Simmons LRF 600 Review: A Rangefinder You Can Depend On

If you’re a hunting enthusiast in search of an affordable and reliable rangefinder, you’ve probably come across a Simmons LRF 600 review or two that swears by this model. This offering from Simmons is not only pocket-friendly but also has a great reputation for being accurate and reliable.

But let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely that a lower-end rangefinder will have the advanced features you get in high-end models. And this begs the question, what makes the Simmons LRF 600 special and does it pack everything you need in a good rangefinder? There’s only one way to find out.

About Simmons LRF 600

The Simmons LRF 600 targets the everyday hunter. The manufacturer advertises a 600 yards range on a highly reflective target. And a quick overview of this equipment’s features says that it’s compact and effective.

However, since it’s among the lower-end models on the market, you shouldn’t expect some of the features you get from high-end models. But unless you need all the bells and whistles, these everyday rangefinders may be all you need.

But the real reason you’re here is to find out if this rangefinder will deliver in practical settings. So let’s get this Simmons LRF 600 review started and find out.


If you’re looking for a rangefinder that will impress your friends and make you stand out, the Simmons LRF 600 is not the one. At first glance, this range finder looks simple and doesn’t have much going on in terms of design. But that’s the beauty of the Simmons LRF 600 laser rangefinder.

This rangefinder weighs about 7.7 ounces and has a compact and efficient vertical design. Not to mention, it’s pocket-sized, and the manufacturer doesn’t waste any of the space on features that don’t boost its functionality.

In simple terms, the Simmons LRF 600 is made to get the job done. And if you don’t like carrying a lot of stuff on your hunting trip, this is something you’ll appreciate.

We also love that this rangefinder doesn’t feature menus and settings. The LRF 600 features an LCD system that only requires pressing the power button to activate it. And when you need to aim the device at a target, hold down the power button until the readings display on the screen. Not to mention, the LCD features illuminated indicators for better visibility.

Overall, the LCD is clear and easy to read. The only disadvantage is that LCD can be hard to read in low light conditions.

We also didn’t like the camera battery compartment. The Simmons LRF 600 4x rangefinder features a camera that uses a 9-volt alkaline battery. To access the battery compartment, you need to unscrew it, which isn’t very convenient.


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The single-button operation of the Simoons LRF 600 makes it hassle-free to use. By pressing the power button, you instantly get the range to the target. The fact that this rangefinder is feature-poor is another factor that makes it easy to use.

Since you don’t have to fumble with features like angle measurements and equivalent horizontal distance, among others, you won’t have trouble using the device.

This rangefinder only provides you with a line of straight distance to your target. It’s up to you to estimate the actual range if your aim is up or downslope from you.


As we mentioned, the rangefinder uses a single 9-bolt battery. I know wham/5-best-rangefinders-for-bow-hunting/t you’re thinking. Do 9-volt batteries still exist? Yes, they do. But like CR2 batteries, you may have a hard time finding them.

Simmons 801405 Rangefinder, 4x20LRF 600

  • 4x Optical magnification
  • 5-600 yard capacity, accurate to +/- 1 yard
  • Simple one-button operation

It would have been great if the manufacturer used AA batteries instead, but this shouldn’t be a problem. The Simmons LRF 600 has an excellent battery life. By the time you need new batteries, you’ll have used it a couple of times.


The Simmons LRF 600 has a 4x magnification and a range of 600 yards. It’s also accurate to within about one yard. However, most people have found that they can only reach the 600-yard range with very bright or reflective objects.

For this reason, you should expect a range of about 400 yards for objects like trees and even less for something like a deer. It’s possible to get rangefinders with higher magnification and range, but you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to afford them.

However, if you’re a beginner, this may be one of the best rangefinders for bowhunting and other activities because it gives you a line of sight distance to your target.

You’ll, however, have one challenge. Because it doesn’t feature an inclinometer, you may have a hard time determining the equivalent horizontal distance of objects that aren’t level to your position.

