12 Fun Tag Games

Animal Game

Required: Play area
Players: Small to medium groups

This is one of our favorite tag games. You need at least 10 kids playing including a caller. All the players must first line up in front of the caller, and the caller whispers an animal name to each player that they will be in the game.

Once all the names are given out, the caller gives them ten seconds to run around. Afterwards, the caller starts calling animals out. When the caller calls an animal, that person has to run from everyone and all the other players have to tag that person to get him or her out, but the caller doesn’t have to wait until the person is out to call the next animal. The caller can call another animal before or after the person is tagged, it’s up to the caller. This goes on until there are only two players left. The remaining players must go to a designated area with boundaries to do a sudden death. They do the same thing, but this time they are not allowed to step out of the boundaries. If they step or are tagged, they are out and the last one standing is the winner. The winner will be the caller in the next game.

Submitted by Erica – Clermont, Florida

Belly Double Circle Tag

Players: Small to medium groups

Choose one player to be the runner and one player to be the chaser. All other players are to lie in a big circle in groups of two. The players lay side-by-side then a space then the next two players with their heads facing the center of the circle and lying on their bellies. On go, the chaser will try to tag the runner. The runner will run on the outside of the circle and try to find a space to lie down next to one set of players. The player on the opposite side of that group will have to get up and start running from the chaser. If the runner is tagged then they are to turn around and chase the chaser. The new runner will find a spot to lie down and the player on the opposite side will start running because they are the new runner. Can be used by a coach to condition any young athletes.

Blind Squirt (Game of the Month 12/04)

Required: Blindfold and squirt gun
Players: Small to large groups

Choose someone to be the shooter and blindfold them so that they cannot see. Set up a circle with rope or hoses as boundaries. Place the shooter in the middle of a circle of players. You can spin the shooter around a few times if you wish. To start, have the shooter try to shoot the players in the circle. If a player is shot they are out of the game. Have players try and get other players out by standing behind someone and saying something. Not only will players have to move around a lot, but they will also have to watch their backs from other devious players. The last player to be shot without leaving the circle is the winner and the new shooter.

Submitted by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Blob Tag (Game of the Month 7/04)

Required: Large play area
Players: Medium to large groups

You start this tag game with two people as the blob. They have to lock their arms together and cannot come apart. Once the blob tags someone, they become part of the blob and add to the end. The blob becomes bigger and bigger. Only the ends of the blob can tag someone, so players can run through the blob, if possible without getting tagged.

Submitted by Jim Hovarka, Wisconsin

Bomb Squad

Required: Large play area, Fun Gripper Football or FlingSock
Players: Large groups Fun Gripper Football

Start with two teams. One team is playing offense the other is defense. The bomb squad is the offense and has less people than the defense. The bomb squad will devise a plan of how to get the bomb to the goal. The bomb can be anything (good things to play with are the Fun Gripper Football or the FlingSock). The defense sets up men to guard the goal, which can be anything, but it has to be big so it can be hit by the bomb. The defense sets up men all over the boundaries (big field is good or woods). The bomb squad tries to get past all the guards and hit the goal. If a member of the bomb squad is captured then they go to jail which defense should guard also. The captured player can get out if his/her teammate taps them. If the goal is hit, bomb squad wins but if all the bomb squad members are caught, defense wins. To make it even more interesting or harder, send two bomb squads with one ball each, which makes it harder for the defense.

Submitted by Brandon Beckman (Willy Wonka) G.R., Michigan

Bowling Tag (Game of the Month 8/04)

Required: Fun Gripper Bowling Set
Players: Small to medium groups

You can play with up to 11 players using one Fun Gripper Bowling set. Each player will be given one bowling pin to guard in his or her own 4 ft circle. They can only have one foot out of the circle while defending their pin. The person chosen to be “It” will try to knock down any of the player’s pins while rolling the bowling ball at them. Once a pin is knocked down the player defending that pin must sit in his/her circle until the last pin is falls. The last player is the new bowler. To add variety during the game defenders can quickly change circles with other players but cannot touch the ball or they are out.

