Product Safety:
This product uses a spring steel loop that will pop open quickly! Caution must be used in the handling of this product. Small children should never be allowed to fold this product with out adult supervision. Discard if steel loop is broken or if this product is damaged. It is not fireproof. The fabric will burn if it is left in continuous contact with flame and heat source. Keep all flame and heat sources away from this product. Please thoroughly read instruction sheet before using this product.

Due to continual changes and improvements to our products, the colors and specifications of out products may vary. Product may differ from photos shown.

Game Safety:
Although these games are meant to be safe and fun, all games are to be played at your-own-risk. We highly recommended that you always have an adult evaluate the appropriateness of the games and activities according to the age, needs and personality of your group. There may be potential risks involved and appropriate safety precautions should be followed before you play any game. Fun-Attic Inc. is not responsible for any injuries or accidents, nor has it any control over the use or misuse of any of the games and activities suggested on our pages.

If you feel any game or activity is unsafe or inappropriate, please let us know and we will evaluate your request.

Please be careful and have fun.

Thank you,
Fun-Attic Management