Three-Legged Race

Required: Scarf or pieces of cloth
Players: Small to large groups

Have each team break off into pairs. If you have adults playing, match each adult with a child. Take one scarf and tie together the inside ankles of the pairs while they stand hip to hip. Mark off a starting line and finish line for the players to race through.

The first team to cross the finish line is the winner. You could even plot out a marathon or obstacle course for them to run through.

Spoon Water Relay

Required: Tablespoons (for adults), large serving spoons (for children) – 1 per team; 1 bucket per team, 1 large can per team (juice can works), water
Players: Medium to large groups

Divide your players into teams of 6-10. Place a bucket of water at one end of the field and the jar or can about 10 feet away (20 feet for adults). Each team lines up behind the bucket of water. The first person takes the spoon, fills it with water, and empties it into the jar or can. He then runs back to the line and hands the spoon to the next player. The first team to fill their jar or can wins!

Submitted by Janet Boileau

Stuck On You

Required: Cans of spray cheese, boxes of crackers, plastic aprons and table
Players: Small to large groups

Divide into teams and each team will have one can of spray cheese and a box of crackers sitting on a table near the recipient. Each team will need one person willing to wear a plastic apron that will cover them from their neck down. The first person from each team will race down to their table, squirt some cheese on a cracker and press the cracker into the body of the covered participant. They will race back to the next person in the line tag them and they will do the same. When one team has completely emptied a box of crackers or one team has run out of cheese the game ends. The team with the most crackers still attached to their team member is the winner. So remember to do a great job of sticking those crackers on and encourage the recipient not to move so that the crackers will stay attached. Great relay game for someone in need of a family picnic game, youth group or youth event.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Suitcase Relay (Game of the Month 11/09)

Required: Suitcases, large silly clothes such as: pants or funny skirts, shirt, hat, scarf, mittens & shoes
Players: Small to large groups

Divide into teams depending on supplies. Have suitcase filled with same amount of silly clothes for each team to put on. First teammate is to run and open suitcase, put on clothes, clap three times, remove clothes, place back into suitcase, close it and tag next teammate. The next person to do the same. First team to complete task is the winner.

Sweep Exchange

Required: Brooms
Players: Small to medium groups

This game can be played as teams or pair off if you have enough old brooms. Divide into teams, giving each team an old broom. One player will sit on the sweeping end of the broom, holding onto the handle. The other player will pull him across the floor to the goal. As soon as they reach goal, they are to exchange positions and go back to the starting point.

Team Balloon Relay (Game of the Month 11/06)

Required: 10 Balloons per team, roped off area, blindfolds
Players: Small to large groups

Players are divided into 4 teams with about 6 members each. 4 different colored balloons are used where one color is assigned per team. About 10 balloons for each team are blown up and all balloons (40) are placed in center area mixed about. One player from each team is blindfolded and sent into the center near the balloons from his side of a squared off wider area. On go, the blindfolded members are instructed by their seeing members to collect a balloon. They must choose one balloon of their teams color and return to their line. Another member is blindfolded and sent in to retrieve a balloon. A referee can rearrange the balloons once a member is blindfolded so that the player isn’t using a visual memory and must rely on directions of teammates. The first team to retrieve all of their balloons wins.

Submitted by Rhonda Burgess, Bermuda

Team Shuffle

Required: Large play area, (field, gym, or large room)
Players: Small to large groups

Divide all players into four teams. Have them line in the four different corners of the field so that one whole team is at each corner, lined up one behind the other. The object of this game is to get all of the teams from one corner through to the opposite corner. This is done while all the other teams do the same so that they all meet in the middle. They are to do this with both hands out to be used as bumpers for protection, each player following one behind the other. Once they get through the middle and reach the other side they are to sit down in a line up formation. The first team sitting is the winner. You do this several different times in several different ways, and never running, only walking. Some other ways of doing this are by hopping, skipping, walking backwards, and wheel borrowing (one person holds another persons feet).

Can’t catch? Start with the FlingSock.