Buzz Tag

Players: Medium to large groups

Set up team boundary lines. One person from any team will try to cross the other teams’ boundary line. Once across the line they have to make a BUZZ sound the whole time on one breath. They try to tag as many players without getting tagged or out of breath. The players that are tagged are out of the game. If another player grabs the buzzing player from behind and holds him or her until they run out of breath all those that were tagged are free and that player is out of the game.

Caged Lion

Players: Small group

This is one of the simplest of the tag games. If you are looking for a quick start game, this is the one. A player is selected to be the “lion” and takes a position on his hands and knees inside a 10 ft square. Other players tease the lion by standing in the cage area or running through it. The lion tries to tag any of the players. Anyone who is tagged by the lion trades places with him.

Great toys for picnics or the beach!

Chariot War (Game of the Month 5/11)

Required: FlingSocks or rags
Players: Small to large groups

Have players divided into smaller groups of threes. Two of the players link arms and become the “horses.” The third player is the chariot driver and holds onto the horses by their belts. Each driver has a FlingSock or rag tucked under his belt in back and it is able to come out easily if pulled. The teams are lined up, backs to the wall, around the room. On GO, each team tries to steal as many tails as possible without losing its own. When a team loses its tail, it is out of the game. Only a “horse” may grab a tail. The team that keeps its tail receives 25 points and 5 points are given each tail stolen that a team has.

Variations: For wheelchairs use one horse and one driver.

Clothes Pin Tag

Required: Clothes pins and rope
Players: Large groups

Mark off a play area of at least 40ft by 40ft by putting rope on the ground. All players are to receive 5 clothes pins, pinned the back of their shirts. Have them all spread out around the edge of the rope before starting. The object is to try to capture clothes pins from someone else’s back without loosing yours. If you capture a clothes pin you are to go down on one knee while pinning it on your back. While you are on one knee, no one can take a clothes pin from you. If you go out of bounds you loose a clothes pin. There is no pushing and you can only touch clothes pins, no touching or pulling clothes or the body. Any violators will loose one clothes pin to victim. The person with the most clothes pins in the allowed time you choose wins. You can play teams and the team with the most is the winner also.

Corner Corner (Ko na Ko na – Pakistani)

Players: 3 – 5 players

Here’s a game that is played in Pakistani and the children love it. Mark off four corners of a square in a play area. A chalked off area would be helpful on blacktop/sidewalk. One player will stand in the middle and be the person that is it. The other 2-4 players will each stand in one different corners. The object is for the corner players to communicate which two players will switch positions without being tagged by the player in the middle. If a player is tagged, that player is the new middle player.

Submitted by Sonny Shaw, G.R., Michigan (Home Land Pakistan)

Fox Hunts Squirrel

Required: Large play area
Players: Large groups

You need players to be trees, players to be squirrels (half of tree total plus a few) and a few players to be the foxes. For a class size of 22, assign 12 kids be trees. Each of those players will pair up with another to be one tree, which will give you 6 trees. There will be 8 squirrels. This is to create the problem of not enough trees for all the squirrels. There are also two foxes to catch those loose squirrels. For a group of 40, have 22 kids be trees giving you 11 trees, 14 squirrels and 4 foxes.

The trees go out into the play area first. Two people become a tree by standing face to face and holding hands with arms raised over their heads. Once the trees are into position you send out the squirrels to find a home. A squirrel must stand underneath the raised arms to be in a tree. If a squirrel has no home he goes to another squirrels home tap them on the shoulder. That squirrel must leave his home out the other side of the tree and find a new home. Give the squirrels a few minutes of establishing a cycle of tree swapping. Once this has been done, send in the foxes and they are to tag any loose squirrels. Those squirrels tagged are to sit out of the game. After a few squirrels are tagged, start taking away one or two trees (Have someone come in with a chain saw to remove the trees – they will notice that this is changing the squirrel’s habitat. After the kids have played this game then let them choose what they would like to be. You’ll find most players will want to be squirrels and foxes, and few will be trees if any at all. Play out the game and then talk about what went wrong.

Submitted by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

There you have it, our list of 12 fun tag games. Remember, the objective of tag play isn’t to be competitive or to wear the kids out. Tag games are meant to have fun!

Know of a tag game that didn’t make the list? Email it to [email protected] and put “Tag Games” in the subject line. We would be more than happy to add it to the list.

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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