Best Kids Fishing Pole to Start Them off Young

So, you’re trying to help a child learn how to fish. Getting them the best kids fishing pole is a great way to boost their learning. It’s easier to keep them interested in fishing if it’s fun and easy.
​Now, how do you find the best kids fishing pole? Well, it takes some thought and comparison. However, it’ll be easy once you have the right information.

Common Questions About Kids Fishing Poles

Before comparing your options, it’s best to ensure that you know all the essential information about children’s fishing poles. The rules of thumb for adult fishing poles don’t necessarily carry over, so this information is crucial.
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What’s the difference between fishing poles and rods?

Traditionally, a fishing pole typically has a fixed amount of fishing line tied to one end. Fishing rods are more elaborate and often have reels of fishing line, allowing you to cast further.
However, the terms are practically interchangeable these days. In popular speech, a fishing pole is a simple fishing rod. These modern fishing poles can do anything a traditional one does, and much more.

How do you use a kids fishing pole?

Children’s fishing poles are generally simple designs that don’t require much technique. You cast it like a regular fishing rod, and you can usually use the same lures and hooks.
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Are kids fishing poles safe?

Getting the right fishing pole for your child’s ability level is a good way to increase fishing safety. As long as you pick the right location and keep a watchful eye on the little fisher, it will be a safe activity. Remember to never let children out of sight near the water.
Keep in mind that children should not fish where there are large fish, as they could potentially pull them into the water. Be mindful of the location and the lures on your child’s fishing pole, and it’ll be fine.
Be present and help your kids with difficult catches. Also, it’s best to teach them ahead of time what to do in case of a struggle.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Kids Fishing Pole

What makes a pole the best kids fishing pole? There are a number of factors that influence how well a children’s fishing pole will serve your child, so let’s examine each of these key qualities.

Manageable weight

It’s essential that you get a pole that suits the child’s strength. It should be possible to cast the line with one hand and maintain control without fatigue once they get the hang of the technique.
Fishing with a rod that’s too heavy is no fun. Plus, it can be dangerous if the child can’t control the weight. Always check the recommended age for a pole before buying it.

The appropriate length

The best kids fishing pole is one that allows for safe, easy casting. That requires a fitting length. Whether it’s too long or too short, the wrong length makes a rod tricky and potentially dangerous for children.
However, it’s wise to stay on the shorter side. It may not be the most efficient or far-reaching solution, but it will be easier for kids to learn the right technique.
Telescopic poles let you adjust the length. The difference between fully extended and fully retracted can be vast.
Another benefit of telescopic designs is portability. Surely, you’ll find it much easier to transport a compacted pole.

Beginner-friendly handling

Beyond fishing, there are other issues your child may encounter. For example, you’ve probably cursed at a tangled reel more than once.
Therefore, a tangle-free reel is worth the slight extra cost. Fishing should be fun, and a tangled mess can ruin fishing for a child.
Also, reels with one-button release action make casting much easier. So, keep an eye out for these features to ensure that you can teach your child fishing with ease and joy.


None of those fancy features mean anything if the rod doesn’t last. Sure, kids grow fast, but the best kids fishing pole can be with them for a few years.
Since children can be quite rough with things, the best kids fishing pole must be able to withstand heavy-handed use. Therefore, carbon fiber is an ideal material for the best kids fishing pole. Other recommendable materials include graphite and fiberglass.

How We Reviewed

We’ve scoured the web for information on the best kids fishing pole options. Input from real users is important to get a good understanding, so we’ve looked at their opinions and ratings.

​We also consulted some fishing enthusiasts for some suggestions on the best, so we could bring you the best there is.

​User experiences from buyers on sites like Amazon are a key source for our assessment of each candidate for the title of the best kids fishing pole.

The Best Kids Fishing Pole Options

There’s no end-all-be-all fishing pole for kids. Depending on your child’s age, the goals of their fishing experience, and your budget, the best kids fishing pole can mean different things.
Therefore, a variety of fishing poles designed for different people is essential. These top choices appear in no particular order, as the best kids fishing pole for you depends on your circumstances.

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole,Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel…

  • Kids will enjoy hours of angling fun with this PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Kit. It comes complete with a telescopic fishing…
  • Choose a lightweight fishing rod that is soft and flexible. For most kids, one that is four or five feet in length will…
  • Adult fishing equipment will be too cumbersome and complicated for your child to handle. Instead, purchase kids fishing…

Here’s one of Amazon’s top choices, the PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole combo. The telescopic pole is available in 3.4-foot and 4.9-foot lengths and only weighs 2.2 ounces. Combined with the slim non-slip EVA foam handle, it provides excellent handling for children.
Also, it comes with an ambidextrous reel. In other words, you can mount it for right-handed or left-handed users, or switch it back and forth if you have multiple kids who need different orientations.
It’s unlikely to tangle, and it’s easier to use than open-faced reels and baitcasters. With its 5.2:1 gear ratio, it offers a balance of power and speed while being easy to use for little hands.
What’s more, you get all the essentials included in the package. There are line and tackle, bobbers, sinkers, and a variety of lures for different fishing styles. Also, it comes with a tackle box and a carrying case.

