Soft-Shoes set includes – 4 shoes, 2 yellow pegs & carry strap


  • Made of 100% natural rubber
  • Easy to grip and throw
  • Raised numbers on each shoe for easy identification
  • No sharp edges safe for all especially children
  • Will not oxidize or breakdown if left outdoors for years


  • Made of 100% polypropylene for resiliency
  • Designed at University of Calgary with easystep-in feature. No need for hammers or mallets
  • Bright and visible colors for easy recognition
  • By planting the pegs in the ground with the step portions facing opposite directions the vertical integrity of the pegs are always constant. The pegs do not fall over or require constant replanting.


  • A portable carrier for the games to throw over your shoulder and carry anywhere
  • Design means you never lose any of the games component parts
  • Made of sturdy webbing, Velcro, embroidered label, double stitching
  • Never loose instructions as they are sewn on back label
  • Loop on top of strap for hanging game on a nail or peg
  • Strap is approximately 3′ long so it can be used to measure the playing pit of 15′ or 18′
  • It looks cool and people do a double take when you walk down the street with Soft-Shoes on your back


The best – backyards, lawns, any grass covered surface!
At the beach – play near the waters edge in the wet sand to help keep the pegs vertical.

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Product Knowledge

  • Improves Gross Motor Learning Skills
  • Improves Hand/Eye Coordination
  • The game parts are durable
  • Easy directions to read and understand
  • No parts to assemble
  • Keeps a longer interest and attention span, they’re occupied for hours
  • Safe game with no sharp edges
  • Well, kids actually love Soft Shoes
  • Smart kids with pegs close together 10-12′ and increase distance as they master the games


  • A form of a good mild exercise
  • Not strenuous
  • Outdoor participation/activity
  • Everybody loves the games of Quoits and horseshoes
  • A family game (something to play with the grandchildren)
  • A comfortable game, not complicated to understand or explain


  • Can be played in teams or singles
  • Can be played at the beach, park, and backyard – virtually anywhere
  • They are portable, lightweight (2.5lbs)
  • Will not chew up the grass
  • Great for barbecues, picnics, party’s, family outings or any outdoor function

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