Torture. You can even have the leaders go through the torture to show evidence of their courage and faith.

If this were the case then you’d only need 10 players on each team. All players will line up in a line and their tortured player will be placed in a chair about 6-10 feet in front of them.

On a table behind the seated player place items that their teammates will use. For each team have 10 envelopes labeled from 1-10 and place inside them the instructions as to the task they are to perform. Below is a list of tasks for the Dress-up Torture and in parentheses will be helpful comments to get you started.

  • Tie them to the chair. (For each team provide twine cut about 6-8 feet long, instruct not the tie them too tight.)
  • Feed them a donut. (Donuts will not be too messy but just enough.)
  • Draw a happy face on their forehead with washable marker. (You can use lipstick instead of marker if helpful.)
  • Put lipstick on their lips. (Make sure there are enough tubes so that everyone will receive a clean tube, find someone that sells makeup and get sample tubes if possible.)
  • Give them a drink of water. (Have cups of water poured out ahead of time and you can even make them drink from a straw.)
  • Place 4 sponge rollers in their hair. (You can use hair clips instead of sponge rollers but the roller will be the most effective for a reaction.)
  • Place clip on earrings. (Go to a garage sale or second hand shop to purchase cheap clip on earrings.)
  • Throw a water bomb or water balloon at them. (It must break.) (Don’t aim for the head.)
  • Paint all their fingernails on one hand. (Make sure you have nail polish remover after this event.)
  • Kiss their check. (Hey, this could be the luck of the draw, just get it over with, win it for the Gipper.)

These are just ideas, you can use your own and add to them if you have more players on each team. The first person on the team will run to the table, open the envelope number 1 and do what is written on the slip (Tie them to the chair). After completing this task they will run back to their team, tag the next player and they will complete the next numbered task. The first team done is the winner. Make sure you have your camera’s ready.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

Egg Roll 500

Required: Eggs (cooked or uncooked), obstacle course
Players: Small to large groups

Set up an obstacle course with a start and finish line. If outdoors, players can do this barefoot if weather permitting. The course could go through mud puddles and/or water (sprinkler) if available. Divide into teams and each person is to go through obstacle course pushing an egg with their foot.

Flamingo Ball Relay Game of the Month 8/01

Required: Balls
Players: Small to large groups

Set up teams of 8 – 11 players and each team will need one ball. Choose one player on each team to toss the ball to their team players. The teams are to line up side-by-side about one to two feet part from the other team players. The players with the balls are to be facing the first player in line about 5-8 feet away. On go, the first player is to stand on one foot (left foot) and the ball is to be passed to them 5 times by their player with the ball. If they put their foot down they are to start over with the count of 5 again. Once that player has completed the 5 passes then the next player will complete the task. You do this all the way down the line until the end. Once the last person has completed standing on the left foot, they will now stand on the right foot for 5 ball passes. The next player will do the same standing now on the right foot working your way back up to the starting point. The first team to complete the ball passing while standing like a Flamingo is the winner. This game idea came to me after reading the book called The Gift of Dyslexia.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

Flapjack Relay

Required:Stack of pancakes, pancake turners and plates
Players: Small to large groups

Ahead of time cook up enough pancakes so that each team will have about 10-15 pancakes. Have the same amount of pancakes for each team at the starting line on a plate and another plate at the other end the course about 25-30 ft. The first member of each team is to carry the stack of pancakes (all at once) very carefully on the pancake turner to the other plate, lay them on the plate, then return to the next player, and give them the turner. They are to go to the end of course and return the stack back to the starting plate. Keep repeating until everyone has had a turn. The first team done is a winner.

Football Toss Contest

Required:Tire, rope, 4 or more Fun Gripper Footballs, place to hang tire (jungle gym, tree, monkey bars)
Players: Small to large groups

Hang a tire at a level that all players can pass a football through. Divide up into two teams and have them line up on both sides of the tire so that they are staring at each other. Give the teams the same amount of footballs. The first one in both lines is to throw all balls through the tire in hopes to block the opposing players throw and/or receive one point per score. When done, that person is to retrieve balls back to starting container and next person is to continue. The team with the most points wins. Use Fun Gripper football to prevent injury from getting hit or if you use hard footballs wear bike helmets.

Four Leaf Clover Race (Game of the Month 10/12)

Required:Cut out two 5 inch clovers for each team
Players: Small to large groups

Set up teams with first person on each team holding 2 four leaf clovers. On “go” they are to place the clovers in front of them to step across course. When they step to the second one, they are to pick up the first one while standing on one foot. Once they pick up the first one they place that one in front and step on it. The object is to go across the course stepping on only the clovers without stepping on the floor. If they step on the floor they must return to the starting line and start again. You can use different variations of this game. You could line a gym up with everyone holding clovers and the first one across is the winner. This also could be varied for the time of the year, Valentines, Crosses for Easter, Bunnies, or Spring Flowers.

