Saying goodbye to Lawn Jarts

We receive many emails and calls looking for the game Lawn Jarts (also known as Lawn Darts). Yes, we’ve even had the game ourselves. It’s a lot of fun. Lawn JartsYou play the game by tossing underhanded a large steel lawn dart that has a plastic fins. The dart is tossed back and forth to two large hoops. The object is to get the lawn dart into the circle.

You receive points for each dart the makes it into the circle. So why can’t you find this game anymore? The game is no longer sold because of the potential danger involved due to the long steel points on the darts. Retailers are no longer allowed to sell it. Many are looking for replacement fins for their old set or even a set for themselves. Your best bet to find this collectors item is at a garage sale, antique store or through some type of chat group, newsgroup or auction.

We carry two types of yard tossing games, Soft Shoes and the very popular Muckers. The best alterative for the actual Lawn Jarts game is to use 4 FlingSocks (2 different colors) in place of the jarts and use rope, hose or even Hula Hoops for the rings. Please check out both these games that we offer to see if they will meet your needs.

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