The Top 50 Most Exciting Biking Trails In Every State in America

The beauty of the US lies in its diversity – diversity of culture, food, and bike trails.

If you are a biker, that last one is important to you. When it comes to the diversity of terrain in each state, it can only mean one thing – more exciting biking trails.

Here’s a look at top bike trails in America, state by state.

Top 50 Biking Trails in Every State in America

Alabama: Sylaward

Sylaward is one of the most amazing biking trails located near the southwestern edge of the Talladega National Forest. This bike track offers 15 miles of gradual climbs (especially good for beginners) and beautiful lakeside scenery along the way.

Alaska: The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

This 11-mile long bike trail meanders along the Cook Inlet coast and an aromatic forest. The prize for those who choose to ride here are gorgeous views of Mt Denali, beluga whales, and moose.

Arizona: Sweetwater Preserve

For bike trails, arid Arizona offers the Sweetwater Preserve – 8 miles of trail with beautiful cacti and rock gardens on the way. You might want to walk in some places though, or ride fairly slowly lest you find yourself hugging a cactus.

Arkansas: The Arkansas River Trail

This is one bike trail that is as diverse as they come. Passing through 38 parks, 6 museums, and of course the Arkansas river, it has different types of trails to keep you alert and excited.

Colorado: Trail 401

When it comes to biking trails, Colorado has thousands to choose from. But Trail 401 is one of the best boasting 14-miles of exciting ups and downs to keep you on your toes.

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Connecticut: Gay City State Park

Though mainly for beginners, this bike trail has a lot to offer everyone. Beware of unmarked trails along the way though.

Delaware: Bicycle Route 1

This is a cross-state trail that goes from Montchanin to Fenwick Island – a whopping 150-miles. Of course, you don’t have to ride the entire trail if you are a beginner or if you are riding as a family, but the scenes on this route might tempt you otherwise.

Florida: Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

If 14.5-miles of paved asphalt sound good to you, you’ll love this paved trail that goes from the city into the woods. It’s the perfect trail for family time as the 20mph speed limit keeps the pace slow.

Georgia: Paynes Creek

This biking trail set in a beautiful wooded area is basically a flat trail. With next to no hazards on the way, its awesome for beginner riders.

Hawaii: Old Mamaloa Highway – Waipio Valley Overlook

This 40-mile return track starts with a 4-mile, 1,000-foot climb that makes the downhill trip absolutely amazing.

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Idaho: Bald Mountain, Sun Valley/Ketchum

400-miles of singletrack, 30-miles of paved track, and 13-miles of downhill track – Sun Valley will spoil you for choice.

Illinois: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

With 8 trails and 10 miles of single-track, there’s plenty of room for everyone here.

Indiana: Cardinal Greenway, Marion to Richmond

Fruit trees, corn fields, and vast blue skies make this one of the most delectable trails in the US.

Iowa: George Wyth

This is a low traffic, mild terrain that is awesome for beginners and advanced riders alike.

Kansas: Lawrence Riverfront Trails

The Lawrence Riverfront Trail is a family-friendly trail along a river levy with great flat, smooth singletracks.

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Kentucky: Land Between the Lakes Canal Loop

These 11 miles of trail have amazing views of Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. It surely can’t get better than this.

Louisiana: Levee-Top Trail

This multi-use, 60-mile trail runs on top of the city’s levees and along the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

Maine: Carriage Trails

These 45 miles of hard-packed gravel roads that run through Acadia National Park have a lot of eye candy in the form of waterfalls, stone bridges, coastal views, and North America’s only fjord.

Maryland: Bacon Ridge Trail System

Bacon Ridge is a relatively new trail that’s already fast becoming popular with families and new riders.

Massachusetts: Cutler Park

Though this trail system may at times be confusing, it’s a great ride around beautiful marshlands.

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Michigan: Sleeping Bear

This 20-mile bike trail is the best way of sampling Michigan’s finest views, especially the lake.

Minnesota: Root River State Trail

42 miles of soaring limestone bluffs, 6 bike tune-up stations, and a dozen bridges to cross – biking trails don’t get better than this.

Missouri: Katy Trail, Clinton to St. Charles

This 225-mile bike trail runs across the entire state and is one of the longest in the country. Explore it on your own in small parts or enter the 5-day Katy Trail Ride held every summer.