These qualities make the PLUSINNO fishing pole a promising candidate for the best kids fishing pole.

It’s a user-friendly, lightweight pole with a balanced length. Plus, the soft flexibility helps to prevent snapping and makes it easier for the little fisher to reel in their catches.
​But, the limited reach makes it less fun for older kids and teenagers. Also, the reel may struggle with bigger fish.

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole Kit

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole, Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel…

  • 【Best Value Kids Fishing Kit】- It’s an all-in-one fishing road with fishing line and tackle box including a…
  • 【2020 New Design Fishing Rod】- Bright and colorful design with a stable epoxy construction combined with soft EVA…
  • 【EVA Grips for Small Hands】 – Perfect for tiny hands. Even when wet, letting kids play in the water without dropping…

If you like all-in-one solutions, this might also be the best kids fishing pole for you. The package includes soft lures, jig heads, crankbaits, swivels, and much more. It also comes with a carry bag. 

​The pole consists of epoxy, plastic, and soft EVA. The result is a lightweight but sturdy fishing pole fit for young fishers. The soft EVA grips provide both comfort and friction in all conditions and are ideal for small hands.
​You can get a 3-eye model that’s 3.9 feet long or a 4-eye that’s 4.9 feet. Both are telescopic and highly portable.
​As for the reel, it’s a typical closed spin-cast with the same general properties as that of the PLUSINNO. Overall, they’re fairly similar, but the look and feel differ.
​The universal design and plentiful accessories make the ODDSPRO one of the best kids fishing pole offers in terms of versatility. It’s a good fit for both small children and bigger ones.
​However, it’s only available with right-handed reels. Also, the raeach and capacity may not be enough for older kids.

Play22 Fishing Pole For Kids

Play22 Fishing Pole For Kids – 40 Set Kids Fishing Rod Combos – Kids…

  • This Is Satisfaction – Great Gift for Birthday and Holidays for Students and Boys & Girls – Original By Play22USA
  • Kids Fishing Pole And Tackle Box Includes Fishing Reels 65 Inch Fishing Pole And Folds To 14 Inches – Spincast Reel…
  • Lightweight Fishing Rod Specifically For Children To Be Able To Hold Easily – Easy And Comfortable Grip

Here’s a flexible, lightweight 65-inch pole with comfortable grips specifically designed for little hands. 

​The package includes things like hooks and soft lures in different colors, bobbers, swivels, a minnow net, and an alert bell for angling and ice fishing. Plus, there’s a tackle box and a carry bag to hold it all.
​The simple design makes it a good fit for almost any young fisher, regardless of their specific age and gender. If gifted to a small child, it’s likely to be with them for many years.
​But, it appears that the manufacturer places more emphasis on providing a feature-rich kit than on ensuring a consistent great build quality. At this price point, that’s normal.

Shakespeare Youth Lighted Fishing Kits

Shakespeare Spiderman Lighted Fishing Kit

  • 2’6″ all-in-one rod and reel with line
  • Updated design featuring a round knob, thumb button extension and finger guard
  • Lights flash when thumb button is pressed

​Now, this Amazon’s Choice option stands out from the competition in a few ways. Firstly, the attention the manufacturer puts into the visual design is impressive. If you want something cool for your little fisher in training, this might be the best kids fishing pole around.
​There are 11 different designs. Each one has a visual theme of popular Disney movies, Marvel superheroes, or Barbies. So, your child may take their favorite character fishing.
Also, pressing the casting thumb button causes lights to flash. While this may make it seem more like a toy, it’s just a special feature on an otherwise quite typical children’s fishing pole.

As for the size, it measures two feet six inches and doesn’t extend or contract. Therefore, it’s mainly for small children.

Also, this isn’t an all-in-one package. However, you get a safe practice plug and targets so that the child can get the hang of casting before you go fishing.
The aluminum spool can handle both nylon and braid fishing line. Also, it has an instant anti-reverse mechanism that stops fish from escaping by gaining slack if the kid doesn’t properly sink the hook right away.
Plus, there’s something special about the excitement kids get from their favorite characters. Bringing Elsa, Lightning McQueen, or Captain America to the lake may help them keep their attention on fishing even when it’s slow.
​But beware, it’s not a very flexible pole, and the reel isn’t the smoothest caster. Also, water may get inside the casing and cause the lights to malfunction until everything dries.

