Easy Juggling

Juggling is not difficult if you use the right juggling balls and take it a step at a time.

Juggling Secret -The key to juggling is making consistent throws.

Step 1: – Buy Fun Gripper Juggling balls.

Step 2: – Start with just one ball. Throw the ball back and forth from one hand to the other in a gentle arc. They should go about the height of Novice Juggleryour head. It is not all that impressive to your audience but you must master this little move before you go to step 3.

Step 3: – Hold one ball in each hand. Start by tossing the ball in your left hand just like you did in step 2. When it starts to come back down, throw the right hand ball to the inside of the first ball coming down.
Catch the first ball in your right hand. A moment later catch the other ball in your left hand AND STOP. You should now have one ball in each hand and a smile on your face. Practice step 3 until all of your throws look the same. You must practice until this seems very easy to you. Always pause after both balls are caught.

Step 4: – You are now an expert two-ball juggler. However, there is a very small demand for two- ball jugglers. You must master three-ball juggling if you ever plan to impress anyone. Here we go. Place two balls in your
left hand Intermediate Juggler and 1 ball in your right. Start just as you did in When the ball from your right hand starts to come down, toss the second ball that was in your left hand. You are now juggling. Juggler’s secret: Stop Before You Drop! When you have successfully caught all three step 3, throwing one of the balls in your left hand first. balls, STOP and set up for your next attempt. “Why stop?” you may ask. Because when you are first learning to juggle, you will probably be loosing control by the time you throw the third ball. If your tosses are wild, you are about to drop a ball. You can save yourself the frustration of dropping lots of balls by stopping before you lose control. When your third toss is looking as good as your first and second tosses, you may continue juggling.

Step 5: -Practice, practice, practice and make up clever excuses for why you just dropped a ball. Then you are ready to perform.

Expert JugglerCongratulations! You are now a true juggler. In time you will be able to to juggle anything but your schedule.

Important note: Do NOT try to juggle any sharp or potentially dangerous items.

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