Frosting Signature

Required:Frosting, tables, wax paper and decorating bags
Players:Small to large groups

For each team you need cake-decorating bags filled with frosting. Set up tables with wax paper on them and one decorating bag filled with frosting for each team. Each player on each team will race down to the table and write their name on the wax paper with the frosting bag. You can have them write just their first name or both. To make the game longer you could make them have to fill the bag once they get down to the table. To lengthen the game writing their full name would make them have to possibly fill the bag again. You could have a judge make sure that the writing is legible. The first team to finish writing their names is the winner.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

Garden Bubble Gum Blow (Game of the Month 1/11)

Required:Packs of bubble gum and new garden gloves
Players:Small to large groups

In large groups set up two to three teams. Have your teams line up and sit down if possible. On go, the first person in each team puts on the garden gloves. They will then open the package of gum, pull out a piece, unwrap it, chew it, blow a bubble, and then pass the gloves to the next player. The first team to complete the task wins. The winners can take home the garden gloves and all the used chewing gum they can handle.

Handicapped Kiss

Required:Chocolate kisses, plastic bowls, applesauce or pudding, old clothes or plastic trash bags as bibs, outdoors or kitchen/cafeteria area
Players:Small to large groups

Set up teams of about five to six. For each player there should be a bowl from which they will retrieve one chocolate kiss out of the bottom, but the bowl will be filled with some type of semi liquid like applesauce. These bowls will be placed about 30 ft away from start line and you can mark players names on the bowls. Each teams bowls should be grouped together. They can be placed on the ground, floor or a table. Once set up, the object is for one team member at a time, to race down to their bowl and retrieve the chocolate kiss with their mouth, keeping their hands behind their back. They are to eat it while standing at the bowls so they don’t choke. They then run back and the next team member does the same. You can use candy corn instead of chocolate kisses if your concerned about the players chocking. This is a game that makes them aware what it’s like not having the use of your hands or arms. Ask them if they learned anything from this game.

Fun-Attic Toys – Safe and Fun

Hang’em-Gang Relay

Required:16 pieces of clothing, 16 plastic hangers, 2 wooden rods
Players:Small to medium groups

Select 2 teams of 10 players each. Pick 2 of the 10 players on each team (or use adults) to hold the wooden rod. Select a starting point and line up the teams. Take 8 hangers and 8 pieces of clothing. Mix them together in a pile. GO, 1st player runs to pile finds a hanger and a piece of clothing, puts the clothing on the hanger and hangs it on the wooden rod. Player then runs back to the starting point and tags the next team member. The first team to successfully hang all the clothing wins. To make it a little more difficult you can assign particular pieces of clothing they must find to hang.

Submitted by S.T.A.T.I.K. Kids Church

Hippie Shake Sweep Up

Required:Wisk brooms, thin rope, tape and small items
Players:Small to large groups

Pick out an item that would be good to sweep into an area like miniature marshmallows, peanuts or raisins (items that cause a slight resistance). Each team will need one wisk broom (small handled broom), rope and items to sweep. Attach a rope to the handle of the broom. Make it long enough to fit around any players waist and still be able to just touch the ground. Have the rope and broom hang down in the middle to the stomach of each first team player, so that it can swing freely between their legs. Each team will have a square taped out on a hard surface that would be divided in half by tape. The items to sweep will be on one side the of divided area. Their job is to sweep the items to the other part of the square, using a Hippie Shake motion making the broom swing back and forth through their legs. Once that player is done the next person will do the same and the first team to complete the task is the winner. Great game for youth groups or could be used as a wedding shower game.

Ice Fishing

Required:Roasting pan, ice cubes, and marbles
Players:Small to medium groups

Fill a roasting pan with ice and then put marbles in it. You can break the kids up into teams and then have each person on the team come and try to “fish” out one of the marbles with their bare feet. The first team done wins. You’ll really like watching everyone’s expressions when they stick their feet in the ice.

Submitted by Sean Macdonald, Bethel Brethren Church


Required:Paper cups and sand or water
Players:Small to large groups

This can be played as teams or individually. Mark off a starting point and finish line. Players are to lie belly down, with cup filled with sand placed on their back, crawl like an inchworm to finish line. If cup falls off and spills they are to start over. The first team done is the winner.

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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