  Light gathering capability

The Simmons LRF 600 rangefinder lacks fully multicoated optics. For this reason, you shouldn’t expect superior light gathering capability. The rangefinder does an excellent job in bright sunlight, but it’s not the best in low lit conditions.

In fact, the LCD is almost impossible to read in low light conditions. Therefore, if you’re looking for a rangefinder you can use in the early morning hours or late at night, the LRF 600 laser rangefinder may not be the best one for you.

  Simmons LRF 600 optics and focus

One of the disadvantages of this rangefinder is that you can’t adjust the focus because it’s fixed. Nonetheless, we appreciate the fact that objects appear crisp and clear from 10 to 600 yards.

Not to mention, the magnification doesn’t interfere with the clarity in any way, which is a bonus. This rangefinder also offers an excellent field view.

How We Reviewed

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Our goal is to give you the most honest Simmons LRF 600 review to help you make an informed decision. For this reason, we left no stone unturned when gathering information about this rangefinder.

We began by analyzing its features paying close attention to durability, functionality, efficiency, ease of use, and overall value.

Afterward, we went through online customer reviews to get an idea of how the rangefinder performs in real settings. And we didn’t stop there. We also compared the Simmons LRF 600 to three of the top brands in the market to determine whether or not it’s the best rangefinder in its class.

Simmons LRF 600 Review: Our Thoughts

This rangefinder checks a lot of boxes in our books. It may not have all the bells and whistles you get in high-end models, but some incredible factors make it a leader of the pack.

It’s efficient, easy to use, and most importantly, get’s the job done. We believe it would be an excellent rangefinder for beginners who do not need sophisticated features.

One of our favorite things about this rangefinder is its simplicity. Although it has a cheap-looking plastic housing, it’s fairly rugged. Not to mention, it’s lightweight and offers an excellent grip.

We also love that it’s weather-resistant, which means you can enjoy hunting even in the rain and snow. Unfortunately, the Simmons LRF 600 fogs up in cold weather because the optics-barrel is not nitrogen-filled.

All in all, if you’re looking for a rangefinder for your occasional hunt, the Simmons LRF 600 will get the job done.

Simmons LRF 600 Review: What Are

 Customers Saying?

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This Simmons LRF 600 review wouldn’t be complete without including buyers’ experience. While exploring the rangefinder’s features is essential, customers’ experience gives you a real picture of what to expect.

Online shoppers love this rangefinder, and the majority of customers agree that it’s one of the best rangefinders for bowhunting.

One of the things customers are raving about is this rangefinder’s ease of use. Buyers love that they don’t have to fumble with a lot of features, and they can operate the device by the touch of a button.

Some buyers also rave about the rangefinder’s accuracy and simple interface. However, the majority of users aren’t crazy about the battery compartment. Most people have complained that it’s difficult to open and only makes it easier for the device to run our of power if they don’t manage to remove the battery.

Furthermore, buyers don’t like that they can’t use this rangefinder late at night or early in the morning due to the hard to read LCD. Here’s a summary of their pros and cons.


  • Ergonomic

  • Lightweight

  • Excellent eye relief

  • Incredible field of view

  • Easy to use


  • The accuracy dramatically decreases after 300 yards

  • Fogs up easily

  • Without an inclinometer, you don’t get angle measurements or equivalent horizontal distance

Simmons LRF 600 Review: How Does It Stack

up to the Competition

A good Simmons LRF 600 review will also tell you how this rangefinder compares to the competition. We selected three of the most popular options and compared them to the LRF 600 4X rangefinder.

Let’s find out if this rangefinder is the best option.

