Underwater Football

Required: Football swimming goggles and good swimmers
Players: Small to medium groups

Set up two teams and decide who gets the ball first. Start at the center of the pool with both teams lined up in position. When a play takes place all players must be underwater. The ball can only move with a player underwater. Any player that comes up during a play is out of the play.

Teams get four tries to move the ball to the other side of the pool for a touchdown. When a player is tagged carrying the ball the play is stopped. If they are not successful after four tries the other team gets the ball at that position. The team that has the most points at the end of the game wins. You should consider swimming goggles since there is a need to see underwater.

Submitted by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Water Balloon Dodgeball

Required: Water ballons, 2 plastic tubs
Players: Small to large groups

Have at least 5 water balloons per player. Divide into 2 groups on opposite sides of a line with each side having their balloons in a plastic tub. If you are hit with a water balloon you are out (like dodgeball). Last one in wins.

Submitted by Meghan Russell

Water Balloon Relay Race (Game of the Month 8/07)

Required: Water ballons, chairs
Players: Small to large groups

You can have as many teams as you want. Set up a chair for each team with a water balloon in the seat. Each player must run to the chair, sit on the balloon till it pops,then run and tag the next player. You will need to put a new balloon in after each one is popped. First team to pop all balloons and cross the finish line wins.

Submitted by Sarah Russell

Water Bomb Game

Required: Pool, Splash Water Bombs and hula-hoops
Players: Small groups

You can start out with two players and add on to this game as you go. Set up a hula-hoop at each end of the pool and give each player 2-3 water bombs. Each player will try to get his or her water bombs into the other person’s hoop. They will receive one point for each completion. They cannot touch to hoop unless it starts to float out of bounds but they can block shots and catch the bombs. This will be a very active game and keep the kids very busy. You can add an additional player to each team. Our water bombs do float and make sure the person that is in the deep knows how to float too.

Water Bomb Tag

Required: Splash Water Bomb or sponge and bucket of water
Players: Small to large groups

The person who is “it” throws the wet water bomb to tag other players. If hit, they are the new “thrower”. This can also be played with many variations of the game such as Frozen Tag, etc.

Water Bomb Target

Required: Splash Water Bombs targets and trees
Players: Small to medium groups

Hang up targets on trees or playground equipment. Targets can be made out of cardboard, paper plates, aluminum pie pans or anything creative. Assign different points to each target depending on position and distance. You can keep points by teams or individuals. When a target is hit they receive points for assigned target.

Water Toss

Required: Zip lock bags and buckets of water
Players: Small to large groups

Open zip lock bags into buckets of clean water, then seal. Use these to toss back and forth instead of balloons. If they fall and open up, refill in containers again. This is a lot easier and quicker than balloons. Any one that has latex allergies can participate.

Fun Gripper Flyer – “Best soft flyer”

Wet Sweatshirt Dunk Relay

Required: Buckets, water and large sweatshirts
Players: Small to large groups

Divide up into teams and players should have clothes on that they can get wet in. Each team should have one sweatshirt and one bucket full of water. Place buckets at the start of the line and the first person on each team is to dunk the sweatshirt into the bucket, put on the sweatshirt, run down the field and back and take off sweatshirt. The next player on that team will do the same. You can allow them to try and take off the sweatshirt while they are running back to the next player. For added fun why not make it a whole sweat outfit with large sweatpants and sweat shirt. Remember it has to be re-dunked before the next player puts on the sweats.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Wet Sweatshirt Race

Required: Pool and old large sweatshirts
Players: Small to large groups

Set up teams as to how many sweatshirts you have and good swimmers. If you have various levels of swimmers use the short length of the pool so that the weak swimmers can go across the shallow. Each team will have one sweatshirt; the first person on each team will put on the sweatshirt and everyone else will line up behind them. On go the leader will jump into the water and swim across the pool and back. Once back, that player will have to take off the sweatshirt and give to the next player to put on and do the same. But it’s not that easy getting a wet sweatshirt off and it’s even harder putting on a wet shirt. Some will try to take it off while out of the pool. The easiest and fastest way is to take it off while in the water and while holding onto the hands of the next player so that it slides over the next player’s arms. That’s the trick but don’t tell anyone until one team needs to catch up.

Submitted by Pam Pierce

Wet T-shirt Balloon Relay (Game of the Month 6/07)

Required: Pool, T-shirts and balloons
Players: Small groups

Divide players into 2-4 teams of about 4-8 players. Make sure that all players know how to swim because they will have to swim the full length of the pool. If the pool has a rope to separate the shallow from the deep leave that in the pool. If it does not have a rope, you must add a rope that the players will have to swim under if at all possible. You can either have one large t-shirt that will be passed off to each player during the race or everyone will have his or her own t-shirt on.

On go the first player from each team will put on the t-shirt, take one balloon and jump into the water. Once they are in the water they will put the balloon under their t-shirt before they can swim away. When they have the balloon placed under their t-shirt, they will swim to the other end of the pool and back. If you have a rope they will have to swim under the rope that is stretched across the pool, this is not an easy accomplishment. The balloon tends to pop out depending on how it is placed, either in the front or on the back. Let them choose where to carry their balloon and the whole team will see the advantages of balloon position as they go. If a balloon pops out the swimmer is to return to that position where it was dislodged, replace the balloon and continue. The first team to complete the rotation wins.

Submitted by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Zinger Toss

Required: Pool, two to four Zingers and hula-hoops
Players: Small groups

You could start out with two players and see if it will allow more later. Set up a hoop at each end of the pool and give each player a Zinger. Each player will take a turn trying to get his or her Zinger into the other person’s hoop. They will receive one point for each completion. You can add on to this game with more Zingers, ideas and players. Always make sure the players in the deep end know how to swim.

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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