Ancient Kites

The fascination with kites goes way back in the history of the human race. The origin of the kite is not totally certain but we do know that kites can be traced back at least 2000 years where they were used to fish by attaching bait to the tail. Kite flying history Some of the earliest kite tales whether fact or folklore involved their use by the ancient armies. One story is of the famous Chinese general, Han Hsin who, around 200 BC, was attempting to overthrow a tyrannical Emperor.

He flew a kite directly over the Emperor’s palace, then measured the string to determine how long to dig a tunnel that would bring the troops within the palace walls. They were of course victorious Emperor was overthrown. Thus marked the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty. Kites were also used in both China and Japan for many different festivals and celebrations. Kite fighting was (and still is) a popular sport in many Eastern countries. In this game they would coat the string with powdered glass, sharp sand, ground pottery or anything sharp or abrasive in an attempt to cut the string of the opponent’s kite.

Recent History

In the eighteenth century kites were being used as scientific tools such as monitoring weather conditions. And of course we all know about when right here in the United States, in 1752, Benjamin Franklin he Benjamin Franklin discovers electicity flew his kite during a thunderstorm to prove that lightning and electricity had the same kite_benfrankproperties. Alexander Graham Bell also did many experiments with kites that aided him in his endeavors (When he told people that he had discovered the telephone, they did not tell him to go fly a kite!). Kites helped scientists to understand aerodynamic principles, which paved the way for invention of the airplane. In 1894 Lawrence Hargrave was lifted from the ground by a train 4 kites. He is credited with developing several styles of kites and gliders in his experiments to build a flying machine.

Fun With Kites

Today kites are more popular than ever. From this simplest Kite flying funstyles for the beginner to the very complex and specialty kites for stunts, games or just pure entertainment, kites are here to stay. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials to fit any need. There are flying clubs and festivals that you can attend. There are games to play, tricks to learn and fun ideas to try such as:

  • Send someone a message by attaching a banner behind your kite and let it fly
  • Attach a flag to the kite string and fly it high in the sky
  • Attach some small battery powered lights and try some night flying (beware of calls sighting UFO’s)

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Safety First!

Flying kites is a fun and rewarding activity for the entire family and if you observe some common sense rules about how and when you fly, you will enjoy many hours of safe and trouble free excitement.
Always fly with the safety of yourself and others in mind.

  • Do not fly if there is any threat of thunderstorms or lighting
  • Consider the Wind conditions that are appropriate for you and your kite
  • Always fly your kite in an open area and keep well away from:
    1. Trees
    2. Power lines
    3. Buildings
    4. People
    5. Roads
    6. Any other hazards that could interfere with you or your kite

Extra Warning! Do NOT attempt to fly a kite near power lines!

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