Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Looking for a monthly subscription box for kids? If you’ve ever ventured into the online video platform that is YouTube, you more than likely to have come across a series of ‘unboxing videos.’ These can often be created in relation to high-end technology releases, but more often than not, channels will dedicate a lot of their videos towards the unboxing of subscription boxes, often with great success.

Subscription boxes have become something of a trend, with a plethora of different companies offering different mystery boxes each month centered around a specific niche or trend. These boxes help unleash the inner-child in us all, so it was only a matter of time before children got their own version of this popular business model.

Here we take a look at some of the best monthly subscription boxes for kids, and what kind of contents they can expect to find when opening the box.

Nerd Block Jr: Boys

As the name would suggest, Nerd Block Jr is aimed towards kids with a vested interest in popular culture and video games. The box is designed for boys aged 6 to 11, and generally contained a mixture of around 4 to 6 toys with each box.

Nerd Block is something of a pioneer in the subscription box industry, often merited as being one of the best monthly subscription boxes for kids, and as such offer a slew of different boxes focusing on different niches. The toys included within Nerd Block Jr for boys can have a value of $40, but the actual box only costs $13.99 per month. While children aren’t able to select what toys they receive, there is very little reason as to why your little ones should be disappointed with the contents.

Shipping is prompt, and past boxes have included a plethora of high-quality toys, including Pokémon plush toys, Super Mario figurines and stationery centered around a specific television program or movie.

Nerd Block Jr: Girls

Just as with Nerd Block Jr for boys, this box is aimed at girls aged 6 to 11, and again includes mixture of 4 to 6 toys in each box. Evidently, the toys contained within this particular box are aimed towards geeks and nerds who are female.

Past toys included within Nerd Block Jr for girls include Hello Kitty vinyl figures, temporary tattoos, Pez dispensers and stationery. This subscription box is also $13.99 per month, with the box holding a clue of $40.00. As before, girls are unable to pick the contents of the box, but as so many boxes have been embraced positively in the past, there’s very little reason as to why any budding geek should be disappointed with the contents.

Game Box Monthly

Of course, not every kid wants an abundance of toys each month, there are those who are interested in other things, such as board games. Not only are board games an ideal pastime for children of all ages, but it’s also something that parents can join in with, making for some true quality time.

However, there are many board and table top games released each month, and only playing the ones we’re familiar with can become a little lackluster. Fortunately, Game Box Monthly looks to offer a slew of new additions to the genre, by offering gamers a new indie game or expansion pack each month. And don’t worry if your child already has a series of table top games, as Game Box Monthly will inquire as to what table top games are already owned before curating a box, so subscribers are never getting the same table top game twice.

The games received are enjoyable and original, and all for a fee of $30.50 per month. Should you want to pay for a number of months in advance, then you could save even more money. For $88.50, your child is able to enjoy three months of Game Box Monthly, whereas $177.00 will ensure your child receives subscription boxes for six months.

Past games have included ‘Castle Panic,’ ‘Skull’ and ‘Sobek.’

Doodle Crate

If you’d rather your children had a more artistic outlook, then why not consider the Doodle Crate. Rather than supply children with toys and goodies each month, it actually gives them a series of art and crafts materials to help ignite their artistic side.

Doodle Crates contain a series of different materials each month, so if your child enjoys the art and craft material they receive, they could find that they soon have an extensive collection of paints, brushes, stencils and paper to help them get their creative juices flowing.

What’s more, parents can join in and help their children with their next project, allowing for some bonding time that both will enjoy.

Boxes started from $19.95 per month with free shipping in the US, however you can save more money by choosing to make a commitment to a number of months.

Hobbytron RC Subscription Box

If your child is a little more technical-minded, or is merely looking for something that offers something original to the other subscription boxes on offer, then a Hobbytron RC subscription box could be a good investment.

Rather than send a curated box of toys, children will receive a radio-controlled vehicle each month. Some of the radio-controlled toys sent in the past have included a helicopter, racing car and even a drone.

Plans start at $29.95 per month, so it is a little more expensive than some of the options. That said, you are given a radio-controlled toy of a value up to $60. There is also a six-month and twelve-month plan if you want to commit to this particular box for a set period of time. Each separate subscription offers a free drone, with the value depending on which subscription you choose.

While a little more expensive, the Hobbytron RC Subscription Box offers real value, as well as offering a unique take on the subscription box business model.

Groovy Lab in a Box

Convincing children that learning can be fun can be somewhat difficult, but thanks to Groovy Lab in a Box, getting children to learn while they have fun has just become a whole lot easier. The boxes are aimed towards children of 8 years old and upwards, and often include a series of hands-on activities centering on themes of science, technology and math.

