Summertime is Fun-time

Summer vacation is only a few days away and we are faced with the question of what to do with all that time. Or more like, what do we do to entertain those kids that are so bored and they don’t know what to do. Here are some helpful ideas to fill in those long summer days.

  1. Start a hobby or craft – Learn how to sew, cross-stitch, paint, play an instrument, horse-back ridding, build a model car, or what really interest them.
  2. Go out and buy some photo albums, then gather up all those snapshots and photos that are floating around in your drawers and put them in the albums. The kids will have a great time organizing them and there’s so much out there to decorate and add life to the albums.
  3. Organize neighborhood olympics for the kids in the area. Put together games that different ages can play. Even babies in highchairs can have an eating contest. Host one every year and you can keep a photo album to show how each child has changed.
  4. Neighborhood Block Party – Every year our neighborhood has a block party. We get a permit which allows us to block off the road. Everyone brings a dish to pass, games are played (, we play some music and then the kids head to one of our neighborhood pools for an afternoon dip. What a great way to get to know your neighbors and learn what’s happened to them over the winter.
  5. Join a group – There could be parents that have play groups established, ask around. The worst thing a parent goes through is not having someone to talk to when their children are young. Many of us are usually going through the same emotions and trails. It’s a relief to know that others are having the same struggles. MOPS – Mothers Of PreSchoolers and Mom’s In Touch both run during the school year, but getting involved next season will give you contacts and friendships that will carry you through the summer.
  6. Learn A Foreign Language – Many libraries carry tapes, videos, books and CD’s. Teacher stores and various other stores carry all the needed items to get started. The more exposure to another language and the sooner you learn the more likely you’ll retain the information. Use various words through out the day. Besides the homeland, many languages are used in other parts of the world. Research the use of that language to see what other places use it and what famous people came for the homeland.
  7. Learn Sign Language – There are many Internet sites that show you how to get started. Start out with the alphabet by printing it and then go from there. You can find books in the library or you can purchase them in bookstores.
  8. Go pick fresh fruit – There is nothing like eating fresh strawberries or blueberries out on a farm. Later in the season you can pick peaches and apples, once they come into season. Call ahead to make sure that the farm is kid friendly.
  9. Mechanically Inclined Children – Find broken machines and equipment for them to take apart. Items like phones, radios and computers will entertain them for hours. To prevent electrocution, cut off the cord for those high impulse children who would try to plug it in while apart.
  10. Work Out Program – Start out the summer with a workout program. Some children are very active but there are many families that watch too much television or just sit around doing other things. Have a set plan, schedule what days you’ll work on certain parts of the body. Chart out your progress to help you stay on track. You can bike, walk the neighborhood together, use workout tapes, roller blade or go to the high school track and walk together. What’s good for the body is good for the soul!!
  11. Read together!!! Find some great books that all of you will like to hear out loud. One of our favorites is “Where The Red Fern Grows”. Keep in mind you’ll need a tissue box for the end but emotions are a good thing. The worlds greatest teacher wept and taught us so much. Reading expands their horizons and they end up with a bright future.
  12. Spend time together. If you had only one thing to give to your child, the greatest thing would be your time. They really need you at any age, even if they fight those hugs. Always add laughter, it’s so healing and good for the soul. If you’ve had a busy schedule send them a card in the mail, kids love getting mail. Come home for lunch a few times a year to make them feel special. Tell them that their important and don’t think that they should know it. They need to hear it!! What’s important is the well being of your children because soon they’ll be out on their own, time goes by so fast.
  13. Visit your state capital. Take a tour of the building, find out the history about your state and observe the capital while it’s in session. Study who runs your state, how a bill becomes a law and what connection does your state have to do with the federal government.
  14. Take a trip to a factory or manufacturer that offers tours. Learn how they make products, how they are distributed, how they are marketed, the history of the business and the importance of it to the community.
  15. Find out what there is to do in your state. You can go on-line, go to the library or contact the Chamber of Commerce to see what’s in your area. There are many neat things to do in each state if you take the time to search, you may find a hidden secret or resource.
  16. Go Camping – Our favorite pastime is camping. I’m sure if you’ve only camped once in you’re lifetime with your family you remember it. There’s nothing like the smell of the campfire and cooking over the fire. It’s a great time for family bonding and the memories will last a lifetime.
  17. Visit your State Parks – Many great resources are waiting at your State Parks. Nature trails, fishing, canoeing, sand dunes (in Michigan) and many organized events. The smell of the trees after a rain, the sound of the birds (many only found in unpopulated areas), and nature is just calling out to you to come and enjoy. Check to see what may be going on in the coming months like Trillium festivals in the spring with many other wild flowers to discover. Note: You are not allowed to pick wild flowers within a Michigan State Park. Only leave footprints, take only memories and pictures.
  18. Nature Centers – If you would like to learn more about trees, wild flowers, animals, civilization, and even the ice age, head to the Nature Center. They usually have volunteers with passion and the love to share what they know. Check out events like maple syrup making and other cultural events to enjoy.
  19. State & County Fairs – Great time for all the family. Yes, they have rides, games and food to great but they also have great learning experiences. Pick up a schedule of events to see horse pulling, riding competitions, tractor pulling, and all those 4-H events. Maybe you’ll find a 4-H event to become involved in, you never know.
  20. Festivals – There are festivals through out the year, so check your local newspaper to see what’s going on. They always have great food many times tied into a cultural event. If you have a special interest, check the Internet to see where those types of events are taking place. You might experience a parade; learn about history and new food.

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Information compiled and created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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