Three Person Relay (Game of the Month 5/01)

Required: 5 bowling pins, 4 FlingSocks or batons to pass
Players: Medium to large groups

You will need a flat surface play area like a gym floor or outdoor surface. Divide players into four teams and you will use three players from each team to start the game. Place one bowling pin exactly in the center of a 30ft – 40ft circle. The other four pins will be placed evenly around the outside of the circle. Of the three players from one team, two will be on the inside of the circle lined side by side on the other side of the bowling pin. The other player will be on the outside of the circle standing next to the bowling pin but slightly behind it. All four teams will be lined up in this order within Three Person Relaythis circle. The outside person is given a FlingSock or baton to hold onto while they run. When signaled to go, all outside players are to run completely around the outside of the circle and pass the baton to the next player that should be waiting to receive the baton. The old runner will join the rest of the waiting team on the outside of the circle and should try to stay away from the rest of the running players. The next player will do the same pattern. The last of the three runners will run around the circle, return to there starting point, and then run to the center of the circle to try grab the bowling pin in the center. The team that retrieves the bowling pin will receive 5 points. For additional points you can place the bowling pin on top of a beanbag. The second place team retrieves the beanbag and will receive 2 points. Once this is completed set up the next three players from each team to do the same relay.

Three Stooges

Required: Stripes of cloth, walkmans, obstacle course
Players: Small to large groups

Divide up into the teams of three and have the three team members stand side by side. They will tie their legs together so that the end players are attached to the middle player. Make sure you use soft cloth stripes. One of the three players will be blindfolded. One will be required to listen to music and not be able to hear. And the other player will not be allowed to speak, you can use a gag if needed. Once properly set up, all teams are to maneuver through the plotted course and back. The plotted course could be crawling under ropes, over safe items like tires, going around items and through them. The first team to return to the finish line is the winner.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

Tunnel Race

Players:Small to large groups

Teams race against each other while lined up in relay formation. All players spread their legs in straddle position and the last player from each team crawls through the legs. The next player follows in turn until the team is back into original formation. As soon as a player has crawled through the tunnel, they are to stand up so the next player can get through his legs. The first team that completes the order is the winner.

Whip Creamed Bubbles

Required: Small paper plates, whip cream, bubble gum and tables
Players: Small to large groups

Here’s one of those messy games that the youth groups will love to play or you can play this at the next family reunion at the lake. Divide into teams of 6 – 10 players per team. Set up tables with small paper plates – one plate per player is what you’ll need. On each plate place one piece of unwrapped bubble gum and then scoop or spray whip cream into the plate to cover the bubble gum. The first players from each team will run to the table place their face into the plate of whip cream (keeping their hands behind their back) to find the bubble gum with their mouth. They are to chew the bubble gum, create a bubble and then run to tag the next player on their team. They are to do the same until all players have had a turn. The first team done with this game is the winners.

William Tell Race

Required: Apples and play area
Players: Small to large groups

Divide into teams. Have one person at a time from each team put an apple on their head. They are to walk down the course and back, keeping the apple on their head. The next person does the same; the first team done is the winner.


Can’t catch? Start with the FlingSock.

Winter Gear Shuffle

Required: Winter hat, mittens, boats, snow pants, and jacket
Players: Small to medium groups

All players should have the same items to put on to make the game fair. Once you determined items that will be used, have players place those items in the center of a room. Players are to step back about 10 feet away in a circle. You are to nicely mix up the pile to make the game challenging. You can even have them turn their backs, so that everyone has a fair chance. At your signal, the players will race to the center, find their items and get dressed. The first player done is to shout “All Dressed”, and they’re the winner.

Whistling Dixie

Required: Garden gloves and packages of crackers
Players:Small to large groups

Set up teams and play areas. The first person on each team is to put on the garden gloves, run down the relay lane, take a package of crackers and open the package with the gloves. Then put the crackers in your mouth and start to chew them but DON’T SWALLOW YET. Before you swallow the crackers you must whistle loud enough for the judge to hear. Each person on the team repeats the relay. The first team done is the winner.

Submitted by Linda Hunsaker

What’s on your heart?

Required: Construction paper, marker, & scissors
Players:Small to medium groups

Cut out paper hearts for as many players as think you’ll have plus a few extras. Label each heart with a task and then place them upside down or fold each one in half so the task is not showing. Here are some ideas for tasks to be labeled on the hearts: jump, hop, skip, walk backwards, crawl like a snake, jump like a frog, sing a song, say a poem, and whatever other creative ideas you come up with. Place the pile or several piles at the opposite end of a player area. Divide up into teams. One person from each team will run to the pile, select a heart and do what is required of them while returning back to the team. The next player will do the same. The first team done with their rotations is the winner.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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