Shakespeare Youth Fishing Purse Kit

Shakespeare Disney Princess Purse Fishing Kit

  • All-in-one telescopic rod and reel with line
  • Updated design featuring a round knob, thumb button extension and finger guard
  • Clear purse with extra zippered pocket

If you’re trying to get a little girl interested in fishing, this may be the best kids fishing pole available. 

​The cute little purse with Disney Princesses or Barbie designs is a convenient carry case for a fairly elaborate fishing kit. There’s a telescopic rod with a pre-strung reel that features a large thumb button.
​Plus, it includes a tackle box, a practice lure, and a pair of sunglasses. So, you’ll need tackles and lures.
​Again, a fishing pole with your child’s favorite characters is a good way to increase their interest in fishing. Plus, the reel has smooth action and can cast quite far for its small size.
In the end, it may be more like a toy than a proper fishing rod. It’s not that durable, and it’s only suitable for small children. 

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Kidcaster

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Kidcaster Tangle-Free Telescopic Fishing Pole

  • Tangle Free Rod
  • Rod retracts to 17″ & extends to 29″
  • Spin cast Reel w/6 lb line & 3.1:1 gear ratio

In a similar vein, Nickelodeon offers a custom Kidcaster featuring their popular Paw Patrol characters. It’s a telescopic, tangle-free fiberglass fishing pole made from fiberglass.

​When fully extended, it’s 29 inches long. However, it compacts down to a mere 17 inches.
​While it may look like a typical fishing rod at first, the pre-spooled reel actually feeds the fishing line through the shaft rather than eyes mounted along it. This can help reduce tangles.
​So, what else do you get? There’s a plastic safety hook, a casting practice plug, and a snap swivel.
Nothing ruins a fishing trip like a tangled line. Thankfully, the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Kidcaster has anti-tangle features. And if your child is a fan of the show, they’ll probably consider this the best kids fishing pole.
​The problem is, the age range for this fishing pole is somewhat limiting. It’s not suitable for children under 4, and kids over 10 will probably find it too childish.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Dock Runner

Shakespeare UGLYDR36PDQ Ugly Stik Dock Runner Spinning Combo

  • 36 inch ugly Stik rod
  • Cork and EVA grips with twist lock reel seats
  • Pre-spooled with 6 lb line

This pole-and-reel combo from Shakespeare strikes a balance between convenience and durability. It’s a 36-inch rod with a size 30 spin-cast reel that comes pre-spooled with six-pound line. 

​What’s more, it’s very portable and good for fishing in tight spaces. For example, jigging between docks is a specialty. Also, a combination of EVA and cork gives you a dependable grip that won’t fail you when a decent fish bites.
​With a total weight of 11.2 ounces and more demands on technique, it’s not suitable for the smallest kids. However, it’s ideal for older kids and teenagers and even works well for adults.
​The reel action is smooth and fast, and the flexibility of the rod is impressive. We’re talking even U-bends. Another factor that speaks for this being the best kids fishing pole is the seven-year warranty, compared to the minimal or non-existent warranties for most kids fishing rods.
​But, the open reel can be tricky for kids. You must flip the bail on the reel manually and hold the line for each cast.

Freehawk Kids Fishing Pole with Spincast Reel

Freehawk Kids Fishing Pole with Spincast Reel, Fishing Rod Combo Full…

  • The Fishing Combo Includes – 1 x Telescopic Fishing Pole, 1 x Fishing Reel, 1 x Storage Bag for Fishing Rod, 1 x…
  • EVA Handle – Ergonomic design, comfortable to grip, durable and sturdy. Durable high-strength alloy guides ensure lines…
  • Exquisite Reel Seat – Made of high strength and high quality nylon material injection molding, in reinforcement design,…

​It has an ergonomic design with an EVA handle and a fairly big finger guard. Overall, it’s a typical spin-cast combo. Like some of the others, it comes with an assortment of lures and accessories. Plus, the package includes a shoulder strap, a line cutter, and a carry bag.
​The pole consists of an aluminum alloy and sturdy plastic. It’s fairly tough, and the low resistance extends the life of the fishing line. It’s 15 inches long when closed, and 46.8 inches when open. With a total weight of 31.2 ounces, it’s a pretty nimble rod.
​The versatility and feature-rich kit are big advantages that may make this the best kids fishing pole for your child. It’s also the type of rod that a kid can keep using as they grow older.

Choosing the Best Kids Fishing Pole for Your Child

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Now, you know the types of fishing poles you can choose, and why each one may be the best kids fishing pole for your child. To make the decision, it’s best to consult with your child or think of what they’d like to fish with.
Balancing form and function is an art. If you’re buying for a toddler or complete beginner, the more toy-like options are excellent choices. For an older kid, the Freehawk or Ugly Stik is more suitable. In the end, whatever you think is right for your child is probably the best kids fishing pole to buy.
Do you fish with your kids? What do they use? Tell us about your last fishing adventure in the comments!

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