Groovy Lab in a Box understands its demographic as natural engineers, so all activities look to fuse Scientific Inquiry and the Engineering Design Process, allowing for kids to create some truly ingenious inventions, as well as toning their problem-solving skills.

Past boxes have included a number of themes, including ‘Shake It Up,’ which gives children a taste of being an earthquake engineer, and ‘For The Birds,’ which looks to teach children about birds and their feeding habits.

From a price point-of-view, Groovy Lab in a Box is at the higher end of the scale at $29.95, but in all honesty, it offers so much value in a number of different ways, it can be a worthwhile investment. Should you not wish to make a full-time commitment, there are singular boxes that can be purchased, but these currently retail at $36.95 each, although a discount can be earned if you decided to opt for more than one box during one transaction.

Shipping within the US is completely free, and there are a number of subscription options that could save you more money depending on your commitment.


Before approaching what’s in this box, it’s worth pointing out that this is one of the more expensive boxes, costing $40.00 per month. Evidently, this can be a bit cumbersome for some budgets, but the aim of the box is to teach children coding, a skill that will become more and more prevalent in an ever-evolving world.

The box is aimed towards both boys and girls aged between six and twelve. The box includes an activity book that contains links to between 12 and 20 apps. Trading cards are also included and are marketed as challenges for children. These again are apps, although these contain more advanced concepts than generic apps that look to get your children to look at coding in a non-threatening way.

There is also a series of stickers than be used to track a child’s progress, as well as some genuine code for children to practice with.

Bitsbox is an excellent idea that benefits children in a number of different ways, as well as giving them access to a life skill that’s going to be vital during their adult life, making it shine among the best subscription boxes for kids.

There’s no additional charge for shipping, although this could be factored into the overall cost of the subscription box.


If your child is an avid fan of LEGO, then why not consider a Brickbox? Depending on which option you pick, your child will be introduced to a series of models and figures from both LEGO and Brickbox. Each month children are sent bricks that conform to a particular theme. For example, ‘Superheroes’ included a series of Marvel-themed bricks, whereas ‘Arcade’ included Super Mario figurines and LEGO Mixels.

Brickbox also offers three subscription levels, depending on your budget, which are set out as follows:

Brickbox Loot: If your child is only interested in collection mini figurines, that this option will serve that purpose. Each month your child will receive brand new figurine, as well as accessories for $13.99 per month (shipping costs $5.99 if being shipped to North America,) or $159.99 for 12 months should you wish to commit for that period of time.

Brickbox Mini: There is no set agenda for the Brickbox Mini, one month it could be a collection of mini figurines, the next it could be a brick set with some additional toys thrown in for good measure. For example, the ‘Arcade’ box included a Pac-Man plush along with the bricks. This box retails for $19.99 per month (shipping costs $9.99 if being shipped to North America) or you can choose a 12-month commitment and pay $219.99.


If your child enjoys the Brickbox Mini, then you can order more of the same and receive even more goodies for $29.99 per month. Again, each box will come with an assortment of mini figurines as well as a brick set, combined with a series of other toys and paraphernalia. Should you wish to commit to the Brickbox, there are a couple of other options you may be interested in. The 3-month plan costs an upfront payment of $85.99, whereas the 12-month option costs $329.99.

Girls Can! Crate

Although the subject matter can have polarizing views, it is thought that toys nowadays are more gender-orientated than 50 years ago, with many girls’ toys focusing on appearance. There is also a vested interest in making young girls realize their true worth and just what they’re capable, regardless of their gender.

As such, the Girls Can! Crate looks to empower girls from an early age with its subscription box. An example of a box in the past is ‘The Pioneering Nurse,’ which introduced girls to Florence Nightingale and including items such as an activity book, and trait cards that looks to empower girls and give them more confidence moving forward.

Gender equality can be something of a touchy issue, but there’s no denying that even from a parent’s point of view, we wouldn’t our daughters to grow into strong and confident women.  This box looks to steer young women in the right direction, and help them realize their full potential for $29.95, with crates designed for both single children and those with siblings.

This is only the top of the iceberg when it comes to children’s subscription boxes. Depending on your child’s interests, you could probably find that there is a subscription box that covers your niche. However, the ones on this list have been proven to be among the best subscription boxes for kids that provide value and ensure that a speedy delivery is carried out each and every time. Sure, we’re not able to see the contents of the box beforehand, but isn’t that half the fun?