Quoits In It’s Younger Days

Greek AthleteGreek athletes enjoyed the game where it was a sport to throw a discus. Later the game evolved from distance to accuracy and stakes were added. Quoits became very popular among the English Noblemen. British Soldiers played Quoits British solders played the game of Quoits while in America during the American Revolutionary War. The British and American solders used it to pass the time.

The common man couldn’t afford to have a set of Quoits made and so horseshoes became the next best thing.The beginning of horseshoes

The game is made up of two stakes and four rings which are called hobs. It can be played with two players and each player will receive two rings to toss from one end of the play area. Once they have tossed from one end, the score will be tallied and then the rings will be toss back from the opposite end. If you have four players, teammates are at opposite ends of the court and where they remain the whole game. The stakes are set about 18 – 20 feet apart. Scoring varies by whose version you play. If the hob is only one ring away, you receive one point. For a leaner or hobber you receive two points. If you throw a ringer you receive three points and if the other team throws a ringer on top of yours they receive points for your ringer and theirs.

Quoits setupQuoits setup Quoits tournaments take place throughout the United States and in Canada. At Fun-Attic Sports and Toys we carry Muckers, which is rubber version of the steel Quoits. The rubber version has become very popular
because it is constructed for all ages. Young children starting out will not cut up their hands from sharp steel edges. The more experienced players will appreciate the feel of the weighted natural rubber rings. To find out more, be sure to visit our Muckers page.

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