Wosports Rechargeable Hunting Rangefinder

Wosports Rechargeable Hunting Rangefinder, 800 Yards USB Charging…

  • Convenient USB Charging: Equipped with 3.7V 750mah rechargeable lithium battery, A micro USB cable (included) could be…
  • About the reflectivity of the measured object varies: High reflectivity (such as street signs),moderate reflectivity…
  • 800 YARD HUNTING LASER RANGEFINDER – Features the latest technology, it can measure up to longer distance of 800 yards;…

If you think the Simmons LRF 600 is too simple for your hunting needs, you may want to consider the Wosports Rechargeable Hunting Rangefinder.

This rangefinder falls in the same class as the Simmons rangefinder. However, it has better and more features compared to the LRF 600.

For starters, you get a wider range of up to 800 yards. Also, the rangefinder features a 6x magnification. What’s more, the rangefinder features a convenient USB charging port, which saves you the need to replace the battery every time it runs out.

Not to mention, the Wosports range finder is water-resistant and has a measuring time of 0.5 to 1 second, which means you’ll be getting results instantly. Also, customers have nothing but good things to say about this range finder.

We believe it would be an excellent option for anyone looking for something with more modern features.


  • Water-resistant

  • Excellent field of view

  • Efficient

  • Clear

  • Rechargeable


  • Doesn’t feature angle compensated distance

  • Fogs up

Where to buy

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder – 6×24 Laser Range Finder for…

  • HUNTING LASER RANGEFINDER; Tired of cheap rangefinders with short ranges of measurement? Our PROWILD Laser Rangefinder…
  • SPEED, SCAN and HUNT TECHNOLOGY; Provides fast measurement with +/- 1 yard accuracy.
  • THROUGH THE LENS DISPLAY; Premium, ultra clear, multilayered optics with easy read, through the lens display with…

The TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder is quite similar to the Simmons LRF 600. It has a range of 540 yards, it’s water-resistant, lightweight, and doesn’t include the bells and whistles you get with the higher-end models.

The only reason we’d prefer this rangefinder over the LRF 600 is due to its unique design. If you like standing out, the unique exterior design will, without a doubt, make you the center of attention.

However, with a maximum range of 540 yards, you may not be getting results close to what you get with the LRF 600.

When it comes to these two, it’s a matter of personal preference.


  • Easy to use

  • Incredible design

  • Lightweight


  • Has a limited range compared to Simmons

  • May not be the most durable

Where to buy

TACKLIFE MLR01 900 Yard Laser Rangefinder

Hunting Rangefinder 900 Yards 7X Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor,…

  • 900 YARD/7X MAGNIFICATION – Features the latest technology, it can measure up to longer distance of 900 yards; 7x…
  • RANGE/SPEED/SCANNING/ PIN MODEL – Four model can be changed freely. It is capable of straight line…
  • CONVENIENT USB CHARGING – Equipped with 750mah rechargeable lithium battery, it can measure more than 30000 times after…

TACKLIFE MLR01 900 Yard Laser Rangefinder is an excellent option for the hunter who looking for some incredible features.

With a range of 900 yards and a magnification of 7x, you can rest assured you’ll have an easy time spotting your target.

This rangefinder can also measure straight line distance, vertical height, angle, and horizontal distance. And that’s not all. The Tacklife rangefinder also features USB charging, which means you won’t have to keep replacing your battery.

Not to mention, it’s water-resistant so you can use it all year round. When it comes to Tacklife vs. Simmons LRF 600 review our bet is on Tacklife. You get so much more from this rangefinder.


  • Water-resistant

  • Wide range and magnification

  • Easy to use

  • Efficient


  • Sensitive focus adjustment

  • The display is hard to read

Where to buy

Simmons LRF 600 Review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a lightweight rangefinder that’s compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light to carry in your pocket, you won’t go wrong with the Simmons LRF 600.

This range finder is extremely easy to use. It may not have the features you expect in high-end models, but it gets the job done. However, if you’re looking for a rangefinder with more features and functionality, this may not be the best option.

Was this Simmons LRF 600 review useful? What do you think about this rangefinder? Let us know in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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