Montana: Homestake To Pipestone Pass

This is a great trail for beginners and families who don’t mind working a little harder to get up the scenic pass so as to enjoy a “flowing” ride on this technically easy trail.

Nebraska: Tranquility

The name says it all. This is a serene trail featuring smooth rolling trails and beautiful scenery.

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Nevada: Tahoe Rim Trail

This trail may be a bit more challenging but its amazing scenery make up for that. You have the option of the 72 or 100-mile loop, or a small stretch suitable for you.

New Hampshire: Gyro

Gyro is a very short trail–just two miles long. It is a brilliant trail if you have small children as it offers smooth tread and minimal elevation change.

New Jersey: Allaire State Park

A perfect family outing is what you will have on this trail, and afterward, a great day sampling the parks wares.

New Mexico: Albuquerque Bosque

Easily accessible, hardpack tread, minimal elevation changes, and occasional sand bogs make this a great experience for new riders.

New York: Erie Canalway Trail, Albany to Buffalo

This 360-mile long route offers a smooth level ride as most of it is built on former rail tracks and has amazing views great views many national landmarks along the way – an example being the Hudson River.

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North Carolina: Lake James State Park

Located in the Pisgah National Forest this 15-mile trail system is made up of fast, flowy, roller-coaster single-track.

North Dakota: Math Daah Hey Trail

One of the designated International Mountain Bicycling Association Epic rides, this 97-mile trail is the best way to enjoy North Dakota’s natural beauty.

Ohio: Royalview (Mill Stream Run)

Though the trails here are rated beginner level, they still offer excitement for the more advanced rider. There’s definitely something for everyone here.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma River Trails

This 13-mile paved trail, with 6.5 miles on each side of the river, is one of the best trails in the country and goes over or under all cross streets for enhanced safety and convenience.

Oregon: Willamette River Loop, Portland

If you’re looking for an urban trail with lots of character, this 30-mile loop is one of the best in the country.

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Pennsylvania: Great Allegheny Passage

This trail covers more than 330 miles from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. The 150-mile Pennsylvania stretch is an idyllic, car-free trail suitable for all experience levels and bike types.

Rhode Island: East Bay Bike Path, Providence to Bristol

14.5 miles of stunning views, carefree riding, and picnic spots along the way make this trail a great family outing.

South Carolina: Forks Area Trail System

Commonly called FATS this trail system offers smooth, hazard-free riding in a nice wooded forest nestled between the Savannah River and the Smoky Mountain Range.

South Dakota: George S. Mickelson Trail, Deadwood to Edgemont

This scenic 109-mile rail-trail offers a lot of eye candy in the form of prairies, ponderosa pine forests, creeks, and even Mt Rushmore.

Tennessee: White Oak Mountain Biology Trails

Located on the Southern Adventist University campus, this 15-mile trail system is well maintained by the school’s biology department and offers amazing views of the Oolteway Valley.

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Texas: Harry Moss Park

The 5.46 mile-long Harry S Moss Park bike trail 5.46 miles is located along the bank of the White Rock Creek and features brick reinforcements, wooden beams, and bridges to make the trail safe and more user-friendly.

Utah: Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point offers flat, smooth singletrack trails, with amazing views of the Utah desert.

Vermont: Kingdom Trails

Ranked as one of the best trails for mountain bikers, this 35-mile long trail is versatile in its offerings as it has everything for beginners and expert riders alike.

Virginia: Meadowood

This fairly new trail system was designed and constructed to be an accessible and fun trail for riders of all levels. Perfect for your next family adventure.

Washington: Lopez Island

Lopez Island is a great bike trail with lots of scenery (and picnic stops) along the way. Beginners can easily make it around the entire island in a few hours.

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West Virginia: Greenbrier River Trail

The beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, an awesome 78-mile bike trail, and the Greenbrier River make this trail a bikers paradise.

Wisconsin: Rock Lake Epic

27 miles of twists and turns in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest make this trail an adventurous ride, while the five wilderness lakes, primitive campsites, and 90-foot wood plank bridge offer great views to make it a memorable ride.

Wyoming: Tyler Draw

This 5.5-mile trail is smooth, flowy and has little change in elevation. Be sure to ride this trail in the early morning or in the evening as it has no tree cover to protect you from the glaring summer sun.

There you have it, an epic bike trail for you to explore – as an individual or as a family. Not only will you have great fun on these trails, but you’ll improve your physical and mental health as well.

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